The Sports Archives – Best Sporting Activities For A Boys Day Out

Sports are certainly not just for ‘the boys’, but an activity with little healthy competition can make a great addition to a stag party or get together. In fact, below, you will find some of the most popular sporting activities to play during a day out with the boys, or anyone else for that matter! 


Go-karting is a driving based experience that can be done either inside or outside. It entails sitting in open cage buggies and navigating around a set course as fast as possible. Seat belts are worn, and so are helmets for safety. You can opt for head to head races or timed tournaments depending on your needs and the number of people racing. 

One for the petrol heads, karting can be a lot of fun, especially if you can put all your mates in their place by winning! The good news is that even if you have never karted before, you can get some Karting Strategies for Beginners to help you stay ahead of the pack. Just imagine the look on your mates’ faces as you overtake them!!!! 


A little more sedate than karting, but no less challenging, gold can be a fantastic activity for a work get together or for a group of friends. Of course, the type of golf game you opt for will depend on the people’s levels of skill. 

For example, if you are all experienced golfers with a handicap, then a full 18 hole at one of the world’s most challenging courses is the way to go. Oh, and don’t forget the 19th hole! 

However, if your group is of more mixed abilities, a nine-hole round may be better suited. You may even wish to introduce friends that have never played golf before to the game by going to the driving range or a crazy golf session, which can also be a great deal of fun. 


What could be better than squeezing yourself into a soft plastic ball and then using your body to roll said ball around a course, to play football, or even on the water? Well, that is precisely what an afternoon of zorbing entails, and it can be a lot of fun if you do it with the right people. 

Of course, because it’s such a full-body activity, you need to pick team members and physically fit opponents and have a good sense of special awareness. Oh, don’t forget to get someone to record your day either, as looking back and laughing is one of the best things about this zany activity. 

Adventure courses 

Rope ladders, zip lines, and monkey care are all activities you can find on adventure courses—another activity with a sporting twist that can make for the best boys day out. The great thing about such a course is that you get a harness and hard hat too, so you know everyone will be able to enjoy themselves safely while pushing their personal limits of bravery and endurance at the same time. 


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The Sports Archives – 6 Things Every Sports Fan Should Be Able to Do

Pexels – CCO Licence

Whether you’re a diehard Mets fan or you never miss an NBA game, there are certain things every sports fan should be able to do. If you want to up your game and enhance your rep, get up to speed now…

  1. Know your schedule

You can’t call yourself a fan if you don’t know when, where or who your team are playing. You might not be able to remember your own schedule, but you should definitely know what plans your team has got. From qualifying matches to tournament finals, you can’t plan your calendar until you know theirs.

  1. Throw a pose for the ‘Kiss Cam’

Traditionally, the ‘Kiss Cam’ prompted anyone fans to grab the person next to them (hopefully a significant other!) and pucker up if they were zoomed on to the big screen. These days, you don’t have to embrace if you find yourself on the Kiss Cam, but you better have a good pose ready if you want to bring the house down.

  1. Predict a winner

If you follow sports, and not just your own team, you should be able to predict the winner of a match or game with a relative degree of accuracy. Of course, many people think they’re a dab hand at this. Just take a look at to see how many fans are turning their predictions into sports bets. By following the season and reiterating (or repeating) what the pundits say, you can impress anyone with your knowledge!

motorsportsPexels – CCO Licence

  1. Be autograph-ready

If you’re a season ticketholder or you try to attend as many matches as possible, you’ll want to be ready for when you run into your hero. You never know when the moment will strike, so always be prepared to ask for an autograph. Wear your team shirt, carry your foam finger, or be prepared to have your forehead adorned with the script of your favorite player.

  1. Justify bad performances

No matter how great your team is, chances are they’ll have a bad game at some point or another. Obviously, this isn’t their fault, so you’ll need to come up with a selection of reasons why your team missed the mark. Dodgy ground? Wrong selections? Unlucky away kit? Whatever you go for, say it with conviction.

  1. Have a lucky garment

You may not be on the team, but no-one can say you aren’t doing your part. From lucky socks to lucky shirts, fans around the world join forces to make sure their team wins on match day. Some people will say you’re being superstitious but, really, is it a risk you’re willing to take?

Pass It On To The Next Generation

No true sports fan gives up the chance to inspire the next generation with their devotion, whether they like it or not. If you’ve got kids, nieces, nephews, godchildren, or grandchildren, now is your chance to secure a whole new legion of fans for your one true love: your team.


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The Sports Archives – How The Greatest Player in Football, Tom Brady, Prepares For The NFL



Picture by Ivan Samkov from Pexels – CC0 Licence

The Quarterback is a major player in football. They are the captain, and as such, they have a lot of responsibilities to uphold. Such as exercising their throwing technique to make sure when they get the ball, they can throw it with accuracy to the next player. Plus, they must be able to inspire and organize their team before and during a big game.

You have to believe in your process. You have to believe in the things that you are doing to help the team win. I think you have to take the good with the bad. – Tom Brady

There are a few reasons why someone might want to see how a quarterback prepares. Firstly because they’re keen to adopt the same regime and become a fantastic quarterback themselves. Or because they’re sizing up teams and quarterbacks to determine who is most likely to win. The Chiefs Super Bowl betting saga is underway, as people gear up to choose the team they think will win one of the most popular sporting events in the world.

Tom Brady is undeniably one of the greatest players of all time. No-one has witnessed anything quite like his dedication to the sport. As a result of his hard work, he has walked away with plenty of NFL, and Super Bowl MVPs, including numerous wins at the Superbowl. 

As one of the best players there is, delving into Tom Brady’s routine will give you a good idea of the lengths Quarterbacks need to go to to get ready for the NFL. Below is a rundown of what Tom Brady does to be the best he can be on the field.

Circuit Training

You push your body to the limits, but you have to train your body to deal with the limitations. Tom Brady

Here are a few of the exercises Tom undertakes during training for the season. These exercises are common among quarterbacks who want to enhance their arms strength, flexibility, and throwing technique.

  • Single-arm Dumbbell Press – To maintain strength throughout the arm. This exercise emphasizes pulling the weight towards the chest. 
  • Lunge Rotational Twist – To enhance his throw, lunge rotational twists strengthen the legs while the feet are apart and improve the torsos rotational movements for better flexibility.
  • Fire Hydrants – An excellent throw relies on the lower body just as much as the upper body. Fire hydrants stretch and strengthen the outer hips and legs.

footballsPicture by 3D Animation Production Company from Pixabay – CC0 Licence 

For an effective workout, the below components are just as important to Tom Brady’s regime as the circuit training itself;

Team of Experts 

Tom has two people in particular that enhance his health. Tom House, the quarterback guru, helps Brady to improve his motion and form while throwing. 

Tom’s other expert is Alex Gurrero. Alex is a specialist in Chinese medicine, ensuring Brady is fit and healthy throughout the season.

Healthy Diet

Tom, leads a healthy existence. Having an excellent diet is part of that. This step is a no-brainer for football players and aspiring players. Lots of nutritious food leads to a surge in energy and well-being. Allowing players such as Tom Brady, to give his all in an intense training session, and the NFL games.

Sports Massages

Brady also has regular sports massages. Sports massages are essential for athletes to avoid the body being in intense pain following a workout or game. Sports massages are much firmer than a massage you experience at a spa. They are dedicated to people who live highly active lives, that need to ease muscle tension, increase their body’s recovery rate, and boost relaxation.

Post Game Relaxation Method

After a game, to unwind, Tom devotes his time to fixing together challenging puzzles to take his mind off the events. Relaxation is a necessary component for quarterbacks, to maintain a healthy body and mind. And not let the events of the game get the best of them.

Time To Snooze

Tom devotes a lot of time to sleep. With a 9 pm bedtime, his body has the chance to rest and restore for the next day of exercises or a big game. Athletes who maximize their sleep are more likely to perform better at their chosen sport. Regular, quality, deep sleep increases reaction times, focus, speed, and reasoning skills. 

There’s a lot of pressure on the Quarterback to perform. They must prepare themselves mentally and physically to make sure they don’t crumble during a game. Bleacher Reports reckons that if a Quarterback fails to give an excellent performance on the field, their team is destined to fail. As above, Brady does everything in his power to ensure he performs at his best every game.

Mentally, the only players who survive in the pros are the ones able to manage all their responsibilities. Everybody struggles in different ways. Tom Brady


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The Sports Archives – Changing Your Body Is Fine, But Let’s Do It In A Healthy Manner

Body Changes

CC0 Licence – Credit Link

Setting goals for yourself and changing your body is all well and good, but you’ve got to make sure that you’re doing it in a healthy manner. You can’t risk damaging your body simply because you want it to look a little different because this is the complete wrong thing to do. In this article, we’re going to be looking at some of the things that you can do to change your body while ensuring that you are still healthy. Keep reading if you want to find out more.

Keep An Eye On Your Nutrient Intake

The first thing that we’re going to suggest is that you keep an eye on your nutrient intake. You’re going to need a different amount of nutrients and calories, depending on what your actual goal is. You should make sure that you have done your research and know exactly what nutrients are best for you, what foods are rich in them, what to avoid, and so on. Having all the information puts you in the best possible position, which is exactly where you want to be. It is no use starting to change your diet and your lifestyle if you’ve got no idea what changes are actually going to yield the benefits that you’ve been looking for.

If You Need Some Extra Help

If you need some extra help when it comes to changing your body, there are a few options to consider. The first one is hiring a personal trainer. These professionals are trained in exactly what to do with the human body, how to make it thinner, how to put on muscle, and so on. They will be able to come up with some ideas for exercises, meal plans, and anything else that they think you’re going to need in order to reach your goal. If you know that motivation isn’t your strong point, they are also excellent for that as well.

Or, you could look into some of the supplements that are on the market right now. Of course, this is only an option, and they are not vital to getting where you want to be, but you might want to look into the best HGH supplements for muscle growth, or something like this. It depends on your goal, but there are things available should you require them.

Always Check With A Medical Professional

Finally, if you’re going to be changing your body, then you need to check in with a medical professional. If you’re going to bulk up, make sure you’ve got the all-clear from your doctor. If you’re going to lose a lot of weight, make sure there are no health risks to doing this. It’s more than likely going to be fine, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be on the safe side. It’s far better to see a doctor and make sure they give you approval than to start making changes and notice some adverse impacts on your body.

We hope that you have found this article helpful and now have a better idea of how you can change your body in a healthy manner. Good luck, and hopefully, you still start to see those results soon.

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The Sports Archives – Why Your Max Pull On The Deadlift Sucks

The deadlift is arguably the king of all lifts. It’s a show of brute strength and recruits muscles from all over the body, including the hands, wrists, back, shoulders, butt, and legs. The more you can pull, the stronger you are. It’s the ultimate proof of physical power. 

Getting deadlift right, though, is notoriously tricky. Some people manage it with no problem at all. It seems natural. Others can really struggle. 

Part of the reason for this is biomechanical. Your body might not be set up for pulling massive weights off the ground. Mainly, though, issues have to do with setup and technique. 

In this post, we’re going to take a look at why your max pulls on the deadlift suck and what you can do about it. 

You’re Not In The Zone

Body Building

Pixabay – CC0 License

When it comes to lifting heavy – going all out – your state of mind plays a massive role. If you’re worried about the lift, then it’ll show in the poundage that you ultimately wind up pulling. 

People get fired up for massive lifts in a couple of ways. The first is to make a lot of noise and psyche yourself up. You want to make yourself feel pumped, as though you’re about to go into war. 

The second is to use zen and appear as calm as a Buddhist monk. “There is no weight.” 

Either way, you need to frame it positively. If you don’t, your lifts won’t be as high as you’d like. 

You’re Not Prepping Your Hands

When the weight goes above 250 lbs, it can become difficult to grip the bar. Most Olympic equipment has small grip sections etched into it. Still, you might also need liquid chalk and even gloves if you’re struggling. 

Going back to the previous point, prepping your hands is also psychological. If you believe the bar is more likely to stay in your hands, then likely it will!

You’re Not Training Often Enough

Philosophers like to say that “we are what we repeatedly do.” And when it comes to deadlift, no truer word has ever been uttered. The more you practice the movement, the better you get at it.

The deadlift is a surprisingly complicated activity. You have to engage practically all of the muscles in your body in the correct order. And you have to monitor the shape of your back to avoid injury continually. 

Some people will go into the gym and practice deadlifts once every couple of weeks because it is a major compound movement. But approaches like that are setting you up for failure. You need to practice the motion repeatedly, even if that means doing it with a lighter weight. Practicing many reps prepares your body for the movement and increases the activation of relevant muscle fibres. 

Your Stance Is Wrong

For deadlift, your feet should be slightly more than shoulder-width apart. Your toes should also be turned slightly outwards. If you have long legs, you may want to widen your stance out further. Once you correct this, you can often increase your max lift by 10 percent or more. 


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The Sports Archives – What Are The Most Difficult Sporting Events to Win?

It would be wrong to think that all sports are created equal. They’re positively not. As with all things in life, there are sports that are more difficult and less difficult. Sometimes this is because the event isn’t as competitive as other incarnations of the same event (think: lower-division sports/sports in countries without strong sporting pedigree). Sometimes it’s because there’s too much luck involved. 

So what are the sporting events that are most difficult to win? Let’s take a look.

Tyler Hendy

Pexels – CC0 Licence

The FIFA World Cup

The FIFA Soccer World Cup might just be the biggest sporting event in the world. Held every four years, it’s a truly global event, one that captures the imagination of people all over the world. If you win the World Cup as a player, you’re a certified legend — in large part because it’s so difficult to win. While there are some elements of luck involved (for example: with injuries), you can’t win the World Cup without being an exceptionally good side. Some of soccer’s greatest ever players have failed to win this trophy, because it’s so difficult to win.

King of the Ring 

While soccer can be tough, it’s also a team sport — and that means that it’s possible for a player to have a terrible game, and still end up on the winning side. In some sports, that’s not the case, because there’s nowhere to hide. If you have ambitions to become the heavyweight boxing champion of the world, then make no mistake: you will have to be exceptionally talented. It’s so difficult to reach the upper echelons of the boxing world because of the brutal and technical nature of the sport. People might not like how much the big-time boxers get paid, but anyone with even a basic understanding of the sport knows that they’ve earned that cash. 

The Sport of Kings

Just as with boxing, anyone who knows anything about horse racing knows just how difficult it is to win a race. A lot of prep work goes on behind the scenes, all to make sure that the jockey and the horse are ready to run the race of their life. There are some races that are notably difficult to win. The Grand National is one of the biggest races in the world because of just how difficult it is to win. And what about the Triple Crown? There’s a reason why only three horses have won it since 1978. A horse might have good Kentucky Derby odds, but if they fail to perform at the Preakness Stakes and Belmont Stakes, then they’ll have no hope. The last horse to win it was Justify in 2018. 

Major Golf 

One wrong shot and you’re finished. That’s the rule when you’re playing in a major golf competition. You have to be excellent for four consecutive days. That’s tough enough as it is, but when you think how difficult golf is (it really may be the world’s toughest sport), then you’ll have a greater appreciation for those that triumph. 


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The Sports Archives – Making Sport and Exercise More Fun For Gym Avoiders

For some people, going to the gym each day and doing something pretty similar each time can be quite repetitive and become something that is boring quite quickly. If this sounds like you, then you will know that before you know it, you have become less excited about exercising and are much less motivated to get yourself to the gym. When there is some negativity around something, smashing your goals and getting to where you want to be is going to be tougher, or perhaps just no longer a priority. 

However, exercise is something that is so important for people of all ages. It is important for overall health and wellbeing, as well as for mental health. Exercising can help you lighten your moods, can help you to sleep better, be more energized in the day, and can help you to feel happier and more confident in yourself. As it is something that is so important, if you do find yourself feeling negative towards exercise or find that you’re becoming bored, then you need to switch things up. For instance, something that can shake things up a little is going running in your local park or neighborhood rather than on a treadmill. 

Keeping your exercise and workouts fun can help your motivation, and in many cases, can help you to stick to it as you actually look forward to it, rather than dread it. Things like playing a team sport, taking a fitness class, or signing up for something like an obstacle race can all be fun ways to make sure that you keep moving in a fun way, but get a good workout all at the same time. You could even look into things like the Kentucky Derby 2020 odds to try your chances, as a way to be involved in a sport, without having to actually take part. But what else is a fun way to exercise? Here are some ideas to help you to shake up your training a little and have fun on the way to achieving your goals.


Train with a friend

If there aren’t many other options for you than to go to a gym, then it is a good idea to get yourself a training buddy. You can socialize at the same time, which can be more enjoyable, but still get yourself burning some calories! There are studies have shown that when you work out with a friend, it makes what you do much more enjoyable and motivating. You could always pay a trainer if you can’t recruit a gym buddy, so that you have someone to be accountable to. 

Fitness classes

If you are someone who just gets bored of the monotony of going to the gym and doing the same old thing by yourself, why not book yourself into a group class? It can be the perfect way to meet people with similar interests, as well as taking any thought out of your exercise. You just listen and follow the instructor, and then you can go from there. There are a range of things to try from Martial Arts, Zumba, Spinning, and Barre, to name a few.

Rock Climbing


Rock climbing

Rock climbing is something that can be a really fun way to workout, and it won’t feel like you’re working out at all. It combines cardio exercise, as well as strength training, all in one. It can be a great way to strengthen your upper body and your core, as it will need a lot of strength to be able to pull yourself up. It helps your leg muscles too, as well as flexibility. You can do indoor rock climbing or bouldering on an indoor wall or head out locally, as long as you have the right equipment to be safe.

Bike riding

For something that is fun but great for your cardio, then going out on a bike ride can be a good idea. Riding a bike is something that is practical, as well as functional, so you can get to visit some places that you have wanted to visit, but just use the bike as your method of transport. When there are hills and flats you get a nice breather, ready for any hills that you will be faced with. For that reason it can be a great activity for mindfulness and for getting away from it all.

Aerial yoga

Yoga is something that people either love or hate, it seems. But have you tried something a little more interesting like aerial yoga before? It can be a really fun way to embrace yoga, but feel like a gymnast or circus performer all at the same time. Because of the slings or straps, you can do some pretty cool things that you wouldn’t be able to do otherwise, so it can be a great confidence booster, and it is just something really unique. It can be great for core strength and for your upper body as you pull yourself and use your arms a lot. It is also a good exercise for relaxation and breathing, as any yoga workout is. 

Obstacle course race

If you like to be a little competitive and like to try new things, then how about signing up for an obstacle course race? It is a fun and motivating way to exercise and to stay in shape. When you are signed up, you will have some motivation to make sure that you are ready and fit for the event, and on the day itself it can just be a really fun and challenging experience. Completing it can be a huge confidence booster too! There are a few different ones to choose from so you can just check what is going on local to you, and then go from there.

Keeping the fun element in your exercise is important, so that you stay motivated and on the right path to get to where you want to be. What ways do you enjoy exercising the most? It would be great to hear what you think.


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The Sports Archives – Have You Tried These Fantastic Low-Impact Workouts?



A lot of people tend to assume that the only workouts that are actually going to be effective as high-intensity, high-impact workouts. And sure, these kinds of workouts can be incredibly valuable, but they’re certainly not the only option. For a lot of people, those kinds of low-impact workouts simply aren’t possible. Fortunately, there are plenty of low-impact workouts available to you that are not only incredibly enjoyable but that offer you a seriously intense workout. Here are just a few of them.


It’s possible that there is no better full-body workout than swimming. The sheer amount of work that your muscles put in while you’re swimming is incredible. Not only that but the low-impact nature of this workout means that you’re not in any danger of doing yourself any harm. It allows you to chose a technique that’s comfortable, a pace that you can maintain, and a relaxed environment to work out in. The truth is that you may not even realise just how much of a workout you’re getting until you get out of the pool.


Far too many people just assume that they’re never going to be able to get any kind of workout from yoga. They assume that it must simply be a lot of sitting and meditating while listening to ambient music. And sure, that’s a part of it, but it’s still a shockingly intense workout. It’s a fantastic way to work out your core, develop balance, and increase your muscle strength and definition. Try a single 30-minute yoga session and see if you still think that it’s not a great workout.


If you’re looking for a more interesting way to engage your core and your arms than the same few routines at the gym then kayaking might well be the perfect option for you. Not only is it a fantastic exercise, but it’s one of the most interesting and enjoyable ways to spend your time. Just strap on your safety gear, find the best shoes for kayaking, grab your oar, and get back out into the world for a relaxing, yet surprisingly intense, workout. If you’re really feeling brave, you might even want to take your kayak out into the ocean waves.


It’s shocking how many people forget just what an amazing workout walking can be. This is probably because it’s just so obvious people tend to ignore it. Walking is the perfect stress-free workout. Not only are you burning calories and building muscle strength, but you can do it at your own pace in any number of different environments, meaning that you’re never going to get bored.

The reality is that there is no single “correct” way to work out. The reality is that finding the right workout is a pretty personal thing with different criteria for everyone. Why not try a few different things out and that way, you can be sure that you find a workout that’s comfortable, enjoyable, and still offers you the kinds of results that you really want.

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The Sports Archives – 5 Ways To Make Your Sports Training More Effective

Image credit 

Health is wealth, isn’t it? The healthier we are the better we feel, and in the end it is our health that is the most valuable asset we have. Why then is it so hard to get motivated for a run after work or a trip to the gym two or three times a week? A large part of the issue is convenience. When we’re out on the track it may be great, and we may love that post workout buzz but somehow getting out there is the challenge. In this post we take a look at some of the things that make exercising easier to face and more convenient. 


We could all do with exercising a bit more often but sometimes it’s hard to fit into a busy lifestyle or schedule. What if there was a way to combine everyday activity into a form of exercise that counted towards your daily or weekly goals. That’s the thinking behind a step counter. Set your target and and take the long way home, you’ll find that within a day you’ll altering your habits and getting fitter without much effort at all. 

Fog glasses

Do you actively avoid exercise, not because of the effort involved in physical activity but because of the inconvenience of it. Maybe you wear glasses that fog up in the gym when you start to sweat, or in the rain when you’re outside running. A great solution is the best anti fog for glasses. Simply apply product to your glasses before exercise and the special treatment will prevent water droplets from forming on the surface. It works effectively for sweat or rain. 


If you go to the gym a lot or train very hard but don’t see the results you want it might be time to consider a health supplement such as protein powder or even CBD oil. These products will accelerate your recovery time after a work out giving you a chance to work a bit harder if that’s what you want. The complete proteins contained in the powder can be very effective at strengthening the torn muscles in your recovery phase, offering you better results. 


Eighty percent of your success at anything is turning up. But motivating yourself for exercise can be hard especially if you don’t have access to the podcast or audiobook you’d like to listen to while running at the park or in the gym. Sometimes this is down to headphones or earphones that just don’t fit right, or don’t stay in when running. Think about getting neckband headphones. They are ideal for running and workout. They won’t fall off, they have great sound, and they’re wireless. 


Equally important to your comfort when running or working out is a running belt. It’s essential to have somewhere convenient, safe, and unobtrusive to store your smartphone, keys, money, perhaps running supplements of some kind. Without a good running belt your entire workout could be jeopardised by inconvenience and discomfort. 

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The Sports Archives – What Type of Table Do You Play Board Games On?

board games table

There are so many game tables available on the market.  Pool, foosball, ping pong, air hockey, chess, and cards are some of the most popular game tables. But all of the game tables are especially for that individual game and very costly.

Now, we are talking mostly about board game tables for indoor gaming. The board game is an enjoyable game indoors. Most of the popular board game tables are:


Chess is the most popular board game in the world. This game has 16 pieces that are of six different types.  Each piece has a unique way of moving on the board which when combined, establish a strategy for capturing the opponent’s King.  The Queen and other pieces mainly protect the King from being captured while they plan an attack on your opponent’s King.


Stratego is a board game played by two players.  It is made up a playing field of ten by ten squares.  Each player as 40 pieces that represents officers in an army. The strategy game has some rules for children and some complex ones for adults.


Monopoly is a property buying and grow your assets game. At the start of the game, everyone has the same amount of money.   Each player then takes turns rolling the dice with the goal of buying property.  If you own 3 of the same colored properties, you own a monopoly and you can collect higher rents by building houses on these properties.  Monopoly was created by Elizabeth J. Phillips (nee Magi) in 1903.  It involves the practice of real estate since the player moves around trying to pursue property and avoid paying rent.

These board games are interesting to play and very enjoyable. The board game is the most popular gaming for spending free time with your family and friends. It also helps to increase your mental ability. 

What kinds of tables are suitable for those board games in your house? There are lots of solutions.

You can buy a table on the market for your board game. If you don’t want to buy another game table for your house, you can use an available dining or small coffee table.

Normally I use whatever table is available in the room. Basically, this is a standard dining room table. In that case, for board gaming, we need to ensure the table chair has a good enough height.   We need space for drinks and snacks.  Sometimes a person doesn’t have enough room space for a big table.  In which case a small table like a knee-high coffee table can come in handy.

Another thing to do if there are no tables available, is to set up the game on the floor.  It’s a lot of fun and a great solution. You can do it anywhere – whatever you want to play!

So what type of table do you play board games on? Comment below..!

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