The Sports Archives – Thrill Seekers – My Story


Wingsuit flying? Dogsledding? Running 100 plus miles? Cave diving inside an iceberg?

I’ve got 15 adventure athletes you’ve got to meet! When I first started writing Thrill Seekers: 15 Remarkable Women in Extreme Sports, I realized an unfortunate fact. I barely knew anything about adventure sports, let alone the people who practice them. I’d never heard of ultrarunning, and what on earth (or above earth as I found out) was highlining? Who knew that a wingsuit flyer could zip into a human-sized ‘flying squirrel’ suit in order to jump from a cliff or helicopter and soar horizontally?

While I’d never given much thought to these various outside-the-lines pursuits, what I did understand was that adventure sports are high-risk. So why do them? What is the draw for highlining, balancing along a flexible 2-inch cord sometimes hundreds of feet above the ground? In some instances without a tether. Why would someone sign up to run 50, 100, even 200 miles or more in a race against time or other athletes? Wasn’t participating in a 26-mile marathon superhuman enough?

The women I interviewed for Thrill Seekers are all adventure athletes, enthusiastic about their sports, sure, but also tapping into something more. I decided to figure out what that ‘more’ was all about.

I’m probably average when it comes to sports and fitness. I’m not super coordinated, nor exceptionally strong. I grew up in Canada so skiing was our thing, but I was never much into organized sports. I did used to run—still do—but it’s at a snail’s pace and only a couple of miles three times a week. Running is simple and it’s safe. I lace up my sneakers, plug in earbuds, and go. In my case, whenever I get to any sort of elevation, I slow to a walk. Like I said: safe. Yet …

Inspired by the passion of the ladies I interviewed, I decided to do some firsthand research. First I tried scuba diving. It was pre-Covid, and we were at a resort that offered an all-in-one lesson package. I showed up, put on the gear, and initially sat on the bottom of the swimming pool using weights to hold me down. Though it was only a two or three feet to the surface and easily reachable by standing up, this was the scariest part for me. Breathing underwater felt wrong. I had to set aside logic to take breath after breath without panicking.  It was happening, though, and so when we took it a step further and walked into the ocean from the beach, I had reached an understanding that breathing underwater was going to be okay.

Under the surface of the ocean, the water was clear, but it wasn’t like looking at the horizon on land. There was limited visible distance. It crossed my mind that a shark could easily come out of the murk at any time. No sharks appeared, thankfully, but we did see a stingray laying on the sandy bottom. As the divemaster shooed it away, it rose up and soared into deeper waters.

Okay, so scuba diving was checked off my list, albeit the beginner’s version. Next, intrigued by the idea of high-stakes racing, I signed up to do a ride-along in a modified Formula racecar, another of the chapters I’d covered in my book. As I stepped onto the Richmond Raceway, I could smell the oil and, I swear, the adrenaline. Once strapped into the seat of the racecar, a driver jockeyed from the pit to the track. He accelerated, and we were off at a breakneck pace. I do recall raising both hands from the wheel to do a rollercoaster-esque no-hands wave—but only for a second.

Perhaps the best experience I tried, once again inspired by interviewing some truly amazing people, was skydiving. It was tandem, of course. Apparently rules dictate that you must dive strapped securely to an expert for a minimum of 25 times before going at it alone. Fine by me!


Every part of this experience was a joy. From walking on the tarmac to the plane, from cramming inside that small bird to perching on the edge of the gaping side door, every moment was novel and exciting. With the wind whipping past us, my instructor—his name was Cornelius—asked me if I was ready. Then, after a one, two, three, we dropped from the plane … and kept dropping. At that point I had little awareness of the ground, only the sense of falling. Sometime during the freefall we flipped over. When Cornelius deployed the parachute, the mad rush of air was replaced by a profound beauty and peace.

Once earthbound again, I played over the experience. Yes, there had been an element of real risk. There were definitely things that could have gone wrong … Ultimately, though, what I felt was a heightened sense of being alive. Ah-ha, I thought, this is the “more” those extreme sports ladies have tapped into. More joy. More life. More appreciation. It’s a precious feeling.


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The Sports Archives – How to Up Your Lifting Game


Pexels – CCO Licence

Whether you’ve been lifting for a while or you’re relatively new to the amazing body sculpting sport, there are a few things you can do to shake up your routine and up your lifting game. 

Taking your lifting to the next level will not only help you to achieve better results, but it will also help to stop the sport from getting stale for you. Okay, but what exactly can you do to up your lifting game?

Try different equipment

A lot of lifters get into the habit of using the exact same equipment at their gym each time they visit, and although three is absolutely nothing wrong with this, it may not be the best strategy for anyone who wants to up theory game. So, for example, if you’re used to working with an Olympic barbell, you could try switching it up with the Hex bar or even a more basic dumbbell instead. Often, this can seem like a step back., but actually, it’s a way of trying new things and working your muscles in novel ways, which, more often than not, they will respond to very positively indeed.

Push yourself harder

Another very simple way to up your lifting game is to simply push yourself a little harder than you have been whether that’s by doing a handful of extra reps each week or lifting heavier weights. When your body gets used to a particular weight or technique it becomes lazy and you just don’t chive the same kinds of results, even if you lift regularly, fill your body with the best muscle nation protein and maintain a desiccated regime. Push yourself a little more and all of those things will help you get where you need to be.

Body Building

Pexels – CCO Licence

Try yoga

Yes, really. As a dedicated lifter, the idea of hitting the mat for a relaxing yoga class may not seem very appealing, but actually, a lot of those yoga classes are not as gentles as you might think. Not only that, but they help to work muscles you may not work in the lifting room, and can be great for building long lean muscle. Even Joe Rogan attends a yoga class a couple of times a week and that guy is serious about sculpting his body., so take a leaf out of his book and give yoga a try.

Take a break

If you want to maintain your muscle levels, it probably isn’t a good idea to take too much time out of the gym, but if you’re stuck in a rut and you want to up your lifting game, having some time off to reevaluate your strategy, try out a few different exercises and have a bit of a rest could clear up some things for you, bring clarity to you in terms of what you need to do, and enable you to come back fighting for your best gains yet.

If you’re serious about upping your lifting game, you need to do things differently, so what are you waiting for?


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The Sports Archives – Top Thrilling Water Sports You Shouldn’t Skip This Summer  

As the summer fast approaches, everyone is excited and gearing up for some sunshine and thrilling water sports. For many vacationers, taking a trip to the beach is the perfect way to relax, recharge their batteries, and have lots of fun. For a few others, an ocean-side vacation is an excellent prospect for engaging in several exciting water sports. If you’re looking for some ideas this holiday, here are the top four watersports you shouldn’t skip this summer vacation. 

  • Jet skiing 

Jet Skiing

Image Credit

Jet skiing is a well-known activity popular among water sport enthusiasts and adventure lovers. It’s a thrilling pastime that gets your adrenaline rushing due to the speed you travel on the water. You don’t have to be the best swimmer to jet ski, as it’s ideal for everyone. However, always ensure to wear a life jacket as a safety measure. The best areas for jet skiing are flat, calm waters like lakes, rivers, and bays. 

  • Hydrofoil 

If you’re looking to kick your surfing up a notch, then this is one of the best ways. The board is designed with a foil fixed at the base, making it easy to rise above the water using kinetic energy waves. Hydrofoil causes you to feel like you’re flying and can reach considerably higher speeds. You can get boards with the foil or an electric engine connected, so they work in still conditions like bays and lakes. 

It’s best to have some surfing experience before attempting a hydrofoil, as it tends to be more challenging with some considerable risks. Yet, hydro foiling is more fun and not restricted to surfing. There’s foil available for skimboarding and windsurfing as well.

  • Kayaking 

Kayaking is a considerably easy and low-impact water sport anyone can try. A kayak is a small, thin watercraft that fits two individuals and is moved by twofold bladed oar power. Kayaking is splendid for exploring more settled waters, including rivers, lagoons, and protected coastlines. Its miniature size enables you to get nearer to landscapes than using vessels such as boats. Besides being a fun sport, kayaking offers an excellent workout session since it involves various parts of your body, including your shoulders, arms, and back. If you’re a fishing fanatic, here are some of the best fishing kayaks you should consider for more recreational fishing. 

  • Skimboarding 


Image Credit

What began over a century ago on rounded-wood boards has developed into a competitive water sporting activity. A skimboard resembles a more modest surfboard but without fins. Many people are used to skimboarding on the sand, but it has evolved beyond that. Rather than rowing out to the water and getting waves in, skimboarders begin at the seashore, using force to carry themselves to the water and catch the crushing waves back to shore. To perform this sport, you’ll need a good balance. There’s the likelihood of experiencing several falls before you master this activity altogether. However, it’s an option many find safer and more pleasant. 

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The Sports Archives – 5 Leisure Sports The Family Can Enjoy Together

Getting the family together for an afternoon of sports and leisure is a great way to improve fitness, but also a good opportunity to have some bonding time. Trying to get your family to do anything together short of dinner or a little TV time seems a chore, and you predict it will only get worse as the kids get older. No matter if your family are sports lovers or not, these activities will be loved by all. 

Family Activities

Image by Дмитрий Макаров from Pixabay 

Shooting range

In an age of the “couch potato,” this sport can help build many physical disciplines that are not only healthy but enjoyable. Increased strength, stamina, hand-eye coordination, and fine motor skills are just a few of the physical disciplines acquired in shooting sports that apply, not only to this sport but to all of life. You could enjoy using some of the best guns such as the Best Ruger 10/22 Scopes, which is ideal for small range shooting that is often widely available at ranges. Personal responsibility is taught throughout shooting sports to advance both safety and skill development. Shooting sports also cultivate personal responsibility because they are a foundation for both security and liberty in any family or nation. 


Skating is a winter sport that only invites families. Even the smallest children can put on some roller skates and hold the hand of the mother or father. Winter sports provide a sense of spirit and rejuvenation. All ski sled is a great way to spend time with his family while participating in a hobby that you like.

Martial arts

Take a martial arts program as a family can be great fun while learning something of real value to you. There are many great martial arts to choose from. Further information on each of choosing the most suitable for your family. Very often, you can register as a family where everyone learns together instead of separated by age. It can be enjoyed by any age, from toddlers to the elderly.


Walking is a great family leisure activity that anyone can join in with. Not only is it good for physical health, but mental health too. Take a walk or a hike together and experience your neighborhood, town, or a nearby park, zoo, or nature preserve. Take a family field trip, pack a picnic and just enjoy each other’s company. While eating lunch, ask your kids about school, activities, and friends. 


Aside from being a fun leisure activity, cycling is a great mode of transport that’s good for the environment and can help make maintaining that family budget that much easier. When you leave the car keys at home and pick up your cycling helmet you not only make a saving on fuel and parking charges, you set a great example for your kids. If you can cycle rather than using a car, it’s in your best interests to do so.

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The Sports Archives – What To Buy The Sports Lover In Your Life

If you are trying to think of a perfect gift to buy someone who loves sports, then there are a few basic approaches you might want to take. As it happens, it can actually be quite simple and straightforward to get someone a gift for their sport, or if they love a lot of sports then you have even more options ahead of you. In any case, in this post we will take a look at some of the things you might want to consider buying the sports lover in your life, whether it’s a friend, partner or relative.


Pic – CCO Licence

WWE Coupons

In a sense, buying coupons is often the best approach to take. That’s because you might know what sport someone loves, but that doesn’t mean you know exactly what they will want to have based on that. If that is the position you find yourself in, you might want to look into coupons. If your friend enjoys a little WWE, then why not take a look at some WWE shop coupons? They could get a lot with these, and you could be amazed at how far these coupons might go, and how much they will be appreciated by your friend.

Sports Sweater

This is something of a classic, and it’s still bound to go down pretty well with anyone who is into any kind of sport. A sports sweater is a great way to show one’s pride in a team, so if you happen to know that your sport-loving friend has a particular adoration of one team, you can simply go out and get them a sweater for that team. The great thing about this is that it’s that rare thing of a gift that they won’t mind receiving twice, even if they already have one. That makes it a pretty safe bet on your part.


Of course, one of the very best gifts you could possibly give someone who loves sports is tickets to see their favorite team play live. No matter whether it’s basketball, baseball or football, this is always going to be well appreciated. If you want to really blow them away, you might even want to consider buying them season tickets – although that will of course come at a much higher price. But that can be a great choice for when you want to impress someone, or say thank you for something they have done for you.

Home Sports Kit

Maybe your friend loves to play sports even more than they love to watch them. If so, you can get them a perfect gift by looking into one of the sports kits that they might get use out of at home. For instance, you could get them a tennis racket set from the best brand, or a new set of golf clubs. Whatever their preferred sport is, there is bound to be something you can get them that they are going to appreciate, so just think outside the box and you should be able to make a success of it.

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The Sports Archives – Shortness Of Breath When Exercising: What Causes It And Should You Be Worried?

It’s perfectly normal to get out of breath when you exercise. Your heart rate is up and your muscles are working overtime, so you need to get a lot of oxygen into your bloodstream. But some people find that they are very short of breath as soon as they do any physical activity and they are unable to take enough air in. This is a different situation and it’s definitely worth getting checked out by a doctor, just in case it’s caused by something serious. In most cases, there is a simple explanation and you can usually manage the problem fairly easily once you work out what is causing it in the first place. These are some of the reasons why you experience shortness of breath when exercising. 

heart pain

Pixabay CCO License

Your Weight

It’s very common for people that are overweight to experience shortness of breath when they exercise. Physical activity puts a lot of strain on your body when you are carrying excess weight, and that makes it difficult to breathe comfortably. This can leave you in a tricky situation because, the chances are, the reason that you are exercising in the first place is that you want to tackle your weight issues. If you experience shortness of breath when you exercise, it may be because you are pushing yourself too hard. If you are overweight and you haven’t done much exercise in the past, diving straight into high intensity activities like running, for example, will put too much strain on your body. It’s best to start out with light activity, like walking, and build it up gradually. 

Poor Air Quality

Shortness of breath and tightness in the chest can be caused by poor air quality and it’s much worse when you are exercising and taking much larger breaths. Think about where you exercise and how that could affect your breathing. For example, if you run alongside a busy road with lots of cars, the fumes could cause shortness of breath. Even if you workout at home, you may still have a problem with air quality. Make sure that you open a window if possible and check your air conditioning unit. If it’s not working effectively or the filters are dirty, it could be pumping pollution into the home and causing shortness of breath. Call out a 24 hour AC repair company to take a look and you may notice a big difference when working out at home. If you can find wide open green space away from busy roads, the air quality will be much better for working out. 


Many people with asthma don’t realize that they have it because they only experience shortness of breath when exercising and they assume it must be something else. But people get asthma to varying degrees and while some people need an inhaler on a daily basis to breathe properly, others will only have problems when exerting themselves. If you consistently have problems with shortness of breath when exercising, it’s worth checking with your doctor to see if you have asthma. 

These are the most common causes of shortness of breath when exercising but it could be caused by a more serious health condition, so always get checked by a professional, just in case.

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The Sports Archives – 9 Tips For Being The Healthiest Version of Yourself

There’s a lot of benefits that can come from focusing on your health and fitness. Indeed, there are so many that it’s worthwhile treating it as a priority rather than as an afterthought. In doing so, you’ll find that you look better, feel better, have more energy, and that your mental health is improved. That’s a lot of benefits that can come from simply making a few adjustments to your lifestyle! While any amount of exercise is good, it’s worthwhile looking to step things up. As with most things that are good for you, the deeper you go into health and fitness, the greater the benefits will be.

In this blog, we’re going to run through some of the most effective tips that’ll set you on the right path. You’ll find that within a month or two, you’re significantly fitter than you were when you started — and that you’re beginning to notice all the other benefits, too. 


Pexels – CC0 Licence

Find an Activity

You can’t get fit and healthy just sitting on the couch! Maybe one day in the future that’ll be the case, but not today. No, if you want to be healthy, then you’ll need to do an activity that has you working up a sweat. Of course, there’s no shortage of options! While there are some activities that are better for health and fitness than others, it’s better to focus on what you like doing, rather than what’s best for you. Going for a long run is good for you, but if you don’t like running, then you’ll find that you’re giving up sooner rather than later. Conversely, if it’s an activity that you love, then you’ll be more likely to do it more fun. Plus, if you’re having fun, then you won’t even notice that you’re getting fit at the same time — you’ll be too busy having a good time. 

Active Lifestyle

Of course, it’s not enough to just practice an intense physical activity once or twice a week. That’ll definitely push you towards being healthier than you are, but it won’t make you the healthiest version of yourself. In order for that to be the case, you’ll need to look at having an overall active lifestyle. You can make big improvements to your health and fitness by building micro-movements into your day. For example, if you work in an office, then you can take regular walks that get you away from the desk. Or you could even consider cycling or walking to work, if possible. This approach will improve your health in a more consistent way.

Eating Well and Intakes

Movement and working up a sweat is a key component of being your healthiest, fittest self. However, it’s not the only component. What you put into your body is arguable just as important; indeed, if you ask serious bodybuilders about it, they’ll say that it’s a 50/50 split between pushing yourself to work out and your diet. So take a look at what you’re eating: is it as good for as it could be? There’s no shortage of healthy, delicious meals that you can make in twenty minutes or so. At the very least, you should avoid processed food and obvious ‘bad for you’ meals like fast food. As well as food, you can look at other items that’ll help you on your journey. If you buy sarms and have a stock of electrolyte-infused drinks in your cupboard, you’ll be able to maximize the effects of your workout and boost recovery time. A little bit of consideration regarding what you’re putting into your body can make a big difference.

Find a Tribe

You can become the healthiest version of yourself all on your own. You don’t necessarily need anyone else! However, there can be advantages to going on the journey with others. For one, it can reduce the likelihood that you’ll give up. Most people don’t reach their physical peak all because they give up before they’ve acquired the benefits. If you have someone with whom you share the activity, you’ll be more likely to dig deep and keep going — you’ll be held accountable, basically. Another advantage is that they can push you to do more. If you’re, say, working out alone, then you might go home as soon as you can begin to feel tired or get a little bored. If you’re with a couple of others, you’ll be more likely to stay and step things up. 

Mental Wellness

When we talk about our health, we usually only focus on the physical side of things. Or at least, that has historically been the case. Today, we understand more and more just how important it is to focus on our mental health, too. It’s all good and well feeling physically great, but if you’re not mentally great, then it’s important to take action. A lot of people’s mental health has taken a hit in the past year. While that’s bad news, the good news is that we understand more than ever before about the things we have to do to improve our mental wellbeing. Happily, many of the things that’ll improve your physical conditioning are also beneficial for your mind. For example, spending time in the outdoors, running, and yoga. Additionally, meditation, spending time with friends, and limiting the amount of time you spend on social media can all improve mental wellbeing. 

Switch Up Activities

It’s important to have one activity that you love more than others. This will likely be the sport that you do more than anything else. However, it’s generally not recommended to only rely on one activity for your entire physical health. Why not? Because you tend to use the same muscles and movements over and over again in sports. And that means that some areas of your fitness will not be improving. From time to time, look at branching out. If you normally run, try climbing. You’ll use muscles that you forgot you had. In all, the activities you do should work to condition your entire body. 


Pexels – CC0 Licence

Yoga and Stretching

There’s much to be said about working out and pushing your body to the limit. However, it’s important to remember that there can be some negative consequences of doing so. One such example is that your body can begin to feel tighter and stiffer. That’s because your muscles contract and also become tired. And that can impact the elasticity of your body. You’ll find that the day following your exercise, you’re probably moving a little gingerly. One way to get around this is to make yoga and stretching a regular part of your routine. This can open up your body like nothing else. While yoga will always benefit a person’s life, it works especially well in conjunction with sports that can be a little taxing on the body. 

Injury Management 

There are ways to minimize the chances of getting an injury. For example, by warming up and cooling down. However, even if you do everything right, it’s still possible that you’ll pick up an injury from time to time. That’s not the important thing. What is important is how you manage that injury. If you’re rushing to return to action before you’re fully recovered, then you might find that you make the injury worse — what might have been a short-term injury could become a long-term injury, all because you were not patient. So it’s important to treat any knock you receive with respect. You might not want to spend some time on the couch, but think of your long-term ambitions. It’s much better to spend a week lying down rather than risking an injury that could keep you out of action for much longer. 

Build Consistency

Finally, remember that it’s not possible to become fit and healthy within a matter of weeks. It takes time. The best, most effective way to become the healthiest version of yourself is to stay committed. They say that you need around three weeks to make something a habit. If you can create an environment that pushes you in the right direction, and stick with it for 21 days, then you’ll be on the right path. Most people give up on their fitness goals, all because they haven’t yet felt or seen the benefits of their sacrifices. If you can stay patient and power through the troublesome early stages, then you’ll eventually begin to notice the progress you’re making.


Taking the time to get into shape is highly valuable. Alas, it’s something that so many people put off for another day! But there’s no time like the present. It’s one of those that can be difficult or unappealing to get started, but which can have such a huge impact on your life, both physically and mentally. And the good news is that once you’ve really got things underway, the train will just keep on rolling. You’ll look and feel better, among other things, and know that you’ve got habits that will serve you well as you become older. 


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The Sports Archives – Types of Motorcycle Saddlebags and How to Choose the Best One

Ditching the four-wheels and owning the two wheels have become a trend. Most of it is due to rising gas prices, but we cannot deny that everyone is now becoming more aware of the changing climate conditions. No matter what the reason may be, we need to admit that people are now switching towards a safer, easier, and quicker commute style. We have seen some of the biggest names in the business industry switching to the two-wheeler because they want to make the commuting method quicker, they want to invest more time in their work, so staying stuck in traffic can be very frustrating. So far, everything is going in favor of the use of motorcycles, but one thing that most people complain about is the lack of storage space.

To address this issue, motorcycle brands came up with an easy solution. They introduced a pair of saddlebags that you can easily attach to your motorcycle and carry things around. The inspiration of the traditional saddlebags was drawn from the saddlebags that were used for carrying things by cowboys when they ride horses. The idea was to focus mainly on something that was stretchable, easily adjustable, and you can stuff things without worrying. To some extent, it worked, and people loved the idea. However, soon people started asking for more than just a pair of saddlebags. Instead, they started asking for something that was more adjustable so they could carry hard and sharp objects as well. As a result of these demands, companies came up with hardcover saddlebags, leather-based soft saddlebags, backpack style bags, duffle bags, tank bags, and back carry. These options are helping people to choose according to their needs, but one thing is creating a significant issue, most people who are just beginners are finding it hard to select a good option. The issue here is that buying saddlebags is an important investment so, if you don’t invest wisely, this can end up in the form of disaster. For the beginners who are finding this process daunting, we have listed different types of saddlebags that are available and how you can choose something that suits you best.

motorcycle saddlebag

Hard-Sided Leather Saddlebags

Yes, you read it right, most of us are not familiar with hard-sided leather saddlebags, but they exist. We have seen soft leather saddlebags that are stretchable, but they can easily be damaged, so people look for the same leather style but with a hardcover. This is ideal for people who like to cruise and go on long journeys. On the one hand, you will get the same leather style, but you can also store hard and sharp objects as well. We know that most people do not use a motorcycle for just long tours but also for the daily commute. Where most people talk about carrying documents, they usually ask for something that is solid. Since the hard side means something that can hold shape, you can easily stuff your documents without worrying about crumbled upsides and staining. Additionally, nothing gets better than leather, it goes with the vibe, and if you like the biker’s aesthetic, you are going to love it. There are so many different colors available, and you can select the one you like and that suits your motorcycle.

motorcycle saddlebag

Soft Leather Saddlebags

No matter what kind of motorcycle you have or what kind of aesthetic you want, there is one thing that is a staple for your motorcycle is leather saddlebags. Most people like saddlebags because it is stretchable and you can stuff things in it. Additionally, soft saddlebags have better capacity and are available in vibrant colors. If you like the idea of dark sunglasses with a leather jacket, a good pair of soft leather saddlebags will go a long way. If you take your motorcycle out on a daily basis and you use it for running household chores, a soft leather bag is ideal for you. It is easy to clean and easy to maintain. Additionally, you can clean it all up without using expensive leather cleaner and polishers. If we compare with other kinds of leather bags, usually soft leather saddlebags are less expensive, and they go a long way. We have seen people using these saddlebags for carrying tool kits, water bottles, and cleaning dusters.

Back Carry Saddlebags

We know it sounds weird, but a back carry saddlebag doesn’t sound like a good option. Usually, back carry is associated with road runners and delivery guys because they have a back carry, and it is a reliable option. However, there are companies providing and manufacturing exceptionally stylish back carry bags. The best thing about a back carry is the fact that it can be adjusted at the back of the motorcycle very easily, and it is usually very spacious. You can fit a helmet, tool kit, and a lot more in a back carry. Additionally, it comes in all shapes, sizes, and colors. We have also seen that there is a hardcover back carry and a few softcovers back carry as well, and you can select the one you need according to your own luggage needs. If you are hoping to get a back carry, we would recommend that you should get something with a hardcover. The main reason behind that is the fact that hardcovers are usually more resistant to weather and the external environment. They can take more beats, and this will go a long way as well. Another very important benefit of this is the support factor, we get a lot of complaints that motorcycle seats are not comfortable enough, so if you get a back carry, you can use that to support your back.

motorcycle saddlebag

Tank Bag

The tank bag is another essential kind of stage bag that we have seen. It is usually small, and you have to adjust it on the gas tank. Although it looks very fashionable and helps you store things that you feel might not be safe at the back, most riders complain that it is very inconvenient. Every time when you want to check the level of gas or just want to fill gas, you have to remove the bag first. Additionally, it keeps hitting the knees, and you might feel a little uncomfortable on a long journey. People who like to buy these tank bags usually consider them as a good option just because they can store things that have a huge value. If you keep things in a back carry, you cannot ensure that they will be safe, but if you store things in a tank bag, they will stay within your sight. Most people like to store their passport, ID card, and money; others like to stuff it up with eatables and essential accessories. Although there is no hard and fast rule of using a tank bag, most people don’t use it for the daily commute. One of the main issues is the inconvenience, and the other reason is the lack of space and the adjustment issue. For everyone who is carrying something that they want to keep safe, we would recommend you to check the tank bag before buying it. Start by adjusting it and see if you like it or you feel comfortable with using it, only then buy it.


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The Sports Archives – How to Properly Execute an Uppercut: Techniques, Benefits, and Variations

When we talk about boxing we don’t instantly talk about the footwork but we rather talk about the punching style. Most people think boxing is all about punching, and there is nothing else involved. We have seen people talking about Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson but we have also seen people talking about the body rhythm and the way body coordination helps in long run. However, powerful punches are always confined to a specific style or a specific person. This has created so many hurdles and confusions about the actual aim and actual need for powerful punches. Most people will tell a powerful punch is just like Amir Khan; others will associate it with Muhammad Ali, but even these legends are using combinations of ordinary punching style. Few things that can make your punching style include the use of actual technique and then practice it with combination and finally execute these combinations with introspection and your own style. Now, if we mix all these things, they start to make sense.

For the beginners who are just familiar with jabs and punches, here is another very important and frequently used style, it is known as an uppercut. Most people are not familiar with an uppercut, and it’s important, but you can watch any boxing competition, and once you know the technique, you can easily detect this style as well. The use of the upper cut varies from a situation to situation. We have seen some people using it more often than others but we can deny that it is important and must be learned in order to win a fight. For the beginner in the game who are still trying to figure out how to successfully execute the uppercut, we have listed a step-by-step guide for everyone who wants to learn the technique. For the next phase, you can then learn a few combinations, and finally, you can work on your speed. There are a few exercises that you can perform for the technique and for the speed you can use speed boxing however if you want to practice the use, you have to start shadow boxing.

boxing uppercut

Right Execution of Uppercut

We know that uppercuts require a lot of effort, and unlike a jab, you don’t just have to throw a simple and easy punch. You need to stay coordinated, and your movement needs to acquire some power as well, so it is advised that you should practice with the help of weight. You can either use a mirror to practice better, or you can record yourself; however, we do not advise you to start with the weight; instead, you can just stick with the normal method of practice, and after mastering the technique, you can add weight.

  • While practicing you need to focus on your posture because a good posture will help you draw energy and your punch will be powerful? You need to keep your feet apart and then, unlike other forms of boxing keep your legs and knee straight. However, keeping a steady posture of legs might hurt you later, so it is advised.
  • Now you can make it fit and keep your hands in a way that your hands are facing your body while your chin is lower. Your lower chin will help you cover your neck because it is a vulnerable part of your body.
  • Your upper body posture should be very well adjusted as well, and you need to make sure that your elbow is bent at 90 degrees while your arms are apart so that your elbows are not touching your sides while you try to punch.
  • Now, to make sure your lower body is ready to stay stable and absorb the shock, you need to keep your lower body in a squat position. You need to make sure that while your elbows are down, your hands are up covering your chest or at least giving an illusion of covering the chest.
  • With the help of this position you will be able to ensure a sweep cut when required and you can scoop and lift as well while keeping your body at a 45 degree angle.
  • Although most people have a preferred side with one foot ahead we would prefer you to have an alternative approach and practice with one foot ahead of you at a time. This will ensure better control. You can repeat the movement with the left arm first and the right arm.
  • You need to keep repeating because this will ensure a good touch and your speed will improve according to your practice.

Adding the weight at the initial stage can be quite difficult so we would prefer if you can leave the weight for later, however, as you add the weight you don’t have to go overboard. Your use of weight needs to be limited.

boxing uppercut

Avoid Injury and Mistake

We know that this is the initial stage and you might make so many mistakes but one thing is very important. Making mistakes is usually linked to the injury because one wrong move can result in strained muscle. To avoid this, you need to make sure your posture and stance are preferred, and you are not overburdening yourself. To help you understand what kind of stance or posture is safe, you need to know a few things.


Your upper body would be strong while your lower body needs to be at a 45-degree angle. Most people will tell you to keep your legs straight, and that’s true, but your body needs to stay balanced because you want to avoid a knockout. The best way to do that is if you keep your legs bent and be in a squat position.

Pulling arms apart

Most people do not estimate the distance between their shoulder and the opponent. This is quite common, and results in punching mishaps. Additionally, if you keep extending yourself beyond the comfort level, you will feel a constant strain in your shoulder, which can lead to injury. You must keep your arms down at 90 and then keep your hands up; this way, you will not strain your muscles.

Know about Variations

We know that punching styles are different with simple variations. Just like when you practice jabs, you will see that there are so many different styles. Starting from the famous straight jab style, you can also switch to the left and right jabs. Just like that, there are different types of an uppercut as well. You can try alternative variations, quick-speed boxing styles, and different combinations.

Usually, there are no hard and fast variations in boxing, but a certain place or certain city has its own boxing style. You should watch more professional fights and see how people like to improvise these punching styles.

punching styles

Safety Comes First

Uppercut is already very safe but you need to make sure that it stays safe for your as well as for your opponent while practicing. Some of the main precautions that are recommended to everyone include the use of weight.

Use of weight is a pretty confusing subject because we have seen people using a weight at the very start, but since you are not even able to do a proper uppercut without weight, there is a high chance that you might end up getting injured in the process. The most effective or injured part can be the upper body, so it’s better to avoid the use of weight unless you are not totally used to it.

Don’t use resistance bands at the start of your practice because this can cause damage, additionally boxing gloves must be used because without boxing gloves you might get injured.




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The Sports Archives – HIIT Workout to Help You Get a Summer Body

Summer is just around the corner, and it is the first summer that we will finally be spending outside after a long pandemic. The chances are that you want to visit all the places that you have never visited before, or you want to visit the same places that you have been visiting just for the sake of nostalgia. Depending on the type of person you are, we all know that you need to get out of the fuzzy sweater that you are wearing. As someone who loves the winter, most people just claim that it is a great way to hide everything with a sweater. If you are overweight or chubby, throwing on a fuzzy, warm sweater can instantly help you look better. We have seen people living in a sweater or oversized jacket because this helps them with their body image and makes them more confident. For most, this is a very depressing debate because with the approaching summer season, now you cannot wear a fuzzy sweater, and you have to put your body on display.


If you are confused about the way you are going to handle yourself this summer, here is a great catch. You have enough time to start the weight loss and body tone-up regime, and this will help you get your self-esteem back. Additionally, it is a healthy way of living, you will feel much confident, and you can embrace your body publicly. Most people who are overweight or end up developing fat in winters get very shy in summers because they don’t feel they look good. According to most fitness instructors, there is a term for winter bodies that they use, and that is the bear body. However, if you want to get rid of your bear body, you need to be a little ambitious. Fitness instructors say that your first step towards a healthy lifestyle is your ambition. If you have set your mind to it, there is a high chance that with continuous motivation, you will be able to achieve it as well.

We have listed a very simple workout routine that will help you get ripped for summers. However, your body type, gender, and metabolism rate may have an effect on the progress. This workout routine can be altered according to the progress over time; if you feel this is not working out for you, you can change the routine according to your own body type and progress.

What is HIIT?

Before jumping into the workout plan, we need to address the elephant in the room. Most people do not know what HIIT is, but since it is something that can help them lose weight, they will simply agree to it. This is very important to understand that not every exercise or workout plan is ideal for everyone, and if you feel that HHIT is for you, you can only then opt for this workout routine. HIIT or high-intensity interval technique is a workout routine where you work out just like any other, but these workouts are divided into smaller intervals. After an extreme workout interval, there is a resting phase where you can let your body recover from the extreme workout and this resting phase is again followed by a high-intensity workout phase.


5 Step HIIT Plan That Actually Works

Before diving into the workout routine, we are simply going to list a few exercises that you can use for the HIIT, but you can use this according to your own ease. We have seen people using the same exercise with simple internals, and we have also seen people using various exercises with a few minute intervals followed by another exercise. You can start with the same exercises, and once you get the hang of it, you can measure the progress. Additionally, you can set an aim; if you want to only work on your upper body strength, your abs, biceps, triceps, you can choose the exercise accordingly; however, we will recommend you to use different exercises for different days.

 Battle Rope Workout

The battle rope is one of the best upper body workouts, all you need to do is just pin up the rope somewhere stable, and you can use it as a scissor. You can use a thick role and tie it up with a pole or a stand that has enough weight and then extend the rope to your desired location; now, hold the ends of the rope and keep them moving. Most people use two arms at a time, but you can also use one arm or an alternative arm. The overall time of the exercise is around 15 minutes initially, and you can keep adding to the time frame in a few weeks. We recommend that you start with a battle rope and then take a five minutes break and then continue for the next five minutes. You can also switch it up by dividing the total reps with double and single-arm motion accordingly.


Sled Training Interval Workout

Sled training is a little difficult, and for the starters, this can be a little traumatizing as well, but in a week’s time, you will feel better. You need to get a weight belt and tie it around your waist and then tie a rope from the belt towards the end. You have to make sure that the rope is tight, and there it is, tugging on the waist. You need to now step forward just like you would walk but make sure your heel touches the ground first.  Your upper body needs to stay upright, and you have to just push the rope to slide the weight. Don’t lean forwards; otherwise, you might hurt your back; you need to make sure your upper body is upright. Just like any HIIT training, start with 15 minutes with five minutes as a resting period. You can alter the time according to your convenience later.

Full-Body Circuit Blast

Full body circuit blast is ideal for someone who wants to work their whole body. You can choose and add exercises, or you can simply follow the workout routine that we will be listing. We have seen people adding up according to their own convenience, but you need to make sure the time is alright just according to the mentioned time. You can divide up the time of 20 minutes into 3 minutes workout time followed by 3 minutes resting time. Here are people who use 20 seconds for resting time as well, but you will be able to measure progress in case of 3 minutes in a better way. You can use dumbbell squats, Russian twists with the use of dumbbells, burpees, and lunge. Then you can take a few minutes break and start from suitcase crunches, bicycle crunches, and box squats.

dumbbell interval

Dumbbell Interval Workout

For the dumbbell interval workout plan, you can use a simple plank exercise for one minute, and this will help you warm up your body. Then to heat up things further, you can use a half-mile run and then take a few seconds of rest. Let your body recover, and then start with the Dumbbell Romanian Deadlift and Dumbbell Floor Press. After that, take a few seconds to break again and continue with Jack Knife Crunch and Full Burpee.



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