The Sports Archives – Senegal Beats France in the 2002 World Cup

Senegal’s Papa Bouba Diop (C) celebrates his goal as he runs away from France goalkeeper Fabien Barthez (C Rear) while Youri Djorkaeff (L), Frank Leboeuf (L Rear), and Emmanuel Petit (R) react at World Cup Finals in Seoul May 31, 2002. REUTERS/Dylan Martinez

The World Cup is the pinnacle of competition for any soccer player and fan. It is the moment where, every four years, the 32 best teams in the world get to compete for the greatest prize on offer. In 2002, the World Cup in Japan and South Korea was set to begin with a great clash between Senegal and France.

The clash was symbolic because it represented the current World Cup holders, France, getting a chance to defend their title. There were a few players from 1998 who were no longer on the team. But many still were. The likes of Patrick Vieira, Marcel Desailly, Lilian Thuram, Thierry Henry and Fabien Barthez had been there and seen it all. They were in the prime of their careers, and they were among the favorites to win the World Cup again. It is rare that we see a team win back-to-back World Cups, but France were still expected to reach the semis or the final.

However, what no one expected was a 1-0 Senegal win. No one expected this African nation, who had never been in a World Cup before, to get anything but a defeat from this game. In fact, the question among pundits and betters was regarding the number of goals France would score. The world was stunned when the final whistle blew and Senegal had gotten a 1-0 win. They had beaten the defending champions and favorites France – they had gotten a win in their first ever World Cup game.

It was Papa Bouba Diop who got the only goal of the game in the 30th minute. A France response was expected, but it never came. They did attack more in the second half, but it appeared the team had left its spirit at home, as they had no answer for the resolute Senegalese defense.

The trajectory for both teams in that tournament was decided by that first game. Senegal reached the quarter finals, while France did not even make the group stages. It was a humiliating tournament for France, with so many star players who did not deliver an iota of what they could on their best day. And for Senegal and its players, it was a fairytale. Their fans were just happy to get the chance to see the team at such a stage. They were not expecting anything, let alone a place among the best eight teams in the world.

The game is one that soccer fans will always remember. Why? Because it teaches us two lessons about the sport. The first lesson is that simply because we do not know anything about a team, does not mean we should write them off. Senegalese players were not famous until that game, but it does not mean they were lacking in quality. And the second lesson is that if you want to remain the best, you must give it your all in every game. The French players thought their reputations were enough to win that game, but you do not win soccer games on reputation.

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The Sports Archives – Game On! How To Set Up Your Own Sports Team

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There is nothing like the spirit of camaraderie and competition that playing in team sports gives you. The highs of victory, the lows of defeat, staying in shape and the love of your chosen sport are all in abundance. And if you are running your own team, you will feel even more passionate about the successes of your group of players. However, if you have never set up a sports team before, it can seem like a daunting task that you have in front of you. So, in this article, we are going to break it down into stages that make it seem much more manageable. Let’s kick off!

Choose Your Sport

Of course, before you do anything else, you need to choose a sport which you are going to play. Obviously, it is much better if you already have experience playing and taking part in a team in that chosen game. Not only will you know the sport better, you are also more likely to have a group of players that you can call upon to get started. You also need to make sure that there is already a league in your local area to that you are able to get started quickly. Obviously, you also want it to be at your level of play as there is nothing fun about entering a league in which you get beaten time and time again!

Calculate the Finances

There are a number of different costs that you have to bear when you are setting up a sports team, so you need to make sure that you have calculated all the costs carefully. You have to pay the league fees, any equipment, uniforms, permits etc. If you are on a budget, you should check online for the places where you can get the best deals. So, if you are planning to set up a baseball side, you could take a look at the prices on items like blank baseball uniforms. Once you have a better idea of the financial situation, you can then work out what sort of registration fees that you need to charge players.

Create Your Team Name, Logo and Branding

Now is the time for the fun and creative part – choosing your team name. If you are setting up the team with some friends, you can start to bat around some different ideas. Choosing a name which is based on your region is a pretty standard choice – though you may prefer to base it on something which is more personal you. Once you have that name locked down, you can then start to look into creating a logo and some branding. If you have a friend who is good with graphic design, you could get them to create it for you. Otherwise, there are plenty of websites out there where you can find designers for an affordable rate. There is something special about creating your team branding as it gives you all something inspirational.

Select Players for the Team

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You may already have a general idea of who you want to be on the team, but if you can’t fill up all the spots yet, you may need to start holding some tryouts. Try to cast as a wide a net as possible by asking all your current players to ask their friends, coworkers, family members etc for anyone who may be interested in playing. Otherwise, you could always put some adverts up online, in your local sports centre, newspaper etc. There is often a high demand for sports teams, so hopefully, you should be able to get the following that you are looking for.

Create a Chain of Command

If you are setting up the team with a few other people, you may want to look closer at what your management structure is going to be. For example, if you are going to be the manager, you may want to have someone who is the captain, head coach, a treasurer, an admin guy etc. If you create this chain of command now, this will help to prevent any arguments from happening further down the line. It also helps to make your team appear instantly more professional. This may end up helping you out when it comes to recruiting players.

Communicate with Your Team

Once you have your team, you then need to collect all of their contact information so that you can keep in touch with them to arrange training sessions, match details etc. There are plenty of modern methods of doing this, and you could send out information by email or simply create a WhatsApp group which everyone takes part in. If you really want to go further, you could even set up your own team website on which you post upcoming fixtures, match stats, reports etc.

Arrange Training Sessions

The teams which are going to enjoy the most success in sports leagues are the ones which train together on a regular basis. So, you should establish these sessions depending on the availability of your players. You could focus on specific drills or just general fitness. And it is also a good idea to set up some team bonding sessions after matches. After all, this supposed to be fun for everyone and you will want to give all the players the chance to relax and get to know each other a little better.

There is no doubt that there are plenty of logistical challenges involved in setting up your own sports team. However, it should also be something which provides you with plenty of fun times and memories. The above points walk you through just some of the major considerations that you need to make when you are starting a venture like this one. It is always going to be easier if there is a group of you who are sharing the load, so that you are able to divide up your responsibilities. Ultimately, you need to keep a strong sense of organisation throughout.

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The Sports Archives – NFL- How To Improve Your Odds To Win A Bet

NFL Football


The NFL betting odds has been a big source of income not just only in the United States, but across the world. There are a wide range of NFL betting odds available at almost all the bookmaker sites due to the popularity of the league.

The American football popularity grows season after season making more popular than other sporting leagues and making the NFL betting odds a good stream of income for bettors worldwide.


The most common type of NFL betting odds comes through ‘the Spread betting’ or ‘the line betting’. Actually, bookmakers tell bettors that spread margin brings the contest to a 50-50 chance which in reality it’s not.

Bookmakers do not provide the real even money odds of 2.00, they typically provide a price of 1.91 for spread betting. This means that in order to break even, you need to win at least 52% of your bets. NFL betting odds spread are really negligible which makes finding the best NFL betting odds available very essential. This leads us to the following points:


One of the essential things to take note is the most common winning margins in the NFL league games. These key numbers are 3, and 10 points. Stats shows that almost 1/3 of games have ended up with one of these key 3 margins. More than 16% of the last 20 seasons games ended up with a 3 points margin. So, this is significant to improving your NFL betting odds.


One of the questions that bothers bettors mind on the NFL betting odds is whether a line move is due to wiseguy plays or public money. As a matter of fact, you can Track the public wagers with online betting tools to check out the consensus and see how other bettors are betting the game. If a line is moving to a particular direction and you notice that more than 60% are on the side, then, it is very likely that the public money is moving the line at the moment.


It is obvious that the average NFL bettor only bets on the favorite in a game. They leave the underdogs, especially underdogs with wide point spreads. Now, over the past 10 seasons, the underdogs playing at away field with 10 points and above have had a winning rate of 54%. Also, over the past 10 seasons, the underdogs playing on home fields with 7 points and above have had a winning rate of 59%. This is an awesome statistic that displays the worth of the underdogs that nobody ever think would draw the game let alone winning it.


The tide can turn in favor of the team with great defense, winning the team by the spread. Do not look down on topnotch defenses even when they are facing fierce offenses. The reverse is the case when it comes to poor defense- Teams that put up poor defense, no matter the offensive strength may have difficult time beating the spread.

On a final note, it is important to study every part of the game before betting. It is highly important you analyze each game, draw out power ranking. Do not bet on mere intuitions. No one can have consistent success by applying some guesswork.

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The Sports Archives – Massively Improve Your Chances Of Keeping Your Fitness Regime Going

If you have ever tried to really make a huge difference to your fitness levels, you will almost certainly at some point have run into a wall. This is not a failure, it’s just something that happens to anyone who tries to take on too much in one go. The truth is that you occasionally need to hit these walls to be able to understand how to keep going in the future, so they are valuable if only for that. However, you are probably also keen to make sure that you are likely to keep your fitness regime going strong, and if that is something you want to achieve then there are a number of things to consider. In this article, we are going to look at some of the things you can do to keep your fitness regime going strong, no matter what.


Keep A Diary

It might sound strange, but by keeping a diary you are actually making it much more likely that you will keep going strong with your fitness regime, no matter what it might actually be. The reason this works is because it acts as a reminder of what you have already achieved and how far you have come. This is useful because it is often easy to mistakenly believe that you have not made any progress – and then you allow that feeling to manifest as a lack of desire to continue with the programme. But when you have the data in front of you, plain as day, you can’t deny that you have already achieved something, and it will inspire you to keep going. Keeping a diary is one of the most powerful thing you can do here – record things like duration and intensity in particular.

Invest In Good Clothing

In general, the more money you sink into your fitness regime, the more likely it is that you will feel as though you should probably keep it up. For that reason, you might want to think about spending some money on some really top quality clothing for your fitness and workout sessions. You might even want to get hold of some jordan 1 off white trainers to run in, as when you have something that fancy to use you are much more likely to want to do so. This is a kind of sneaky way of encouraging yourself to continue with your fitness, but you will find that it really does work surprisingly well.


Tell A Friend

You might have used this one before in trying to achieve some other kind of goal in your life. A lot of people find that once they say something aloud to a close friend, it makes it much more likely that they will actually see it through. If this works for you, then you might want to consider it for yourself. Be sure to express an actual, concrete goal rather than just a general declaration. As long as you do that, you will find that you feel much more inspired to carry on with your training no matter what, especially if they are a very close friend or your other half.

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The Sports Archives – Hikers: Here’s How to Stay Safe When On the Trails

There’s nothing better than waking up early, strapping on a pair of hiking boots, and setting off into the outdoors, knowing that you have a full day of adventure and exercise ahead of you. Yet while hiking is an undeniably enjoyable activity, it’s not without its dangers. Indeed, take one wrong turn, and you could very quickly find yourself in danger. When it comes to spending time in the outdoors, it pays to be well-prepared and ready to overcome any potential danger. Here’s how you can ensure you’re kept safe while on the trails.


Know Where You’re Going

A little bit of research goes a long way when it comes to hiking. Before you set off, you should already know what type of terrain you’re going to be walking over, how long the route should take, and any potential problems you may experience along the way. You’ll also be well-served by having an updated map to hand; and of course, the knowledge of how to read a map. As with most things in life, it pays to do some research before setting off. Knowledge is power!

Wear the Right Clothes

Even if nothing bad happens, you’ll appreciate having the right clothing with you. Theycan make your hike much more enjoyable; nobody wants to be too hot, cold, or wet when they’re on the trail. Also, pay extra attention to your footwear. It might not sound important, but it is; if you’re wearing footwear that isn’t appropriate for the terrain you’re covering, then you’ll be at greater risk of rolling an ankle and severely hurting yourself. The weather can change quickly, too, especially in the mountains, so it’s always worthwhile packing some waterproof clothing even if rain isn’t forecasted.

In Case Something Goes Wrong

You can’t always prevent something from going wrong on the trail, but you can prevent yourself from being unprepared. If you have the right tools with you, then a slight mishap can be just that – a slight mishap – rather than anything too serious. The top watches for hunting have GPS capabilities, which can help to lead you back to your starting point; an invaluable tool should you find yourself lost. You’ll also want to have a basic first aid kit in your backpack, as they’ll enable you to patch yourself up until you’re off the trail and get more advanced medical help.

Take It Easy

It’s easy to get excited when we’re in the outdoors. We want to push ourselves, see the best views, conquer the highest mountain. But the more you stretch yourself, the greater the chance that you’ll find yourself in danger. Know your abilities, and take it easy; it’s better to have a fun time going up a hill, than a terrible time going up a mountain.

Tell Somebody

And finally, remember to tell someone where you’re going, and when you should be back. This takes no time, but might just save you from spending days in the wilderness by yourself in case something does go wrong!


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The Sports Archives – Staying Fit at Home -Tips for People With Type 2 Diabetes

If you or someone you love has Type 2 Diabetes, then you know how important maintaining a healthy lifestyle truly is. For the newly diagnosed, diabetes can be a word filled with uncertainty and anxiety. This disease that affects nearly 30 million Americans forces people to pay complete attention to their bodies, how they eat, and how they exert their energy. Although diabetes marks a change in the lives of millions, this change doesn’t have to be a bad thing. This could be the chance to finally take control of your health and get in the best shape in your life—and the good news is, you can do this all from the comfort of home.

Setting Up Your Home Gym

Some people may shirk away from the idea of making their own home gym simply because they expect it to be a huge investment and do not wish to take a big financial hit—but this is only a misconception. In truth, a home gym is only as expensive as the money you choose to invest in it, and the only thing you really need in your gym is space. For your home workouts, you will be doing a combination of aerobic activities, anaerobic exercises and strength-training moves. This will require floor space, but also enough headroom to be able to have a full range of mobility around your body. Therefore, you ideally want to dedicate an open room for your workout that has very little furniture that could get in the way.

Additionally, you will want a room with lots of natural light and very few distractions. If your room is filled with gadgets and gizmos not conducive to your workout, then chances are that they will end up being a distraction and take away from your valuable workout time. Natural light is a great way to naturally energize the body and mind, and it will keep your area well illuminated to avoid any kind of accidents.

Preparing Your Workout

Once you have a suitable space for exercising, all you need is the appropriate workout routine. The best option for you is dependent on your current level of fitness and your overall fitness goals. If you are looking to increase your strength, you might consider investing in some inexpensive dumbbells and/or kettlebells. If you are going for a lower-impact workout that does more to increase your flexibility and core strength, you might want to purchase a yoga mat or a BOSU balance trainer.

Executing A Plan

The key to any workout routine is maintaining a consistent frequency, intensity, and duration, so think about what time is best for you to commit to exercising every day. Remember that this needs to be a time that can work each day you plan on exercising, and will rarely conflict with any other plans you may have. Some people like to begin their day with a workout, since it helps them wake up and have an energetic rest of the day. Others might choose sometime in the early afternoon or after work to burn off the day’s stress. Whichever time slot you choose, be sure you have ample time to complete your fitness session so you don’t feel rushed or stressed while doing it.

The last thing you need to remember about establishing your workout plan is intensity. Exercise doesn’t have to be a punishment, and you shouldn’t have to push yourself to the extreme in order to get fit. In fact, as a diabetic, it can be dangerous to overexert yourself when working out. It’s important to understand that finding the right balance of effort can propel your workout and generate positive results to keep you healthy and happy.

Supplement Your Exercise With A Healthy-Eating Plan

Just as important as being active is establishing a healthy diet, and just like working out, it’s easy to cook nutritious meals at home. Be sure to fill your refrigerator and pantry with healthy staples, including:

In general, opt for non or minimally processed foods and avoid treats with added salt and sugar as much as possible.

Diabetes is an overwhelming diagnosis, but it doesn’t have to destroy your life. Working out at home is an excellent way to maintain your overall health and keep your Type 2 Diabetes under control.

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The Sports Archives – Shed Hunting? How To Find Yours

Whitetails, just like the other species in the deer family shed their antlers every year and then go on to grow another new set. The shedding process may take up to three weeks to complete while the regeneration may take the entire summer to complete and the cycle starts all over again. Typically, the whitetails will shed their antlers between mid-January and April.

The antlers consist of a bone-like tissue and the mounting parts on the head of the whitetail upon which the antler grow. These mounting points are referred to as the pedicles. Pedicles start appearing on the head of young whitetail when it reaches one year, but the first branch may not appear until the third year. The antlers become long and thick as the whitetail grows. They will grow rapidly for about two to four months before they shed off.

How Do Bucks Shed their Antlers?

Several factors determine how the whitetail sheds their antlers. The first factor that influences the shedding process is genetics. Every subspecies of the bucks will let go off their headgear at different times of the year. Geographical location also plays a critical role since it dictates the climate of the region. Extreme cold will make the deer shed its antlers sooner than in warm conditions.

Food availability is another factor that will determine how soon the buck parts way with its headgear. The whitetails that are malnourished tend to shed their antlers sooner compared to their healthy counterparts. Years with poor crop harvests can make the buck shed its antlers sooner.

Stress from rut is the final factor that will influence the shedding process. Years that tend to produce harsh rutting conditions will make the whitetails shed their antlers sooner than usual. Regions with uneven buck-to-doe ratio tend to dump significant loads on the whitetails.

Where Should You Hunt for the Shed Antlers?

Hunting for shed antlers has become hype in the whitetail hunting world. You have to be patient and smart to find them. However, some areas tend to produce more sheds than others. Some of the prime spots where you should go looking for the shed antlers include:

  • Travel routes along fences, creeks, and ditch crossings
  • In the beddings area; especially in cedar thickets, CRP fields (Conservation Reserve Program), south and east- facing slopes, and in the field-grass beds
  • In feeding areas; especially in crop fields, water sources, and food plots.

How to Find the Shed Antlers

Avoid hunting too early, and if you bump into an antlered buck, it doesn’t mean that you will find the shed antlers in that area. Another tip is to have your trail camera around the identified feeding spots. Once the images in your camera indicate antlered whitetails, intensify your search for the shed antlers.

Rainy days are the most ideal to go out and look for the headgears. Sheds tend to shine in the rain which means there is a high possibility that it will attract your eye faster. Do not wander around a large area. Instead, mark off a small area of land and focus your search in that area. You can also accompany someone who knows the ropes and/or bring along a shed dog.

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Danny Shetler works as a full-time electrician and spends as much time as he can outdoors. The outdoors are his passion and he spends all of his spare time with his wife and teenage son, finding hunting and fishing excursions to keep him busy and help him “bring home the bacon”.

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