The Sports Archives – Funding Football in Costa Rica


Football is thriving in Costa Rica, and the country is proudly playing in the 2018 World Cup. However, being one of the 23 qualifying football teams is expensive. The Costa Rican team is run shrewdly, just like a business, in order to make sure that there is enough money to actually participate and pay the team and associated staff. All eyes will be on Pinto to see how the team progresses, but behind the scenes, it takes a lot more than a manager to get the team going.

In Major League Football, Alvaro Saborio earns $453,000 a season, but with average Costa Rican wages of $529 a month, the MLS federation needs to show that paying star players this amount is really worth it. Are they just doing a job, or are they role models for their country?

Accounting for soccer teams

Just like any other business, football teams need to have a business strategy and clear financial accounting. Latin American has financial standards and these need to be met. For big clubs such as Limon F.C. and Deportivo Saprissa through to the teams in the lower divisions, the Costa Rican Football Federation oversee the stringent accounting rules. By ensuring that this is done properly however means that the teams are making a profit. This money can be invested back into the club, and also into football programs making sure that the youth of Costa Rica are able to be part of the sport. 

Funding soccer teams

Many football clubs acquire funding from private financiers such as Amanda Staveley or Jason Sugarman. For smaller clubs in Costa Rica, many find that in order to improve their team and move further up the league to make a profit, they acquire seasoned players from the European teams on loan, however this is an expensive gamble, as European wages are often higher. It is for clubs to decide whether they have to spend money to make money. Football clubs are also investing in management staff that are professionally qualified in running a team and acquiring funding. Universities and colleges in the country are now recognising that football is a business and are running courses on football club management. This means that the country’s youth are being educated on sports management and financing teams.

Financing football for future generations

In order for younger generations to be able to learn soccer skills and improve, then the country needs to invest further money into pitches, equipment and coaching. Football brings revenue to the country and benefits children both physically and mentally. There are soccer programs buying up football pitches for youth teams, and also renting them out, ensuring that they make a profit. It takes $15,000 a year to run a soccer program for communities to use.

Companies such as One by One sponsor soccer teams all over Costa Rica in order to give opportunities to underprivileged children in the company. Theses types of soccer programmes are helping to educate teenagers and get them involved in the community. Football is boosting the economy in Costa Rica and future generations will greatly benefit from the investment that is being made into this great game.


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The Sports Archives – The Best Sport For A Full-Body Workout? It Just Might Be Tennis…

Get fit with tennis. Source

There are loads of sports out there that give you a great workout. However, a lot of the time, they mainly focus on one area of our body. Soccer is really good at training your legs, as are a lot of sports. Then, you have sports like golf that do a good job of sculpting your arms.

But, what if we were looking for a sport to give us a full-body workout? Well, tennis might be the perfect sport for this! In today’s piece, I’ll explain all the physical benefits of tennis, as well as giving some little tips to improve your game. Check everything out below.

Tennis is good for your whole body. Image location

The Health Benefits Of Tennis

Tennis has the fantastic benefit of giving your entire body a workout. Your legs work a lot as you run around the court, your core is braced when hitting shots and staying balanced, and your upper body works hard swinging the racket.

Playing a tennis match will leave you sore all over for a good couple of days. But, the advantage of a full-body sport is that you burn more calories while playing too. It’s the ultimate way of getting fit as more muscle groups are firing at the same time. This makes it very intense, meaning you can lose a lot of weight.

Furthermore, due to the stop-start nature of tennis, it’s fantastic for improving fitness levels. A match of tennis is pretty much like one long high-intensity interval training session. You run for a short period, get a tiny breather, and then you’re back at it again. This makes it really good for your cardiovascular health.

Harness your skills and own the court. Photo credit

Improving Your Tennis Game

Many people like the idea of tennis, but don’t really know where to begin and can’t play very well. Don’t worry, there are some simple tips you can apply to improve your performance. The first of which is to have all the right equipment. Look for a tennis racket with a good grip and weight, to make it easier to hold and swing. Check out Sports Gear Lab best tennis shoes list to find some shoes that grip the surface well and allow good support for your ankles, making it easier to run. Finally, wear suitable clothing that doesn’t restrict your movement.

Next, learn how to hit the three basic tennis strokes; serve, forehand, and backhand. Serving is the most difficult thing to master, so it demands the most attention. As for the other strokes, you have the option to play them using one or two hands. For the best results, you should use a one-handed forehand and a two-handed backhand. This will help you control your shots more.

Finally, practice hitting your shots against a wall. This is how all the pros learnt to play, so it’s good enough for you too! As you get better, slowly transition to a court with an actual hitting partner.

You don’t have to be amazing to enjoy the health benefits of tennis, but it does make the sport more fun to play! If you fancy trying a new sport that gives you a full-body workout, maybe this is the one for you.


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The Sports Archives – 5 Indoor Games Which Will Keep You Fit

table tennis

Do you have passion for games? If the answer to the above is yes, then I will take you through a few indoor games that will help you both mentally and physically fit. When we talk of indoor games, this is far from sitting on the chair to enjoy play stations. Games are fun and healthy to human body. It has been discovered that people who exercise a lot are less prone to some chronic diseases which disturbs people. Engaging in any one of the indoor games is the best place to pass time wisely. One gets energized and charged to conduct other activities appropriately. If you want to beat the scorching sun or a rainy season, choosing any one of the indoor games can do well to satisfy your curiosity. Little has been exposed concerning the indoor games, which are less given attention. We are used to the common football matches, which attracts more fans. Along, you can visit and familiarize with the available games to keep you fit. The following paragraphs elucidate the common indoor games that can keep anyone busy, hence improving their physical fitness.


Swimming is common in the current age. We are living in a generation where luxurious activities such as swimming is part of their schedule. Although they do it for fun, they have no idea the benefit it brings into their physical health. Traditionally, swimming was not considered as a game. It was just an act of passing time and relaxing. In today’s world, it has been included among the indoor games. Different styles are available, which makes it more appealing to the spectators. The modern child is brought up knowing various techniques of swimming. You will find a parent carrying his her family to the swimming pool, to teach them basics of swimming. Additionally, people are building swimming pools in their homestead. The game has been appreciated both by old and young people. The process of maintaining balance to remain afloat in the water help the individual to remain fit. Swimming can be done in all seasons. During summer, the waters are maintained at a cool temperature while during rainy season, warm water could be directed into the swimming pool.


This is a team game and every member is essential for better performance. Basketball has been there for so long, and it’s one of the recognized traditional game in the world. This game was not appreciated much sometime back, but as the time progresses, people are tending to like the game. It is normally known for helping people to learn to work as a team. It involves passing ball to the partner player, and therefore much coordination is required. Furthermore, it involves a lot of movement. The player does not stay at one stagnant point. One has to be flexible to counter the opponent and enhance high score rate. Continued movement helps in burning the calories and also improving bone strength. Apart from physical benefits, the game also develops concentration and mental development.


When volleyball is mentioned, the first thought that strikes is body flexibility. Just like the basketball, volleyball is a team game, which involves two sets of groups. The most important part of it is that it improves the coordination of the eyes and the hands. The player has to be swift enough to counter the opponent. This is a game of hand and eyes. Due to regular jumps and movements, it helps the player to reduce the calories in the body. Further, it tones the body and keeps it in the right shape.


Badminton is the second most played sport after tennis. Most people have classified it as feminine because it is mostly played by females. However, it can be played indoors because it involves less participants. Furthermore, it does not require a large space for it to be played. Just like other indoor games, it involves a lot of thinking and eye coordination. One has to be fast in acting to succeed in this type of game. It also involves a lot of running which is good for the physical health of the body. It makes an individual more flexible and improves coordination capability.

Table Tennis

This sport has less or no risks therefore suitable for any age group. Additionally, the game requires less space and actually can be played in the house. You just need a table specifically for this game. This is one of the game that is known for improving the thinking capacity for young people. In order to win, the individual is supposed to have a good coordination between the eyes and hands. It is worth trying it.

All these indoor games are important in improving our health. So, rather than depending on medical help, you can choose to adopt any of the above games at any season.

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The Sports Archives – Hunting as a Sport – Why You Should Consider It

For centuries, hunting was a means of putting food on the table but thanks to animal husbandry and the modern farming techniques, the need for hunting to provide sustenance has reduced substantially. Surprisingly, 16.9 million Americans went hunting from Spring 2016 to Spring 2017. With this in mind, hunting is no longer a necessity but a beloved outdoor activity. Find out what makes this an attractive sport.

A Mini Break With a Few Good Friends

This is the ideal time to break away for a few days or weeks and boost that sense of camaraderie in the group. Hunters have the option to go the route of glamorous hunting, where a cozy cabin in the woods allows for some hunting tales around the fireplace. Those who prefer to rough it out can do it in a more traditional camping style. A fireplace might not be an option so as not to reveal their position, but there is still opportunity to share stories.

It Satisfies the Need for Gadgets

One of the most satisfying experiences to a hunter is the purchase of a new gadget that will improve their hunting game. It’s not always about the aesthetic appeal of things, such an engraved barrel, but rather those items that will give the hunter the edge over their friends and competitors. Purchasing a new rifle scope is a good place to start, as well as tracking devices and even night-vision goggles.

Hunting Offers the Opportunity to Connect With the Source of Food

There is nothing more tragic than a society that believes that their sustenance is from a supermarket or factory. Those who go out on the hunt are able to connect with their food on a whole new level. It is also the ideal time for the hunter to reflect on other sources of energy, such as roots and berries that are safe to eat in the area. Many pack high-protein snacks and camp food, but those who have a more traditional approach to hunting will appreciate the slight deviation to foraging.

Every Trip Offers a Physical Challenge

Some of the milder activities of hunting include walking around the forest with a heavy rifle and backpack to setting up camp. Those who decide to pull all-nighters will have to replenish their energy reserves often in order to stay awake. But possibly the most taxing of all is when hunters land their prize and they need to gut, carry, and skin the animal. Those who decide to take hunting on solo will need to bear this in mind as they need to be in top physical condition.

As with any other sport, safety is in numbers and hunters are usually recommended to take a few hunting pals along on the trip. Small groups of three or four tend to work well, as they’re small enough to remain quiet – an essential component of a successful hunt – and big enough to lend support when needed.

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The Sports Archives – What Can We Learn From The Historic Yankees vs Red Sox Quarrel?

One of the most bitter rivalries in the history of sport lies between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox.

The two teams have been playing against each other for over 100 seasons, and the baseball games are as tough today as they were on their first meeting back in 1901.

A rivalry that runs this deep is riddled with tension, wins and losses, but what can it tell us about the two teams and the state of baseball in general?

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Now, let’s start with the history

The rivalry between the Yankees and the Red Sox goes far beyond the game of baseball – and further back than their first meeting. The two cities have been rivals for hundreds of years, in everything from culture to economic status.

The early years

The Boston Red Sox (or the ‘Boston Americans’ as they started out) won the first ever World Series in 1903, which, according to some fans, is evidence enough of their superiority.

When the Red Sox and the Yankees came together for their first match in May of the same year, George Winter (a pitcher for the Red Sox) was hit during a brawl. Perhaps this should have been a sign of the fierce contention which would continue to sit between the teams.

The Curse of the Bambino

You don’t need to be a baseball aficionado to know that Babe Ruth, arguably the most famous baseball in history, played for both the Yankees and the Red Sox.

He began his career with the Red Sox in 1914, where he spent five years as a left hand pitcher.

In one of the most controversial and game-changing moves in history, the owner of the Red Sox (Harry Frazee) sold Ruth to the Yankees for $500,000. Why the shock sale? Frazee needed funds to put towards the production of a musical, and despite having scored 29 home runs in 1919, Babe Ruth provided the means for him to do so.

The story has become the stuff of legend, mainly due to the fact that the sale of Ruth seemed to curse the Red Sox’s luck. From that day on, the team failed to win a single World Series title for 86 years. At the same time, Ruth’s pitching with the Yankees earned him worldwide fame for being one of the greatest sports players of all time.

This has become known as the ‘Curse of the Bambino’.

Breaking the curse

Over the next nine decades, both the Red Sox and the Yankees saw their fair share of defeats and victories. However, none of the Red Sox’s wins could truly be enjoyed while the spectre of the curse was still hanging over the club.

It wasn’t until 2004 that the Red Sox’s fortunes changed. Expectations were high in the lead up to the season. Johnny Damon is quoted as saying: “If we do advance to the World Series and win, it’s a better story that we went through New York…If we are going to win the World Series, it’s better to beat the Yankees to get there. Otherwise, everybody will say, ‘Well, you didn’t have to face the Yankees.’”

The Yankees had a better start to the series than the Red Sox, winning the first three games. It looked as though the Red Sox would never be able to claw their way back. However, by pulling off one of the most spectacular comebacks in sporting history, the Red Sox won every other game to win the series 10-3.

The scale of the conflict

Following the brawl on the first game between the Red Sox and the Yankees, numerous physical fights have marred the sporting rivalry between the two teams. This has spanned from disagreements between players – such as several punch ups involving Carlton Fisk – to fights between fans. The most extreme of these was in 2008, when a Yankees fan was charged with second-degree murder after two people died as the result over a disagreement about the two teams.

However, the tension has stretched far further and wider than just competition on the pitch and physical confrontations. It has spread into just about every aspect of modern life, including politics, television, and even overflowing into other sports.

The current state of play

The 2017 season has seen no reduction in the rivalry between the two teams. This was highlighted when the Red Sox hit a milestone on 12th August: the Boston team beat the New York Yankees for the 1000th time.

New talent has been rising up the ranks for both teams, making the competition as hot as ever. The teams are virtually neck-and-neck, with the likes of Rafael Devers and Aaron Judge pitting themselves against each other.

What does this tell us?

At the most basic level, the historic conflict between the Yankees and the Red Sox tells us that this rivalry runs deep. This has become about more than just baseball: this is now an ingrained part of our culture. The sports fans who watch the games today can’t even remember how it all began: they just take it as a given.

In all likelihood, this tension is never going to go away in baseball’s lifetime. The quality of the gameplay is so high that there’s a feeling that the rivalry matters more now than it ever has.

While full-on fights are never a good thing, a little local rivalry between teams is a healthy part of sport. For players, it proves an extra boost to motivation, which in turn leads to greater entertainment and enjoyment for fans.

The historic, ongoing rivalry between the Boston Red Sox and the New York Yankees is one of those things that people love to hate – kind of like a guilty secret – even if they support an entirely different team altogether. As far as we’re concerned, if it increases the popularity and longevity of the sport, long may it continue.

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The Sports Archives – Eat Right Train Right

There’s such a social media trend at the minute to eat right, and train right. More and more people are after that dream body. This is possibly down to the huge influence celebrities, and social media famous people are having on the world. The improvements they’re having are inspiring people to push themselves further. Let’s look into how they manage to keep up with it all.



The right diet is essential to training right. They go hand in hand with optimal performance. Fueling your body with both, food, supplements and hydration is the key to gaining that killer body. Depending on what you’re trying to achieve, you’ll need to tailor your regime. For losing weight, the best diets to try are low carb and calories.  Yes, it may seem obvious that you’ll need to lower your calories, but lowering your carbs at the same time has such a better effect. There are a few diets out there on the internet that help you do this. Some follow the routine of having completely free carb days, or going carb free altogether. Whilst these are effective in the beginning, they can make you rather ill. You might experience sickness, light-headedness, fatigue etc. A low carb diet is so much more effective. It’ll reduce your weight, but you won’t have the effect of piling on the pounds as soon as you return to eating carbs.

If you’re looking to bulk, or put on weight in general, then a high calorie diet is the one for you. Make sure you’re focusing on healthy foods. It’s all well and good pilling on the pounds, but if you’re doing it using unhealthy fats, you’ll find it much harder to turn it into muscle weight. Fuel your body with healthy fats, red meats, chicken and veg. You’ll also feel so much more energised when it comes to training. Supplements are such a great addition to diet. They provide you with the extra minerals and vitamins you need to progress further. Check out companies such as Sportsfuel sports supplements to see what range is available. Be sure to do your research on each supplement, and how it’ll benefit you before purchasing.


Training your body is the hardest part. Finding the motivation to get yourself to exercise is the first hurdle. But when you finally do, the endorphins released will give you the drive you need. The key is to not push yourself too hard in the beginning. Not only will this produce poor results, you’ll most likely incur injuries, and lose motivation due to not thinking you’re good enough. Take baby steps and figure out what works for you.  Lower reps of a higher weight is the perfect way to build muscle. If you’re looking to tone, do lower weights but with higher reps and sets. Make sure you’re working specific sets of muscles each time. So one day it could be legs, the next it’ll be arms. It’ll prevent injury and help keep workouts varied and entertaining.

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The Sports Archives – The Best Activities For A Healthy Heart

Image Credit

Heart health is an integral part of any sports person’s fitness regime. And whether you want to get yourself in the best shape ever to replicate a top athlete’s performance, or just want to extend your life expectancy by a significant amount, it’s something you should be doing, too. With this in mind, here are some of the best exercises and activities that will give your heart a boost in the health department, and lead to a solid foundation for being the fittest you can be. Let’s take a closer look.


Believe it or not, just being active during your day rather than sitting behind a desk can lead to exceptional heart health improvements. Humans weren’t designed to sit in a chair all day, which is why those who do active jobs such as cleaning, gardening, or are on their feet all day tend to be healthier than those who don’t. In fact, having an active lifestyle is even better for you than doing 30-60 minutes of heavy exercise and then work at a desk for the rest of the day.


A lot of top athletes take yoga classes, and there are a lot of reasons why. Not only does it improve flexibility and core strength, but yoga also lowers your blood pressure. This means your blood vessels enjoy more elasticity, resulting in your arteries becoming less clogged.

Weight training

Want to do some serious good for your heart? Get yourself down to the gym and learn to lift weights. If you’re asking yourself “is there a gym near me where I won’t look like an amateur?” – It’s an honest question. The weights section of gyms has something of a bad reputation, but ultimately there is a place for everyone, and it’s merely a case of checking out your local clubs and finding somewhere you will fit in. It’s definitely worth getting over it – when you build muscle, the burden on your heart is lifted, and the increase of heart rate during reps and the recovery between them is a great way to get fit.

Total body activities

If you struggle a lot with injuries, your best bet is to try out less impact sports that work the entire body. Ultimately, the more muscles groups you work out at once, the harder your heart works – and the fitter it gets. Try swimming, rowing, brisk hiking with poles, and sports like cross-country skiing.

Interval training

Once you are in reasonable shape, you can really take things to the next level by getting some interval training in. It’s hands-down the best activity going for your heart, as the short bursts of high-intensity exercise and active recovery will improve your vascular function, burn off a ton of calories, and even makes your body better at flushing heart-harming fat and sugar from your blood.

As you can see, good heart health is more than achievable – as long as you know the right activities. And whether you have dreams of becoming a pro sports star, or just want to extend your life by several years, it’s the single best thing you can do to increase your prospects of success. Good luck!


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