The Sports Archives – Cubs vs. Indians: A Fight to Remember


Progressive Field — this year’s battleground!

The 2016 Major-League Baseball championships have arrived and America is once again brimming with enthusiastic fervor. Every year, the MLB World Series nets tens-of-thousands of live spectators and millions of network viewers, all eager to watch a lively showdown between two teams that have survived the year-long seasonal trek. 2016’s World Series will certainly be no small event; this year’s representatives are the Chicago Cubs of the National League and the Cleveland Indians of the American League. An odd pair, the Cubs and the Indians will be forced to face each other in a best-of-seven-games playoff, and a victory for either team would be a monumental occasion.

The Cubs: 11th Time’s a Charm!

            Excluding this year, the Chicago Cubs have made 10 other appearances at the World Series since 1903. In just over 110 years, they’ve managed to clench two world championships against the Detroit Tigers – and in back-to-back years, no less (1907 and 1908)! In their other 8 instances, they lost, these appearances being scattered throughout the first half of the 20th Century and wrapping up in 1945 (after a shaming loss to the Tigers). Since this year, the Cubs had not even made it to the World Series for so much as a chance at the title again – not until 2016 that is! A win for the Cubs this year would mark the first major victory for the MLB team in over 70 years. As a result, it is understandable why the prospect of a Cubs victory is a momentous subject for baseball fans nationwide.

            A Quick Look at the Indians


The Cubs during their 1908 season.

            This year marks the sixth time the Cleveland Indians will appear in the World Series. The first two world championships for this beloved team were both wins, against the Brooklyn Robins in 1920, and then the Boston Braves 28 years later. In 1954, 1995, and 1997, they lost to the New York Giants, the Atlanta Braves, and the Florida Marlins, respectively. The Indians have not been to the championships since the end of the 20th Century, much less in the running to claim the title. Thus, as critical as this year could be for the Cubs, it could be considerably big for the Indians as well. The Indians will not be expected to just pull a victory out of nowhere, either. This year, they defeated the Boston Red Sox in three games and then took the pennant with a five-game victory over the Toronto Blue Jays. One thing is for certain: the Indians will be more than ready for this duel, and they have the record to prove it.

Who Has the Best Shot?


Let the games begin!

            As always, anticipating a victor in a world championship is no easy feat. Both the Cubs and the Indians have played well in their respective leagues, but even they will be more than a match for each other after a sensational season. One may argue that the Indians will have a greater advantage – access to the home field, a perk gained by the American League’s win in the 2016 All-Star Game. With what can be assumed a predominantly pro-Indian crowd, as well as familiarity and experience with Progressive Field, Cleveland’s own will have plenty not to worry about for this up and coming series. On the other hand, the Cubs may have just the motivation they need to reclaim the public interest. This could very well be their time!

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The Sports Archives – Getting the Best Motorcycle Parts for Your Bike

2014 Triumph Motorcycle

Getting the Best Motorcycle Parts for Your Bike

You know how important it is to find the best replacement motorcycle parts quickly when your bike experiences problems. The faster you get it back on the road the happier you’ll be. The best way to make this happen is by buying motorcycle parts online.

Best Motorcycle Parts Delivered Fast

The fastest way to get your bike back on the road is buying motorcycle parts online. When shopping at local dealers, most times they are out of stock of the needed part. Of course, they can order the part to have it delivered to their store. However, with no control of when and where they order, you will likely wait several days before you receive it.

When visiting local repair shops, they will also need to order the needed parts. And again, you have no choice of when and where they order the motorcycle parts you need.

Ordering motorcycle parts online yourself for repairs or maintenance saves you time and in most cases, money. You have control of where you order the needed parts and when you order. By ordering your parts online, there are numerous retailers to choose from, such as giving you a wide choice of the top brands and even motorcycle apparel and gear. Also, these parts can be delivered to an address you specify as well as on a date you request.

Kawasaki Vulcan 900 and Yamaha FZ6

In addition to saving you time, you save money as well when ordering motorcycle parts online. Online dealers are able to charge much less than local dealers for the best motorcycle parts because of lower overhead costs. sells the best parts for all makes and models including Honda, Suzuki, Polaris, Triumph, Yamaha, BMW, and Kawasaki motorcycle parts at great prices.

Don’t wait days for to get the parts you need, visit to receive them quickly and get your bike back out there.













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The Sports Archives – Blitz! & Game Theory in American Football


Blitz’s often involve coordinating movements with pinpoint accuracy – one wrong path, and the defense could leave a massive gap wide open!

Football (or, as the sport is known beyond North America, “gridiron”) is perhaps the most popular professional-tier sporting activity in the United States, celebrated annually by millions of people for its fun, fast-paced action and healthy competitive spirit. Last July, this site published an article introducing a handful of American Football terms to football fans both prospective and veteran, among them the esteemed “blitz.” Perhaps one of the less ordinary (but by no means worthless) aspects of the competitive game, the ability of teams to blitz is a mechanic that not only makes for interesting football game play, but also opens the door to a discussion on game theory – that is, refined scientific strategies that, in this case, affect how a football match might unfold from a high-level perspective.

The Blitz: A Review/Analysis of the Technique


Blitzes can savagely throw off an unprepared offense. When examining a blitz, both offense and defense must be diligent and make sure they have analyzed all the risks and outcomes of their actions.

Blitz, officially German for “lightning,” is, in the context of American football, the procedure in which the defensive team allocates additional defenders to “rush” the quarterback. While it is known amid the sport as a defensive maneuver, the effects and implementation of a blitz can seem aggressive. Most blitz executions are recognizable by the additional defenders that are sent to rush the quarterback. The rationale play planners and strategists use in employing a blitz is that, potentially, enough defenders will be able to shut down a quarterback’s passing play and prevent any forward movement of the ball for the offensive team. However, since the defensive team in football is a constant size of 11, defenders that would fulfill a different purpose in a defensive play must be pulled away from their standard role for a blitz.

Obviously, the nature of the blitz comes with tradeoffs in the forms of advantages and disadvantages. Its utility and usability is balanced by the fact that it may not always be the best choice for the defending team. Plus, many different components of gameplay influence the defending team’s strategy (what is the offensive team’s strategy? Will they anticipate and be able to counter the blitz?). Careful strategic planning is mandatory for defending teams that consider blitzing. The risks and benefits must be weighed, and the probability of certain random happenings or actions made deliberately by the offensive team must be accounted before decisions are made for the play.

Implications and Applications in Game Theory


Game theory often involves the use of diagrams or tables to visually describe outcomes and payoffs. This is a game table that attempts to crudely map options for the offense (RED) and the defense (BLUE). By narrowing down trade-offs to numerical values, strategies emerge. In this case, by examining payoffs from combinations of possible choices, a Blitz is most effective when the offense isn’t ready for it (and thus does not play a rushed pass). However, it may be more costly NOT to blitz if the offense takes its time and passes carefully. The choices must be weighed and decisions made! Obviously, in the real world, there is much more to consider as well.

In economics and mathematical sciences, “game theory” is the study of actions, payoffs, and outcomes between opposing forces or entities in a conflict environment (commonly known as a “game.”) While in real-life, game theory applies to war, politics, economics, and various other fields, sports and simulated games can also be examined using scientific models and logical reasoning. The reason the blitz is such an exquisite part of football is because of how perfectly it can demonstrate the importance of strategy and decision-making in competitive sports. There is a lot of pressure and risk riding on every football play between formidable teams, so every move and every play must be carefully determined in advance. Game theory is helpful in breaking this down (although it may not often be used due to time constraints and random occurrences).

In reality, game theory is a highly useful practice, and it weaves its utility into the realm of sports as the methods by which team strategies are formed. It adds a layer of formality and organization in a field where chaos can usually reign supreme. Irrefutably, the power to adapt according to the situation is an important trait in any professional athlete, but a strategy that can be executed perfectly according to plan will always trump the ability to “think fast,” which is why game theory is such a relevant component of sports like football.

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The Sports Archives – Tailgating Traditions in the SEC

In the Southeastern Conference (SEC), football is a religion, and Saturday is the holy day. The conference has a long history of sporting some of the best teams in the nation, and is a perennial favorite to produce the national champion each and every year.

Powerhouses like Alabama, Auburn, LSU, and Florida call the conference home, as do newcomers like Missouri and Texas A&M. These college towns aren’t content simply watching their team at home on a big-screen TV, either. The grill will be fired up, the beers chilled, and the cornhole boards laid out in celebration of an iconic collegiate tradition: tailgating.

Tailgate parties are basically gigantic outdoor picnics. Though they are ostensibly organized around the local game, many attendees are not ticket holders and are content with partying outside all day. The SEC, in particular, boasts wonderful weather for these outdoor activities, at least as long as you can scope out some shade. Regardless, tailgating in the SEC offers a wonderful combination of barbecue, Southern hospitality, and high-level college football.

Rise and Shine!

Tailgating in the SEC is so absurdly popular you will find it difficult to host your own party unless you plan well ahead and arrive early. Generally, locals establish their favorite spots week after week. This means it can be difficult to obtain a location. The only way to guarantee yourself a spot is to arrive early, sometimes as early as Thursday afternoon (for a Saturday game) at places like Auburn! This situation benefits those prepared to remain on location overnight. At Florida, for instance, many people will park their RVs in designated parking lots and simply stay there for a few days.

If you’re not interested in hosting your own tailgate, but would still like to attend, then you certainly can! Driving around these college towns is typically difficult on game days. This makes it important to plan out your travel arrangements, and to be prepared to do a lot of walking.

Always remember, the SEC is in the South, so there will be plenty of Southern hospitality to go around. You should also seek out local information on the internet, as there are often great pointers on the best places to find great tailgating. It is not uncommon for absolute strangers to offer you gumbo at a LSU tailgate, or wonderful barbecue sandwiches at one on the Texas A&M campus.


Food may be the single most important part of the tailgate. Well, maybe the actual football is slightly more important. The SEC is mostly scattered throughout the southeastern United States, and as a result there is a vast variety of foodstuffs available depending on the city you’re in.

Missouri is world-renowned for its barbecue, Louisiana for its Cajun cuisine and crawfish, and the entire region for its grilling methods. You definitely shouldn’t shy away from something just because it seems a little strange. As an example, LSU fans have been known to serve gator tail when the team takes on the University of Florida!

tailgate foods

Though you should always feel welcome at the tailgate party of a friendly Southerner, it is important that you contribute your fair share. Most folk are happy to offer food and drink to complete strangers. It is just part of the whole collegiate atmosphere. But, if you make something of your own and share it with others, the whole experience becomes incredibly communal and fun.


SEC football fans accompany the delicious food with large amounts of alcohol, regardless of the local liquor laws. Though in many cases it is not legal to possess alcohol on the campuses themselves, for the most part, if you are not belligerent, then the police leave you alone.

As with the food, the standard B.Y.O.B. (bring your own beer) rule applies: if you plan on drinking, you should bring your own alcohol to contribute to the party. Most everybody simply has a communal ice cooler (or even multiple coolers) where you can pitch in and are encouraged to sample whatever is available.

Beer is the drink of choice for many, and you’ll most often find fans partaking of popular beers from large breweries like Coors. There are also outstanding craft brewing communities in some of these cities, and most of the time it is easy to purchase alcohol on the day of the game from local grocery stores. If you’re in a new place, be sure to confirm the local alcohol purchasing laws, as some cities have restrictions.

Many fans enjoy harder cocktails, even early in the morning. You can usually find mimosas, Bloody Marys, or other juice-based cocktails. Later on, more standard cocktails make an appearance, but you have to remember that most of these games are scheduled in the middle of the day in the Southeast United States. Hence, there is often sweltering heat, so most of the cocktails you’ll find are of the sweet and refreshing variety.

For example, at Kentucky games, you probably won’t be able to walk ten feet without finding someone sipping a mint julep.

tailgate drinks

Entertainment & Games

While the food and the beverages occupy a lot of time, there are a number of other things to do as well. Lawn games spring up wherever there is enough room to set them up. Baggo (also known as “cornhole”) is everywhere, and many people own custom versions of the game. Ladder golf is popular, and, if you’re lucky, you can find bocce ball and even croquet. You can always find someone to play catch with. Sometimes, there will even be flag or tackle pick-up games, but generally these take up too much room to be super common.

tailgate games

Finally, of course, it is incredibly easy to actually watch football. The wealthiest tailgaters have wonderful television set-ups, complete with subscriptions to the SEC Network and high-definition televisions to watch the games live. If you wander from tent to tent, you’re bound to find a game that interests you.


College football tailgate parties are immensely popular and entertaining due to the passionate fans of the sport. Nowhere is that passion more evident than in the SEC, where incredibly talented teams spar off on a weekly basis. Between the wonderful local food, the party atmosphere, and the actual football, there aren’t any more pleasant ways to spend a Saturday in the fall.




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The Sports Archives – What are Some of the Best Longboard Brands?



You’ve probably spent great deals of time learning on longboards, its different components and the different types of boards you can use for various forms of skateboarding.

Many pros come with buying longboard(s) from some of the well-known industry brands. For instance, it guarantees the buyer top performance and excellent quality. The best longboard brands have ingenuity, the resources, and passion for producing the best products to their clients. They’re a cut above the others. While some of the boards from top brands may be pricey, it’s a worthy investment since they come with high quality, control, performance and an exciting longboarding experience.

So What are Some of the Best Longboard Brands?

  1. Sector 9 Longboards

Entry-level users prefer sector 9 longboards since it’s one of the highly recommended longboard brands for beginners. They’re also significant due to their easy availability. However, you can get Sector 9 longboards virtually in every retail store dealing with longboards. Aspiring longboarding enthusiasts buy them to try out the support prior to upgrading to high performance or more specialized long board that suits their particular style & preferences

Regarding price, they are typically cheaper compared to other longboard brands though this doesn’t diminish their premium quality. Besides, you can purchase many premium quality Sector 9 boards that cost more compared to the average longboard although you’re unlikely to notice a significant boost regarding the quality of a longboarding experience.

Sector 9 boards are built with slide wheels or basic traction. They also have trucks that are partially built with bamboo to offer you sufficient flex.

  1. Landyachtz Longboards

This is another famous brand that you will likely to find in every longboarding shop. With Landyachtz make, you can pick from a variety of different long boards with varying price points. Every skater will, however, find a Landyachtz board that fits both their preferences and budget.

They come with an innovative design that gives them a cool deck appearance. They’re also built with a natural drop-through/ pintail decks. Almost, every Landyachtz longboard has an impeccable design with close attention to detail.

Landyachtz board’s prices vary widely with the type of the board as well as the construction material. There are boards for the beginners like Bamboo Totem and boards for more experienced board skaters. The Landyachtz Evo, for instance, is a premium quality longboard that’s on the higher end of the market going for about $220.

Each of these boards comes with a superb quality which is loved entirely in the longboarding forums. The boards are made with Monster Hawg wheels & Bear trucks. The hardware used in making the Landyachtz offers superior performance to longboard skaters making this as the best board brands in the market.

  1. Loaded Longboard

The loaded brand is one of the best high-performance longboards in the longboarding industry and a class of its own regarding top-notch performance and quality. With such an impeccable quality, loaded boards is a good longboard brand to invest in. On the other hand, loaded boards are, quite expensive. Most of them cost $300 and above. For example, the Chubby Unicorn is the best loaded board models, and it sells at $360.

Other loaded longboard designs range from $250-$300. The loaded longboard comes with a reputation of the utmost quality in all the board components and offers excellent value for your money, superior design, superior performance, and durability. The loaded longboard is one of the best board brands in the current market, and they’ll not disappoint you concerning quality.

  1. Atom Longboards

The Atom long board is another common brand in the longboarding industry. Their boards are designed by MBS, a company which was founded in Colorado Springs. Like any other longboard designers in the industry, the atoms long board original line is the manufacture of the mountain boarding products. Atom-industry was renowned, and it’s still known for building highly innovative and mountain performance products. With the growth in popularity of the longboarding sport, the industry diversified its portfolio to have long boards, superior design and carve boards.

  1. Santa Cruz Longboards

Santa Cruz is a leading longboard brand. The company provides a series of five quality board products. They include the Signature, Slide, Heritage, Flow, Slide, and Elevation.

Also, the company provides high technical standards for their board products in spite the products are however known for artistic flair. Consequently, the graphics used on the boards are quite iconic. Ideally, the company brings forth 40 years of skateboard experience to make it the best board brands in the current market.

Author bio:

skateboarding-avatarVincent Quinn is the founder of skateboardingcenter. As any true skateboarder I love my longboard, and like to review longboards as it is fulfilling to me. When I do not ride, I write reliable and fully independent guides on longboard tips, best place for riding, how to find the best longboards available, etc…

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The Sports Archives – Meditation Exercise For Students Of All Ages

Meditating in Madison Square Park

How to start exercising if you are a student? By applying the benefits of meditation training sessions to offer them the advantage of self-control and self-respect, any parent would long for. Looking back, I wish I had been able to appreciate meditation for what it is and apply its practice. To really learn how to relax and face stressful situations with a clear mind when in school would have been priceless! Maybe my decisions and study habits would have been a little better! Practicing meditation can open up new thoughts, questions, and possibilities for these children, building a strong foundation for growth and discovery.

Meditation holds the potential to:

Improve Concentration to children who are distracted both in at home, but in their studies, too. This could prove increasingly beneficial as the children grow up and enter college years when the power to concentrate proves itself invaluable. It can be done by the student learning to stay alert. It also enhances memory development of the learner.

Increase Self Esteem/Confidence

– School can be a harsh place for many, causing them to feel out-of-place for not fitting where popularity reigns. Many constantly struggled to understand who they are while growing up and are distracted from their studies. Even just beginning to accept who you are at a young age can help with the way you see yourself. Once accepting and loving who they are, they are free to learn!

Help Reduce Stress and Anxiety

– Students face a rollercoaster of stress while going through school. Those who may overstress concerning tests can benefit a great deal from meditation. Learning to relax can be acquired and controlled, giving the participant the ability to focus. Deep breathing exercises before a test can help you relax and concentrate more clearly.


– Anger can be a strong emotion growing up, and it’s critical to get control of that emotion early on in life. It only gets more complicated as the years go by, so teaching students to control anger early is important. Meditation can be used to teach the child to control anger, opening the child up to more beneficial feelings, thoughts and actions.


– I didn’t realize the impact meditation could have on procrastination until I began its practice and learned to appreciate the moment. Once I started enjoying the moment, it became increasingly easier to do things when they came up instead of doing it the last-minute. In school, this would have been the holy grail of knowledge for me.

The importance of meditation is that when done well it will cover not only aspects of the body but also the mind and spirit. The components of physical education should include physical fitness and sport, nutrition, as well as the mind and body connection, including the spiritual component. When done well students can make informed decisions about the lifestyle, they choose to live and will actually begin developing healthy habits by making choices. If they choose wisely, they will find personal satisfaction and improved health, and if they choose poorly they will have emptiness and less than optimal health. A complete curriculum that includes the process of making choices and building habits is crucial.

If you enjoyed this article you may also like the other ones written by this author here freelance writer platform.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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The Sports Archives – The Sport known as “Ultimate”


The modern Frisbee has been around to facilitate athletic activity for several decades. Its popularity base used to be centered in America, but it has since been moving forward and expanding.

Ultimate, or, as it is more commonly known, ultimate frisbee, is a competitive sporting activity whose gameplay revolves around (as one can imagine) the flying disc! The sport is also widely-played on a recreational “catch” level with omitted/alternative rules. In competitive ultimate, a group of players work together to pass the floating disk down a field of play and towards a scoring “end zone”, hoping to accumulate points. This occurs while an opposing team runs defense and interception of the disk, usually while it is in flight. A variety of rules, regulations, and mechanics exist as a part of the modern rendition of this sport to create challenging, balanced, and exquisite gameplay. The sport itself has roots dating back only about as far as the mid-late 20th Century, originating in the modern United States.

History of the “Frisbee” and the Ancestral “Discus”


Frisbees have gone through many different renditions and revisions over the past century to refine, stylize and modernize aerodynamic design. Modern Frisbees have a more clean-cut, stylish look to them compared to earlier models.

The modern Frisbee game was created as a part of the “American counterculture” phenomenon of the 1960s, but the disc from which the name is derived came about in a slightly more extensive way. In 1938, a man named Fred Morrison unearthed a business opportunity while tossing a cake pan along a beach with his future wife Lucile. To Morrison’s surprise, a dormant market for flying saucers was apparently waiting to be awoken, and over the next several years, he was able to build a business out of his discovery. World War II threw a momentary wrench into Morrison’s plans, within a few decades, the idea had taken off. Morrison sold the rights to his “Wham-O” flying disc in 1957 and it was appropriated by Richard Knerr who added the brand name “Frisbee” to improve sales.

In design and usage, the modern Frisbee resembles the ancient “discus” in multiple ways. The discus was invented in B.C. times and used in an ancient Olympic event known as the “discus throw.” The modern version of this activity is categorized as a track-and-field event, and involves athletes hurling heavy or weighted discs a great distance. Obviously, Ultimate varies from this sport significantly, but a connection could be made between the disk-like equipment designs that is used extensively in both.

Rules of the Classic Sport

The rules for modern Ultimate can vary, but here are common rules that govern most instances of competitive play:

  • When a team member catches the (thrown) disc in the opponent’s end zone, that team scores a point.
  • Running with the disc held is disallowed – it may be moved only by passing. This rule against “travelling” is also common in most basketball.
  • The rule on interception as seen in American football is also common in Ultimate, and possession is immediately turned over. This also stretches over catches that are made out of bounds, or if the Frisbee is knocked out of the air.
  • Ultimate is a non-contact sport, and defenders must make clean interceptions on throws in order to get possession. They are also not allowed to forcibly take the disc if it has been caught by a player.
  • Perhaps most unique in this sport, Ultimate is “self-refereed”, thus relying on the honesty of the players to call their own infractions, and to try to play within the rules of the game at all time. This has been a common theme of Ultimate even after so many years of play, and it will likely continue to be a key component of the game.

For more information on ultimate as a sporting phenomenon, check out for details.

It is conceivable that some sports savants would believe that the game’s competitive nature is diminished by the lack of nonpartisan, officiated referees, and that the expectation on other players to call their own fouls is inherently devaluing. On the contrary, it is mechanics like this in sporting activities like Ultimate that keep classic sportsmanship and integrity alive in the modern world.

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