The Sports Archives – Why Sports Are More Financially Lucrative Than Ever

A few major industries have suddenly come out of the woodwork since early 2000, to now become the leaders in the world. Now more than ever, industries like gaming, streaming services and of course sports have advanced far beyond almost every other. Gaming has overtaken Hollywood and now is a trillion dollar industry and still rising. Streaming services have in fact put many traditional media networks out of business and will only become more widespread. On the face of it, sports haven’t changed except every other industry now caters for it. You can stream watch sporting events, you can play sports video games and you can also make your own money just by following sports. So how could you get involved more and also make a little money by participating in some capacity.?

Running the team

If you’re a professional who works in banking, accounting, business or marketing, there are tons of ways you can use your skills in sports organizations and teams. For example, if you are some kind of event manager and you are responsible for growing the public exposure of the team, you can work with a company like payperhead24/7. They will lead a campaign to give the wider public a chance to put their money where their mouth is, and put some money down on who they think will win or what might happen in the game. You can work in a multiple partnership capacity, as many bookmaking companies will work together with various business such as bars, restaurants, streaming services and real world marketing companies. Running a team and getting exposure has never been easier. You can also work together with social media companies in this same regard.

Invest in talent

Local teams are always looking for investors to help fund their dreams of becoming a large team in their particular sport. They will always try to make their local fans happy but truth be told, they would like someone to invest in them as a business. Now more than ever you have access to plenty of information regarding players, talent, coaching staff and overall business plan that teams have to make a smart decision. Sports teams and organizations go public or are already, thus you can buy their stock value and also own shares if you have the money to do so. It’s an incredible opportunity as unlike other investment channels, you can set up a cosy agreement with the team itself so you returns are much higher than they would be otherwise. 

A mark of success

Have you noticed that cities with very successful sports teams are never shy of investment in infrastructure and real estate? When a small town team goes all the way and wins big, you can expect a lot of funding to go into that city because everybody gravitates towards success. It’s only natural for a city with wealthy fans to also have the funds to buy the best athletes, players and staff to go on and win even more games and cups.

It’s a phenomenal time to get into sports one way or another. Even if you aren’t someone who gets their money out to invest in something, you might want to give your favorite team another glance.


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The Sports Archives – You’ve Encountered A Sporting Injury – What’s Next?


All injuries are unpleasant to deal with, but sporting injuries can often lay special roots in our unhappiness. This is because we can often seemingly come up with the most creative injuries when we’re exercising our bodies and contorting into shapes that we might not usually deal with. Being pinned under a bench-press machine, harming your back when weightlifting, injuring an ankle when running, or experiencing an accepted possibility in contact sports are just some examples that plainly, absolutely suck.

When you encounter a sports injury it can be hard to know what to do next. On top of that, our team or schedule might wrongfully encourage us to keep going, or to shrug off the injury due to convenience. We think of someone competing for a bodybuilding competition getting injured and realizing that this will take them out of the event, only to try and brush off the issue with ineffective healing – making things worse.

Let us consider best practice after you experience something like this:

Don’t Stress It, And Identify

Most sporting types are known for their resilience. But you simply can’t be so tough that you can shrug off an injury. First, you need to identify what the problem is, and what the scope of the damage might be. For example, spraining your ankle might have also affected your calf, or perhaps harming your lower back during your failed deadlift might have also injured your deltoids. It’s important to head to a physical professional, first a Doctor and then perhaps a specialist, in order to help you overcome the issues you might be experiencing right now. If you can do that, then you apply a measure of wisdom to your care, and can immediately begin taking steps to rectify the issue.

Visit A Specialist

Sports specialists are essential to help you gain rehabilitation in the way that you need it. Doctors are of course experts regarding the human body, but often sports therapists have the most cohesive knowledge as to how the body best functions in sporting contexts. This is why a sports medicine Doctor could potentially yield you the most information after you have visited your healthcare professionals. They might put you into a physical rehabilitation program, recommend certain medications to take, or give you a timeline of your recovery. They will also help you understand how to replan and reassess your sporting engagements for the future. For this and more, they are invaluable.

Take It Easy

It’s important to keep your mind active when you’re struggling to move physically after an injury. Perhaps you can take this time to relax, de-stress, find and reassess your performance up unto that injury, and try to figure out what your game plan might be when you return fully recovered. The most important thing is to take it easy, and try to learn from the injury. In this way, you might prevent it from ever happening again.

With these tips, you are certain to exercise the best wisdom after becoming injured in sport.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

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The Sports Archives – Packing Your Family’s Summer Break With Sports

Picture Source

If there’s any time of year that’s perfect for sports, then it’s summer. Obviously, you might not want to run around in the sweltering heat for hours, but a little bit of physical activity can actually be fun (believe it or not) on a pleasant day. So, there’s no excuse to hide indoors anymore. The cold winter months are behind us. It’s time to embrace the outdoor world and get some fresh air. Whether you go on a trip or plan a staycation, here’s how to pack your family’s summer break with sports.

Watch the game.

If the thought of running around in the heat really doesn’t appeal to you right at this moment then maybe you could start off by watching professionals play sports. During the warmer months, there’s nothing quite as satisfying as heading out to watch a professional sporting game in person. Just make sure you bring plenty of snacks and water for the whole family so that you take care of yourselves in the sun. If you’re not sure what type of sport to follow this season then you should definitely start with baseball. There are some fantastic games to be expected this summer, and you and your family will have a wonderful time following them.

You might want to check out if you’re looking for tickets to one or more of the games. Seeing these games in person rather than on TV could be a valuable bonding experience for you and your family. There’s something special about actually witnessing a baseball game in real life. You should certainly look into teams such as the Dodgers if you’re wondering who to support (especially if you’re only a casual baseball fan). It looks like they’ve got a particularly great season coming up this year.

Go on a bike ride.

Cycling is the kind of sport that might appeal to you and your family if you’re looking for something gentle and pleasant to get you back into a regular exercise routine. It’s a non-competitive sport, so you can ease yourself back into the world of physical activity without having to worry about the kids arguing too much. As we’ve suggested before, it’s also a wonderful opportunity to explore some national parks or other fantastic natural areas. Obviously, you don’t have to go to such locations. You could simply take the bikes around your local area; you could do a few laps around the block, for instance.

Visit your local park.

You might also want to visit your local park if you want to pack your family’s summer break with sports. The park is a great location for sports. It gives you a little more room than your back garden, at any rate. You could bring a few bags or jackets to function as goalposts and play a game of soccer, for example. Or you could bring some badminton rackets and a net to have a proper little tournament in the middle of the park. Perhaps you could simply bring a frisbee and play a game of ultimate frisbee. Setting up the game is very simple, but it’s incredibly fun.

Do a few laps at the pool.

Swimming is a sport that adheres to the interests of most kids and grown-ups, regardless of age. It might be the perfect option if you’re struggling to pick a sport that everybody enjoys. You could head down to your local pool to do a few laps and splash about in the water. That’s the beauty of taking a pool break. Sure, it’s an opportunity to stay active and partake in a proper sport, but it’s also an opportunity to have fun and relax. It could be the exact break that you and your family need.

Play a game of Capture the Flag.

You might also want to play a game of Capture the Flag if you’re looking for a fun sport. It might not be a professional sport played by athletes in the Olympics, but it’s a fun competitive game that’ll get you and your family moving. The rules are simple. Two teams have one or more flags each. Each team has to steal the enemy’s flag (or flags) and bring it back to their base. If you were looking for a good way to get your kids running back and forth eagerly then this is probably going to be your best option.

Ask your family members what they want to do.

Of course, one of the best ways to make your summer break successful is to ask your family members what they want to do. There’s nothing wrong with encouraging the little ones (and perhaps even your grown partner) to get into sports so that you can all stay healthy and active. However, you might find yourself faced with resistance if you keep pushing a physical activity that everybody finds boring or strenuous. You need to listen to your family. Make sure everybody is heard. Otherwise, everybody is going to feel as if they’re being forced to undertake chores. But this is your summer break. You should only be doing sports if you all find them fun. You’re not at work or school. You shouldn’t have to feel as if you’re meeting the criteria on an agenda.

Perhaps everybody has individual preferences, so you could make it your mission to try out every type of sport or physical activity suggested by a member of your family. That would make everyone feel included, and it’d definitely make everybody a little more eager to approach the challenges they face over the summer. Maybe your child will tell you a particular thing that would make a certain sport more enjoyable, as suggested at Perhaps they’d enjoy a game of volleyball more if you all played it in the pool, for instance. Or perhaps they’d prefer a game of tag football as opposed to ordinary American football; that way, it combines a sport with a fun game they most likely already play with their friends.

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The Sports Archives – In-Home vs. At-Gym Training: Pros and Cons

When it’s time to work out, many begin to wonder what’s better: working out at home or working out at the gym? Both locations provide ample pros and cons to consider when planning to break a sweat and it can take time to decipher what truly matters to you. If you’re planning a workout routine and wondering where it should take place, here’s what you should know about in-home and at-gym training.


When you’re exercising at home, you may have a few weights, but generally speaking, your house won’t have the same amount of equipment variety that you can find at a gym. To keep your workout interesting and sustain your routine for the long-term, having some variety of equipment options could be helpful. If this is the case for you, the gym may be an important element of your training program.


Another factor of your workout to consider is the pace. At home, you can generally go as slowly as you want, without feeling the need to push yourself further or comparing yourself to others in the building. While this could be helpful if you’re just starting out, it could also lead to some stagnation in your workout, or take a longer time to achieve your desired results. At the gym, you’ll be surrounded by other exercisers and may be inspired to take your pace up a notch.


Many people find a home workout convenient because they don’t even have to go outside. However, others find it distracting because, at any time, you can step away from what you’re doing and grab a snack, do some work, or otherwise get pulled away from your training. At a gym, the only thing to do is to work out, so your distractions should be minimal.


For some, it can be exciting to experience the thrill of a new gym, getting to know a new place, and determine how you fit. For others, all of that is an experience not necessary to an effective workout. One benefit of in-home training is that you get to exercise and work toward your fitness goals in the comfort of your own home. There’s nothing unfamiliar to figure out, so you can just get straight to the exercise.


Different people will find different settings more motivating than others. When it comes to working out, being around like-minded people in the gym may be more motivating than being at home. However, what some see as motivation, others will read as pressure. So, only you know the type of environment that will encourage you to perform as your best self.


When working out, the shape of each movement matters. Improper form while stretching and strengthening can negatively impact your overall health for the long-term. In a gym, you have the benefit of working with a personal trainer who can ensure that you are moving safely and effectively.

When it comes to working out, whether you break a sweat at home or in the gym is entirely up to you. Both provide countless pros and cons, depending on your lifestyle and your personal preferences. So if you have been considering the optimal location for your workout, be sure to keep these points in mind. When you do, you’ll create the best workout for you body for the long-term.

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The Sports Archives – Why Table Tennis Is Good for Your Kid’s Brain

table tennis

Table tennis is a real sport with an estimated 900 million players playing the sport worldwide. The fact that the sport is calm, peaceful and almost injury free makes it a popular choice. Millions of people across the world indulge in this game right from disabled or retired people to school going children or business professionals. This game not only builds your hand-eye coordination but also promotes tactical thinking and strategy building. Another great advantage of this game is that it does not require a lot of space and can be enjoyed in a small room with just a table tennis table and couple of paddles.

Table tennis, also known as Ping Pong in some countries, is rated as one of the games with the highest rate of mental stimulation. It is highly recommended for kids as it has low injury risk and is less stressful.

Parents these days often get confused as to which sport they should enroll their children. With so many other options, the importance of table tennis often sidelines, but this powerful game has a lot of benefits for your kid’s brain along with many other health benefits.

So what are some of these benefits?

  1. Develops mental sharpness

Table tennis helps to develop mental acuity in a kid. According to reports, Alzheimer’s patients reported an improvement in their brain sharpness after playing table tennis consistently. Engaging your children in this game right from the start helps to keep them more mentally alert and focused. This game increases the blood flow to the brain and reduces the risk of dementia, i.e. a chronic disease resulting in memory loss.

Table tennis also regulates decision-making and problem solving skills. Kids learn the skills quickly and also benefit a lot as they need to calculate the speed and the placement of the ball coming within a second. This sport keeps their mind engaged completely.

  1. Increases mental stimulation

You cannot even afford to get distracted for a second in this game. It stimulates different parts of your brain, especially the prefrontal cortex of the brain, which is usually used during strategic planning. The aerobics and the bodily movements involved in the game stimulate the hippocampus area that enables an individual to maintain long-term memories.

Similarly, the parietal lobes of the brain, which translate sensory information, are also stimulated in the process of following the ball and then reacting to spin. With increased practice, the brain starts performing better.

  1. Develops Motor Control

Table tennis is also very beneficial for developing the motor skills in a child. The motor control part of the brain is used to coordinate movements and activities associated with different body parts. There is a high degree of speed and unpredictability in this game. A person needs perfect micro-movements, quick decision making and precise hand-eye coordination to perform well in this game. Playing table tennis regularly has shown improvement in the primary motor cortex and the cerebellum.

  1. Improves the mood

Table tennis has a drastic effect on your mood. An irritable child will quickly get composed after playing a game of table tennis for a few minutes. The reason behind this is that this sport triggers the increase of neurotransmitters which are chemicals that govern the transmission of signals and messages from and to the brain.

With the increase in the levels of neurotransmitters, depression is reduced. Neurotransmitters regulate many functions of the brain such as memory, stress, emotions and movements.

  1. Enhances memory

Table tennis helps in increasing the levels of BDNF- brain derived neurotrophic factor, a protein that promotes the healthy growth of neurons. BDNF helps in preventing diseases such as Parkinsons and Alzheimer’s. The hippocampus region of the brain constantly has an increase in the number of cells throughout a person’s life. BDNF also helps the survival of these cells and stimulates their increase.

  1. Improves Balance

Table tennis is also quite beneficial to the cerebellum area of the brain that is responsible for controlling motor movements. As a child plays this sport, the cerebellum area lights up and becomes active. Various body balance activities such as walking, running and such others are controlled by the cerebellum.

  1. Improves Decision-Making Skills

This game enables the player to make better strategies as they need to constantly adapt their plan to the opponent’s weaknesses. The player has to constantly think about their next move and make decisions quickly.


The awareness of this game has increased today as more and more people are getting to know about its benefits. Table Tennis is an Olympic Sport and has been regarded as one of the best games for the brain. According to Wendy Suzuki, Ph.D., professor of neuroscience and psychology at New York University has, this game is not only a fun activity but also helpful in preventing chronic conditions like Dementia and Alzheimer’s.

With so many benefits, it is best to get your kids enrolled in this game right from the start. Table tennis is not only a healthy and entertaining sport but also quite a beneficial one.

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The Sports Archives – Thinking Of Taking Up Rugby?


Rugby is a sport that is gaining in popularity. Whilst you may not require a lot of rugby equipment to begin playing, the equipment you need is of the utmost importance. After all, rugby is a high contact sport, and therefore it is vital that you are protected whilst playing. If you do not buy the right equipment you could end up getting seriously injured. Moreover, it is not all about being protected. After all, if you don’t have a rugby ball, how can you play the game at all? Keeping that in mind, read on to discover everything you need to know about the various items to purchase…

Protective Equipment

There is only one place to begin and this is with the protective equipment you need to purchase if you are to enjoy this game. The last thing you want is to take a trip to the hospital! There are various different rugby equipment items you will need to protect yourself. A gum shield is a must. This will protect your gums and teeth during the game. After all, no one wants to lose their teeth, do they? Aside from this, you should also consider buying headgear, as this will protect you from impact injuries that could turn fatal. Lightweight head protection proves to be beneficial in a whole host of situations, especially during scrums and tackles. Aside from this, make sure you buy pads for your upper body. These are lightweight and designed to protect your shoulder and your chest, otherwise you could end up in great pain when tackled. It is worth pointing out that all of this equipment has been designed to protect you yet it will not be detrimental to your performance, since technology has advanced to such an extent whereby you will hardly be able to tell you are wearing any extra padding or layers. Despite all of this equipment, finding a good physio, like Precision Sports Physical Therapy, is a good idea to ensure you can keep your body in top condition and recover from injuries as quickly and effectively as possible.

Rugby Ball

It may sound like an obvious purchase but of course you cannot enjoy the sport of rugby if you do not have the correct ball. It is worth noting that you will have several different types of balls on the market to choose from. There are recreational balls, which are designed for mere fun, and there are training balls and competitive match balls. It is vital to buy the right ball in relation to how it is going to be used. We’ll provide comprehensive advice on this in the next section.

Rugby Clothes and Boots

Last but not least, you need the correct clothing and boots. Let’s begin with the latter. Rugby boots are designed in order to provide extra protection to the ankle, which is why they have a higher cut. Nonetheless, if you are going to play backfield, you may want to go for a lower cut, as you will be running more. When it comes to rugby clothes, the top is almost sculpted to the body. This is to spot your opponents from gripping you. The special fabric used is ideal for a sport involving a lot of tugging and rough play. Yet the fabric is comfortable enough so that you can manoeuvre around with ease.

More Information on Buying a Rugby Ball

Read on to discover what factors must be taken into account when shopping for rugby balls…

  • Size – First and foremost, you must ensure you purchase a ball that is of the right size. A lot of people simply assume that all rugby balls are the same size. However, this is not the case. You generally have four different options to choose from. These are as follows – size 5, size 4.5, size 4, and finally size 3. The latter is suited to mini rugby i.e. under 9, under 8, and under 7. A size 4 rugby ball is for junior rugby. Those playing women’s rugby will use a ball that is 4.5 in size, whilst size 5 rugby balls are for men’s rugby. Thus, you shouldn’t find it too difficult to locate the right sized ball for you.
  • Purpose – Secondly, once you have considered the size of the ball, the next thing you need to do is make sure the ball you select is correct in relation to its purpose. You are probably thinking ‘well, surely the purpose is to play rugby?’ – However, in this instance you need to determine the type of rugby. For instance, are you purchasing a ball for a competitive match or are you simply looking to have a bit of fun? If you are merely going to play rugby for enjoyment, you can purchase a recreational ball. Nonetheless, match balls are ideal for a serious game, whilst training balls are evidently suited to training sessions.
  • Brand – The next aspect you should take into account is the brand of the ball. This is important because a well-known and high quality brand is likely to equate to a ball that is of an exceptional standard as well. There are lots of sports brands that have an incredible name in the world of rugby. This includes the likes of Canterbury, Mitre, Kooga, and of course Gilbert. If you purchase your rugby ball from one of these brands you are assured to be happy with the product you receive.
    Price – The final factor you should consider is the price of the ball. Don’t make the mistake many people do by simply going for the cheapest rugby ball you can find, as this is likely to indicate a lack of quality. Instead, assess the prices and opt for a fair deal. If you are looking to save some money, why not shop in the sale section? You will be able to pick up a ball from last season at a highly discounted rate, ensuring you still reap high levels of quality.

How to find the best place to purchase high quality rugby equipment from

When playing any sport it is imperative that you invest in equipment that is of the highest standard. After all, this ensures you feel comfortable and that your performance is enhanced. Nonetheless, we don’t all have endless pits of money to spend on such items. Thus, keeping that in mind, read on to discover some top tips for finding the best place to purchase rugby equipment from…

  • Good Sale Section – Let’s deal with the price factor first. There is no denying that rugby equipment can be very expensive. However, if you go for the cheaper items you are likely to suffer at the hands of a lack of quality. So, what is the solution? Instead, look for a company that has an excellent sale section. By doing this you will be able to purchase last season’s stock at highly reduced prices. You know that these balls, mouth guards, protective layers and so on and so forth, are still going to be of a top standard. New products and new designs have simply replaced them.
  • Good Reputation – You should also take five to ten minutes to read reviews that have been left by previous customers. This is the only way to get an honest insight into the degree of quality the company provides. You will see whether consumers think the product that was delivered to their door was as good as the one they saw on their computer screen. Moreover, you will also discover whether the company was timely with their delivery, easy to deal with and such like.
  • Product Selection – It is important to make sure the company has the full scope of rugby equipment you require. You don’t want to have to purchase rugby clothing from one store, a ball from another store, and training equipment from another. You thus need to make sure the company has everything you could possibly require.
  • Delivery Terms – The next thing you should look out for is the company’s delivery terms. This is something a lot of people overlook and they end up regretting it because they have to wait weeks and weeks for their product to arrive.
  • Brands – Last but not least, the final thing you should assess is what brands the company sells. If they sell a selection of top quality brands you can be certain that their products are going to impress as well. When it comes to rugby, some of the brands you should be looking out for include the likes of Gilbert, Mitre, Canterbury, Puma and Webb Ellis.

To conclude, from the brands sold to their reputation, if you carefully consider the five points that have been mentioned you should have no issue finding the ideal rugby store online for you.

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The Sports Archives – Skip The Gym, But Still Look and Feel Great!

You may not think it’s possible, but you can actually skip going to them and still be as fit and healthy. Of course, you can’t just sit down on the couch with a bag of chips. Instead, you need to pick other non-gym based activities that will get your heart rate going and burn those calories. Something you can find out more about in the post below.


OK, so lets deal with the most obvious choice for those that don’t want to set foot in the gym first, running. Of course, running is a fabulous activity for fitness because not only does it work most of the major muscle groups, it encourages stamina as well.

You don’t need to be put off if you haven’t got much experience with running either, as there are plenty of couch to 5K programs that can get you covering this distance in a solid jog in around a month. Just be sure to invest in the right shoes for your gait, as this can save you a lot of discomfort further down the line.


If pounding the pavement isn’t quite your style then what about taking up cycling instead? Of course of the most significant advantage of this activity is that you get to go even faster than you would if you were running, which make it an excellent choice for speed demons!

There is such a wide range of different types of cycling to choose from as well. What this means is whether you want something more casual and leisurely, or something fast and challenging, you are likely to be able to find what you need without too much effort.


Image here

The only real downside of cycling is that you do need to invest in the right equipment, namely a bike and helmet to start, which can be expensive. A topic you can read more about at sites like Although, if you live in a major city it’s worth noting that they have free or low-cost bike rental schemes which will allow you to try out this activity without having to spend lots of money initially.

Exercise videos

You don’t even have to leave your home to get a good workout if you don’t want, as you can in follow along with an exercise video at home. In fact, you can get these on BluRay and DVD, on Youtube, and even via app download services now.

Although, it is always smart to go to sites like where they review this most popular programs before you buy. Then you will have a good idea not only whether they will be suitable for you, but also if they are effective as well.  

Walking everywhere

Probably the most simple solution for folks wanting to be fit and healthy, but that dislike the gym is to up the number of steps they walk in a day.

Happily, this super easy to do because you can walk to work instead of drive, hike as a recreation, and even go for a stroll on your lunch break instead of sitting at your computer. All activities that will help you stay fit without having to go anywhere near a gym unless you pass it on your walking route that it!


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