The Sports Archives – Relaxing Retirement: Five Sports That Are Perfect For The Older Gentleman

Keeping fit and pursuing hobbies is so important in retirement. When you don’t have work taking up all of your time, it’s important to keep the mind and body active in other ways. You’ve dedicated many years of your life to the daily grind, now is the time to focus on you! Having some fun sporting hobbies is a great way to go about this, and there are some that are especially suitable for those a little later in life. That’s not to say younger folk can’t enjoy these sports too, but since they’re low impact there’s less chance of injury, and they’re less demanding on the body than activities like running. Here are some relaxing sports and activities to enjoy in your retirement.


While fishing itself isn’t likely to get your heart rate up, going fishing is likely to mean travel, walking and generally getting outdoors which is great for body and mind. It encourages peace and relaxation, bestows patience and has even been shown to boost the immune system. If you’re new to the sport, you could consider buying a fishing backpack, this will contain everything you need to get started. Plus it gives you an easy way to store and move your fishing equipment around which is useful if you will be hiking to the spot where you will be fishing.

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Your golf swing will use the muscles of your legs, arms and back- plus there’s a lot of walking with the sport so great for staying active. Golf is a great social sport and something you can get together and enjoy as a group, whether it’s for a full game or just at the driving range.

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Swimming is a particularly good exercise since it uses just about every muscle in the body. It burns a lot of calories and is good for both muscle strength and the cardiovascular system. Best of all, it’s ideal for those with joint or muscle issues since the water supports your weight. If you have back or knee issues for example you might struggle with many other types of exercise whereas swimming would still be possible.

Tai Chi

The slow, controlled movements of tai chi won’t get your heart rate up, but the exercise can improve your balance, strength and flexibility. This ancient Chinese art has been shown to promote both mental and physical wellbeing. If you’re into mindfulness, meditation, yoga and these kinds of practices, then tai chi is one you are likely to enjoy. You don’t need any special equipment, either join a class or follow along to a video online.


When you think of hiking, you probably think strenuous walks up mountains and navigating your way over rocky terrain. But hiking can be as easy or difficult as you make it. If you look at hiking routes local to you many will state that they are easy so you can get out and active without pushing yourself too much. Get yourself a sturdy pair of walking shoes, and if you have a dog, you could bring them along. Walking is great for the cardiovascular system and weight maintenance, plus it strengthens the muscles in the body without being too strenuous.


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The Sports Archives – The Hobbyist Sports You May Not Have Tried


While following professional sports can be a very fun time, especially when watching and celebrating your team with friends, playing them yourself can be an even more enjoyable experience. Sure, you may never reach the physical or athletic heights achieved by some of your favorite players, especially not the ones you prize most in your fantasy league, but you can experience what they’ve dedicated their lives to with the right practice. Playing sports should be an intrinsic part of anyone’s life, even those who don’t enjoy them. They help foster teamwork, communication, physical activity, and enjoyment.

If you’re mostly a couch potato and enjoy playing sports through viewership and in fantasy leagues, the time may have come to give the sport a try yourself. Not only will it give you a more instinctive respect for the sport you love viewing most, but it will also give you the feeling of legitimate happiness when your skills increase.

Here are the best hobbyist sports you may not have tried. Some may look intimidating for a newcomer, but you can be sure that there’s a lot of fun to be experienced here:


There’s no reason for you to ever reach the heights of the celebrated recent match between Mayweather & McGregor, but trying your hand at boxing can be one of the best ways to keep yourself active and happy in your exercise regime. Boxing will teach you proper footwork, breath management and will also help you push through your limits. It will teach you angling, positioning, and sportsmanship when it comes to amateur sparring. Why not try today? You never know, before long you could be competing in amateur tournaments. At the very least, you will be able to defend yourself in your daily life much better if the time ever calls for it.

Paddle Boarding

If you’re more the adventurous type, paddleboarding can give you exactly the fun you need. A Stand up paddle board offers a range of amazing benefits, from wet yoga to surfing and even staying stationary to fish. Purchasing a board is cheap, doesn’t cost a maintenance or subscription fee, and can be used for years. If you’re simply looking to get out in nature, gifting yourself this wonderful tool can help you experience a range of smaller hobbyist sports. If you’re aquatically minded, this should be a no-brainer.

Ice Skating

Ice skating can open you up to multiple other cold sports, and that’s why we’re placing it on this list. Not only is the art of ice skating something beautiful to learn, but it can help teach you to balance, co-ordination and temperance of movement, all excellent skills to learn if you’re hoping to be better moving around in an actual sport you take part in. Not only that, but it can open up ice hockey, ice dancing, and even transferable skiing skills to your mind, giving you that excellent leg up in pursuing your other goals. Within a few weeks, you are sure to be addicted to the ice.

Not only can these sports and sporting implements offer you months and years of fun, but they can help you feel younger and active again, perfect for any coach potatoes.


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The Sports Archives – A Look at the Health of American Sports

We live in complicated times, as everyone knows, and this even extends to sports. What was once a relatively straightforward activity has ballooned; it’s now worth billions of dollars, coverage is wall to wall, and fan engagement continues to be impressive. However, dig a little deeper, and you’ll see that not all is well in the world of sport. The industry might be doing well, but a lot of revenue comes from television and advertising. Good for now, but for sports to be healthy they need people attending the games and, most importantly, the youth participating in the game. The success of the sport always rests with the next generation.



There was a time when it would be unthinkable to suggest that the NFL might be in danger, but the recent announcement that attendance figures and TV viewership has declined will have set off alarm bells. Still, it’s important to remember that any decline has come from a position of total strength; while a 15% viewer drop might seem excessive, there are still plenty of people tuning in. What will affect the NFL is youth participation. Health warnings and the rise of other popular sports have meant there are less young people playing football; one in four children throw a football around now, whereas six years ago that figure was one in three.


The NBA might have a revenue that’s only around half of what the NFL takes in, but look beyond that annual figure, and you’ll see more encouraging signs. Basketball uniforms are flying off the shelves, and the sport is the most popular in the US for schoolchildren aged 9 and up. More importantly is the international interest in the sport. It’s growing quickly in just about every country that has a league, with more and more people tuning into the NBA. Some commentators are even saying that basketball might one day overtake soccer to become the most popular sport in the world.

The National Pastime

If you’re a baseball lover, look away now. The sport is in trouble, though just how much trouble remains to be seen. It’s not so much that people aren’t tuning in or going to the games – they are – but the age of which they’re doing it. The majority of baseball fans are over fifty, and the youth just doesn’t seem as interested in the sport as previous generations. Contributing factors to youth’s lack of interest are the expensive cost of starting the sport, and that it’s slow compared to other sports. No one’s quite sure what you can do about that.


It might be surprising, given that the NHL was a league that propped up the other American sports (to an extent, anyway), but ice hockey is growing in the USA, and quite impressively so too. Attendance at games has been steadily growing over the past few years, as have online searches for the sport and league (if that means anything).

Of course, none of these trends are set in stone. Sports do rise and fall away occasionally!

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The Sports Archives – What 2014 NBA Draft Prospect Isaiah Austin Teaches Sports Enthusiasts Across the Globe

Isaiah Austin

After many considered his basketball career to be over, Isaiah Austin made one of the most improbable sports comeback in history. The 7-foot-1 leviathan product of the Baylor University already suffered vision loss due to retinal detachment, before being overwhelmed by news of Marfan syndrome, days before the 2014 NBA draft.

It seemed that his family’s hopes for him suddenly went crashing after he was ruled out to play basketball. Isaiah, who was, at that time, one of the most renowned college big men, posted monstrous numbers for Baylor (12.1 PPG, 6.9 RPG, 2.4 BPG). It’s a no-brainer that he would’ve been a first-round pick, since almost all NBA teams would’ve drooled over the idea of a shot-blocking center with outside sniping.

But then the 21-year old Austin remained defiant. In an interview with the Associated Press, Austin said, “I’m not going to sit here, and I’m not going to sulk about not being able to play basketball anymore, because I can still be involved with the game somehow or some way.”

Can Austin call the shots for a team? That’s not a valid question anymore, since he was cleared by doctors to play last December of 2016. That gave Austin a second chance to relish and enjoy the sport he truly loves, maybe not as an NBA player for now, but a dominant player in foreign ball clubs or even a country’s naturalized player for FIBA-sanctioned tournaments.

Isaiah started off his comeback last January by signing with Serbia’s FMP Belgrade in the 2016-2017 season of the Adriatic League (ABA). There, he normed numbers of 9.1 PPG, 3.2 RPG, and 1.2 BPG in just 15.6 minutes of action per game. He followed it up by joining China’s Guangxi Rhinos in July.

Now, Austin is being eyed for naturalization by the Philippines, a mad basketball nation. It’s just amazing how miraculous it was for him to go back on the hardcourt, doing what he loves most. Maybe it’s destiny’s way of repaying him for his unwavering fortitude.

What does Isaiah Austin’s story want to tell every sports fan around the world?

That you can treat misfortunes as either excuse or motivator

Austin was rendered blind at the age of 16, but that sort of challenge didn’t prevent him from working extra. He logged longer hours in the gym, devising ways on how to be an effective player despite his limited vision. In the end, his perseverance paid dividends as he was able to use factors like frequent moving, lighting, shadows to help neutralize his foe’s visual advantage.

The same goes for all sports enthusiasts. When you’ve been hobbled by injuries, you can choose to rise or continue lying down. Even if you’re down, you can still do ways to improve your game (e.g., studying rules, reading informative sports articles, etc.).

Setbacks may stop you from dreaming, but if you do so, you’ll never know what could’ve been.

That the game is best played when you have a ‘home’

You read it right. It’s best played when you have an excellent support system – people who’ll stick by your side through rejuvenating wins, and stinging losses. Without Austin’s family and friends, including coaches and advisors, he may have long quitted or retired, but thanks to them, he continued to believe. And with Austin feeling the warm love and support of countless Filipinos, he’ll even grow more.

Why not invite your family over a few of your games? Or play the game together as a form of bond?

And that belief trumps all odds

Isaiah’s high school and college coaches believed in him. He believed in himself. Those were the two things he ever needed.

Austin’s coaches never treated him in a special way, just because he’s half-blind. He was treated like every basketball player with two eyes. They pushed him to his limits and had high hopes for him.

Austin had faith in his skills. He could have switched to other endeavors like coaching, or non-contact sports, but he never surrendered.

The same goes for everyone – sports fanatic or not. If you just keep your head – and faith – above water in trying times, you’ll be able to accomplish things you never imagined you could.

Have Austin’s unfazed courage, and you’ll surely have many ways to go.





Lisa initially started her career as a graphic designer. As her designing career progressed, she discovered that she also has a knack for writing. Lisa faced early hurdles, but never surrendered in her hopes of becoming a full-fledged writer. Today, Lisa serves as an associate writer at


MA Graphic Communication Design, B.A. in Creative Writing

Blogging Enthusiast, Archery Greenhorn, Camping Fanatic, Cosplay Queen

“I’m jumping in with everything I have, whether I sink or swim, at least I took that leap of faith.”




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The Sports Archives – Loud and Proud: Showing Your Support for Your Favorite Sports Person or Team

Fan Support

Photo Source

Sports lovers are a dedicated bunch. When it comes to matches or games, chances are that the majority of viewers are rooting for a particular team or individual to win. Many of us will have supported the same sportsperson or team since we were young. Over the years they have earned our support and commitment. But why be meek about your passions? Join the ranks of loud and proud fans. It’s time to showcase your love of your chosen sport! Here are a few things that you can display your love.

Sports Picks

Put your money where your mouth is! A way to show your profound support of your team is to bet on them winning. If you are in doubt about the odds, keep your bid low or work hand in hand with a company such as Oskeim Sports Picks, a professional handicapping service that will provide you with an unparalleled return on your investment.


Almost every sports team will have official merchandise, whether it’s a football team, rugby team, cricket team or athletics team. The wide range available will most likely offer you something perfect for you. Simple pin badges or buttons can be pinned to your collar or jacket for a subtle indication of your allegiances. Scarves and hats can keep you warm on match days while indicating who you’re rooting for. Team shirts and kits can be worn to watch matches down the local pub. Then there is fun and quirky extras, such as branded babygrows, tea trays, water bottles and stationery. Not only are these good investments for yourself, but they can make perfect gifts for fellow sports fans.

Face Paint and Flags

If you want to go all out at a sporting event, you can use face paint and flags to make your support crystal clear. Paint your face in team colours. Remember not to block other fans’ views with your flags by keeping them raised at all times. Instead, lift flags when your team or individual scores or wins. You may even catch the camera’s eye and make your way onto TV or the big screen at the game. If you’re feeling extremely creative, you could even create your own banner to wave with friends. The bigger the banner, the more likely the team are to see your message.

Learn Chants

Many teams will have specific lyrics or songs that fans will chant and sing at games. They’re generally short and simple, so they’re easy to pick up. Sing along with fellow fans and get into the spirit of the game!

These simple activities show support for your team, not only financially but in spirit too! Wearing your team’s colours, singing along and cheering throughout games, waving flags and placing your hard-earned cash in the faith of them are the best ways to show your dedication and commitment. What’s more? It’s fun and rewarding. You will be able to identify fellow supporters easily and can start a conversation, making new friends along the way too. What’s not to love?

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The Sports Archives – An Insight Into The Life Of Conor McGregor


By Andrius Petrucenia on Flickr (Original version)UCinternational (Crop) – Originally posted to Flickr as “UFC 189 World Tour Aldo vs. McGregor London 2015“Cropped by UCinternational, CC BY-SA 2.0, Link

Conor McGregor has become a sporting Phenomenon, and in the last few weeks has achieved things no other UFC will probably ever manage. He has shot to fame, and his net worth is enough to make anyone weep. But this didn’t come without hardships. Conor started out UFC in Ireland whilst living on benefits, and trying to support his wife Dee. They both gave up everything to chase Conor’s dream, and from his first fight in 2008, it has only gone in his favour. So let’s take a look into the day in the life of Conor McGregor.


Both training and diet are the biggest parts of Connor’s life. If he isn’t training, he’s eating or sleeping. As he was making the jump from MMA to boxing, there was also a lot of new techniques to learn, and old habits to kick During the buildup to his recent fight his training was much more intense. He was practicing high altitude training in extreme temperatures in the Nevada desert. Sparring and pad work to hone in his boxing skills that he had to learn in a very quick amount of time. Another thing people forget is Conor had to study Mayweather and see how he moved and reacted, and what were his weaknesses as a key part of training. He also created his own training programme that others can purchase and use, that he used in the run up to the fight called F.A.S.T. This involved using stationary equipment to practice conditioning. And like with all athletes, this amount of strenuous training doesn’t come without injury. Conor and many other athletes are constantly in need of sports massages, and physical therapy, from companies such as Park City Physical Therapy to make sure their muscles stay in peak condition.


As you can imagine, Conor has to eat a lot. He has a team of specialist dietitians that tailor his diet depending on his fight. For example, his recent fight against Mayweather meant his regime was at it’s most grueling. His diet is typically low carb, with him commenting in a recent article that if he does have a carb binge it’s usually on sweet potatoes. It’s rich in meats such a salmon and steak, and of course high in fiber and greens to maintain not only a healthy, but a balanced diet. Another important factor in his diet is eggs to provide the much-needed protein, however he does also use protein shakes as added supplements. On a daily basis, Conor consumes a whopping 6000 calories to maintain his energy during training.

Family Life

Now that the fight is over and Conor has quadrupled his net worth, he’s definitely flaunting it. His instagram page is full of pictures on exotic yachts, incredible food, and his whole family surrounding him. For the last few weeks he has been non stop partying and eating, and developing what he has called “a wealth belly”. Although it seems Conor is enjoying his private family time, it would seem he is already thinking about calling his rival Nate Diaz out for another fight. But for now I think it’s fair to say he’s enjoying watching his son grow up, and treating all his family to the lavish lifestyle he has come to know. It’s a far cry from the $127 a week benefits he was on, and he’s certainly making the most of it!


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The Sports Archives – DRAFT Fantasy Football Beginner’s Strategy Tips


If you just signed up with DRAFT or are considering it, you are in for a fun experience. Fantasy football has been gaining popularity for years, and it is far more exciting than regular football to many people since they have a more active role. These are a few helpful tips to remember if you are a beginner.

Get Advice From Trusted Sources

Avoid getting advice from forums or unknown groups on social media platforms. DRAFT, sports channels and dedicated fantasy football sites are better places to find reliable information. If you have a good friend who you trust, you can also learn from that individual. However, it is better to rely on your own research when it comes to player rankings and choices. Use the information available on the sites to make your decisions.

Learn About Scoring

There are different scoring formats for leagues. You should familiarize yourself with PPR and standard scoring systems. Players who catch more passes score more in PPR format. Some people prefer leagues with PPR since they have an easier time guessing which players will have more receptions.

Plan Your First Pick Carefully

One of the most important decisions for every beginner is who to put in during the first round. Although you may see good results from risky players as you play the game more, avoid using them for your first pick. It is better to choose an elite player who you know will perform well. You may have to pick a player who does not meet your personal approval.

Keep Track of Weeks Off

As the NFL season progresses, every football fan knows that players take a week off from time to time. You need to stay current with which players are taking a week off. Time off can affect the depth of your team. Although it seems like an important issue, choosing players based on differing weeks off rather than having the same weeks off should not affect your choices.

Use Mock Drafts First

If you are new, having a solid plan about who you want to draft is essential for success. Developing a plan with your requirements can be difficult without experience, and developing a weak one can put you at an immediate disadvantage. Mock fantasy football drafts make it easier to see what you need most during a draft.

Do Not Focus on Popularity

A common mistake made by many new fantasy football enthusiasts is choosing a popular quarterback immediately. Although this may pay off and seem like a good decision, you will see that finding a good running back or other player is harder as you get further into the draft. It is better to look for those players upfront and choose a popular quarterback later.

When you understand these tips and how the draft works, you are ready to start your adventure as a fantasy football enthusiast. Be sure to keep current on NFL news.

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