The Sports Archives – Wellness Tips for Coping with The Winter Blues

Seasonal affective disorder (or SAD) is a type of depression that affects over 10 million Americans each year. Also known as the “winter blues”, the disorder describes the debilitating feelings of hopelessness and sadness that people sometimes experience during the fall or winter. Although we don’t know the cause, SAD may result from vitamin deficiencies or seasonal hormonal shifts as the body struggles to keep up with shorter periods of light during the day. Fortunately, there are a number of self-care and wellness practices that can help people manage winter depression. These tips are a good place to start.

Pay Special Attention to Your Mental Health

If you’re prone to bouts of SAD during the colder months, make sure you’re prioritizing your mental health this time of year. Your mental health is highly dependent on the health of your physical body. So, if you’re exercising less or eating too many holiday sweets, you may be compromising your brain’s ability to manage stress and control your mood. On top of this, heightened levels of stress during the holidays can contribute to increased inflammation throughout the body. This is a problem since many studies have found a link between inflammation and mental health disorders, including depression. Limiting sugar in your diet can help you minimize inflammation in the body. Research has also found that CBD, a non-psychoactive compound found in cannabis, can effectively reduce inflammation and help alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Check out information from Remedy Review to learn about CBD and how it may benefit you this winter.

Get Natural Light Whenever Possible

According to Harvard Medical School, shorter days and less sunlight during the winter may contribute to SAD. To combat this, try to expose yourself to as much light as possible during the day. This could mean sitting near windows or skylights, increasing the lighting in your home, or making regular excursions outdoors in daylight. If you can find some sun, allowing your skin to soak it up for a bit can improve your vitamin D levels. Light therapy is an alternative way to restore your body’s natural rhythm during the winter. This typically involves sitting near a light box for a certain amount of time each day and has shown to be an effective SAD treatment for many people.

Discover Winter-Friendly Workouts

Time and time again, exercise is found to have a very positive impact on depression. Getting your body moving helps it keep your hormones balanced to stave off anxiety and depression. Additionally, exercise results in the release of happiness-boosting hormones called endorphins. Of course, exercising is much easier said than done when it’s cold and miserable outside and you’re fighting depression. Some ways you can motivate yourself to get moving include choosing an exercise that you really like and making it as easy as possible for you to get started. Work to reduce obstacles, like cold weather, that are keeping you from exercise. Try finding winter-friendly workouts that you can do indoors or using the change in weather to your advantage. For example, snow-shoeing, cross-country skiing, and ice skating are great activities to help you maintain your fitness routine when it becomes impossible to run or bike due to the weather.

Choose the Right Foods

Although you should avoid simple carbs when you’re feeling down, there are plenty of other enjoyable foods that can actually alleviate depression. For example, dark chocolate has been found to improve mood due to its antioxidant properties. If you’re looking for snacks, reach for almonds and seeds for their mood-boosting omega-3’s or stress-fighting berries that reduce cortisol levels in the body. Everyday Health also recommends getting your blood tested for deficiencies in certain nutrients — namely folic acid, iron, vitamin B-12, magnesium, and vitamin D — which pay a key role in mood.

Don’t let seasonal affective disorder steal your winter away. Although it can be difficult to step up and take charge of your wellness habits, it’s an important part of tending to your mental health this time of year. If nothing you try seems to help alleviate your winter blues, consider talking to your doctor about additional treatment options.

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The Sports Archives – Sports Can Make You A Better Student

The place sport occupies in our life

Talking about sports, we can easily assume that if you decided to choose one, then it would take all your free time. Doing sports, you can forget about your relationship, education, and family. Do you believe in it? According to the last research, people who are doing sports are much better than we can even imagine and now we will discuss in what way we can see it. Seriously, being a student-athlete may be the reason you are a better student! Here’s why.

Improved concentration

According to the researchers of British scientists students who are doing sports in their universities are better in a concentration of their affords and skills than any other student, even the one who is studying all day and night. Why is it so? Here is the explanation. To do sports in a proper way you have to train a lot, yes, at the first time you will feel totally and completely dissatisfied and exhausted, but at the same time your body will feel like, it was awful and hard, but let’s do that again.

And exactly here the self-possession and strength appear. Doing sports, you become more focused on details, reactions of opponents and so on. This concentration doesn’t appear only while training, it keeps being with a sportsman in his/her daily life as well. By exercising regularly, the brain releases chemicals that can better support memory, concentration, and mental sharpness.

Time management

For most of the students, being diligent is a very hard thing. Think about it. At least once in life you felt that you have completely no time, it is almost the end of the day and you did nothing important while there so much left things to do.

Talking about students, we can assume that between practices and games, it seems almost impossible to find time to study and do homework. You think that you must practice all the time; you can’t be interrupted by education. Wrong! All professional sports stars know that education is important that is why they started to do time management to be in time in several places. And yes, it works. When a sportsman or woman know what time management is, they will be effective in all kinds of sport and spheres of life.


There is no ‘I’ in teamwork. Everyone knows it, but students who are doing sports know it much better. They know that sports will give you the opportunity to work with others on a daily basis. It happens that sometimes people find it hard to get along with each other. But sportspeople know, when it goes to the victory or defeat there are no enemies in your team, you are all working on the same result.

Leadership skills

Students in sport are much better leaders than you can even imagine. They are trained to be strong, stable and self-confident which are the first qualities a good leader should have. You still don’t know who will lead the school project? Choose the guy from the local sports team, and you won’t regret — his leadership skills will be impossibly good.

Handling Pressure

Do you feel pressure at school or university and feel like you will give up and go working instead of studying? Yes? That is because you are a common student. Ask your friend who is, for example, a football player for years, does he feel stressed about the pressure? He will answer – NO! Pressure is the second nature of players. That is why you’d better join him.

Decision Making Skills

As a student-athlete, you have to think on your feet! When you see that there is no second left to make up a decision you understand that making them fast is the best thing you could ever imagine. You must make swift and tactical decisions in order to give your team a chance to win.

Communication Skills

A different situation exists. Sometimes stress is so high that people are almost going crazy and break down. The sport will make you a better person with excellent communication skills as he/she saw those situations very often on the field.

Being Critiqued and Critiquing

Playing sports is all about improving yourself. If you are not doing well you will have a desire to know it; you want to be critiqued and to become better and better. And seriously, no sportsmen/women are taking it personally; it is all about growth and the results.

A Sense of Community

All those guys in your team, they are just like you, they have the same qualities, and they all work on the same result. As it usually happens, soon, they will become more than teammates, they will be a second family of yours, they will be people on who you can rely on.


The most important thing is that sports give you one unique thing which is not so spread – confidence. You become better and better, and you know it while training and improving more each season. You understand that soon there will be no person who can be even closely equal to you and your team. That calls confidence, and that helps to win.

To sum it up, never doubt to join sports or no, it is the thing that will always help to grow and become better. Do it accurate but assertive, be calm but passionate and after some time you will see that it worth it.

My name is Alexia Wolker, I am a blogger and work as an editor. I have a Master’s Degree in literature and love both reading and writing about books and literary topics. I also help students with their literary assignments – articles, essays and summmaries of books, my works you can see at freebooksummary website.


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The Sports Archives – Important Things to Keep In Mind When You Workout In Gym

A healthy lifestyle is very important for people in order to lead a quality life. It is truly said that health is wealth because, without good health, we cannot live a life to our expectations. We need to stay fit not just one day or two days but the whole life. If you are fit and healthy, you can get away from the uncalled for health concerns and terrible ailing conditions. You can save a lot of money that you spend at a hospital or clinic to treat the diseases if you are healthy. So, the benefits that you can enjoy from being healthy are many uncountable.

People around the world regardless of their age and gender used to put into practice many things to stay healthy and build muscles. One of the most sought-after and much-loved physical activities amid people are going to the gym. It is a great choice to go to a gym to keep your body athletic. You can attain your health goals and ensure to stay healthy if you regularly attend the gym. People fancy having a good shape body just like their sports idols, film stars, singers, etc. Most of your sports idols, film stars, and singers give importance to their health and they used to go to the gym to maintain their good shape.

Although going to the gym is a great choice for you to stay fit, you should ensure to understand the things that you follow and not to follow when you are at a gym. If you have decided to become fitter and would like to join a gym, there are a handful of things you must take into account. You have got to maximize your gym membership. The expert fitness tips and tricks can do the job for you. Here are some important things that you should include in your fitness practice to capitalize on from your workout:

Sleep Well

Many experts suggest you sleep well before you go to the gym. If you don’t get sufficient sleep at night, it is advisable not to go to the gym because you won’t be able to work out efficiently. It can also badly affect your body.  If you get the right amount of sleep at night, you can perform better at the gym. You may feel tired if you don’t get ample sleep at the night and therefore, go to the bed early and sleep well before going to the gym the next day.

Healthy Eating   

Your diet matters considerably when you attend a gym. If you are someone who is going to the gym regularly, you are required to enjoy, plan, and follow a healthy diet. The diet that you follow and the food that you eat can have an influence on your performance at the gym. You should choose and eat food items that present you more energy, develop your health, and enhance your mood. You should remember that a nutritious diet is handy for your mind and also for your body. Ensure to go for smart food options like picking nutrient-packed foods over calorie-filled ones.

Personal Trainers           

You should ensure to pick a personal trainer at the gym not just to get expert fitness tips and tricks but also enjoy excellent workout experience. People try to work out at the gym in order to get the best results in quick time and personal trainers are the best option available to you to get the results. Personal trainers can provide you with useful tips to build your musicales and help you to have a good shape body.

Focus On All Body Parts

When you workout at the gym, you should focus on all body parts. You should give practice to all body parts. There are many people who don’t give practice to the leg or some other body parts. It is a bad choice because it will affect the overall balance of your body. Hence, you should ensure to give practice equally for every body part including leg, hand, chest, stomach, etc.

Warm Up and Stretch

The injury is very common amid many of the people who attend the gym every day. One of the main reasons that cause injury at the gym is lack of warm-up and stretching. You should warm up and do stretching before lifting weights. Warm up and stretching is just as essential as the exercise to steer clear of injuries. Warm up and stretching can help you to circumvent the post-session body pain.

Pick Nearby Gym

The gym that you pick can have a lot of impact on your workout. If the gym is near to your home or office, you will attend the gym every day but if the gym is far from your home and office, the chances are high to become lazy to travel to the gym every day. So, you will intentionally miss out going to the gym due to the distance.

No Empty Stomach

You should go to the gym after having some snacks. If you go to the gym with an empty stomach, you won’t be able to lift weights. You will certainly feel tired once you start workout since you don’t have the adequate stamina to support the weight that you lift. But, you don’t overeat before going to work out. If you overeat, you won’t feel comfortable to lift the weights and you will be forced to quit halfway.

Other Important Points

There are some other points as well that you should consider such as get yourself checked with a doctor, drink a lot of water, carry a bottle of water to the gym, inform your trainer of body injuries, be patient, be consistent, know and stick to proper workout methods, pick the right weight, give proper rest to your body, etc.

There are many important things that you should be aware of before attending a gym. Regular exercise at the gym can not only help you to stay healthy and build muscles but also improves your physiological and mental health. If you are seeking out to gain muscle mass, lose weight, tone your body or look fit, exercising at the gym is a perfect means to attain it but you should keep in mind the above-mentioned points.

Author Bio:

Alex Dixon is a writer at Essays Chief who manages to write in different areas including sports, science, education, etc. Along with academic writing, Alex is good in creating great blog articles, press releases, news articles, biography writing, and other sorts of contents for business purposes as well.

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The Sports Archives – 5 Great Weightlifting Tips for Beginners

Weightlifting and strength training can have a lot of different benefits, including stronger muscles, improved fitness and better athletic performance. Walking into a weight gym unprepared, however, can be daunting to say the least. If you’re just starting out in the weightlifting world, consider these five tips to get the most out of your workouts and prevent injury.

1. Drink more water

While most weightlifters swear by protein supplements to build muscles, water can actually have a more significant impact on muscle development. Water helps transport nutrients to tissues, allowing them to grow stronger and perform better. It also speeds up protein synthesis, improving muscle mass and control. Lastly, water helps lubricate your joints which helps prevent overuse injury.

2. Switch up your workouts within the week

When first starting out, it’s important to stick to the basics so you can learn proper lifting forms and avoid injury. Once you become more accustomed to the motions, however, try to differentiate your workouts most days of the week, and continue the pattern each week. It’s important to change the exercises you do to not only avoid unbalanced muscle mass, but also to improve your strength. Keeping your body on its toes will lead to the most tissue break down and ultimately stronger muscles.

3. Prep your muscles

One of the most important things you can do for your body is to warm-up properly. You can easily damage your muscles without enough preparation. Try using a foam roller to loosen tight muscles followed by a dynamic warm-up, which includes jogging, stretching and calisthenics. This will help prevent tissue damage by easing your muscles into a workout and improving blood flow.

4. Work on a monthly schedule

Make yourself a monthly workout schedule. Not only will this hold you responsible to get to the gym, but it will also allow you to plan out the most effective strategies to build muscle. Break each month into weekly schedules. The first two weeks should contain three sets of each exercise, using progressively heavier weights or more reps. The third week should be peak week, including four sets and the heaviest reps. Then, take the fourth week to recover, use lighter weights, and prep for the next cycle. Every day, you should also be giving your muscles some relief between sets with bodyweight calisthenics or stretching.

5. Sleep more

Your muscles and tendons are rebuilt while you sleep, so it’s crucial to get rest in order to become a more successful weightlifter. The average adult athlete should be getting between 8-10 hours each night so that their tissues can be repaired and enhanced. If you’re sore, be sure to sleep on supportive pillows to relieve back and neck pain and wake up stronger than the day before.

With these tips in mind, consider switching up your workout plans to incorporate weightlifting and round out your fitness.

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The Sports Archives – 3 Tips to Staying Active While Living with a Disability

Staying active is important for everyone, but it may be even more important for those with disabilities. Having a disability doesn’t equate to lack of health, and it definitely doesn’t mean that you can’t be healthy and active. Here are some tips for staying active while living with a disability.

Know What You’re Shooting For

What is “active”? When one thinks about staying active, is that a measurable thing? In reality, “active” is different for everyone and largely depends on your specific disability and what your body can handle. While you want to push yourself, you never want to overextend yourself to the point of additional injury.

As far as guidelines go, the CDC has some basic benchmarks for what it means to be “active”.

“Adults with disabilities should try to get at least 2 hours and 30 minutes (150 minutes) a week of moderate intensity aerobic physical activity (i.e., brisk walking; wheeling oneself in a wheelchair) or at least 1 hour and 15 minutes (75 minutes) a week of vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activity (i.e., jogging, wheelchair basketball) or a mix of both moderate- and vigorous-intensity aerobic physical activities each week. A rule of thumb is that 1 minute of vigorous-intensity activity is about the same as 2 minutes of moderate-intensity activity. They should avoid inactivity as some physical activity is better than none.”

Trying to get 30 minutes of moderate exercise a day (while taking a break one or two days during the week) is a good place to begin.

Get a Dog

Dogs are great exercise motivators. They need exercise, and so do you. You can hold each other accountable, if you will. Dogs don’t judge your physical abilities and will not mind if you need to take things slow at times. For some, dogs are better than human trainers.

“The beauty of owning a dog is that their care requires exercise, which in turn makes their owners more active,” says the International Center for Disability Resources on the Internet. “Whether it’s going outside for a walk, dueling in a game of tug-of-war, or heading to the backyard for a game of fetch, playing with your dog is a great way to get cardiovascular, resistance, and aerobic exercise. Dogs are also fantastic motivators; they don’t care how well you play or how quickly you walk, so long as you join in on the fun!”

Get Involved In Adaptive Sports

Adaptive sports, put in the simplest terms, are versions of able-bodied sports that have been adapted in some way to accommodate those with certain disabilities. Think wheelchair basketball, or lie-down surfing. Adaptive sports are a way to get your daily activity in without being limited to “boring” exercises.

DisabledSportsUSA has a large database of adaptive sport resources, including information on adaptive scuba, tennis, basketball, sled hockey, skiing, and more. Modern technology has progressed so much in the past few decades as to allow those with disabilities to experience many sports and activities. Take for instance downhill skiing, which is one of the most popular sports among people with disabilities. Today, mono-skis and sit-skis are allowing those with paraplegia to experience the rush of the slopes. Organizations exist for the sole purpose of getting those with disabilities into the ocean and onto a surfboard, with the help of spotters.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless. With adaptive sports, you can stay fit and active while also pushing your limits and, most importantly, having a ton of fun.

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The Sports Archives – 1980 United States Men’s Hockey Miracle on Ice

This Photo by Unknown Author is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA

If you spoke with an American sports fan today, and said that a win in 1980 over the Soviet Union Ice Hockey team was an amazing achievement, they would not be too sure of your statement. It is something that you can only fully understand if you were living through those days.

When we look back at the 1970s and early 1980s, it is obvious to everyone that the Soviet Union was the premier team on the ice during those years. Even the Canadians could not get close to them, and the United States were certainly not a team that was expected to hold its own. Even when they did reach the final at the 1980 Winter Olympics, everyone was expecting a thrashing.

Even the most optimistic pre-match predictions were saying that it would be amazing if the United States made it competitive. Others were saying it would be great if the Americans could get one goal, and not concede too many at the end. A 3-1 defeat would be something they would be proud to see, given the might of the Soviet Union in that sport, and at that time.

But the Americans went one step further. The players put on the game of their lives, and they emerged as 4-3 winners. In most of these cases, it is an early onslaught that decides the game. But the Americans grew into this game. The score was 2-2 after the first period, and the Soviet Union were 3-2 up at the end of the second period. At this moment, most expected they would run away with it. But the Americans had other ideas.

They rallied and scored two unanswered goals in the third period, and won the game 4-3. It was an amazing game, not only for the result, but because of what it meant for the United States. It was a win over the “enemy,” in a sport where they were not supposed to have any chance. Sure, home field advantage played its part, but even that New York crowd was not expecting anything from their heroes on that night.

The Soviet Union had some incredible players on that roster, and the best among them was Vladislav Tretiak. He was considered by everyone as the best goaltender in the world at that time. He was not at his best in the game, though, and he was replaced by his coach after the first period. It was a shocking move to many, and it did not pay off in the end.

Sports games are made even more iconic by the commentary surrounding these great moments. And if you ask any fan who watched that game on television as it happened, they will tell you about the iconic call from the commentator Al Michaels as the game drew to its conclusion. “Do you believe in miracles? Yes!” he said. It was a moment that American sports fans will never forget. Those who followed ice hockey at the time know what a historic achievement it was for an American team to beat the Soviet Union that night.


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The Sports Archives – The Best Solo Pastimes To Unwind

We all need a way to unwind and relax after a long day, week, or month. But sometimes you can get to a point of saturation with your own pastimes, where you feel that you have overdone them somewhat. If you are starting to feel that way about your own enjoyments, it might be time to try to find some new things to do. In particular, finding things that you can do primarily by yourself, as these are often the best opportunities for being able to unwind fully and truly. In this post, we are going to discuss this matter, and in particular we will look at some of the best pastimes which you can do solo as a means to relax. Consider taking up any of these if you want to try to bring a little more peace and calm into your life.


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Although you can of course play golf competitively with friends, it’s also a fantastic solo activity. Because of the way in which it promotes some movement, but not too much, it can be an amazing way to relax without simply sitting and staying still. If you like, you can go and find a local course and just start playing, although you might prefer to first practice at a driving range instead. The driving range is especially therapeutic for many people as a place to be on your own, and it might be worth thinking about if you are looking for some time to simply relax. If you’re not yet a keen golfer, give it a go and see how you feel about it. You can hire some clubs to start with so that you don’t have to worry about spending too much money upfront on something you might not enjoy. But who knows – it could turn out to be your next great love.


There is something about fishing which gives it this image of being the typical activity for someone spending time alone. There is a very good reason for this – it is an incredibly enjoyable way to spend some time solo, and it’s something you can easily get into even if you don’t have much in the way of experience. To get started with fishing, you will want to get hold of some equipment first of all. You might again decide that hiring some is best, as well it may be, or you might want to think about getting started properly and buying your own equipment. You’ll want to look into many things, such as the best braided fishing line, what bait to use, and so forth, before you even get started. If you have trouble, there is plenty of help out there to help you along. You will then need to try to find somewhere you can actually go fishing, which might be harder than you think. However, there is bound to be somewhere you can go fishing in your local area, so it’s worth persisting. You might find fishing to be a perfect example of how to spend some relaxing and enjoyable time alone.

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It can often seem as though reading has taken a backseat these days, but the truth is that it is still incredibly popular as a pastime. If you have got out of the reading habit, as we all do from time to time, you might want to think about getting back into it soon. Doing so is likely to mean that you will find yourself with a much more effective way of spending your free time, and you might find that you manage to rediscover an old love of reading you have when you were younger. Don’t be surprised if you have to go back to simpler texts than what you are used to – after a long break from reading, it can be surprisingly hard to read complex books, and you might need to train your brain to read well again. But do that, and you will have rediscovered one of the best pastimes there are for when you are on your own and want to unwind and relax. There are still few things better than a good book.

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The above are all great examples of thing you can do on your own which will help you to unwind and relax in your daily life. Consider giving them all a go, and bear in mind that they might not be for everybody. As long as you try them, however, you might discover something that you can then hold on to for when you want to unwind in the future, so it’s worth it at least for that purpose.

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