The Sports Archives – Getting Started With Team Sports


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Over the course of the pandemic, many of us have been looking for new and interesting ways to reach our recommended exercise requirements. It’s said that the average adult should get roughly one hundred and fifty minutes of moderate aerobic exercise a week, or seventy five minutes of moderate aerobic exercise per week. As governments around the world implemented social distancing guidelines, many gyms – the standard place we head to for exercise – closing. Many of us have been trying out different activities from the comfort of our homes or our local areas. But now, as things seem to be returning to normal and different activities are opening back up, you may want to get back onto your fitness journey by engaging in something a little more fun and social than running on a treadmill with headphones in. Why not consider team sports? These can see you engage with others at the same time as incorporating a workout into your routine. Here are some steps to get your journey started out!

See What Clubs Are Available in Your Area

First, you may want to consider seeing which clubs are available to you in your local area. There are likely a few options already set up and you’ll be likely to find popular and commonly engaged sports. Perhaps soccer, baseball, hockey or football. Get in touch and see whether there are openings and whether you could join in training.

Set Your Own Club Up

If you have your heart set on a specific team sport, but it isn’t already available in your area, you may want to set your own club up. Scout around to see if there’s any interest from others nearby. If there is, you can start to  look into a suitable nearby venue and you may want to invest in some of the basic equipment. Balls and bats are easily accessible. You could try Feelnets, Custom Net Designer for any nets you need.

Make Sure You Know the Rules

Of course, to get started off well, it’s a good idea to do some research beforehand. You should look through the rules of the game and ensure that you know them. This will help you to play better when you get started. Watching professional versions of the sports you’re interested in can also familiarise you with different terminology associated with the game.

Get Your Kit

Most team sports have some sort of kit. So now could be the time to get yours. Whether that’s a personalised shirt, a full kit with shorts or specific shoes that will help you out while you’re playing. Having the right equipment will maximize your own enjoyment while you play!

As you can see, now could be a great time to get more involved in team sports. With so many people realising life is worth living and pursuing the hobbies they’ve wanted to for a lifetime, there’s no reason that you can’t join in! Hopefully, some of the above information will help guide you in this journey, encouraging some positive first steps!

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The Sports Archives – 8 Essential Tips to Help You Gain Muscle Mass

Are you looking to get stronger and build muscle? If so, you’re in good company! Unfortunately, many people want to put on some size but don’t know where to start. In this blog post, you’ll find eight essential tips that will help you gain muscle mass and become a strong person.


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Eat Healthy Fats

You can’t gain muscle mass if you’re only eating carbs. Your muscles need protein and healthy fats from foods like eggs, fish, coconut oil, olive oil, butter beans, or avocados to grow. So it will be best if you get these nutrients in your diet, whether through food intake or a vigor supplement.

Consume Carbs After Workout

Carbs are an essential part of your diet. They will help you have more energy and keep blood sugar levels stable (which prevents cravings for unhealthy foods). When it comes to getting leaner, you want the calories from carbs to come after a workout because that’s when you’ll use them for muscle recovery rather than store them as fat.

You want to consume carbs around 30 minutes after a workout because your body has the highest insulin sensitivity, which will cause you to use them for energy instead of storing with them. It will help if you get these nutrients from whole foods or supplements (like protein bars) rather than sugary drinks like Gatorade and Powerade.

If you wait too long, your muscles will start to use carbs as energy and convert them into fat cells rather than using the nutrients in foods for recovery. You also want to avoid eating a lot of protein before bed because it can increase cortisol levels (which leads to muscle loss).

Consume More Proteins

Your muscles need protein to grow. So it will help if you consume a high-quality protein shake after a workout or with breakfast to give your body the building blocks it needs for muscle growth and recovery. It’s also essential that you eat lean sources of proteins like eggs, fish, lentils, beans (black soybeans), white chicken breast meat without skin, and more.

You’ll also want to avoid carbs before bed because they can lead to high cortisol levels, a stress hormone that causes muscle loss over time. Instead, you should consume proteins from whole foods or supplements (like protein bars) before going to sleep for your muscles to get the nutrients they need for growth and recovery.

You should try to consume at least one gram of protein per pound of bodyweight while you’re working out because your muscles will need it for growth and repair after a strenuous workout session. 

Don’t Skip Breakfast

If you’re skipping breakfast or just eating a piece of toast for the morning meal, your body will go into starvation mode and use muscle proteins as energy. Ensure that you include eggs, fish, yogurt (Greek-style), oatmeal, applesauce with cinnamon on top, milk with protein powder mixed in it, or something similar to provide your body with the nutrients it needs for muscle growth and recovery.

Use Supplements

To get all of the essential nutrients your body needs for muscle growth, you can also use supplements like whey protein (which is easily absorbed and helps with recovery), creatine, beta-alanine, glutamine, L-glutamine, or nitric oxide. These products are available in many different forms, such as powder packs to mix into water, pills that dissolve under your tongue, or pre-mixed beverages.

Eat More Whole Foods

If you’re trying to gain muscle mass, you must eat various whole food sources like beans and eggs. You should also make sure that most of your calories come from natural foods rather than processed ones. Processed carbohydrates can lead to fat storage because they have more sugar in them, which causes your blood sugar to spike and then crash.

Hydrate More

When you’re working out often, it’s essential to consume more water. It can help with muscle recovery and growth because your muscles will be able to take in the nutrients they need from whole foods and supplements at a higher rate if they’re not dehydrated. Ensure that you stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids before workouts or during a break to prevent muscle loss.

Eat After Every Three Hours

If you’re working out often, it’s essential to eat every three hours. Your muscles need nutrients for growth and recovery after a strenuous workout session, so make sure that you include protein from lean sources like eggs, fish, and beans to keep your body full of fuel. You also want to avoid carbs before bed because they can increase cortisol levels, which leads to muscle loss over time.


The best way to ensure that you’re getting enough protein and carbs is to consume them in a balanced way through whole foods or supplements. Keep these tips in mind as you embark on your journey towards gaining muscle mass and being the strong person that everyone admires!


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The Sports Archives – Why You Need The Correct Sports Kit

Sport is good for your health for all kinds of reasons, from physical to mental health. In order to be good at your sport, however, you will need to be equipped with the right gear. 

Kids and Sports

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A lot of people don’t realize how important the equipment they use and wear for sport is, and how much their equipment can impact their abilities and protect them. Here is why the right kind of equipment is so important, whether it’s running shoes or Motocross Apparel.


To get through training, you need to be comfortable and be able to move freely. Some sports require particular gear that caters to specific needs. This might include sportsmen who are dealing with health concerns or conditions like flat foot syndrome, or other conditions that will mean you need equipment to let you practice your favorite sport. For example, if you’re playing soccer, you should invest in the best soccer boots that properly support your feet, so you can run around comfortably during a game or during practice.

The right gear shouldn’t restrict your movement while you play. Instead, it should let you move freely and keep you feeling cool and comfortable. Choose comfortable fabrics that won’t chafe or get caught around you while you’re moving. 


Most sports do have some risks involved. How dangerous it is will depend on the sport. These risks could be small ones, like tripping, or they could be severe like head injuries, depending on your sport of choice. To make sure that you can enjoy your sport safely, without having to worry about being injured, you will need to invest in all the right equipment for the sport that you play.

Wearing the correct safety equipment, such as a helmet or a set of elbow pads, could save you from getting injured if you do slip, fall, or are collided with while you’re playing your sport of choice. It doesn’t matter how experienced you are in your sport, accidents can happen to the most expert of sportsmen. You should be prepared for these possible accidentals by wearing the correct kit. This could be a mouth guard, a helmet, or just sturdy fabrics to protect you from falls.

Whether you’re a professional athlete or just an amateur sports fan who likes to practice a sport on a regular basis, working out and playing a sport can be very rewarding and a lot of fun. If you’re going to get the full benefits of playing a sport and avoid most of the risks or the disadvantages that can come with it, you will need to make sure that you are equipped with the right sports gear. Wearing the correct gear for the sport that you’re playing can save you money in the long term, protect you from being injured, and offers you a lot of comforts. Do your research before you buy your sports kit to make sure you’re buying the best quality that will do the job. 


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The Sports Archives – How To Stay Fit When You Have A Busy Schedule



To feel energetic and healthy, it’s important to have some kind of fitness regime. For many people, it can feel difficult to make time. If you’re looking to keep fit on a busy schedule, try these simple ideas.

1. Short workouts

When you have a busy schedule, it’s a good idea to try short workouts. Check out apps like ‘7-minute workout’. The application helps you to do short workouts from home, using a series of HIT exercises, aerobic exercises, and stretches. Whether you’re looking to lose weight, tone up or strengthen your core, you’ll find a short workout for you.

There are plenty of ten-minute workout videos on YouTube, whether you love to dance, do yoga, or bodyweight exercises, there’s something for everyone.

2. Set simple goals

When you don’t have much time to spare, try to set yourself simple goals. Don’t promise yourself you’ll hit the gym three times a week if you just don’t have time! Set a goal of one gym session, and work your way up from there. Challenge yourself to a ten-minute yoga video during your daily lunch break. If one day you don’t make time, don’t be too hard on yourself. Simple goals are the best way to stay motivated and make fitness more enjoyable.

3. Workplace fitness tools

If you work a desk job, there are a few tools you can use to keep fit while you work. Consider getting yourself an under desk bike. Using these small exercise bikes, you can pedal, while still seated at your normal desk chair. Under desk bikes have plenty of benefits, you’ll get a little cardio, boost your circulation, and even raise your energy levels. There are a few other workplace fitness tools you might like to try, whether it’s standing desks or stability cushions.

4. The right equipment

Staying fit on a busy schedule is all about getting organized. Purchase yourself the right equipment, to save time and create the perfect workout regime. You might like to buy a gym mat, weights, resistance bands, or exercise balls? Perhaps you’d like to build a home gym with a treadmill and a rowing machine? Don’t forget the basic essentials like a good pair of running shoes and a water bottle. These wholesale shaker cups come in many quality designs.

5. Fit around your errands

When you’ve got lots of errands to do, try combining them with fitness activities. You might run to the grocery store, or ride your bike to the post office? Whether it’s gardening or housework, plenty of errands actually help you to keep fit. It could be a quick jog around the garden or a walk in the park, there are plenty of quick fitness activities you can try.

There are so many ways that you can stay fit when you don’t have much time to spare. Consider purchasing yourself a fitness journal, to track your progress. Getting organized is the best way to create healthy habits, and perfect your routine.


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The Sports Archives – The Mindset You Need for Your Fitness Regimen


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Anyone can get and stay in shape. However, it would help if you had the right mindset to do so. The first thing you should know about your fitness regimen is that it’s not a short-term commitment but an ongoing process where you constantly work on yourself by making changes for the better over time. 

It’s also important to remember that this is your journey and nobody else’s, so don’t let anyone try to pressure you into doing something that doesn’t feel right for you. This article will guide you through the basics of getting started with a fitness plan with these things in mind!

Taking Breaks Is Key

Taking breaks is key to your fitness. It’s essential not just for your body but also for maintaining a positive mindset and boosting motivation. The next time you feel tempted to skip a day of workout or make excuses about why it won’t work out today, remember that taking breaks is necessary to get the most out of your workouts.

Taking breaks will also help you avoid burnout, which can happen when you push yourself too hard without giving your body and mind a break. The hardest part about staying fit is finding the motivation to do so, but it’s important to remember that this doesn’t last forever. It would help if you had some time for your mind and body to recover from working hard so you can get back on the horse again.

It’s All About Growth

The most important thing to remember about fitness is that it’s all about growth. You won’t see immediate changes in your body or mind, but you’ll notice a difference over time if you stick with it. 

When you’re starting, it’s often tempting to compare yourself to others and feel like others are somehow “better” at fitness. It is normal when you first begin a new endeavor but not get stuck in that mindset! It doesn’t matter where you’re starting from; what matters is that you’re doing the best you can and always trying to improve.

Work on What Suits You Best

It’s easy to get caught up in what other people are doing and start thinking that it should work for you too, but this often leads us astray. It’s important not to compare yourself or your journey to others because everyone is different. What works for one person may not be the best fit for another. 

When starting with a new fitness program, it’s best to find out what works for you and proceed from there. Start on more straightforward yet effective routines like the ultimate leg workout, but it can take a toll on you early on. Additionally, it will build your fitness and momentum during your journey. 

Be Consistent and Adjust As You Go

It’s essential to be consistent when starting with anything new, but it also doesn’t hurt if you’re a little flexible. It’s okay to adjust your workout routine depending on what works for you and how your body is responding – this will help ensure that the journey remains sustainable!

Fitness isn’t an easy process, but it also isn’t impossible. It’s all about doing the best you can and being proud of what you’ve accomplished over time!


Working on your fitness is a noble yet challenging journey for anyone. However, with these things in mind, you can have some basics of getting started with a fitness plan to achieve your goals. 


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The Sports Archives – How You Can Turn Your Love of Exercise Into a Career


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If you are a fitness enthusiast and genuinely love thinking up exercise regimes and want to help out others on their fitness journey, then have you thought about pursuing this as a career? Instead of remaining in the dead end job that you are currently in, that does not bring you any satisfaction, then why not pursue a career in the fitness industry instead. You could make a positive difference to others and also be paid for doing something you actually enjoy. 

Careers That May Interest You 

The fitness industry covers a vast array of careers that you could venture into. These are some ideas of what may interest you that you could pursue. 

  • Personal trainer
  • Fitness instructor
  • Nutritionist 
  • Sports coach 
  • Physiotherapist 
  • PE Teacher 
  • Lifeguard
  • Yoga instructor 
  • Massage therapist 

Get Qualified

If you want to be a personal trainer or nutritionist then you are going to need to obtain the necessary qualifications before you can start giving out advice to people on how to improve their fitness levels. This will prevent any false information being given out which can be regarded as fact. Also you want clients to take you seriously in your role so being knowledgeable about the subject you claim to be experienced in will certainly create a positive impression. 

Think About Your Business Brand

When you are finalising the image of your brand you want to create a fitness logo design and caption that will easily represent that you are in the fitness industry, whilst also standing out from your competitors. There will be a lot of competition online so you want to create a brand name and logo design that is both captivating and memorable. So make sure you really spend time thinking about this before launching it live. 

Look Professional

When you are creating online content or presenting yourself to your clients you want to make sure you look smart and professional. So wearing the correct clothing for the activity you are doing will be important. You do not want to look as though you have just rolled out of bed as this will look very unprofessional so looking fresh and tidy will be important. 

Hire Other People

There will be aspects to the business that you will not know about such as creating the ideal business website, improving your online traffic, or organizing your finances. If your main area of interest is mainly the fitness aspect, then you are going to need a team of people to help you push your business forward. Whether you just hire them as freelance or as a full time job will depend on your needs, but it is important to accept help when you want to establish yourself within a business world. 

Be Genuine

There is not much point venturing into this career if you are not going to be honest about who you are as a person and whether you have personally struggled with your own fitness journey. You could write an introductory section on your business website or social media channels with a biography about yourself and how you got into this business. 

If you put up photos of what you looked like before you started your fitness journey this will allow you to be more relatable to clients if they can see that you have worked hard to be where you are today. You also want to write about the experience yourself as it will feel a lot more genuine and honest coming from you. 


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Create Online Content  

If you want to inspire other people to be active and healthy then you could create your own fitness videos and post them on social media. This will also help to boost your brand awareness and following when more people are aware of your exercise regimes and what you actually do. 

Keep Learning and Be Informed

It is important to keep up to date with the latest fitness trends and know what is relevant and what is not. There will always be aspects to learn about so be prepared to keep up with reading so that you are in the loop. You can read books, sign up to online magazines, and attend lectures and seminars to keep up to date within the fitness world. You will also get the opportunity to meet and get to know other professionals within this industry who could provide you with some great guidance along the way. 

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The Sports Archives – Maintaining Motivation: Tips To Make Exercise More Enjoyable

Maintaining motivation can be a challenge regardless of whether you’re a beginner, you’re getting back into training after a break, or you’re an active person. Some days, it can be difficult to summon up the energy and enthusiasm to get out of the house or leave the couch. If you’re looking for ways to supercharge motivation levels to help you increase activity levels or hit targets, here are some top tips. 

Vary activities

Boredom is a common contributing factor to a loss of motivation. Even the most dedicated, driven individuals can get tired of doing the same exercises or activities over and over again. If you’re losing interest, or you’re finding it tough to stay focused, why not try switching up your routine and introduce different sports, exercises or training techniques? There are all kinds of activities you can do, and you can also work out in different settings and environments to enjoy a change of scenery. Alternate gym sessions with boxing, swimming, playing tennis or doing yoga or combine running with cycling, dance classes or HIIT sessions, for example. 


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Have fun

One of the golden rules to increase motivation levels when working towards fitness goals is to have fun. Many people view exercise as a chore but it doesn’t have to be this way. There are so many activities in which you can participate to improve your fitness levels and reap the mental and physical rewards of being more active. Look for airsoft guns for sale and get your friends together for a frantic battle, go trampolining, take a volleyball to the beach, sign up for street dance classes, join a spin class, play tennis or golf with friends and family or get out into the great outdoors. From surfing and kayaking to hiking, climbing and mountain biking, you can burn calories while also having a great time. 

Add a competitive element

Humans are naturally competitive creatures, and most of us will try to up our game when there’s a prize at stake, or there are opponents to beat. If you’re struggling to push yourself, or your performance levels have plateaued, consider adding a competitive element. You can work with a personal trainer to try and beat your personal best, join group training sessions, or work out with your partner or a friend. 

Move around

Being in the same place all the time can get boring. If you tend to run or hike the same trails, you go to the gym every time you want to exercise, or you’ve been training at home, move around. Explore different routes, get out into the fresh air, work out at the park or the beach, or swap your living room for the garden. A change of location can make exercise more enjoyable and keep boredom at bay. 


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Maintaining high levels of motivation can be challenging when working towards fitness goals or trying to increase activity levels. If you’re struggling, try to make exercise fun. Vary activities and training techniques, explore new environments, get others involved and introduce some friendly competition. 

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The Sports Archives – Practical Tips For Playing Golf On A Budget

It’s a common misconception that playing golf is an expensive habit. It is understandable, especially as most golf courses are filled with rich people using golf for leisure. But golf is increasingly becoming a popular game for many people worldwide. This enhanced popularity also means that new opportunities are springing up for people to enjoy the sport without breaking the bank. So, do you want to find how to play golf on a budget? Please feel free to check out these tips.

Get the needed information online


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The internet is ideal for learning almost all the basics of the beautiful game of golf. You can also find apps and websites that teach you everything you need to know before practicing on the course. Platforms like Golfing Eagle will also give you all the essential golf guides you need to improve your golf game. From tips to purchasing the right equipment to reviews, you should find all the info you need to improve your game online. 

Purchase used equipment

With the right information to guide you, you can start making the necessary purchases. However, buying new equipment might be too expensive if you’re working with a limited budget. A better option is to purchase used equipment. Believe it or not, you will find amazing used golf clubs and other equipment in pristine condition. Plus, many online retailers also accept trade-in equipment for golf lovers looking to upgrade their golf bags. 

Be more realistic with your range practice

If you have visited any local golf range, you may have noticed that people spend loads of money purchasing many golf balls to practice with. If you want to save money and improve your game simultaneously, there’s no need to buy those extra-large buckets of golf balls at the local range to practice. Instead, work on your golf swing at home by practicing your motion over and over. You can take advantage of online videos and observe your body motions in front of your mirror. You can also record yourself on video and watch later to document your progress. Next, take everything you have learned to your local golf course. 

Don’t dress to impress

A proper golf dress code suggests that you wear the appropriate clothes on the golf course. But that does not mean you need to shop for expensive golf shoes and matching attires. Just walk into an affordable clothing store and find yourself a nice t-shirt and any regular shoes that fit. The most important thing is that you do not look unkempt and out of place. 

Book discount tee times


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Thanks to many mobile apps and online tee time services, golf courses can now list new or available tee times and sell them at discounted prices to those who cannot afford the regular options. So, if you want to enjoy some fun in the sun while you play golf, you should look out for these discounted tee times and take advantage of them.  


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The Sports Archives – 5 Easy Tips to Become the Best at Golf

Looking for an easy way to relax while exercising your body? Golf is the perfect blend of fun and exercise and it comes with incredible health benefits. This is a sport that takes you out to breathe fresh air and reconnect with nature. With every other hole, you exercise the entire body, improve muscle tone and endurance, stay fit, lose weight and body fat, and boost heart health. All this while, you get time to connect with friends and catch up on anything under the sun.


Image Credit

For you to enjoy the immense benefits of this great sport, start by refining your game. Read on to discover simple tips to help you become the best at golf.

Get  an Eye Checkup

If you want to enjoy your golf game and get better at it, have an eye checkup. Your vision is critical and determines most aspects of your game. With the prevalence of digital screens, more people have vision problems and it’s easy to ignore these issues.

The eye checkup reveals any issues and gets you the corrective measures to improve your vision. You can aim better, improve coordination between your hands and the club, and get better at eye teaming.

Choose the Right Golf Club

The right golf clubs are key to your performance whether this is the first time playing or you’re a pro golfer. Some considerations when choosing the club include grip thickness, the correct length of shaft, loft, and different sized club heads. If you’re a beginner, you can choose golf clubs for beginners to make life easier on yourself.

You have a choice of clubs to allow different, including drivers, woods, wedges, putters, irons, and hybrids, all used for different purposes. The weight of the clubs varies depending on the material. It might take time to learn what each of these clubs does, but this adds to the beauty of the game. When you purchase the club, try it out.

Go to the Range with a Plan

When training, start with a plan every time you’re at the range. Don’t just swing with abandon but train with a purpose. You can pick a target at a distance and practice towards hitting it. Use different clubs for your swing training and get a feel of these clubs.

Perfect Your Short Shots

Of course you would love to shoot like Tiger Woods but if you try this, you’ll tire yourself out as a beginner. Instead, focus on short shots with wedges and putters. You can practice on the range or even at home and this will have a big impact when you’re on the golf course. This is the perfect way to leverage the relaxing benefits of golf.

Find an Instructor

There’s so much to learn in golf and you need the right trainer to perfect it all. You might be playing it all wrong or breaking rules without knowing it. For these reasons, find an instructor to guide your game.

There’s no doubt golf is one of the most interesting sports. You can rejuvenate both body and mind while also having fun with family or friends. These simple tips should get you started.

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The Sports Archives – Ways to Improve Your Sporting Stamina

If you’re looking to improve your sporting performance, one place you might want to start is with your stamina. When you can keep motoring on for longer, you’ll have an edge over the competition. As they begin to tire, you’ll feel able to push on and keep your performance levels high. So what can you do to start improving your sporting stamina? That’s what we’re going to discuss today, so read on to find out more.

Always Start Out by Stretching

Before you perform any sport or carry out any training exercises or workouts, you need to get into the habit of stretching first. This is vital for your overall health, which means it’ll have an impact on your stamina too. Remember, you can’t build stamina if you’re carrying injuries because they’ll hold you back and stop you performing for as long as you might otherwise be able to.

Do Fast-Paced and Intense Exercises

When you test yourself with fast-paced and intense exercises, it helps you to build stamina faster. The intensity, such as with high intensity interval training, allows you to work out in short bursts. Over time, as you do more of these kinds of exercises and become more accustomed to their intensity, will allow you to build stamina much more easily as well.


Image Source – CC0 License

Build Muscle and Get Leaner

When you’re leaner and stronger, it helps you to perform well for longer. That excess fat can hold your stamina back, and weakness can also hinder your performance. So if you’re not as strong or as lean as you’d like to be, that’s definitely something you can work on. You might want to make use of an oxyshred fat burner to make this a little easier for you.

Push Yourself with Long Distance Running

If long distance is not something that you’ve ever really tried out, you owe it to yourself to give it a go. Doing so might turn out to be one of the best decisions you make when it comes to your stamina over the long-term. Of course, you’re not going to become a long-distance runner overnight. But if you push yourself and put the work in, you’ll eventually see big improvements to your stamina levels, and that’s what matters most.

Be Patient and Rest Between Workouts

Finally, you need to remember the importance of patience here. The changes you’re seeking will take time, and looking at it in a sustainable way is the best idea. If you’re patient and you allow your body to rest between workouts, you’ll avoid injury and ultimately get your stamina levels to where you want them to be sooner than you otherwise would.

As you can see, there are plenty of steps you can take to start improving your sporting stamina. So if you feel like your current stamina levels are not as strong as you’d like them to be, now is the perfect time to start working on the things discussed above and taking your stamina to new levels.

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