The Sports Archives – Why You Should Play Football

Football is a great game to watch. It brings back memories of high school and college, and it is a tradition in many households at particular times of the year, including, of course, Thanksgiving. Plus, it gives people something to look forward to when there is a game on and their team is playing, and it is a way of making new friends who support your team and enjoying some time together. Some people love it so much they even organize a football urn for when they pass away. 

Playing football is also fantastic. It is a positive way to get fit and healthy, and there is a lot of team spirit required, which is great for your confidence and self-esteem, and it can help you in other aspects of life too. What are the other reasons to play football? We’ve put together just some out of the dozens that exist for you to think about. 

american football

Photo by Jean-Daniel Francoeur from Pexels


When you play sports, your physical endurance, flexibility, agility, speed, and strength will be increased. Football is especially good at giving you this added fitness level because it uses all muscle groups and is a full-on, physical kind of game. It’s not just the game itself that is good for you either; the training and practice sessions are equally great at making you healthy and fit (perhaps even more so). There are many different drills that players have to participate in, such as running up and down ladders, through tires, running sprints, vigorous and important stretching, and using weights. 

Remember, of course, that there can be injuries with all this movement and muscle use, so it is important not to overdo things. As well as this, you must always wear the proper protective equipment such as a helmet and padding when playing football to prevent or at least reduce the risk of injury. 


When you play football, you need to be utterly disciplined about it. You are working on a team, and you are all striving to win, and if you aren’t disciplined in your playing and your practice, you will not be able to beat a team in which all the players are entirely focused. 

Being disciplined means turning up for practice even if you are tired and listening to orders from your coach then following them through. Concentrate on the game at all times and be prepared for anything that might come your way – this is only achieved through having great discipline and being ready to play and win any time you are needed. 


Teamwork is a hugely important part of life, and it can be learned through many different means. Once you know how to work well in a team to achieve the best possible results for everyone, you have a major life skill in your armory, and any employer would be glad to have you working for them. Or, if you want to be the boss yourself and start your own business, you will know how to get the best out of those working beneath you. 

Playing football is exactly the kind of situation where you can quickly and easily learn exactly what teamwork is really all about. In football, if you work as a team, you are much more likely to win – this is not a game for individuals like tennis or running. Instead, football is all about every player working with every other player to achieve the best possible results and to win the game. 



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