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The Sports Archives – The 4 Best Competitive Sports To Play With Friends

Are you looking for a new competitive sport to play with your friends? Sick of going out, eating food, drinking beer, and doing other things that cost money and don’t really benefit you in any way? Finding a competitive sport … Continue reading

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The Sports Archives – The 10 Best Indoor Sports

source Many of the best sports on the planet take place outdoors. We gather in huge stadiums to cheer on our favourite teams in football, baseball or athletics. But, what about the indoor games? What are the very best sports … Continue reading

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The Sports Archives – What is the difference between Squash & Racquetball?

To the untrained eye or to the sports fan that has little knowledge of either sport, there may appear to be a lot of similarities between squash and racquetball. Both are fast-paced games played in a small area where players … Continue reading

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