The Sports Archives – 5 Bachelor Party Sports Activity Ideas

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When planning activities for a bachelor party, sports activities can often go down well. They’re great for bringing everyone together and breaking the ice before a likely night of drinking. Here are just five sports activities that could be perfect if you’re planning yours or someone else’s bachelor party. 


Golf is a reliable choice of activity for a bachelor party. It can be fairly leisurely, whilst still getting people’s competitive spirits up. If you’re planning a weekend away, you could even try a golf course abroad – many courses are positioned in spectacular locations and have on-site hotels. You can also add dares, challenges and bets to make the trip more exciting such as taking a shot every time you lose a hole or putting money into a pot for whoever wins.  


Fishing can be another great activity for a bachelor’s party. You could consider doing some leisurely river fishing, setting up camp and having a few beers. Alternatively, if you’d prefer a fishing trip with a bit more thrills, you could try chartering a boat and going out on the sea using a company such as Side Bet Sport Fishing. Having a professional guide with you could ensure that you find the best fishing spot so that you’re more likely to catch something.


Another fun option could be to try some go-karting. This is a great competitive activity to get people’s adrenaline racing. There are outdoor and indoor go-karting tracks – if you think it may rain, an indoor track could be a better option (K1 Speed are the most popular indoor go-karting company). Some tracks will allow private parties, allowing you to have the whole track to yourself, whilst other may not offer this option. 


If you’re looking for something a little alternative, you could try looking into archery. There are archery ranges that you can go to, as well as mobile archery companies that could allow you more flexibility when it comes to choosing your location. A professional archery company may be able to set challenges to make it a more fun event.

Bubble soccer

For soccer enthusiasts, bubble soccer could provide a more unique spin on an otherwise standard game of five-a-side. Players are half encased in bubble suits that resemble zorb balls with only their feet sticking out. Getting close enough to tackle one another often means colliding into each other, which can make the game very fun and comical. You can find a few companies that provide bubble soccer costumes online. 


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The Sports Archives – NASCAR Disqualifications Rock the Truck Racing Realm

This past February, NASCAR raised some eyebrows after announcing that the organization is planning to disqualify vehicles that fail a post-race inspection. The new policy wasn’t enacted until June 16th, when truck racer Ross Chastain’s No. 44 Chevrolet didn’t meet the requirements for ground clearance measurements during a Gander Outdoors Truck Series Race at the Iowa Speedway. Chastain was stripped of his first-place title, and instead, runner up Brett Moffitt was declared the winner.

Just last year, before the enactment of the new postrace inspection policy, Chastain would have likely kept his winning title, though he would not have been able to use the victory to qualify for the playoffs and would have lost ten points, seven playoff points, and the $50,000 racing bonus. Chastain and his team, Niece Motorsports, have appealed NASCAR’s ruling to restore his trophy and title, but the penalty was upheld.

The Impact of Chastain’s Disqualification

While the Gander Outdoors Truck Series Race is considered to be NASCAR’s equivalent of a minor league, the decision to disqualify a racer has still created waves throughout the entire community considering that this is the first time the organization has stripped a driver of their win since the 1990s.

The new policy is controversial, especially when it comes to the height of vehicles. There’s not postrace rule for height in the larger Cup series, but just smaller competitions. According to 2014 Cup champion Kevin Harvick, “It’s an easy way to send a message through a less publicized series with less attention, to not have the critics and [uprising] you would have if and when it happens here.”

The Future of NASCAR Truck Racing

To many, the recent disqualification has proven that NASCAR sees the rules that they’ve set in black and white. They’re willing to strip titles for any infraction of their regulation without mercy. Going forward, truck racers are going to have to pay much more attention to the height and weight of their vehicle among many other aspects. Fans can expect to see NASCAR upholding their decisions, and there’s a significant potential for more racers to see themselves disqualified in the coming months.

After NASCAR’s disqualification of Ross Chastain earlier this month, there have been fears in the truck racing community about the harsh postrace inspection rules set forth by the organization. Drivers have reacted poorly to the policy, with concerns over the equality of regulations across different racing circuits.

NASCAR is upholding their decision, however, bringing into question the future of the truck racing industry.

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The Sports Archives – 5 Reasons To Get Your Workout Wear Right

The phrase “dress for success” isn’t just important in the boardroom, but many associate it as such. However, what you wear DOES matter, particularly when it comes to athletic wear. The clothes that you choose to wear during exercise will directly affect your performance and how you feel while you’re working out. Most people throw on any loose clothing; you’re going to sweat anyway, so why dress up for it?

Here’s the thing: your workout clothing is going to make a big difference to the way that you feel, and we’ve got five solid reasons that choosing the right athletic wear is going to improve the way that you workout. Let’s take a look:

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A Confidence Boost

What you wear in the gym is going to make a difference if you know it’s going to help you to perform better. There is a lot of research that has shown that there is a positive impact on wearing the right clothing for work, and this is something that extends to the gym, too. If you know you look good, you’ll feel good, and that’s how you will act, too.

Performance Improvement

Did you know that there are some clothing pieces that have been banned from professional swimming contests because they can shave a swimmer’s lap time? Polyurethane is the material that has been banned for almost a decade because they created an advantage. Sure, you may not swim; you may prefer to work out. But, you buy the better trainers and the form-fitting t-shirts to be more aerodynamic when you run. It’s all for better performance.

Adds Protection

The right workout gear can provide you with better protection, and you can see the best helmet reviews on the TriStar products review site. Sports equipment that doesn’t fit correctly can really interfere with the way that you workout. Protection isn’t just about helmets, either. It’s long sleeves to protect your skin from the sun; it’s caps to stop your face burning.

Freedom Of Movement

Men aren’t the best shoppers when it comes to their athletic wear, and it’s often because they choose the cheapest options. The problem with cheap is that often the clothes don’t fit well and the cheapest materials are used. Freedom of movement is so important when it comes to being active, so you need to shop for clothing that fits your form and not too loose or too tight.

Aid In Recovery

Did you know that compression clothing can help you to recover your performance? The graduated compression can assist your body and its circulation and recovery is boosted, making you feel good when you workout and recover afterwards.

The athletic wear industry is a big one, and it’s growing rapidly. There are plenty of companies out there that will help you to choose from a range of workout wear that will fit you. Always check your workout wear to ensure you’re not going to be in the gym and feeling uncomfortable in any way.

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The Sports Archives – How To Get Fit When You Haven’t Worked Out In a While



So we all know that it’s important to do exercise on a regular basis. It’s good for your physical health, your heart and not to mention has been proven to do wonders for your mental health too. But sometimes life can get in the way and it can be weeks or even months since you’ve last gotten some exercise and worked up a sweat. Maybe it’s even been years and you’re overwhelmed with the prospect at starting your fitness journey again. There could be questions of how you can start your new exercise regime and get moving in a safe, enjoyable and most importantly sustainable way.  

The great think about sports and exercise is that there is something for everyone. No matter your age, gender or fitness level there’s guaranteed to be something that will be possible for you. It’s never too late to start improving your life. 

Here’s a list of a few things you can do to ease yourself into a new exercise regime and to have you feeling fit, healthy and great. 

How To Get Started 

One of the easiest, simple and cheap ways to get back into cardiovascular activity is by taking a walk. Try to aim to go faster than your regular strolling speed and to get your heart pumping. Aim for a speed where your breathing and heart rate are slightly elevated to moderate intensity. A daily brisk walk of between 10 and 20 minutes is a good starting point. Try to increase your walk by a few minutes daily to make sure that your body doesn’t get too used to the level of exercise. Eventually, you may feel ready to jog at a slow pace for a short burst of time or even cycle instead. 

If you’re looking for something more challenging feel free to visit your local gym. With a huge array of fitness classes and sports available you’re guaranteed to find something that takes your interest. Many gyms even offer personal training sessions now to help you get familiar with the machinery and help you with a plan to assist you with reaching your fitness goals. 

Be Aware and Be Safe

Before starting any new exercise routine its recommended that you consult your doctor first. They will usually sign off with a fit bill of health but if you have any niggles, in particular, a reason why you stopped exercising in the first place its always good to get it checked out first rather than to be sorry later on. 

Your physician will likely ask about any symptoms or pre-existing conditions such as cardiovascular disease. Breathing problems such as asthma or any family struggles with diabetes. They may also be interested in if you have any problems with your joints, muscles or bones. 

If your doctor does raise concerns don’t be disheartened. There are hundreds of people out there who suffer from ailments and your doctor may be able to suggest tweaks and changes that you can incorporate into your fitness lifestyle that will still allow you to achieve your exercise goals.

Setting Your Goals (and stick to them) 

It’s a great idea to have some achievable goals and milestones that you would like to reach when starting out with fitness. It will help you monitor your progress and keep you motivated. 

If you’re looking to get fit, tone up or lose weight, cardio is a great place to start. It gets your heart rate up and supercharges your metabolism. Low impact exercises such as swimming and pilates are great for a significant calorie burn. One hour swimming at a moderate pace can burn up to 800 calories alone. Group swimming classes like Aqua aerobics are a great way for you to socialise while still getting healthy. Ametuer swimming teams are popping up all over the country-  caps with your team logo on are a fun way to make sure you all feel a part of the team. 

If you’re more interested in getting strong and lean consider hitting the weight room. Get involved with lifting weights and working using resistance machines as well as your own body weight. Bodyweight only exercises like lunges, pushups and pull-ups are a great easy way to get started. 

For overall body fitness, it is recommended to incorporate them all for a balanced workout.


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The Sports Archives – Why Sports Are More Financially Lucrative Than Ever

A few major industries have suddenly come out of the woodwork since early 2000, to now become the leaders in the world. Now more than ever, industries like gaming, streaming services and of course sports have advanced far beyond almost every other. Gaming has overtaken Hollywood and now is a trillion dollar industry and still rising. Streaming services have in fact put many traditional media networks out of business and will only become more widespread. On the face of it, sports haven’t changed except every other industry now caters for it. You can stream watch sporting events, you can play sports video games and you can also make your own money just by following sports. So how could you get involved more and also make a little money by participating in some capacity.?

Running the team

If you’re a professional who works in banking, accounting, business or marketing, there are tons of ways you can use your skills in sports organizations and teams. For example, if you are some kind of event manager and you are responsible for growing the public exposure of the team, you can work with a company like payperhead24/7. They will lead a campaign to give the wider public a chance to put their money where their mouth is, and put some money down on who they think will win or what might happen in the game. You can work in a multiple partnership capacity, as many bookmaking companies will work together with various business such as bars, restaurants, streaming services and real world marketing companies. Running a team and getting exposure has never been easier. You can also work together with social media companies in this same regard.

Invest in talent

Local teams are always looking for investors to help fund their dreams of becoming a large team in their particular sport. They will always try to make their local fans happy but truth be told, they would like someone to invest in them as a business. Now more than ever you have access to plenty of information regarding players, talent, coaching staff and overall business plan that teams have to make a smart decision. Sports teams and organizations go public or are already, thus you can buy their stock value and also own shares if you have the money to do so. It’s an incredible opportunity as unlike other investment channels, you can set up a cosy agreement with the team itself so you returns are much higher than they would be otherwise. 

A mark of success

Have you noticed that cities with very successful sports teams are never shy of investment in infrastructure and real estate? When a small town team goes all the way and wins big, you can expect a lot of funding to go into that city because everybody gravitates towards success. It’s only natural for a city with wealthy fans to also have the funds to buy the best athletes, players and staff to go on and win even more games and cups.

It’s a phenomenal time to get into sports one way or another. Even if you aren’t someone who gets their money out to invest in something, you might want to give your favorite team another glance.


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The Sports Archives – You’ve Encountered A Sporting Injury – What’s Next?


All injuries are unpleasant to deal with, but sporting injuries can often lay special roots in our unhappiness. This is because we can often seemingly come up with the most creative injuries when we’re exercising our bodies and contorting into shapes that we might not usually deal with. Being pinned under a bench-press machine, harming your back when weightlifting, injuring an ankle when running, or experiencing an accepted possibility in contact sports are just some examples that plainly, absolutely suck.

When you encounter a sports injury it can be hard to know what to do next. On top of that, our team or schedule might wrongfully encourage us to keep going, or to shrug off the injury due to convenience. We think of someone competing for a bodybuilding competition getting injured and realizing that this will take them out of the event, only to try and brush off the issue with ineffective healing – making things worse.

Let us consider best practice after you experience something like this:

Don’t Stress It, And Identify

Most sporting types are known for their resilience. But you simply can’t be so tough that you can shrug off an injury. First, you need to identify what the problem is, and what the scope of the damage might be. For example, spraining your ankle might have also affected your calf, or perhaps harming your lower back during your failed deadlift might have also injured your deltoids. It’s important to head to a physical professional, first a Doctor and then perhaps a specialist, in order to help you overcome the issues you might be experiencing right now. If you can do that, then you apply a measure of wisdom to your care, and can immediately begin taking steps to rectify the issue.

Visit A Specialist

Sports specialists are essential to help you gain rehabilitation in the way that you need it. Doctors are of course experts regarding the human body, but often sports therapists have the most cohesive knowledge as to how the body best functions in sporting contexts. This is why a sports medicine Doctor could potentially yield you the most information after you have visited your healthcare professionals. They might put you into a physical rehabilitation program, recommend certain medications to take, or give you a timeline of your recovery. They will also help you understand how to replan and reassess your sporting engagements for the future. For this and more, they are invaluable.

Take It Easy

It’s important to keep your mind active when you’re struggling to move physically after an injury. Perhaps you can take this time to relax, de-stress, find and reassess your performance up unto that injury, and try to figure out what your game plan might be when you return fully recovered. The most important thing is to take it easy, and try to learn from the injury. In this way, you might prevent it from ever happening again.

With these tips, you are certain to exercise the best wisdom after becoming injured in sport.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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The Sports Archives – Packing Your Family’s Summer Break With Sports

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If there’s any time of year that’s perfect for sports, then it’s summer. Obviously, you might not want to run around in the sweltering heat for hours, but a little bit of physical activity can actually be fun (believe it or not) on a pleasant day. So, there’s no excuse to hide indoors anymore. The cold winter months are behind us. It’s time to embrace the outdoor world and get some fresh air. Whether you go on a trip or plan a staycation, here’s how to pack your family’s summer break with sports.

Watch the game.

If the thought of running around in the heat really doesn’t appeal to you right at this moment then maybe you could start off by watching professionals play sports. During the warmer months, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as heading out to watch a professional sporting game in person. Just make sure you bring plenty of snacks and water for the whole family so that you take care of yourselves in the sun. If you’re not sure what type of sport to follow this season then you should definitely start with baseball. There are some fantastic games to be expected this summer, and you and your family will have a wonderful time following them.

You might want to check out if you’re looking for tickets to one or more of the games. Seeing these games in person rather than on TV could be a valuable bonding experience for you and your family. There’s something special about actually witnessing a baseball game in real life. You should certainly look into teams such as the Dodgers if you’re wondering who to support (especially if you’re only a casual baseball fan). It looks like they’ve got a particularly great season coming up this year.

Go on a bike ride.

Cycling is the kind of sport that might appeal to you and your family if you’re looking for something gentle and pleasant to get you back into a regular exercise routine. It’s a non-competitive sport, so you can ease yourself back into the world of physical activity without having to worry about the kids arguing too much. As we’ve suggested before, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to explore some national parks or other fantastic natural areas. Obviously, you don’t have to go to such locations. You could simply take the bikes around your local area; you could do a few laps around the block, for instance.

Visit your local park.

You might also want to visit your local park if you want to pack your family’s summer break with sports. The park is a great location for sports. It gives you a little more room than your back garden, at any rate. You could bring a few bags or jackets to function as goalposts and play a game of soccer, for example. Or you could bring some badminton rackets and a net to have a proper little tournament in the middle of the park. Perhaps you could simply bring a frisbee and play a game of ultimate frisbee. Setting up the game is very simple, but it’s incredibly fun.

Do a few laps at the pool.

Swimming is a sport that adheres to the interests of most kids and grown-ups, regardless of age. It might be the perfect option if you’re struggling to pick a sport that everybody enjoys. You could head down to your local pool to do a few laps and splash about in the water. That’s the beauty of taking a pool break. Sure, it’s an opportunity to stay active and partake in a proper sport, but it’s also an opportunity to have fun and relax. It could be the exact break that you and your family need.

Play a game of Capture the Flag.

You might also want to play a game of Capture the Flag if you’re looking for a fun sport. It might not be a professional sport played by athletes in the Olympics, but it’s a fun competitive game that’ll get you and your family moving. The rules are simple. Two teams have one or more flags each. Each team has to steal the enemy’s flag (or flags) and bring it back to their base. If you were looking for a good way to get your kids running back and forth eagerly then this is probably going to be your best option.

Ask your family members what they want to do.

Of course, one of the best ways to make your summer break successful is to ask your family members what they want to do. There’s nothing wrong with encouraging the little ones (and perhaps even your grown partner) to get into sports so that you can all stay healthy and active. However, you might find yourself faced with resistance if you keep pushing a physical activity that everybody finds boring or strenuous. You need to listen to your family. Make sure everybody is heard. Otherwise, everybody is going to feel as if they’re being forced to undertake chores. But this is your summer break. You should only be doing sports if you all find them fun. You’re not at work or school. You shouldn’t have to feel as if you’re meeting the criteria on an agenda.

Perhaps everybody has individual preferences, so you could make it your mission to try out every type of sport or physical activity suggested by a member of your family. That would make everyone feel included, and it’d definitely make everybody a little more eager to approach the challenges they face over the summer. Maybe your child will tell you a particular thing that would make a certain sport more enjoyable, as suggested at Perhaps they’d enjoy a game of volleyball more if you all played it in the pool, for instance. Or perhaps they’d prefer a game of tag football as opposed to ordinary American football; that way, it combines a sport with a fun game they most likely already play with their friends.

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