The Sports Archives – Staying Fit at Home -Tips for People With Type 2 Diabetes

If you or someone you love has Type 2 Diabetes, then you know how important maintaining a healthy lifestyle truly is. For the newly diagnosed, diabetes can be a word filled with uncertainty and anxiety. This disease that affects nearly 30 million Americans forces people to pay complete attention to their bodies, how they eat, and how they exert their energy. Although diabetes marks a change in the lives of millions, this change doesn’t have to be a bad thing. This could be the chance to finally take control of your health and get in the best shape in your life—and the good news is, you can do this all from the comfort of home.

Setting Up Your Home Gym

Some people may shirk away from the idea of making their own home gym simply because they expect it to be a huge investment and do not wish to take a big financial hit—but this is only a misconception. In truth, a home gym is only as expensive as the money you choose to invest in it, and the only thing you really need in your gym is space. For your home workouts, you will be doing a combination of aerobic activities, anaerobic exercises and strength-training moves. This will require floor space, but also enough headroom to be able to have a full range of mobility around your body. Therefore, you ideally want to dedicate an open room for your workout that has very little furniture that could get in the way.

Additionally, you will want a room with lots of natural light and very few distractions. If your room is filled with gadgets and gizmos not conducive to your workout, then chances are that they will end up being a distraction and take away from your valuable workout time. Natural light is a great way to naturally energize the body and mind, and it will keep your area well illuminated to avoid any kind of accidents.

Preparing Your Workout

Once you have a suitable space for exercising, all you need is the appropriate workout routine. The best option for you is dependent on your current level of fitness and your overall fitness goals. If you are looking to increase your strength, you might consider investing in some inexpensive dumbbells and/or kettlebells. If you are going for a lower-impact workout that does more to increase your flexibility and core strength, you might want to purchase a yoga mat or a BOSU balance trainer.

Executing A Plan

The key to any workout routine is maintaining a consistent frequency, intensity, and duration, so think about what time is best for you to commit to exercising every day. Remember that this needs to be a time that can work each day you plan on exercising, and will rarely conflict with any other plans you may have. Some people like to begin their day with a workout, since it helps them wake up and have an energetic rest of the day. Others might choose sometime in the early afternoon or after work to burn off the day’s stress. Whichever time slot you choose, be sure you have ample time to complete your fitness session so you don’t feel rushed or stressed while doing it.

The last thing you need to remember about establishing your workout plan is intensity. Exercise doesn’t have to be a punishment, and you shouldn’t have to push yourself to the extreme in order to get fit. In fact, as a diabetic, it can be dangerous to overexert yourself when working out. It’s important to understand that finding the right balance of effort can propel your workout and generate positive results to keep you healthy and happy.

Supplement Your Exercise With A Healthy-Eating Plan

Just as important as being active is establishing a healthy diet, and just like working out, it’s easy to cook nutritious meals at home. Be sure to fill your refrigerator and pantry with healthy staples, including:

In general, opt for non or minimally processed foods and avoid treats with added salt and sugar as much as possible.

Diabetes is an overwhelming diagnosis, but it doesn’t have to destroy your life. Working out at home is an excellent way to maintain your overall health and keep your Type 2 Diabetes under control.

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The Sports Archives – Shed Hunting? How To Find Yours

Whitetails, just like the other species in the deer family shed their antlers every year and then go on to grow another new set. The shedding process may take up to three weeks to complete while the regeneration may take the entire summer to complete and the cycle starts all over again. Typically, the whitetails will shed their antlers between mid-January and April.

The antlers consist of a bone-like tissue and the mounting parts on the head of the whitetail upon which the antler grow. These mounting points are referred to as the pedicles. Pedicles start appearing on the head of young whitetail when it reaches one year, but the first branch may not appear until the third year. The antlers become long and thick as the whitetail grows. They will grow rapidly for about two to four months before they shed off.

How Do Bucks Shed their Antlers?

Several factors determine how the whitetail sheds their antlers. The first factor that influences the shedding process is genetics. Every subspecies of the bucks will let go off their headgear at different times of the year. Geographical location also plays a critical role since it dictates the climate of the region. Extreme cold will make the deer shed its antlers sooner than in warm conditions.

Food availability is another factor that will determine how soon the buck parts way with its headgear. The whitetails that are malnourished tend to shed their antlers sooner compared to their healthy counterparts. Years with poor crop harvests can make the buck shed its antlers sooner.

Stress from rut is the final factor that will influence the shedding process. Years that tend to produce harsh rutting conditions will make the whitetails shed their antlers sooner than usual. Regions with uneven buck-to-doe ratio tend to dump significant loads on the whitetails.

Where Should You Hunt for the Shed Antlers?

Hunting for shed antlers has become hype in the whitetail hunting world. You have to be patient and smart to find them. However, some areas tend to produce more sheds than others. Some of the prime spots where you should go looking for the shed antlers include:

  • Travel routes along fences, creeks, and ditch crossings
  • In the beddings area; especially in cedar thickets, CRP fields (Conservation Reserve Program), south and east- facing slopes, and in the field-grass beds
  • In feeding areas; especially in crop fields, water sources, and food plots.

How to Find the Shed Antlers

Avoid hunting too early, and if you bump into an antlered buck, it doesn’t mean that you will find the shed antlers in that area. Another tip is to have your trail camera around the identified feeding spots. Once the images in your camera indicate antlered whitetails, intensify your search for the shed antlers.

Rainy days are the most ideal to go out and look for the headgears. Sheds tend to shine in the rain which means there is a high possibility that it will attract your eye faster. Do not wander around a large area. Instead, mark off a small area of land and focus your search in that area. You can also accompany someone who knows the ropes and/or bring along a shed dog.

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Danny Shetler works as a full-time electrician and spends as much time as he can outdoors. The outdoors are his passion and he spends all of his spare time with his wife and teenage son, finding hunting and fishing excursions to keep him busy and help him “bring home the bacon”.

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The Sports Archives – Proven Ways To Improve Your Golf Game

Remember that episode of Rick and Morty where Jerry inadvertently unleashes a small army of trans dimensional creatures called Meeseeks to help him shave two points off his golf game? Didn’t really work out for him, did it? When it comes to paring down your handicap, the secret lies not in conjuring high concept sci-fi mascots, but in embracing the practices that help proponents of virtually every sport to improve their game. Get plenty of practice, focus on your fundamentals, and be amenable to advice when you know it comes from a good source. That’s why The Sports Archives Blog has scoured the archives for top tips from the pros to help even golfers with two left hands shave some much-needed swings off their game.

Image by Pixabay

Pack The Lightest Equipment Possible

Golf is a game of finesse, and requires a perfect balance between tension and relaxation in your hands, arms, legs, back and hips. Thus, carrying around heavy equipment from one hole to the next (if you don’t have a caddy to assist you) can not only make the game a whole lot less enjoyable, but tired limbs can seriously throw you off your game. Carry an ultralight golf bag, packed with the lightest weight clubs and you’ll find that you’re capable of the finesse you need to gain that competitive edge. It’ll also make the game a lot less tiring and a lot more enjoyable.

Avoid Topping The Tee Shot

We’ve all done this one. In an effort to get the ball as high as possible, we end up topping the shot and driving the ball into the ground. Most of the time we do this because we’re hanging back and hitting upwards, thereby increasing the risk of sending the ball careening off the tee and into the ground. This gets the game off to a bad start and haunts you throughout the course.

This can be easily cured by working on your follow through. Imagine that you’re hitting two balls at the same time. The first is where you usually tee up, the second is hovering a few inches in front of the target. Focus your attention on the second ball and you’ll be more likely to follow through in a sweeping motion that sends the ball well clear of the tee. Boom! Your game is off to the best possible start and you’re much more likely to get into the zen like state favored by golfers and fishermen for a good game.

Embrace The Hip Bump

Sometimes your shots will go too thin (similar to topping your tee shot with your iron, where the iron strikes the ball too high) or too fat (where the club hits the ground before the ball). These shots can be unpredictable and derail a game which has been going perfectly until this point. These shots can be cured, however, by embracing the hip bump. Initiate your down-swing, but with a slight bump in your hips towards your target. This will allow you to center your body’s rotation over the ball, helping you to avoid hitting the turf before the golf ball. Hanging back is one of the surest ways to ensure that you hit it fat.


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The Sports Archives – It’s All About The Water Sports – The Ones To Try This Summer

There an often be a lot of focus around extreme sports and what you should be trying at least once to get that adrenaline rush, but as sport is such a diverse thing to be involved in, and so many avenues you can take, sometimes it can be quite easy to miss out on some of the best sports to try to be involved in. I wanted to focus on all things water today, and highlight some of the sports you should give a go this summer. Some are tamer than others, some may take practice or perseverance to get right, but all will give you a different experience and it is always worth trying something. After all, you never know where it could lead to. So without further ado, here are some of the water sports you should try. I would be keen to know how many you have already done.

Image source


Let’s start with the obvious thing you can do, on your own, in the water, and that is swimming. But there are still studies that show that an alarming amount of people still haven’t mastered this life skill. Swimming is one of those things that can be done in a local pool, and there are always lessons that cover all stages of experience. If you haven’t done it before, or you want to brush up on your swimming skills, then perhaps this summer is the time to do it. This website has some interesting tips to get you started

White Water Rafting

From something obvious to something extreme, but it wouldn’t be right not to include some adrenalin rush sports in this list, and white water rafting can be just that. Depending on your experience, at the right locations there are places you can go to use the right sort of rafts and equipment, and also know where to go and what to do. It can be a lot of fun, you will probably get very wet, but it is certainly something you should try at least once.

Paddle Boarding

Paddle boarding is something that not many people will have heard of, but it is growing in popularity all over the world. It is something that can be done on calm or more rapid water and it can be a lot of fun. Thanks to websites like you can now be far more aware of some of the equipment you need, and you can even get inflatable boards for ease and setup. Stand up paddle boards are something that you can either enjoy on floating rivers, or something a little faster, depending on your experience. But it can be a lot of fun.

Image source

Water Skiing

If you love an adrenaline rush and like the idea of something fast-paced then water skiing could be the one for you. Extended from a speedboat, you and your skis are there to keep afloat on top of the water and ski along. You have the currents made from the boat to content with, along with any other choppiness in the water. This is one sport that can be done at sea or at an organised local event center where you will likely do it on a lake. It can certainly give you that adrenaline rush you have been after.

Jet Skis

If you like to be fully in control of what you are doing, but still like the idea of the pace and speed you can get from being on the water then jet skiing could be the one for you. You are in control of a motorised water vehicle, in theory, and you can choose to have a sit down one or stand up one, which in turn can help you to the ride the waves and even perform stunts, depending on your experience.


Have you ever thought about just sailing off into the sunset? Then perhaps the hobby of sailing could be something you should try this summer. Sailing doesn’t require you to own a boat, as these days there are plenty of places you can hire one. It can be a motorised boat that you choose, or good old-fashioned wind sailing. However, you may need to learn a few things before heading out on to the water to ensure that you are safe in doing so. It can be quite a relaxing thing to do sailing on water, and certainly could be one for you to move forward with in terms of a long-term hobby.

Image source

Scuba Diving

Scuba diving is diving under the water and observing what is there, it is more commonly done at sea where you can witness beautiful corals and fish in their natural habitat. Scuba diving requires a lot of equipment such as oxygen tanks and wetsuits, but there are plenty of establishments that you can rent these out and go out with an experience instructor as you are learning the ropes. People will more commonly do this when they are on holiday so they can see some of the beautiful surroundings under the water.


Another water sports you can try closer to home would be canoeing or kayaking. It can be done on a lake, river, or even at sea if you are experienced enough. It can be quite an experience giving you the calm and serene but also the adrenaline when navigating fast paced waters. Again you need a fair amount of equipment to do it, the canoe or kayak being the most obvious, but there are often places near the best locations to do it that can give you this equipment on a hire basis.


A difficult water sport to master would be windsurfing, and again this is something that people tend to try on holiday. Not only do you have the surfboard to stay on top of but you also have the wind sail to navigate. It can be quite fast paced with the right sea and weather conditions and definitely a lot of fun, but it can also be very strenuous on the arms in terms of a workout.


Finally, one of the most common water sports there is and what people would associate the most in terms of water and a sport, aside from swimming, would be surfing. Surfing is a very difficult skill to master. The surfboard itself as well as judging the swell of the wave to ensure that you stay on top of the board is something that will take practice and perseverance. But if you love the water it could be an ideal sport to take up.

I hope that this has given you some insight into some of the water sports you could be trying.

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The Sports Archives – When Can You Start Exercising Properly After You’ve Given Birth?

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If you were an avid gym goer before giving birth, and you’re keen to get back to it, it’s not that clear-cut. When it comes to getting back to the gym, you need to think about the amount of stress you put have on your body in the act of giving birth, as well as breastfeeding, lack of sleep, and so forth. So, when it comes to exercising once the doctor’s given you the okay, what do you need to consider?

Low Impact Exercises first

If you were trying to exercise while you were pregnant, the general advice was to do low impact exercise like yoga and swimming. It’s vital that you don’t go for high impact exercises right away, because after giving birth, your body is full of hormones that could potentially loosen your ligaments. This means you’ll have to avoid plyometrics, running, and heavy weights. Of course, exercises like kegels will give you the strength to perform exercises that place a bit more pressure on your core and your pelvic floor muscles. And this is the first port of call. Sites like have some more information on kegel exercises, but in developing your pelvic floor, this will help you to do more core strengthening exercises like planks further down the line.

Take It Easy

Because of the natural stress of childbirth, and this, in conjunction with carrying a baby around, your wrists are overworked. So if you plan on heading back to the gym after the doctor has given you the go ahead, avoid stressing your wrists so much. For an exercise like planks, use your forearms. And for tricep dips, push ups, or anything with a dumbbell, you need to modify these, such as by using cables instead of weights.

Build Up Gradually

You might think that it won’t take long to get back to your pre-pregnancy fitness level. But, no matter how eager you are, it can take a long time to build your strength up. There are websites that can help with post baby fitness, is one such site that has exercises specifically geared towards mothers, either pre or post birth. And remember, because the hormones surging through your body relax your ligaments, this means your joints are unstable. It can take a while for your body to reset its natural hormone balance, which is why it’s important for you not to push it right away. Instead, get the lowdown from mothers who have been there and done that. Unfortunately, if you push yourself too hard so soon after birth, you could suffer stress fractures. High intensity training needs to be left until you are finished breastfeeding.

You don’t need to avoid exercising completely after you’ve given birth, especially if you know it does you some good. But, with any intense routines, it’s best to leave these for now. You can certainly do low impact exercises, especially those all-important kegels, and to help your body recover, especially after the trauma of giving birth, proper nutrition is the cornerstone of getting back into fitness. If you planned on training for any Tough Mudder competitions scheduled for a week after the due date, it’s best to put these off for some time!

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The Sports Archives – Extreme Sports You’ve Got To Try Once

If you have something of an interest in trying out the things that others won’t, and you have a little unique streak in you, then you might want to look into the crazy world of extreme sports. The beauty of extreme sports is that they are incredibly fascinating, will get your adrenaline pumping without fail, and yet are usually conducted in a way so as to be fairly safe in comparison to what people generally assume. If you are thinking of getting into extreme sports but you’re not sure which, take a look at the following for some ideas to get you started.

Image Credit

Rock Climbing

Part of the joy of rock climbing is that it is a great sport for gradually getting into it, as it has a learning curve which you can pretty much control by yourself. You can start off with a low training wall in an interior rock climbing location, and end up years later scaling the cliff of your choice. For this reason, it is a good one to get into if you are not sure about what you really want to be doing yet. Make sure to find all the necessary equipment before you get started, such as the best pants for climbing and the right helmet to suit your needs, and then off you go. A lot of people find that rock climbing is surprisingly addictive, as you might not look back after getting into this particular sport.


If you live somewhere near the shore, you might want to think about getting into surfing. Although there are definitely certain beaches which are better than others for this, the truth is that you can always surf at least a little on pretty much any beach you might find. As with rock climbing, surfing is something you can pretty much take at your own pace. The difference, however, is that you do not control the conditions as easily, and that means that you really need to be appeared from the start. You need to know what you should do if you get caught in a rip, how the ocean behaves, and much more besides if you are to be able to enjoy this particular sport safely and with confidence.

Image Credit


Skateboarding is a skill that takes many years to master, but it also happens to be one of the safest of the extreme sports, and a particularly enjoyable one for anyone who likes sport on the street. If you are thinking of getting into skateboarding, know what it is never too late, and be prepared for a few cuts and bruises along the way – perhaps even a fractured tibia here and there. Be prepared for it, and you can enjoy it more. As a sport, it is one of the most addictive you will ever come across, and it has an international community which makes it all the more easy to get involved in a big way. It’s a great one for socializing too, so bear that in mind if you are looking for something to do with your friends.

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The Sports Archives – Could Supplements Help Your Gains?

If you’re feeling disappointed with your muscle growth, then you might need to reassess your routine. Are you training often enough? Are you making sure you take rest days? Or perhaps your nutrition is to blame?

Image: Pxhere

Nutrition is an important part of weight training, and without the right fuel, your muscles won’t grow the way you want them to. There are some supplements that can help you achieve your targets quicker, while also giving your body what it needs to help it repair itself and grow stronger.

Read on to find out more about the supplements that could help your gains.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is a common supplement, and you’ll often see gym goers clutching their shake bottles as they enter and leave the gym – with good reason. Whey protein can help build lean muscle mass and aid the healing process post-training, it’s also convenient to take and can form a healthy part of your training diet. It’s worth reading reviews about protein powder to give you an idea of the types of products that are on the market, as well as give you more details about their benefits. Whey protein is affordable and makes a great snack in a shake or a bar – ideal to help you as part of your routine.

BCAAs (Branch Chain Amino Acids)

Many people take BCAAs as a way to reduce recovery time as well as preventing you from losing muscle during your recovery. While BCAAs are found in many protein sources such as chicken, tuna and lean beef, you can also get them in supplement form. Powders are a common form that are easy to add to drinks, while you can also take them in pill form. The benefits of BCAAs mean that they can aid intense workouts like a HIIT or weight training session, and therefore should form an important part of your routine.

Omega 3 Fish Oil

There are many types of training program that recommend taking omega 3 fish oil as a supplement. Omega 3s work by helping to improve your circulation, which will allow your body to provide your muscles with the energy and nutrients they need during and after training. Omega 3s can benefit athletes of a variety of disciplines, and come in capsule form to make them easy to take during the day. Omega 3s are naturally found in oily fish such as salmon and fresh (not canned) tuna – so it doesn’t hurt to add a bit of fish into your weekly meal plan to make sure you get this important supplement.

While supplements can give your body the extra help it needs during training, a good diet is also important – as is getting plenty of rest. You can overcome the aches and pains caused by working out through a carefully designed training plan, as well as making sure you get all the nutrition you need. If you feel like you’re going wrong, take a good look at your routine and find where improvements you could make. You might even find that it’s the small changes that will make the biggest difference to your results.

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