The Sports Archives – Top Summer Sports to Beat The Heat

With the warm summer months upon, we are all looking for ways to stay active and enjoy ourselves, but without over exerting ourselves in the hotter weather. Whilst winter sports generally tend to revolve around much more exertive and full-on challenges the summer tends to be more about sociable sports that bring people together, whilst not being too demanding in the heat. Therefore if you are looking for top summer sports, that beat the heat and bring family and friends together, then read on for our favourites.


Surfing is a fantastic summer sport as it is something that you can do alone, as a family or with a group of friends. Although it is much harder work than it looks it is still an extremely relaxing way to spend a day or two, bobbing around on the sea looking at beautiful coastlines. So if surfing has always been something that you’ve been keen to try out, then this summer could be just the right moment to finally give it a go. There are a growing number of surf schools dotting around the coast these days, so have a look online to see where your closest surf school is. Or if you have a holiday around the corner, then why not do a bit of research in advance and see if there is a school in your holiday destination where you can give it a go.

Fantasy Football League

They come round every year, and each year they just get better and better. Fantasy football leagues or soccer betting is an awesome way to get into the sporty feeling without having to actually get sweaty over the summer months. The great thing about setting up soccer leagues is that you can be involved in as many as you like. You can set up a syndicate with colleagues, with friends and even with family members to completely immerse yourself in the summer soccer season.


Golf is a top summer sport as it is light on physical activity, but it takes you out into the great outdoors and allows you to enjoy some good bonding time with the lads. Knocking a ball around 18 holes and taking in the serene environment of a golf course is a great way to while away a couple of summer afternoons. So if you haven’t yet tried your hand at golf, perhaps now is the time.

Ping Pong

Ping pong is an awesome summer sport as it doesn’t require any running around or heavy sweating but it is still extremely competitive and addictive. Buying a ping pong table is pretty cheap these days, and there are even usually a few second hand bargains to be found out there also. Or you can even rent a table if you just fancy honing your skills for just a week or two. You can even set up a tournament with friends and combine it with a garden BBQ to get all your nearest and dearest together enjoying these lovely summer months. .

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