The Sports Archives – Incredible Feats: Athletes Competing in the Summer and Winter Olympic Games

With the weather changing, and the first snows falling in many parts of the country, our attentions begin to turn to winter sports, particularly with the 2018 Winter Olympics in PyeongChang just two ski seasons away. Ski jackets are being dragged out of storage, ice skates are being dusted off, and Americans all over the country are preparing for a wonderful winter of sport. Whilst many of our Summer games champions will be enjoying a well-earned rest before they resume training for the 2020 games, a very few will begin training for their alternative chance at Olympic glory. According to renowned Olympic historian, Bill Mallon, throughout the modern history of the games a total of 128 athletes have competed in both Winter and Summer sports.

The Yongpyong Dragon Valley ski resort will be at the center of 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games.

The Yongpyong Dragon Valley ski resort will be at the center of 2018 PyeongChang Winter Games.

American Sporting Icons

This year two of those who are serving double duty in both games are American track and field athletes Lolo Jones and Lauryn Williams. Lolo Jones began her Olympic career as a 100 meter hurdler, finishing seventh in the hurdles during the Beijing 2008 games, and fourth during the London 2012 games. It was after London that Lolo made the decision to switch her sporting attention to bobsledding: we can expect to see her first Olympic race in the sport in PyeongChang during the 2018 games. Inspired by her former teammate Lolo Jones, Lauryn Williams has also joined the American Olympic bobsled team. Williams began her career as a sprinter, winning a silver medal for the women’s 100 meter sprint during the Athens 2004 games. She then took home a gold medal during the London 2012 games as part of the 4 x 100 meter relay team. Williams’ transition to the winter Olympics has happened incredibly quickly, and just six months after switching to the sport she was announced as a push athlete for the team. In 2014 Williams won a silver medal during the Socchi winter Olympics, as part of the two woman bobsleigh team, meaning that she has achieved the incredible feat of winning a silver Olympic medal in both the summer and winter games: She will be going for gold in 2018.

The Legend of Eddie Egan

Eddie Egan 1920 AntwerpThere is a precedent of American athletes who serve double duty by competing in both the summer and winter Olympic Games, and it would be impossible to talk about the phenomenon without mentioning Eddie Egan, who holds the record for being the only person to have ever won gold medals at both the Summer and Winter Olympic games. Eddie won a gold medal for light heavyweight boxing during the 1920 Olympic Games in Antwerp. He then went on to win a second gold medal during the 1932 Winter Olympic games in Lake Placid as part of the four man bobsled team, despite the fact that until he arrived in Lake Placid that year, he had never actually been inside a bobsled before. Eddie Egan is often referred to as the greatest Olympian you have never heard of. There are huge similarities between the careers of Egan and Lauryn Williams, which many commentators are hoping could inspire the talented athlete to more double Olympic success.

Our diverse natural climate lends itself perfectly to athletes attempting to compete in both games: we have regions of the country where the winters are incredibly cold with plenty of powder, and warm dry summers that are ideal for track and field training. Athletes competing for America in both the summer and the winter games are well equipped and well-trained: the American Olympic Committee employs over 350 people across the country to ensure that our nation’s athletes have everything they need to go for goal. Financial support, in conjunction with great talent, is an incredibly important aspect of Olympic success and it is no coincidence that the countries who invest the most in nurturing their teams have the most success on the medal tables. Here’s hoping we are nurturing the talent that will challenge  Edie Egan’s incredible record in the country right now.

This is an article by Helen Cairns.

Photo Credits: Wikipedia Commons


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The Sports Archives – How To Become A Writer Of A Sports Column

Press Room at the Philips Stadion

Press Room at the Philips Stadion

Sports writers play a crucial role when it comes to connecting fans with their favorite teams. Sports writers are expected to write an in-depth coverage on about teams and their performances. Besides journalistic writing about the game, reporters cover other aspects such as team transactions, coaching techniques and other news about the team. Sports writers have numerous opportunities including sports news websites, sports team websites, and starting their sports blog. However, to be a great writer of a sports column, one needs to have certain core competencies. The following are some ways to become an outstanding writer of a sports column.

I. Broaden your understanding of sports in general

Sports is like any other business. Sports writers need to have an in-depth understanding of sports as a business to be able to write about it thoroughly. Sports does not involve tournaments alone, there other several activities including public relations, transactions, sponsorship, and marketing among others. A great sports writer should be able to write about any given field.

II. Consider taking sports journalism as your major

Specializing in sports journalism will help you to acquire a broad knowledge base in sports. Sports journalism will allow you to watch and attend various sports activities. You can also associate yourself with a particular team and cover their events. Becoming part of the team will enable you to familiarize yourself with sports mechanics such as sports rules, strategies used to winning games, and player’s positions in the field.

III. Get a good editor of your work

You need to have an editor who will go through your story and point out some of the mistakes. Editors will improve your job, and they help in improving your writing skills as time goes. Good editors can also become your mentors.

IV. Read columns written by other writers

Read other author’s work to improve your writing. Consider reading columns written by good writers. Find jobs belonging to award-winning sports journalists and read them repetitively to be able to improve your writing skills. Reading great sports stories will encourage you to improve your writing. Besides reading columns written by other writers, you can also read sports articles, books, and opinion pieces. Extensive reading will expose you to writing skills and ingenuity that is required to succeed in this field.

V. Improve your research skills

A good sports column writer should be in a position to research well and write stories based on facts rather than gossips. Research properly on a given topic and write an authentic story. Remember to use relevant sources and official documents to support your story.

VI. Connect with your target audience

A good sports writer needs to write to a particular audience. The audience can be sports fans in general or fans of a particular sport. You need to convey a story that suits your target audience. The fans can consist of sports professionals, fans of a particular sport, or fans of general sports. The story should give readers the urge to read more of the writer’s stories. You ought to strive to develop a loyal following of readers.

VII. Consider obtaining a journalism

A journalism degree will give you a basic training needed to succeed in this field. Take journalism and communication programs that fit your field of interest. The program should provide you with courses that will earn you professional qualifications such as media law. You can also undertake a degree in other fields such as history, sociology, and psychology among others to give yourself an edge in the area of journalism.

Sports writing involves accelerated growth and development as time passes. Writers will be able to gain new skills and techniques as they keep writing. However, successful sports journalists possess core competencies that have been described above. Utilize those skills and make your writing better.

This article was prepared by Edusson writers.

Photo Credit – Wikipedia Commons

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The Sports Archives – It’s Game Over If Warriors Trade Klay Thompson To Celtics


Photo By Keith Allison from Hanover, MD, USA – Klay Thompson, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Feb 23rd will be the deadline of the NBA 2016-17 trade. That would be Thursday next year. That is long enough for some people to make rumors and speculations about the National Basketball Association (NBA) trade. However, some of the speculations may be correct. Klay Thompson being on the trading block and joining Celtics is more likely to happen. Most of the speculations may not come to pass but there is a possibility of Thompson joining the Celtics, something that would move the NBA odds on just any major sportsbook like

Analysts of Celtics for CSNNE, Scalabrine Brian recently released a statement about those rumors. He talked about what he heard about The Golden State Warriors Klay Thompson. Brian believes that Celtics team is interested in Thompson. Of course, the Warriors need a rim protection since they are not doing great in their defense. Their defense is indeed weak and needs to be addressed. 

Celtics analyst is aware of the actual deal that will be laid on the table. There will not be a lot of negotiations. Most likely, Celtics will get Thompson, and in exchange, the Warriors will get Avery Bradley, Crowder Jae, and Brooklyn Nets first round pick.

Most importantly, the Warriors could get a tremendous boost to their title hopes is they choose to trade Klay to the Boston Celtics. Klay heading to Beantown was just a speculation but came to pass after former NBA analyst hints on the reality of the speculation. He hinted that Klay could join the Celtics. 

Warriors Head, Mr. Steve Kerr immediately called off those rumors and speculations regardless of the fact that trading Klay for a Bradley or Crowder Jae would be a viable option for the warriors. Of course, everyone knows that Klay is going. The question is, is this a good idea, what will happen to the Warriors? That’s the question many fans are asking. Of course, there must be a perfect substitute. According to the NBA GM, these guys could be good assets for Golden State.

Golden Gate needs more help at the center. They are weak and it is an issue that needs to be addressed. Trading Klay for Bradley and Crowder could be somehow a good idea for the Warriors. The NBA GM believes that those players could do wonders for the Golden State Warriors on the defensive end.

During past seasons, Klay played a key role in the Success of Golden State during the past seasons. Many people believe that trading this great player is not a wise idea.

“Of course we are not trading Thompson. I told Thompson. I called him, and you perfectly know that Klay does not listen to anything. Actually, he does not even know who we play most of the time. Klay is not a person that’s reading everything. Klay hadn’t even seen it. I talked to his agent. You know the media is very influential. We are in a very public business. Myer told 95.7.

If you are an NBA fan, always stay tuned to NBA trade rumors, speculations, and updates.

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The Sports Archives – An Hour of Sports Away is Sufficient to Defeat the Effects of the Sedentary Lifestyle


Sitting is the new smoking, warn doctors, with grave warnings about the effects of spending too many hours a day sitting behind a computer. Being physically inactive significantly raises our risk of colon and breast cancer, as well as our chances of suffering from a heart attack. Our bones and muscle weaken, our mood worsens and the likelihood of diseases such as Type II diabetes, rise when we are physically inactive as well. In the past, there was doubt regarding exactly how much sport we needed to undertake, to counteract the effects of the sedentary lifestyle. Doctors warned, for instance, that simply heading to the gym two or three hours a week was simply not enough if we spent numerous hours sitting every day. Global estimates indicated that over five million people die every year simply because they are not getting enough exercise.

A new report published in prestigious journal The Lancet by scientists at the University of Cambridge in July 2016, however, has answered our question of exactly how much exercise we need: one hour a day is the magic number and you can take your pick – everything from a brisk walk to a CrossFit session, running, or climbing up and down steps, will do.

Soldier RunningThe researchers analysed 16 different studies which contained information obtained from over one million persons. They placed subjects into four groups depending on their level of physical activity, ranging from the least active group (those who obtained less than five minutes per day of exercise) to those who spent over an hour on their favourite sport or workout. Their findings showed that between 60 and 75 minutes of moderate intensity exercise ever day were enough to prevent an increased risk of early death associated with sitting for over eight hours daily. However, they also found that three-quarters of the people in the study failed to achieve this level of daily exercise.

Most of us manage to practice our favorite sport at least two or three times a week but how can we get an hour of exercise a day, bearing in mind all our competing responsibilities (work, family, etc.)? The researchers recommended making a daily effort, even if this simply involved taking a brisk walk at lunch time, cycling to work instead of catching public transport, and ensuring that weekends involved sport and outdoor recreation. “Better little than nothing,” they say, since even if you cannot accomplish a full hour daily, doing at least some exercise, can have a beneficial effect.

During the day, say doctors, we should also make efforts to move, so we are not sitting for extended periods of time. Within an office setting, there is much we can do. For instance, instead of communicating with colleagues by email or phone, we should get up and visit them. Talking in person can also strengthen bonds within the office and enhance team spirit. Think about having a ‘walking meeting’ next time, instead of sitting around a table. Why not head out into the Great Outdoors for your next brainstorming session, availing of the stress-busting effects of simply spending time in a green setting?

Those who have no choice but to sit behind a desk for various hours need to set (at least) hourly alarms, to remind them to get up off their desk and run up and down the steps, or at least perform calesthenic-type exercises, to enhance their circulation. There are many exercises which can be performed indoors with little or no equipment – perhaps just a mat fo squats, sit-ups or push-ups. These short breaks are also the perfect time to counteract bad posture or poor desk ergonomics by performing stretching exercises.


They key to being physically fit, is establishing a positive relationship with exercise: making it a part of your everyday life, without setting unrealistic goals or embarking on an intense training program that you won’t manage to stick to. If you haven’t performed any exercise for a long time, ease into it by joining beginners’ classes and sports teams. Mindful based exercises such as yoga will help you increase your strength, flexibility and concentration, without overstressing your muscles and joints. Whatever you do, try to make sport as much fun as you can – there is nothing that will keep you committed more than an authentic enjoyment of working up a sweat.

Photos from Wikimedia Commons.

This is an article by Helen Cairns.

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The Sports Archives – NFL 2016 Mid-Season Breakdown

At this time of year, most parts of the United States are experiencing colder weather, but competition in the National Football League is about to turn up the heat! No matter who you might be rooting for this year or what you’ve already seen transpire over the course of this autumn, it is now time to take a mid-season review. In week 11 of this year’s general American football season, the team rankings for each division will now begin to shape what is to be expected in this year’s playoffs, leading all the way up to Super Bowl LI!

Important Team Rankings by League


Image credit to

Above, we can take a quick look at the current stats for each team. The graphic is split into 2 major columns of 4 blocks each, and each block is comprised of football teams in the American Football Conference (AFC) or the National Football Conference (NFC). Each of these conferences features 4 cardinal subgroups, which by extension, support 4 local teams. The current leader of each conference’s subgroup is depicted in 1st place with a bolded name (i.e. the New England Patriots, Dallas Cowboys, Seattle Seahawks, etc.). At the end of the general season, the top player from each conference’s subgroup (North, South, East, and West) is selected to represent at the playoffs and to compete for a shot at the Super Bowl title. 2 Wild Card teams (teams with the next-best records in each conference) also compete in the playoffs.

This year, it would seems that the teams with the most commanding leads for their respective division are the New England Patriots, the Kansas City Chiefs, the Baltimore Ravens, the Houston Texans, the Dallas Cowboys, the Seattle Seahawks, the Detroit Lions, and the Atlanta Falcons.

Also worthy of recognition are the New York Giants, the Minnesota Vikings, the Miami Dolphins, and the Oakland Raiders, who are the 4 teams most postured at this time to take the 2 Wild Card for the NFC and the AFC, respectively.

Additional Rankings Info


Left, the Super Bowl 50 logo, which substituted Arabic numerals out of tradition. Right, the new logo for 2017’s Super Bowl LI (a.k.a. Super Bowl 51).

As critical as it is to monitor the current rankings among the NFL teams, it is also equally (if not, more) important to conceptualize how these rankings could, potentially, change over the general season. Every team still has some games to win (or concede) before everything is decided for 2017. Note, however, that the “gap” between the Patriots and the Dolphins is larger to come back from than, say, that of the Raiders and the Chiefs. In fact, one game between Kansas and Oakland could completely change the remaining map of the season!

It is important to keep in mind that, no matter how sound or plausible a speculation is, the predicted lineup of teams for the playoffs could change very easily. Thus, hypothesize at your own risk and watch the rest of the season unfold diligently, game-by-game!

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The Sports Archives – Cubs Win! Overview of the Baseball Curse


Wrigley Field, home of the cubs, remained steadfastly hopeful in the years leading up to the 2016 World Series, and rightfully so, because it finally happened!

A historical moment in U.S. baseball history took place just about a week ago, drawing the 2016 MLB World Series to a close. In an outrageous 10-inning finale to a heated set of 7 games, the Chicago Cubs claimed victory against the Cleveland Indians with a score of 8-7. The success of Chicago’s resident team came down to a steadfast, committed defense during extra innings, and Cleveland was unable to catch up after the champion team claimed 8 runs in the midgame. Some may claim that the Cubs could not have cut this win any closer, but there are those who will tell you that this year’s outcome for American baseball was nothing short of destiny. With over a century separating the Cubs’ most recent victory in Major-League Baseball and the last occurrence of a World Series win for the team, avid fans and sports enthusiasts across the nation are acknowledging the events of this past November 2nd as evidence that (at least for the Chicago Cubs) “the curse has been lifted.”

Bewitched Baseball”: What is the Curse?


Quite evidently, this “curse culture” is alive and infamous in the realm of Major-League Baseball. on the bright side, however, the Chicago Cubs no longer have to worry about their own!

            In sports (largely professional), a team that experiences an era of consistently below-average statistics and/or poor performance can be considered “cursed.” There is little tangible evidence that supports the idea that an external force is plaguing the team or causing it bad luck, but by observing the team over a period of time, particularly one that otherwise has a good record, a simple graph would propose a less-than-random event is present. Why would a team that is normally good suddenly have terrible competitive performance? Furthermore, how could the team not bounce back after a prolonged period of time? These questions back the theory of the curse. But this phenomenon is not simply a concept that “explains” a sports team’s dry spell. It can also play a significant role in social culture.

Some consider the notion of a curse quite seriously, while others see it as metaphorical and symbolic. Many deny the very idea that the universe would supposedly “have it out” for a sports team. However, in prolonged periods without major or affirmable success, allegations that a sports team is cursed can begin to suggest more than just extensive bouts of bad luck.

            Historical Instances of the Curse in American Baseball



The Cubs won after a dry spell lasting more than a century. The events of this past season are unforgettable history in the making!

            While likely the most recent/popular curse to date, the Cubs are certainly not the only case. Other historical instances in American baseball that suggest the presence of a curse include the brutal “Curse of the Bambino” between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees. In 1920, the Red Sox sold Babe Ruth to the Yankees. The Red Sox had won four World Series in the previous eight seasons. Since this trade, however, the Yankees won 26 titles and the Red Sox won 0. The curse lasted until 2004, where it was broken after the Red Sox beat the Yankees to the World Series and won the pennant against the Cardinals. Another famous curse in history that has not yet been broken is actually afflicting the Cleveland Indians, who came close to breaking it this past season. After a poor trade involving Rocky Colavito in 1960, the Indians didn’t make the playoffs for 30 years. The team has yet to seal a win at the World Series, thus “preserving” this curse for now, but they did make land 2nd place this year!

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The Sports Archives – Goal-Line Technology

In the highly competitive nature of sports today, a missed or non-call of what appeared to be a goal, or in the case of Diego Maradona’s “Hand of God” goal – a missed hand ball; we have clearly demonstrated that the trained eye of the referee is in need of some assistance when it comes to making the correct call.

In soccer and in American football, did the entire ball cross the goal-line?  In hockey, did the puck cross the goal-line? Was the goaltender interfered with?  Was the puck kicked in or put into the goal with the use of a stick above the crossbar? In baseball, was the runner tagged or did the runner beat the throw at first base?

All of these questions are challenged and now answered with the use of electronic devices for capturing these types of events from multiple angles.  The human factor still makes the final call after a team of officials, often not even at the site, assess the results.

Even with these new technologies, we the fans will still look to blame our team’s loss on the horrific officiating that took place that day!

Here is an infographic illustrating some the technologies in use today for helping officials make the right call!  I believe John McEnroe would still say ‘You cannot be serious!’.

goal line technology

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