The Sports Archives – The 4 Best Competitive Sports To Play With Friends

Are you looking for a new competitive sport to play with your friends? Sick of going out, eating food, drinking beer, and doing other things that cost money and don’t really benefit you in any way? Finding a competitive sport to play can be a great, healthy way to bond and have fun. Here are some ideas that could inspire you!


OK so crossfit isn’t something you play…more something you do while crying and begging for the pain to stop, just PLEASE stop. That being said, crossfit is something many people fall in love with. They fall in love with the abbreviations (- WOD anyone?) and how intense the workouts are. There’s usually a leaderboard in each crossfit ‘box’ too, so if you go with your friends, you’ll know exactly who can do the most rounds of pullups, who completed the workout the fastest, and anything else they set out for you that day. You don’t have to think about what to do, because everything has already been laid out for you. All you need to do is get ready to give it your all.


Badminton isn’t as fast paced as sports such as, say, tennis, but it can still give you a killer workout and a huge sense of satisfaction when you win. It’s much harder than it looks too. There are multiple swings you can learn, as well as techniques that will help you to become a better server. It’s a good idea to start playing with someone on the same sort of level as you, so be aware of that before you give it a go.

Foosball Table



Foosball will make your heart race and give you hyperfocus you didn’t even realize you had. Who cares that it’s a game played on a tiny table? It’s still a sport, and it’s still something you can have lots of fun doing with your friends. Speaking of Friends – just take a look at Joey and Chandler. They loved their foosball table. So much so that they could hardly bring themselves to smash it up when the baby chick and duck got stuck in there, and Monica had to do it for them (with a quiet glee). To them, it was one of the best foosball tables as it held so many amazing memories for them. Yours could do the same for you!


Squash will literally make you move so fast you’ll ache for days afterwards. You’ll use muscles you didn’t even know you had, and that will all become evident when you can’t get out of bed the next day. Squash is a super competitive, fast paced sport, and it definitely isn’t for the faint-hearted.

What do you think of these competitive sports? Will you and your friends give them a go? There are so many more amazing competitive sports out there. How about tennis, swimming, and even baseball? Let us know what you think and leave suggestions of your own in the comments section.

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