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Many of the best sports on the planet take place outdoors. We gather in huge stadiums to cheer on our favourite teams in football, baseball or athletics. But, what about the indoor games? What are the very best sports that take place in a warm, dry arena instead? Let’s take a look.

  1. Bowling – 10-pin bowling is more than just a fun game to play with your friends. It’s a fiercely competitive and expert game in the professional leagues. Players compete for trophies with bitter rivalries. If you think it’s all just luck, think again. Bowling requires a sharp eye and a perfect arm.
  1. Pool or snooker – Next up, it’s the classic pub game. That’s right, snooker or pool is usually played after two or three pints in your local bar. However, the professionals take it much more seriously. Expect fine suits and a cool head if you go to watch the experts play.
  1. Squash – Squash is often considered the fastest sport on the planet. The speed of the ball reaches much higher than tennis or badminton. In just a small cube, players must outsmart each other with precision shots and pure fitness.
  1. Chess – While it’s not technically a sport, it’s still one of the most competitive games in history. It’s also one of the oldest on this list. This game of strategy and logic is centuries old, with chest grandmasters stretching back through the decades.

table tennis


  1. Table tennis – This is another high-speed racket sport. Only, this time, the rackets are small paddles. It’s great for a friendly game against your friend. Or if you can even play solo against table tennis robots.
  1. Boxing – Perhaps the most brutal and fierce sport on the planet, boxing is not for the feint-hearted. Have you got what it takes to get in the ring?
  1. Badminton – Our third and final racket sport on this list, badminton is lightning fast. It certainly keeps you on your toes, and requires expert hand-high coordination. Grab your shuttlecock, and try it for yourself.
  1. Swimming – Swimming is one of the best all-round sports out there. It requires expert fitness and endurance as well as powerful core body strength. A few laps of the pool once a week should keep you fighting fit. Although, it’s best to leave the butterfly to the experts.
  1. Volleyball – While beach volleyball is arguably more fun, we don’t all have the coast on our doorstep. Instead, take your volleyball game indoors, and get two teams together. Trust us, this one gets highly competitive.
  1. Basketball – Basketball is one of America’s favourite past times. Alongside football and baseball it forms the trifecta of American sports. In fact, being a pro basketball player would definitely be one of the coolest jobs in the world. It’s also the easiest to get into. All you need is a basketball and a hoop. Head to the indoor gym with some friends and set up an impromptu game. Or, watch an NBA game if you want to see how it’s done properly.

Phew, that’s all of them! Have we missed out any awesome indoor sports?

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  1. Basketball is a popular during a rainstorm.

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