The Sports Archives – Pro Athlete = Amateur Investor?


Every athlete is aware that they are on borrowed time to an extent. So it’s vital that they have something to move on to after their sports career stalls. A lot of players go into coaching or managing upon retirement from the playing side, which is a natural progression because of their vast experience in the sport, but a lot of pro athletes have made the jump into investments. The great thing about investments is that, from an athlete’s perspective, they have the money and the resources to pay into a venture, and from their perspective, they can’t go wrong, right? Well, not exactly. Many athletes over the years have made complete blunders when it comes to this, and others have had more than their fair share of success. So let’s have a look at the best and worst investments made by athletes.

Mo Vaughn

As an illustrious player with the Red Sox, as well as the Angels and Mets, the “Hit Dog” hit 328 home runs and received the MVP and the RBI championship Awards back in 1995. But now he has made the change to running a company, OMNI New York, which manages more than 7000 units of housing in the Boston, Las Vegas, Cheyenne, Miami, and New York areas.

Jason Brown

Between him and Chris Spencer, they were the two best centers in the NFL draught of 2005, and enjoyed a career with the Baltimore Ravens and the St. Louis Rams, famously walking away from a 37.5 million dollar contract to become a farmer! Setting up his own thousand acre farm in Louisburg, North Carolina, he specializes in sweet potatoes and cucumbers, if you wanted to know! If you go to, you can get an idea of the type of life that he gave up professional football for, and it’s not a bad Life by the looks of it!

Oscar De La Hoya

Before he retired in 2009, he was one of the most popular boxers of his time. In addition to his two Olympic gold medals, 10 world titles, and a 36-9 record (30 of those were knockouts), he has now made the change to entrepreneur and mogul. His corporation Golden Boy Enterprises took up within various industries, including clothing as well as media, and acquired magazines The Ring, World Boxing Magazine, and KO Magazine. But his property development company, Golden Boy Partners, focuses on urban development in the Latino communities.

John Elway

While Elway has had many business successes since he did make a complete faux pas when he and a co-investor put in 15 million dollars that turned out to be a Ponzi scheme. The hedge fund manager, Sean Mueller, ended up collecting 71 million dollars in funds from 60 investors. And, perhaps the most clichéd investment by a sports icon, he invested in steakhouse restaurants, surprisingly called “Elway’s”.

Stephen Curry

Considered NBA royalty, since leading the Warriors to their first Championship since 1975, he has dipped his toe into the investment game. In 2015, he started a software start-up known as Slyce, with Bryant Barr, who he played basketball with at Davidson College. The idea behind the company was to develop platforms for athletes and improve their contact with fans. It’s nice to see a celebrity actively looking for ways to engage with their fans, rather than trying to avoid them at all costs!

Chris Webber

NBA golden boy Webber, becoming the first sophomore since Magic Johnson to be a number one overall draft pick, has tried his hand at various investments. In addition to his restaurants, notably the “Fat Webber Burger” chain, he started a real estate company, Maktub, this helps to develop properties in the Chicago area.

Deuce McAllister

A fan favorite of the New Orleans Saints, McAllister invested in a Nissan dealership in Jackson, Mississippi. This car dealership filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy back in 2009 and was sued by Nissan Finance, resulting in his Louisiana home being auctioned off. In 2012 a settlement was ordered by a judge, but McAllister was again sued by Nissan after claims that he has not paid them a cent.

Magic Johnson

Arguably the most successful sportsman on and off the court, the first round draft pick in 1979, he has managed impressive feat in being one of the seven people to achieve the Triple Crown in basketball, the NCAA, NBA championships, and winning an Olympic gold medal for his efforts. Arguably, Magic Johnson’s successes after his basketball career have equaled his efforts, and although he has had many businesses that have gone by the wayside, he has invested in multiple properties in America, including the Fontainebleau Park Plaza shopping center in Miami.

David Robinson

One of the greatest centers in NBA history, he achieved to the All-Star feat as well as being an MVP and Olympic gold medalist. He was inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame as well as the Olympics Hall Of Fame as part of the 1992 Olympic basketball team, as well as for his own efforts. In 2008, he founded the private equity firm Admiral Capital Group, which is a supporter of the David Carver Academy, as well as various investments in upmarket hotels, office buildings, as well as various apartment complexes.

Scottie Pippen

And on the other side of the basketball coin, the ex-Chicago Bull invested in a private jet that didn’t soar as high as he hoped, and has made poor financial decisions since, one that resulted in one of his financial advisors, Robert Lunn being sentenced to 3 years in prison in March 2016. Famously known as “No Tippin’ Pippen” due to his skinflint nature, it’s no surprise that he is cautious with his money nowadays!

The celebrity investment game has had its fair share of ups and downs, and if we can learn anything from this, it’s possibly not to be a basketball player! For some more financial blunders check out this article, for an eye-opening account of athlete investments gone sour. But whether you are a Stephen Curry or a Scottie Pippen, it shows that a sporting hero should look beyond their career! They won’t be able to dine out on after dinner speeches forever!

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The Sports Archives – Becca Longo Could Be the First Woman in the NFL

As Lars Anderson wrote in a Bleacher Report article that has received a lot of attention this month, “Becca Longo is 18. She can kick a football farther than you can. She’s got a scholarship. And she’s just getting started.”

Anderson sets the scene with a story about Longo and legendary NFL kicking coach Alex Zendejas, cruising down the highway just outside of Phoenix in the 115-degree heat, imagining a future in which a woman plays Division II football on scholarship.

“You are like my second father, and you’re a huge reason I’m doing this,” says Becca Longo, riding shotgun, “You’ve made this happen.”

“What separates you from everyone else is that you stuck with it, even in the hard times,” says Zendejas, “You have all the potential in the world. Keep at it, and who knows? Maybe you’ll be the first female playing on Sundays.”

“That’s the Girl Trying to Play Football!”

Friends and family recall how on one late-summer afternoon in 2014 Longo was feeling the pressure. It was an hour before kickoff for the season-opening junior varsity game between Queen Creek and Poston Butte High.

Longo was a sophomore who had only recently even learned how to put on her pads. She pulled her #28 jersey on over her pads and joined her teammates at Queen Creek to board the bus and head over to Poston Butte for the big game.

She sat on the bench and tightened the laces of the soccer cleat on her right foot, nervously anticipating the very first game of her high school career. She visualized herself succeeding through every step of the kick: her approach, her plant foot, connecting with the ball, her swing-through. She felt she was going to throw up.

As Becca Longo walked out to the playing field to begin warming up, a crowd of young girls gathered around her to ask for pictures, autographs, and hugs. In the bleachers people were pointing at her. Someone yelled, “There she is. That’s the girl trying to play football!”

For Longo, NFL or Bust!

Longo has a long horizon ahead of her, one that includes being the first woman to kick in the NFL. This April, overcoming the adversity of being a woman with a dream of competing at the highest level in a sport that is almost exclusively the domain of men, Longo became the first female athlete to win a football scholarship to a Division I or Division II school.

Only around a dozen women have ever played college football at any level, but it appears that no female kicker has ever possessed the kind of natural talent that Longo has, who routinely kicks field goals from 45 yards in practice.

Timm Rosenbach, a former NFL quarterback and the head coach at Adams State, says:

”If you can play football and you have determination, I don’t care what your gender is. And Becca can play, simple as that. She’s got accuracy and she’s got a powerful leg, which will only get stronger. We brought her to Adams State for a reason: to compete for a job and help us win football games.”

Longo’s career in college football will begin next month. That’s when she’ll move into her new dorm in Alamosa and begin training with the Grizzlies.

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The Sports Archives – The Most Relaxing Sports On The Planet

When most people think of the word “sport,” they imagine getting all hot and sweaty with a large team of talented players. However, there are lots of sporting activities that use your head more than your body. Let’s call them intellectual sports for this post. Some folks hate the idea of exercising too much due to ill-health or sheer tiredness after the working week. Still, that doesn’t mean those folks have to avoid sports altogether. Below are three niches that everyone should consider. At the very least, these activities will keep your mind as sharp as a knife.



Snooker might seem like a boring game to watch, but it’s one of the most exciting sports in the world to play. That is because technique and ability only play a small role in the success people achieve. The best snooker players also have an advanced understanding of mathematics that they have to use to sink all those balls. Also, cues aren’t as expensive as you might imagine. There are lots of snooker and pool clubs all over the country, and so you just need to search online for a local establishment and head down there one evening. You will meet lots of other players who love the game, and so you should pick up a few tips here and there.

Cost of playing snooker: Less than $100 for a decent cue


Golf is more popular than snooker because there are lots of clubs and organizations in most countries. Anyone can join a group and spend their weekends soaking up the sun on the green for little expense. Just like snooker, the best players will have excellent mathematical skills. Individuals might have to spend a bit more to get involved, but drivers and equipment from other retailers have come down in price significantly during the last couple of years.

Cost of playing golf: $100 to $300 including equipment and club membership



Some people say that darts isn’t a real sport because it’s popular with drunk people in pubs. However, that couldn’t be further from the truth as some of the world’s top players earn hundreds of thousands of dollars every single year. Indeed, it’s one of the best indoor sports that most people overlook. Anyone who wants to get involved just needs to visit a local bar and ask about their team. You can usually put your name town and enter some tournaments without having to pay anything. All you need is a decent set of darts with some flights that are going to help you succeed.

Cost of playing darts: Less than $100 including darts and board

Now you know a little more about some of the most relaxing sports on the planet, there should be no reason to avoid competition in the future. Games of that nature provide people with lots of social opportunities, and that’s where the real benefits of sports lie. So, don’t stress if you’re not fit enough to run around a football field for an hour. There are plenty of less strenuous activities available to keep you occupied and get you out of the house.

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The Sports Archives – The Top 3 Sports For Burning Fat

There are many reasons we find ourselves falling in love with sports. Watching and participating in sports is part of our national identity. They teach us the value of teamwork, discipline, focus, determination, strategy and self-betterment. They keep us fit, give us a social outlet and, let’s not forget, they’re a whole lot of fun too! Many of us grow up predisposed to sports, and most of us share some special memories of watching sports live or on TV with our parents. We took part in team sports at school to give us a sense of purpose and belonging while keeping ourselves fit, active and happy. When we grow up, however, our relationship with sports becomes a little different.

Image by Flickr

As we get older and our metabolisms slow down, it tends to coincide with our lives becoming busier and our commitments more serious and varied. As we fight to juggle the commitments of work and family, we find ourselves exhausted in our little free time, living a far more sedentary lifestyle than we used to as well as over-relying on processed convenience foods. In these circumstances, we turn to sports more than ever to keep us in shape and battle the ever-present threat of the bulging midriff.

Our sporting activities, therefore, become dictated less by personal bias or the cherished memories of our youth and more about which activities burn the most fat while helping to develop the lean muscle mass for an efficient metabolism. Of course, keeping a healthy diet with the right supplements is also important so enjoy an Ideal Fit coupon on us! Let’s check out the best sports for burning away those unsightly pounds.

Tennis: 600-900 calories burned per hour

High intensity interval training, incorporating short bursts of activity followed by short periods of rest is ideal for optimal fat burning and plays well to the natural rhythms of tennis. Playing tennis solo is advantageous over playing doubles as you have more ground to cover meaning your sprints will be slightly longer and more intense. Aside from  building cardiovascular fitness, you’ll also build power in your hips, shoulders and forearms.

Image by Pexels

Martial arts: 700-900 calories burned per hour

Many kids and teens take up martial arts as a way to keep fit, discipline themselves and (let’s face it), ward off bullies. Unfortunately, few of us stick with it. This is a shame, as martial arts are a great activity for burning fat and boosting overall fitness. From karate, to boxing to jiu jitsu, martial arts are great for burning calories as they tend to work multiple muscle groups at the same time and involve moving quickly in various directions, striking, ducking and weaving. Grappling sports such as judo, jiu jitsu and wrestling are also great for strength as you’re pushing against your opponent’s resistance.

Soccer: 900-1,400 calories burned per hour

There’s a reason proponents of the ‘beautiful game’ are uniformly lean and svelte. Soccer involves a near constant state of movement around the pitch with a lot of jogging interspersed with short periods of sprinting. It may lack the raw power and dynamism of American football, but there are few sports out there to match soccer’s calorie burning efficacy.


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The Sports Archives – Relaxing Retirement: Five Sports That Are Perfect For The Older Gentleman

Keeping fit and pursuing hobbies is so important in retirement. When you don’t have work taking up all of your time, it’s important to keep the mind and body active in other ways. You’ve dedicated many years of your life to the daily grind, now is the time to focus on you! Having some fun sporting hobbies is a great way to go about this, and there are some that are especially suitable for those a little later in life. That’s not to say younger folk can’t enjoy these sports too, but since they’re low impact there’s less chance of injury, and they’re less demanding on the body than activities like running. Here are some relaxing sports and activities to enjoy in your retirement.


While fishing itself isn’t likely to get your heart rate up, going fishing is likely to mean travel, walking and generally getting outdoors which is great for body and mind. It encourages peace and relaxation, bestows patience and has even been shown to boost the immune system. If you’re new to the sport, you could consider buying a fishing backpack, this will contain everything you need to get started. Plus it gives you an easy way to store and move your fishing equipment around which is useful if you will be hiking to the spot where you will be fishing.

Image source


Your golf swing will use the muscles of your legs, arms and back- plus there’s a lot of walking with the sport so great for staying active. Golf is a great social sport and something you can get together and enjoy as a group, whether it’s for a full game or just at the driving range.

Image source


Swimming is a particularly good exercise since it uses just about every muscle in the body. It burns a lot of calories and is good for both muscle strength and the cardiovascular system. Best of all, it’s ideal for those with joint or muscle issues since the water supports your weight. If you have back or knee issues for example you might struggle with many other types of exercise whereas swimming would still be possible.

Tai Chi

The slow, controlled movements of tai chi won’t get your heart rate up, but the exercise can improve your balance, strength and flexibility. This ancient Chinese art has been shown to promote both mental and physical wellbeing. If you’re into mindfulness, meditation, yoga and these kinds of practices, then tai chi is one you are likely to enjoy. You don’t need any special equipment, either join a class or follow along to a video online.


When you think of hiking, you probably think strenuous walks up mountains and navigating your way over rocky terrain. But hiking can be as easy or difficult as you make it. If you look at hiking routes local to you many will state that they are easy so you can get out and active without pushing yourself too much. Get yourself a sturdy pair of walking shoes, and if you have a dog, you could bring them along. Walking is great for the cardiovascular system and weight maintenance, plus it strengthens the muscles in the body without being too strenuous.


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The Sports Archives – The Hobbyist Sports You May Not Have Tried


While following professional sports can be a very fun time, especially when watching and celebrating your team with friends, playing them yourself can be an even more enjoyable experience. Sure, you may never reach the physical or athletic heights achieved by some of your favorite players, especially not the ones you prize most in your fantasy league, but you can experience what they’ve dedicated their lives to with the right practice. Playing sports should be an intrinsic part of anyone’s life, even those who don’t enjoy them. They help foster teamwork, communication, physical activity, and enjoyment.

If you’re mostly a couch potato and enjoy playing sports through viewership and in fantasy leagues, the time may have come to give the sport a try yourself. Not only will it give you a more instinctive respect for the sport you love viewing most, but it will also give you the feeling of legitimate happiness when your skills increase.

Here are the best hobbyist sports you may not have tried. Some may look intimidating for a newcomer, but you can be sure that there’s a lot of fun to be experienced here:


There’s no reason for you to ever reach the heights of the celebrated recent match between Mayweather & McGregor, but trying your hand at boxing can be one of the best ways to keep yourself active and happy in your exercise regime. Boxing will teach you proper footwork, breath management and will also help you push through your limits. It will teach you angling, positioning, and sportsmanship when it comes to amateur sparring. Why not try today? You never know, before long you could be competing in amateur tournaments. At the very least, you will be able to defend yourself in your daily life much better if the time ever calls for it.

Paddle Boarding

If you’re more the adventurous type, paddleboarding can give you exactly the fun you need. A Stand up paddle board offers a range of amazing benefits, from wet yoga to surfing and even staying stationary to fish. Purchasing a board is cheap, doesn’t cost a maintenance or subscription fee, and can be used for years. If you’re simply looking to get out in nature, gifting yourself this wonderful tool can help you experience a range of smaller hobbyist sports. If you’re aquatically minded, this should be a no-brainer.

Ice Skating

Ice skating can open you up to multiple other cold sports, and that’s why we’re placing it on this list. Not only is the art of ice skating something beautiful to learn, but it can help teach you to balance, co-ordination and temperance of movement, all excellent skills to learn if you’re hoping to be better moving around in an actual sport you take part in. Not only that, but it can open up ice hockey, ice dancing, and even transferable skiing skills to your mind, giving you that excellent leg up in pursuing your other goals. Within a few weeks, you are sure to be addicted to the ice.

Not only can these sports and sporting implements offer you months and years of fun, but they can help you feel younger and active again, perfect for any coach potatoes.


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The Sports Archives – A Look at the Health of American Sports

We live in complicated times, as everyone knows, and this even extends to sports. What was once a relatively straightforward activity has ballooned; it’s now worth billions of dollars, coverage is wall to wall, and fan engagement continues to be impressive. However, dig a little deeper, and you’ll see that not all is well in the world of sport. The industry might be doing well, but a lot of revenue comes from television and advertising. Good for now, but for sports to be healthy they need people attending the games and, most importantly, the youth participating in the game. The success of the sport always rests with the next generation.



There was a time when it would be unthinkable to suggest that the NFL might be in danger, but the recent announcement that attendance figures and TV viewership has declined will have set off alarm bells. Still, it’s important to remember that any decline has come from a position of total strength; while a 15% viewer drop might seem excessive, there are still plenty of people tuning in. What will affect the NFL is youth participation. Health warnings and the rise of other popular sports have meant there are less young people playing football; one in four children throw a football around now, whereas six years ago that figure was one in three.


The NBA might have a revenue that’s only around half of what the NFL takes in, but look beyond that annual figure, and you’ll see more encouraging signs. Basketball uniforms are flying off the shelves, and the sport is the most popular in the US for schoolchildren aged 9 and up. More importantly is the international interest in the sport. It’s growing quickly in just about every country that has a league, with more and more people tuning into the NBA. Some commentators are even saying that basketball might one day overtake soccer to become the most popular sport in the world.

The National Pastime

If you’re a baseball lover, look away now. The sport is in trouble, though just how much trouble remains to be seen. It’s not so much that people aren’t tuning in or going to the games – they are – but the age of which they’re doing it. The majority of baseball fans are over fifty, and the youth just doesn’t seem as interested in the sport as previous generations. Contributing factors to youth’s lack of interest are the expensive cost of starting the sport, and that it’s slow compared to other sports. No one’s quite sure what you can do about that.


It might be surprising, given that the NHL was a league that propped up the other American sports (to an extent, anyway), but ice hockey is growing in the USA, and quite impressively so too. Attendance at games has been steadily growing over the past few years, as have online searches for the sport and league (if that means anything).

Of course, none of these trends are set in stone. Sports do rise and fall away occasionally!

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