The Sports Archives – Where does Manning stand in the all-time NFL greats?

Peyton Manning established a career as one of the greatest quarterbacks of all-time during an 18-year career with the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos. Manning won five MVP awards and two Supers Bowls – one each with the Colts and Broncos – before he retired after the 2015 season.

Manning was known throughout his career for his brilliance at the quarterback position, but despite his success, he is not considered the greatest quarterback of all-time. Unfortunately for Manning, he was playing in the same era as Tom Brady – winner of six Super Bowls at the time of writing.

Drew Brees has since surpassed the records that Manning set for total passing yards and touchdowns. Aaron Rodgers has produced more wow moments than any of the other three have created in their illustrious careers due to the immense talent of his arm and athleticism.

Manning’s own legacy with the Indianapolis Colts could have been in danger due to the talent of Andrew Luck before the quarterback prematurely retired. The Colts are in the market once again and could be ready to make a move for a top talent in the 2020 Draft or free agency.

The Colts should track their competitors in the NFL with news from WSN to determine the viability for a Super Bowl run in 2020. It’ll be especially hard with their team missing a passer of the quality of Manning in the 2019 season. A new man at signal-caller could spark a run to the Super Bowl and match Manning’s total of one Vince Lombardi Trophy in Indy.

Winning the ultimate game was always the problem for Manning during his career. He was under pressure from the moment he arrived in Indianapolis after being selected first overall in the 1998 Draft. To his credit, he pulled a struggling franchise into a contender in the AFC Conference within a year of his arrival, although Manning did lose his opening two playoff games.

Another crushing defeat followed in 2002 before he finally got over the hump in 2003 in his first MVP season. However, there for the first time, he met Brady and Bill Belichick – the Colts were humbled by the New England Patriots defense, slipping to a 24-14 defeat in the AFC Championship Game. It was the same story a year later when Manning returned as the MVP – on this occasion he threw four interceptions in a 20-3 loss in the Divisional Round.

The 2006 season was his redemption story, mounting an 18-point comeback to defeat the Patriots in the AFC Championship Game before beating the Chicago Bears to win his first Super Bowl. Manning’s performance in the Super Bowl was not an elite one, struggling in the rain in Miami. It took another three years to reach the ultimate game again – once more in Miami. However, he threw a costly pick-six against the New Orleans Saints, losing his duel with Drew Brees in the process.

After suffering a neck injury in 2011 that ruled him out of the campaign, he moved on from the Colts to join the Denver Broncos. However, the playoff heartbreak followed him with a defeat to the Baltimore Ravens, who went on to win the Super Bowl. He managed to overcome Brady and the Patriots the following season to return to the Super Bowl following a record-breaking year. Manning and his offense were then crushed by the Seattle Seahawks in New York.

Powered by an outstanding defense in 2015, Manning out-battled Brady once again to return and he did win his second Super Bowl to bow out on a high note. The quarterback was carried over the line by Von Miller and the Broncos’ vaunted defensive unit, but it was enough to overcome the Carolina Panthers.

It did in some ways damage his legacy, proving that he was never able to have a signature moment in the biggest game. With Manning, it always appeared when the pressure was on in the playoffs and the Super Bowl that a mistake was not too far away. His career in the regular season was nothing short of sensational, but legacies are defined in the post-season. He was overshadowed by Brady and there’s still time for him to be pushed down the pecking order in the modern era by Rodgers and potentially Brees.

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The Sports Archives – 4 of the Best Dressed Professional Golfers


Golfing is a game of dignity and anticipation. For those who step foot on the professional courses, there is a formal attire that encompasses all the players. However, these four pros go above and beyond as some of the best-dressed golfers out on the course these days.

Phil Mickelson

To start our list, we’re going to discuss a golfer that has been on the professional circuit for decades. Phil Mickelson always dresses to impress. His most fashionable colors are black, navy, green, and white. He’s always well put together with his shirt tucked in, a hat to match his shirt color, and a belt to tie it all together. Mickelson is one of those golfers who looks like he belongs on the course no matter what day it is.

Pat Perez

Pat Perez is one of those individuals who likes to set his own unique style. With long hair sprouting out from underneath his trucker hat, he sets a signature look in the professional golf world. Lately, Perez has been showcasing items that show off his quirky side. With fun colors and extravagant patterns, Perez makes his presence known on and off of the court.

Jesper Parnevik

This Swedish grown golfer has a style all his own that makes people wait in anticipation to see just what it will be next. He’s always got a set combination of plaid pants, a sweater, and a hat. However, the color, the patterns, and the overall combination of all his regular components are what keep people enjoying his unique style. One signature dress style that Jesper does hold above others is the tilt of his hat brim always being straight up in the air. In fact, it’s the perfect spot for all his sponsors to showcase their support.

Adam Scott

Adam Scott hits on our list of best-dressed golf pros with his modernistic look. You’ll find Scott on the course in an ironed polo with a hat to match. He’s always neatly put together with matching slacks, a well-fitting belt, and a pearly white smile to boot. While Adam doesn’t have his own unique style like Parnevik or Perez, he’s the classic example of the modern golfer.

As you can see, these four individuals just set their own mark when it comes to what they wear on the course. Many golf clothing suppliers, like William Murray Golf, have options to help any golfer be the best dressed on the green. Being well-dressed requires more than just putting on average clothes. It requires you to have your own sense of style to boot.

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The Sports Archives – Be Prepared And You’re Half Way To Winning

They say that once you are prepared, you are already half way to winning. This is true because making sure that you have done the necessary prep is going to be a big help in calming your nerves, making you feel confident and so much more. In this article, we are going to be talking about some of the things that you are going to need to be prepared for your sport. Keep reading down below to find out more about this topic.

The Right Equipment

soccer ball

Pexels Link – CC0 Licence

You are going to need the right equipment to be fully prepared. It doesn’t matter what sport you take part in, there is always going to be a list of equipment that you are going to need to give yourself the best chance. For example, if you are playing soccer, then you need to have the best boots that you can buy. If you play basketball, then the trainers you wear are going to be essential to success. In other sports you could need a racket, a folding cart, googles…you get the point, you should never be saying that there is nothing you need because it simply isn’t true. 

There are so many places that you can get this stuff from as well, so don’t feel as though you are limited to a few stores. Look around, find the best deals for the highest quality, and make sure that you are happy with your purchase. It is also the case that what might work for someone else might not necessarily work for you. Choose the equipment that feels right and comfortable for your experience, nobody else is going to have to use it, so prioritize what you think over what others think.

Mentally Prepared

Finally, you are going to need to ensure that you are mentally prepared for what is about to come. If you aren’t, nerves are going to creep in, you will lose your focus and winning isn’t going to be possible. Have confidence in your ability, but don’t get too cocky to the point where you are no longer trying your best. Giving it your all is essential, and you have got to have prepared your mind for this. There is no use showing up, putting in half the effort, losing and then giving up. 

You also need to be prepared for defeat. While it isn’t something that we want to think about, you have got to be prepared in your mind that it might not go your way this time. It is always going to be a possibility, and giving up when this happens is not an option. Prepare your mind, if you do lose, put it behind you and try again next time.

We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see that if you are prepared, you are already going to be half way to winning. Good luck, take this advice, and you are going to give yourself the best chance of success possible.


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The Sports Archives – The SAD Problems of Winter Sports

For a lot of fitness enthusiasts, the winter season can become synonymous with hibernation. Indeed, it’s tricky to stay active when the days grow shorter and the weather colder. The temptation to stay at home and enjoy a cup of hot coffee with a handful of biscuits is high, as many of you know. Who can be blamed? After all, nobody wants to go outside when the weather looks miserable. That’s precisely why a lot of the good and healthy habits that you’ve built over the summer can fall into oblivion as soon as the temperatures drop. The natural need for comfort food and coziness kicks in… and you’re ready to build your winter body! 

If that doesn’t sound like the kind of mistake you’re willing to make this year, you need to redouble your efforts. Indeed, you have to be vigilant to remain motivated and stick to your active lifestyle on cold days – you’d be surprised to know how demotivated a handful of clouds can be! But, more importantly, you need to be careful. Staying active isn’t enough to prevent some of the winter’s most common sad/SAD problems. 


Pixabay – CC0 License 

You stay indoors because it’s too cold

Winter encourages people to spend the majority of their waking hours indoors. Indeed, the combination of cold weather and high-pressure careers makes it difficult to spend time outside. Unfortunately, around 90% of people spend up to 22 hours inside every day, which leaves little room for direct sunlight exposure. Staying active when you’re worried about getting cold happens inside a building too, such as at your local gym. Your mental health, however, requires sunlight to maintain its healthy levels. Training indoors makes you more vulnerable to Seasonal Affective Disorder. 

The outdoors environment is changing

Outdoor athletes are the first to claim that once you get used to it, winter isn’t as cold as it seems. Science indicates they are right. Indeed, whether you choose to run, hike, or even parkour outside, your body naturally produces energy that keeps you warm. You might also find that you burn more calories in the process, as your body needs to adjust to external factors – which is unlikely to happen on a treadmill. However, no weatherproof equipment can keep you safe from uneven and changing surfaces. Indeed, the rain, wind, and frost can create slippery grounds, which increases the risk of injuries. If you already favor one side over another or have specific weaknesses, you might want to consider physiotherapy as a way to address the imbalance. You need to be confident in your muscles and agility when you train outdoors. 

You take on new hobbies without training

It would be unfair to claim that all winter activities are doomed to happen indoors. The winter holiday season is filled with exciting entertainment, and skiing is, of course, one of them. For countless families, skiing or snowboarding is the preferred winter sport. Unfortunately, injuries are extremely frequent, especially as many enthusiasts fail to practice throughout the year. Staying safe on the snow means listening to your body. Don’t push yourself. 

Whether you choose to stay indoors to be active this winter or to embrace the elements outdoors, winter sports are not without risks. Injuries tend to be more frequent on uneven ground. Additionally, ski enthusiasts who don’t keep up their skills throughout the year are more likely to hurt themselves. However, indoors activity is not the solution; you need sunlight to avoid SAD. In short, be careful and listen to your body. 


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The Sports Archives – Can Anyone Ever Dominate Darts Like Phil Taylor?

Phil Taylor has always been a divisive character.  Never one to shy away from acknowledging his own brilliance, the Stoke-on-Trent-born darts player often came across as arrogant and patronising towards other players during his three-decade career. Some people admired his confidence and self-belief and suggested it was what made him a champion, while others found his lack of humility off-putting.

Total Domination

Whatever your opinion of Taylor the man, there is no doubting his darting ability. He won a total of 16 world championships between 1990 and 2013 and dominated his sport in a way that few have ever done in any field. He also helped to elevate darts to prime-time TV status, turning the sport into a multi-million-pound industry. There is no doubt that darts would not be where it is today without Phil “The Power” Taylor.

The “Power” finally packed away his darts in 2018, although he did hint a comeback earlier this year, and a new generation of players are now dominating the game and reaping the rewards of the monster pay packets now handed out at the major tournaments. But can anyone ever dominate the game like Taylor did? Or was the Power just a one-off?

Darts Machine

Achieving consistency in any sport is difficult but darts requires such precision and accuracy that maintaining such a high level over decades seems almost super-human. Taylor was machine-like in his delivery of the darts and had the ability to maintain focus in any arena and in any conditions. His driven attitude, dedication and single-mindedness in the pursuit of darting perfection has drawn comparisons to the likes of Tiger Woods. However, the fact that darts is a game that was developed in the public houses of the United Kingdom meant that the sport has sometimes struggled to be taken seriously. To this day, there are still plenty who sneer at the thought of darts as a real sport.

The Young Pretender

In the 25 years since the PDC World Darts Championship was formed, there have only been seven world champions. Taylor won the event 14 times (his other two world championships were won in the BDO) and current champion Michael van Gerwen is next in line with three titles. The Dutchman is currently 30 years old, the same age as Taylor was when he won his first BDO world title and is favourite in the darts betting to add a fourth title this winter. Taylor won first PDC World Championship at the age of 34 and won his last one aged 53.

So, in terms of age, van Gerwen already has a head start on Taylor. In 2014, he became the youngest ever winner of the PDC World Championship, aged 24, and held the record for the highest darts average score in a televised event (123.40 achieved in the 2016 Premier League) until 2019 when he was pipped by Peter Wright. Van Gerwen has already broken Taylor’s record for the most PDC Pro Tour event victories with a total haul of 75.

If there is one player who can surpass Taylor in terms of world titles, it is Michael van Gerwen but he still needs another 13 wins just to match the legend. It could be argued that competition is now stiffer than ever and that van Gerwen could still be rated as the greatest of all time even if he does not break Taylor’s haul. But if he can get into double figures and achieve two decades of consistency at the elite level then it will be an interesting debate to have.


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The Sports Archives – 4 Important Ways to Prevent Baseball Injuries

Baseball is America’s favorite pastime and can be an exhilarating sport to participate in. It is a very physically demanding sport that requires players to be in good shape. If you play this thrilling and physically demanding sport, you should do everything possible to protect against injuries. Here are four of our best tips for doing so effectively.

Stretch Before You Practice and Play

Baseball tends to be very demanding for one-side of your body and the same muscle areas over and over again. For those that are right-handed, the right side of the body is responsible for throwing, hitting, and catching the ball. For left-handers, the opposite holds true. For this reason, it’s important that you properly stretch those muscles so that they don’t get pulled when you’re practicing or playing a real game. Your stretching should be focused on your hamstrings, back, and shoulders as they get the most use when playing the game of baseball.

Set Limitations

There’s a reason why pitchers are interchanged during the playoff games. This is to assist in preventing overuse injuries. Your chiropractor should be able to help you to set decent limitations for your practice and game times. Setting limitations is a great practice to start because it will prevent you from overusing your muscles and getting injured, especially if your team relies on you as a key player.

Wear the Right Equipment

As with any sort of sport, baseball requires various pieces of equipment to keep you safe while playing. Depending on your position, you may require more safety equipment than others. For example, a catcher is at a very high risk of getting hit by a baseball. Therefore, they tend to wear several pieces of protective gear to keep their bodies safe from harm. Batters should be wearing helmets to protect themselves from stray balls.

Play on a Safe Field

It’s very important that you pay attention to your surroundings when playing baseball. You don’t want to play on a field where there is debris laying or various divots throughout the field. Rather, you should opt for playing on fields that are properly taken care of. There’s a reason that parks and professional arenas both take care of their fields. It’s to ensure the safety of the players who use it on a regular basis.

Baseball can be a very fun sport to play. However, getting injured can really throw a wrench in your plans. By practicing the four safety tips above, you can greatly reduce your risk of getting injured when playing baseball.

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