The Sports Archives – Paintball Protective Gear

If you are new to paintball or have already dabbled in it a few times, you are likely wondering exactly what you should be wearing while immersed in the thick of battle. Even experienced paintball players are always on the lookout for gear and clothing suggestions for additional protection and comfort. While there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to this dilemma, there are a few ways to make your experience a safe and enjoyable one while of the paintball field. Players of all levels can always benefit from a bit of preparedness.

Layers are your friend.

Everyone knows that paintball is not for the faint-skinned. There are guns and, well, paint balls. And they can sting when you get shot. And you will get shot. Happens to the best of us. When you’re out on the paintball playing field in shorts and a sleeveless shirt – you’re going to have a bad time.

But what clothes are best suited for a dynamic paintball game? First of all, think layers. Opt for thick shirts and pants. These pieces can absorb the impact of a paintball that strikes your body at a high velocity. But always have an additional T-shirt or thin shirt underneath your hoodie or sweatshirt to further mitigate the hit

Adding as many layers as possible can help you minimize the impact of the paintballs when they hit your body. The extra layers will add space between your skin and the outermost layer of clothing. This “in-between” material will accept the brunt of the paintballs‘ impact and won’t hurt as much.

Naturally, don’t overdo it. Especially, if you’re playing in the summer or in hot weather.  This is an effort to prevent overheating.

Cover Up.

It’s not your modesty we’re concerned about, but the parts left uncovered will take quite a bit of damage. Do not leave any skin exposed. Paintballs sting when they come into contact with unprotected skin. If you are hit in an unprotected spot, a paintball can even leave a welt on exposed skin. Sometimes, they even sting when hitting skin that is protected. Your paintball experience will be as pain-free as possible if you put forth the effort to dress appropriately.

Going the Extra Mile.

If you still feel like you could use the extra protection, there are several options. Soft body armor, arm pads and ghillie style suits will all keep you safe and unharmed while you enjoy your game. Other players also opt to wear shin pads as well. On top of that, consider purchasing some “slider shorts” that are designed specifically for paintball players. They are perfectly padded to provide ample lower body protection.

Choosing what attire to wear to play paintball might be a daunting process. But a little planning goes a long way in staying safe while enjoying your favorite hobby.


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The Sports Archives – 5 Steps To Becoming A Sports Coach


So, you want to become a qualified sports coach? It’s a great line of work to get into as you can expect some fantastic career progression opportunities once you have some experience under your belt. As it is such a popular career, though, you will have to face some strong competition once you try to land your first job as a sports coach. Here are the necessary steps you will need to take. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with this process so that you can try to stay one step ahead of all the other candidates!

Decide On Your Sport

Most sports coaches specialise in a specific sport. For instance, you might want to focus on training young children in football or tennis. Alternatively, you might prefer to work in a gym and teach fitness classes to adults. Either way, it is important that you decide early on what sport or fitness class you want to specialise in as this can shape the rest of your career journey.

Hone Your Skills

Next, you need to make sure that your fitness is up to scratch. All sports coaches will be expected to be a lot fitter than their clients, so this is something that you can’t ignore. Plus, if you want to become a coach for a particular sport or fitness class, you will need to make sure that your skills are finely honed. After all, it will be your job to teach others how to do your chosen sport!

Research The Industry

It’s always good to be up to speed with all the ins and outs of any industry that you want to work in. That way, you will have a good idea of how likely you will be to find a job shortly after qualifying. One way to research the industry is to read blog posts, such as 6 Key Issues In The Future Of Sports Administration, so that you get a quick overview of the various issues and factors affecting the industry right now.


Get The Necessary Qualifications

Before you do embark on your new career, you will need to work towards some qualifications. You might want to look into some sports-specific qualifications or look at more general ones. While you are studying for these qualifications, you will learn everything you need to know about coaching others in various sports as well as plenty of health and safety tips.

Decide On Where You Want To Work

Finally, you need to make a decision as to where you want to work. If you would prefer to be employed full-time, then you should look for jobs in schools, fitness centres, and gyms. However, there are some sports coaches who like being self-employed and sourcing their own clients. In this case, you would need to look into setting up your own business.

So, are you still interested in becoming a sports coach? You just need to follow the five steps above, and you will eventually get to where you want to be!

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The Sports Archives – Airsoft, Geocaching And Other Outdoor Activities To Help You Stay Fit

Let’s be real; no one likes to exercise day in and day out! It gets boring to follow the same routine and the gym is not exactly a fun place to be all day long. But healthy, fit people don’t stay like that because of their gym subscription! They keep in shape because they find fun activities that keep them moving and enjoying life!

So, if you want to get fit but don’t like to play with heavy dumbbells, here are five outdoor activities to try on.

#1: Hiking

It’s a fun activity, it gets you outdoors, and it gets you burning calories with every step you take – what could be better? Furthermore, if you take a tent and a sleeping bag, you can transform it in a fun camping trip!

The cool thing is that, if you are heavier, you will burn more calories on a hike! For instance, a 160 lb person burns about 430+ calories, whereas a 200 lb person may get to burn over 550. Of course, the more you weigh, the more difficult the trail may seem, but after a while you’ll get used to it.

Another interesting fact about hiking is that you can regulate the pace as you need. If you feel you’re going too fast, you can slow down and admire the nature.


#2: Nature Walking

Speaking of nature, it is scientifically proven that a walk in nature will reduce stress, calm down your anxiety, and make you feel happier about yourself. Furthermore, walking is one of the most recommended forms of exercise because it doesn’t wear off the joints and it doesn’t require any special physical fitness. This makes it available to all types of people, of all ages and levels of fitness.

Specialists say that a regular pace, that’s not too slow or too fast, will burn about 100 calories per mile for a person of 180 pounds. If you’re lighter you will burn fewer calories, but you’ll still tone the muscles and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Mother Nature.

#3:  Airsoft or Paintball

If you like working both the body and the mind, we recommend a game. Airsoft and paintball are the first on the list because they both make you run, crawl, walk, hide, and overall keep you alert. Airsoft is more demanding on both fitness and strategy, so if you’re looking to sharpen leadership and teamwork skills, this is the game to choose.

For both games you need protective gear and specific guns, but airsoft is (again) more demanding. However, the gear is not expensive and there are plenty of airsoft guns to choose from (check for more on this).

#4: Geocaching

If treasure hunting is more up your game, geocaching is a wonderful outdoor activity! If you’re not familiar with the game, you should know it involves walking, exploring, and finding hidden objects in an outdoor environment.

The game can be played in teams or you can join in as a single player, and it has reached global coverage! It is usually played in urban areas, but you can put a team together and play it locally, if you don’t have access to the app.

#5: Cycling

While it may be the last on our list, it should not be so on yours! Cycling is a fantastic sport, with plenty of physical benefits and a reputation for good cardio activity! It is light on the joints, doesn’t require too much gear, and burns a lot of calories.

Not to mention that it can be a faster way to move around in a busy city and it is the ecological way to drive.

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The Sports Archives – How to be a Real Soccer Fan

With World Cup fever reaching its height and the whole world being interested in soccer like never before, even people who’ve never really had much of an interest in the sport are starting to get a little excited by all the fun. You should definitely think about taking more of an interest in the sport and following it more closely going forward if you’re one of the people getting excited right about now. It’s such an incredible sport with so much to offer newcomers like you.

But where do you start when you want to become a real soccer fan and follow the support more closely? That’s a good question because there are lots of things you can do that act as answers to it. We’re going to talk about just some of the things you can do to start on your path to becoming a real and dedicated fan of the sport. So read on now and put what you learn into action as soon as possible.

Follow a Particular Team

First of all, you need to decide precisely which time you’re going to follow as a fan. After all, every fan needs to have a team that they can call their own. If you don’t have this, you will end up watching games as a neutral, and although that can be fun and entertained, it doesn’t have the emotional attachment that comes with being the fan of a particular team. So find one that’s close to you if you want to attend soccer matches in person on a regular basis.

Analyse the Tactics

As you start watching more soccer matches, you should find ways to assess and analyse the tactics. You will learn so much about the sport and how it’s played if you know how tactics work and what makes the most successful teams successful. The coaches and managers that rule the world today are the ones that have a close and intricate understanding of tactics that work in both attack and defense. It’s fascinating to learn how all this works when you dive in.

Track Breaking News Throughout the Day

One of the things that’s most fun about following a sport is following all of the news as it happens. In the world of soccer, it’s particular fun to watch all the transfers heat up in the summer. After the World Cup is over, this is where most fans will turn their attention. Which teams will add stars to their lineup? And which teams will come out of the summer and into the season with a weaker side than last year? Track the news as it break, and you’ll find out for yourself.

Image Source

Know the Stats

A big part of the modern game of soccer is statistics. If you’re used to following American sports where statistics have been established as an integral part of the game, this will be an easy thing to pick up. Everything from pass completion percentages to shots on target are tracked and analysed. Most interesting of all are the possession stats. So often you find that more possession doesn’t mean more goals or wins. Teams can conserve energy by letting the opponent have the ball and then hitting them on the counter.

Attend More Live Matches

Attending live matches is always more fun and more interesting than doing it as a fan on the sofa. So no matter what level of soccer your local teams plays at, do your best to attend matches and see the game played in person. Nothing beats being in the stands and seeing it all unfold in front of you. You’ll soon grow to realize that watching sports from your armchair simply can’t beat this way of appreciating the beautiful game.

Display Your Team Allegiances and Loyalties

Once you have a team that you call your own and you want to follow them closely going forward, you need to make sure you show the world your colors. This is what following soccer is all about. You can get badges, patches, shirts scarves and a million other items. So don’t be afraid to show your allegiances and loyalties to the rest of the world. It’s part of what makes following a soccer team so much fun; your team becomes part of your identity.

Learn About the Sport’s History

Every sport has a history, and the history of soccer goes way back to the 19th century. There’s so much to learn, and the sport really took off and started impressing people with its complexity with the Hungarian team of the 1950s, and then later the great Brazilian teams the Total Football side of the Dutch, featuring Johan Cruyff. There’s so much to learn, and you could even simply focus on learning about the history of the sport in your particular part of the world.

Image Source

Explore the Soccer Culture in Various Nations

Another interesting thing about soccer is that each nation has its own culture and its own way of playing. As mentioned earlier, the Dutch way is associated with Total Football, which England has historically been more direct. Then you look to the intricate play of Brazil, which has always managed to excite fans all over the world. Every country has a different approach and that’s all part of what makes it the most popular sport on the planet.

Understand Those Big Rivalries Better

When you’re new to the sport, one of the things that you will need to try to do is understand the rivalries that take place in soccer. The incredible rivalry between Arsenal and Tottenham or Barcelona and Real Madrid can’t be topped by any other famous rivalries in other sports. They’re sometimes based on location, and other times based on a competitive history that goes back a century or more.

Soccer is the most popular sport on the face of the earth for a reason, so if you’re just get started with following it or you’ve been spurred on by the World Cup, use the tips and advice here to take your interest in the sport further. It’s very rewarding to do so, so you certainly won’t regret it.

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The Sports Archives – 3 Tips for Improving Your Athleticism in a Hurry

Image via Pixabay

You’ve been noticing for a while that your general-purpose fitness isn’t quite where you’d want it to be, but it’s only when you’ve made a commitment to get involved in more physical pursuits and hobbies that you’ve actually noticed just how much your level of conditioning is holding you back.

Maybe you’ve started playing a regular game of tennis with some friends, or maybe you’ve joined a martial arts class, but have discovered in either case that you just can’t keep up and find your enjoyment of the activity severely diminished by the fact.

You know you want to get fit, but you don’t want to have to struggle through months of training before your conditioning improves. Is there any solution?

Luckily, yes. Here are things you can do to improve your athleticism in a hurry.

Focus on HIIT workouts

HIIT, short for High-Intensity Interval Training, is a form of exercise which emphasizes short bursts of activity done to absolute failure, followed by periods of rest, and then repeated for circuits.

Sprinting to one end of a field, walking back, then sprinting across again, is an example of a form of HIIT training.

Recent research has found that just a few minutes of HIIT — 10 minutes, or in some cases, considerably less — can be as, or more effective than traditional jogging done for much longer periods of time.

HIIT also seems to have positive effects in terms of boosting metabolism and protecting and promoting muscle growth, whereas more drawn-out, conventional forms of cardio typically lead to chronically elevated levels of stress hormones and reduced muscle mass.

There’s a reason, after all, why professional sprinters always appear much more muscular than competitive endurance runners.

By doing a couple of HIIT workouts a week, you can expect to see rapid boosts to your cardiovascular fitness. Though you may want to consider using a pair of insoles from for added comfort.

Perform resistance exercises that demand serious exertion and endurance

It’s possible to weight train in such a way that your heart rate never really increases substantially.

This is likely to be the case if, for example, you do isolation exercises only and stay well clear of training to failure.

To boost your athleticism, however, you should ideally emphasize those resistance exercises that demand serious exertion and also endurance, so as to train both your muscular endurance, while also encouraging strength gains, and improving your cardiovascular conditioning.

Kettlebell swings and squats are good examples of such exercises.

Improve the way you’re fuelling your body

Sometimes, poor athletic performance is largely due to the fact that you just haven’t given your body the fuel it needs to operate at its peak.

If you eat at a caloric deficit, you will always have less energy and drive in the gym. If you eat a low-carb diet, you won’t have the glycogen stores available to power you through a full-force anaerobic workout, and are likely to hit the wall much sooner than you would otherwise.

Try eating significantly more food, and a wider variety of foods, for a week or so and see how your performance is affected.

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The Sports Archives – 5 Ways to Get Prepared for Golf Season

The birds are chirping, the sun is shining and warm weather is here. Spring is a great season, but the real season we’ve been waiting for is golf season. Warmer weather means it’s time to get out and golf! Here are five tips to help you get the golf season started out on the right foot. If Tiger can make a comeback, you can too!

1. Cardio

It’s been a while since you’ve golfed. If golf is your main source of exercise, you’re more likely than a little out of shape. Before you start trying to go 18 holes, it’s important that you do what you can. Cardio workouts are a great way to work on your stamina. One easy way to start out is by going on a 20 to 30-minute walk 3 times a week.

If you’re feeling extra ambitious, you can get outside and go for a run and/or hike. Join a workout class at the gym, become familiar with the cardio equipment or attend a cycling class to get in shape. Just remember to take it slow at first, an injury is the last thing your golf season needs.

One of the best parts of golf from a health standpoint is the cardiovascular benefits. With hill-filled course of 18 holes, it’s no wonder why golf can be considered a cardio exercise for many. While golf carts can minimize the amount of time walking, keeping up with cardio exercise of the course is still a great way to increase your endurance on those long rounds of golf.

2. Practice

Don’t worry if your golf skills are a little rusty at the beginning of the season. A several-month hiatus can wreak havoc on your putting and driving game. Practice is the simple recipe for catching up on your golf game. In fact, there are a few things you can do to prepare. First, practice putting. You can do this with a DIY setup at the office or at home. Setup some small objects to putt around and work on your touch.

Second, become very familiar with your local driving range. If the weather doesn’t permit this, there could be an indoor driving range or golf simulator to practice on nearby. It’s important to get that muscle memory back and to get in shape. Trying to go straight out on the course without practice could mean a lot more than some sore muscles!

There are a few drills to practice when using a simulator that can particularly helpful. First, fixing the dreaded hook. In order to get rid of that hook once and for all is by practicing at a slower speed. Butch Harmon told Golf Digest that every player should “practice swinging your arms a little slower and turning your body more aggressively to the finish. Make sure you transfer your weight to your front foot coming down and turn your lower body to face the target. Get your hips turning all the way through, and you’ll stop the face from snapping closed on the ball.”

Another drill to consider is changing your focus. Rather than aim for targets that are far away, begin with closer ones. This helps you zero in on your target more clearly and will help as you increase distance on the actual course.

3. Warm-Up

While we’re on the subject of avoiding injury, make sure to warm up. This should be something you do before every game, but it’s especially important at the beginning of your golf season. This includes stretching before, with the primary focus being on warming up your back, arms and shoulders. Make sure you know where your tight spots are and work on a stretching routine you can stay consistent with.

In addition to stretching, make sure you warm up your golf swing before your game. Try and get to the golf course early and hit a few long balls and stop by the putting green. Going into the first hole without warming up could cost you a few hits! Work out your kinks early, and you’ll impress your golf buddies.

4. Check Your Equipment

It’s key to do an audit of your golf equipment before the start of every season. Are your clubs old and in need of a repair or upgrade? Do you need to stock up on golf balls? Is it time to invest in some better golf shoes? Give yourself an honest assessment. New golf technology and clubs come out every year.

As the golf season takes full swing, more and more equipment will come on the golf radar. From drivers to irons, it’s important to look at your current equipment and find where it needs improvement. Do you need a better game-improvement iron? Ask yourself what you need, what you can afford and what will improve your game the most. Better equipment and technology can make a big difference.

5. Get Your Mind Ready

It’s important to realize you’ll have some rust to shake off, no matter how much practice and prep work you put in. Stay positive and shake off a bad hole or bad round. You’ll improve and get back into the groove soon enough. However, the more time you spend getting ready for the golf season, the more confident you will be. Just remember to have fun and stay positive.

These are just a few tips to help you get ready for your best golf season yet. From first-time golfer, all the way up to pro, remember to have fun and enjoy golf. Get out there, enjoy the weather and make this your best yet.

By Matt at

Matt is an avid golf enthusiast and part of the team. When he’s not working on his fairway shot, you will find Matt writing about his passion for the process of the game.

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The Sports Archives – Common And Not So Common Injuries In Golf

The phrase ‘swing and a miss’ is usually only heard in the sport of baseball. But you can also hear it in golf when someone misses their long drive swing. Granted it’s purely to tease the opponent but perhaps it’s no laughing matter. In baseball, the swing taken by the batter is laterally mobile. However for golfers, they’re doing something that’s not natural to the human body in that, they swing in the vertical axis. The sport is less tense but injuries in golf are actually just as common as any other sport. You wouldn’t think so because it just seems as though people walk around a lot and eventually smack a little ball further down the field. You’d be surprised at the types of injuries golfers have to contend with and if you did, you’d probably wince. For those who think golf is for the old fogeys that just want something to do in their retirement, you’re about to get see why golf may be a young man’s game after all.

The Woes of Shoulders

Daring to enter the world of golf as a beginner, you’ll soon be asked about your drive. The drive is the first crucial swing at the start of a hole. It’s the one clear opportunity you have to put some distance between you and your rivals on the green. A giant powerful swing of the club, connecting with the ball, sends it potentially hundreds of feet forward. Your body is being torqued and all your energy is being transferred from your muscles right into the tip of the club.

Shoulder injuries are perhaps the most common in the game. This is because in recent findings, the thick muscles such as the deltoids don’t get to play the starring role as one would have thought. The rotator cuff bares the brunt of your own power. It connects the tissues from your shoulder to your upper arm. Due to the isolation, this small muscle often gets torn or suffers from tendonitis. To treat your shoulder pain, a common form of pain alleviation is the RICE procedure. Rest, take it easy at work and home, and miss your planned weekend golf for a while. Ice is your friend, numb the pain and like the pied piper attract a swarm of new blood cells to the affected area. Compression is going to stop the muscle from tensing up and causing more pain. Elevation is the final step, don’t let your shoulder carry on having to work by dangling your arm; lift it up and rest it on a pillow.

Photo credit Joseph McKee

Don’t Do A Barrel Roll

Growing up and watching gold on television, as children we were always drawn to one aspect. The little zippy golf buggies seemed like tremendous fun. With their electric power and snappy handling qualities, it kind of reminded us of bumper cars. They’re practical because on some golf courses the distances are so vast that walking them seems inefficient for a smooth day of many players going through all the holes. They’re not very fast either, with top speeds only getting to around 15 – 20mph. With just two pedals and a limited turn circle, a low center of gravity and dedicated pathways on many courses, you would think that these golf carts would be relatively safe.

As of 2015, a study conducted in 2015 by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, showed that 18,000 golf cart-related injuries are still taking place every year. Everything from little scrapes and bruises, to frantic visits to the emergency room, these injuries are in part to driver error and outdated carts. Searching for the best golf cart to buy can be a headache in itself. Thankfully some websites come with thorough reviews that have been derived from real-world use. All too often golf carts are assumed to be simple and thus the on-paper facts are relied upon to judge the quality of the cart when selling. With the reviews, you can judge for yourself the engine specifications, the size and capacity for both humans and equipment, and the construction such as body type, brakes and frame. The compare feature is particularly useful as two products at a time can be contrasted to help you make the right decision.

Thy Enemy is the Sun

The allure and romanticism about golf are that you’re on your own, surrounded by lovely greens as far as the eye can see. Alone, you have time to think and sketch out your life. All you need to focus on is the ball and the control of your clubs. The elements play a huge role in golf as winds and rain can change a match in a heartbeat. It’s a sport that is accustomed to being played in the spring and summer, as the bright sun will illuminate every inch of the course.

However sunburns are a regular occurrence. Temporarily damaged eyesight happens when you’re tracking your ball through the sky and accidentally look directly into the sun. Dehydration is the main enemy however, as being out in its glorious presence saps the energy and sweat from your body. Always bring extra water bottles with you on the course. If you can, take them in a cooler so they remain chilled. Take an umbrella with you just in case you are met with a heatwave. Wear deeply tinted sunglasses and a cap to protect your eyes. Normally golf clubs and open courses will have locker rooms. When you arrive and change clothes into the appropriate attire, cover your arms, neck, face and lower legs in suncream. This saves you the embarrassment of leaving the course looking like a tomato.

A tender shoulder after a round of golf is a bad sign. One’s technique can be smooth and biomechanically sound, but rotator cuff muscles are small and thin. They can easily become sprained, tear and become inflamed. Use the RICE method to treat your injury. Older golf carts are just dangerously outdated. Newer products in this range have thicker more grippy tires and much safer handling. Drink up on your day on the green, but save the cognacs for afterwards. All you need during play is an abundant supply of chilled water to avoid dehydrating on an 18-hole course.


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