The Sports Archives – 5 Great Spearfishing Tips For Beginners

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Whatever your age or gender, spearfishing is an amazing way to fish. It’s affordable, sustainable, provides plenty of exercise, and, of course, is a whole lot of fun. It gives you a chance to face your fears, experience the thrill of the chase, and visit an entirely new world under the surface of the water. That being said, it’s a tough sport to get into, and can be difficult and dangerous at times. If you want to bring home dinner for your family, with nothing more than yourself and a spear, then here are five great tips to get you started.

Always Take A Buddy

Whenever you go out spearfishing, it’s absolutely crucial that you bring along a dive buddy. This way, if you get injured, lost, scared, or blackout, you have someone there to help you get to safety. To be a good buddy, you have to regularly check on your partner and ask them if they’re okay. You should also make sure to stay with them at all times and never push them beyond their abilities. However experienced you are, you should never go spearfishing alone.

Buy The Right Gear

You don’t need a lot of gear to go spearfishing, but it’s important that the stuff you do need is of good quality. Never scrimp on gloves or fins, and make sure to get your mask from a professional company, like Ninja Shark. If you plan to dive in cold water, you should also consider getting a wetsuit. A dive knife is also essential, as it can cut you or your buddy free if you were ever to get trapped in a rope or net.

Research Every Dive Spot

Never jump into a random body of water and hope for the best, as this can be incredibly dangerous. You need to make sure that you research every single spot before you consider diving there. You’re going to need to go and stock up on gear anyway, so ask employees at your local dive shop where the best places for beginners are. Many spots will be too tough for your first time, so don’t risk yourself and your buddy if you’re ever unsure.

Start With Small Targets

When you first start out, you should make sure that you stick to smaller targets. Of course, you shouldn’t aim for anything that you can’t eat, but you shouldn’t be targeting the biggest fish you can find either. You need to take some time to build your confidence before you take on more challenging creatures. It might take a while to get the hang of it, but, if you stick with it, you should start to see your skills improving in no time at all.

Find Yourself A Mentor

Spearfishing isn’t easy, especially in the early days, so, if you have a friend that likes the sport, or know someone who is relatively experienced, then seize the opportunity to pick their brain. Ask as many questions as come to mind and tag along whenever they head out for the day. You’ll soon learn lots of useful information that can help you improve your skills and lead to bigger catches and more exciting trips.

Spearfishing can be incredibly tough, but it’s a lot of fun too. Hopefully, with these tips, you’ll find it much easier to get out there and start catching fish.

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The Sports Archives – Career Development for Gregg Popovich

According to the information from the ESPN insider, Gregg Popovich plans to finish the coaching career in San Antonio Spurs. Adrian Wojnarowski said that his further work with the club is unlikely.

It is worth recalling that Gregg Popovich took the position of the head coach of San Antonio Spurs in 1996. In the first season the club made it to the playoffs. However, the coach managed to lead the team to 21 playoffs in each subsequent year. Thus, Popovich is rightly considered the  NBA most experienced coach — throughout his career he was able to build a well-coordinated interaction between players, which brings an effective result.

Gregg’s qualifications look really impressive:

  1. 1197 winning matches with only 541 matches lost. Such statistics are really amazing.
  2. 5th place in the NBA coaches ranking in the history of the organization.
  3. Appointment as Mike Krzyzewski assistant, the US men team head coach.
  4. 4th place considering the winning ratio.

In addition, Popovich received the title of coach of the year three times. He also was named the champion of the league five times.

According to information from the insider, Gregg Popovich plans to hold his last season (2018-2019) as coach of the San Antonio Spurs. During his career, he gave fans the opportunity to enjoy a dynamic and exciting live basketball.

Future Prospects

In addition, sources say that Gregg Popovich plans to begin preparations for the upcoming Olympics. For this reason, the season 2019-2020 for San Antonio Spurs will be held without an experienced leader. In the regular season of this year, Popovich managed to ensure a record of 47-35 for his team.  See today match for more scores.   The club lost the first round of the playoffs to the Golden State Warriors, who later became champions.

Thus, the following seasons will be a period of significant changes for the club. It is also worth recalling that the Golden State Warriors may lose Kawhi Leonard, who is likely to start the next season as a free agent. This season, his absence due to injury has become quite a serious problem for the club.

These are the reasons why San Antonio Spurs need not only a new experienced coach, but also several effective players that will allow to restructure the team.

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The Sports Archives – A Glimpse Into The Life Of Referees

By Jason Gulledge – originally posted to Flickr as IMG_0435, CC BY 2.0,

When you were a kid, you always hoped and wanted to be the centerpiece of the team and by that estimation, the match also. You wanted to play a pivotal role that could make or break your team’s hopes and dreams. Alas, most of us realized that we couldn’t play the quarterback in football, or the striker in soccer, or the pitcher in baseball. There were simply other guys out there more talented than us, that also understood the game better. So we tried to compromise and find a role that could hopefully one day allow us to get to that role. It was a mindset that we had to adopt, to beat the other guy. That’s what we need to think about more in sports, is the mindset of the different roles. Very rarely do we ever get to see what goes on in the life of the forgotten hero in all sports; the referee. They ultimately hold the most power in the game, but they don’t get the praise and fame of the top sporting athletes in sports. It’s because their mindset is to bring order to a game so that right and wrong can allow those athletes to play a fair game.

Serious business

Referees have to go to school, specifically for learning the rules of a sport they intend to referee in. This is serious business because as well know the sports industry is worth billions of dollars. Referee training is done in accordance with the rules and regulations set by a governing body of a large corporation. For example, the FA is an English soccer series, which is also a member of UEFA and FIFA. The require all referees to be knowledgeable about the FA’s own rules but keep in accordance with the larger entities of professional soccer. This often means that just because a referee has passed an accredited training course, doesn’t mean they automatically will be hired by a series or corporation. It takes years and years of hard work and due diligence of enforcing the law on the pitch to be recognized by a larger professional body.

Starting off

Referees have to apply for jobs just like the rest of us. They need to work a lot of different games all throughout the week. Everything from the minor and weekend local leagues, to the semi-professional and professional tables. It’s a demanding job as traveling around can take its toll. However, with referee scheduling software, one can organize their entire schedule, write down notes about the teams, game, and matches, as well as get a new level of access to further jobs. You can see the different jobs and their requirements all on your smartphone thanks to the software being on iOS and Android. There are no hidden fees and it’s available on both the App Store and Google Play.

Refereeing is not for everyone. Rather than play the game they are the individuals that allow the game to happen inside the rules. They don’t take the accolades of glory home with them, but they do make sure that fairness is implemented in sports. Their training is rigorous and their way to the top challenging. But with new software to help referees find jobs with the swipe of a finger, new opportunities are just seconds away.


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The Sports Archives – The Best Way To Be An Interactive Member Of Sports

By André Zehetbauer from Schwerin, Deutschland – 100m B-Lauf, CC BY-SA 2.0,

Sports have remained the most consistently viewed section of media and for good reason. Sports companies know the importance of staying welded to the fans. Social media has been an immeasurable force for good that allows fans to interact with each other and even their favorite sporting stars. No wonder the viewing figures of sporting organizations like FIFA, NFL, and FIA have continued to soar since the turn of the decade. Wherever you are in the world, no matter what it is you’re doing, you are literally a few seconds and a couple of swipes of a smart phone away from being informed about the latest scores, latest news, and scandals. So what exactly is the best way to be in the know?

Talking matters

We don’t all have the time to sit and watch the sporting events that we want. The grind of life just gets in the way and you have to stay late after work to cover for someone, or you get stuck in traffic and maybe perhaps you had other family obligations. Nevertheless, an app like Sleeper gives you the news and highlights of the day’s sporting spectacles and with the ability to enjoy the coverage with other fans. It’s a large community with one goal in mind, and that’s to fan the flames of conversation with the opportunity to build your own identity. Chat with other like-minded individuals that may give you a different perspective on things. The most liked, shared, funny and educated responses are loaded to you straight from the app so you instantly see what went on in the community while you were away.

Instant scores

Once upon a time, it was a megalith of sport but then went into a decline when its primary function as a sporting company came second to its political news reporting. However, it seems to be making somewhat of a comeback. ESPN is remaining at the forefront of sports and its app is one of the best on the downloadable stores. ESPN and ESPN+ update fans about scores in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL and college sports. So if you have a favorite team and want to be instantly updated about the scores, the in-game decisions, the changes and more, this app is perfect. The coloring scheme is great and akin to the company colors. The navigation is easy to understand and you can personalize everything to your specificity.

News updates

Yahoo sports is one of those news websites that unfortunately couldn’t keep up with the general new cycle. It’s not revered in the same light as other 24-hour news outlets but one thing it can do is quickly post new articles of sports. The talk of transfers, buying, and selling of players, the news of managers being hired and fired, as well as the financial side of sports is all reported in quick fashion. So if you want to know the workings of sports then the Yahoo Sports news is something you might want to bookmark in your browser.

If you’re just reading the news and watching highlights of sports without interacting with other fans, you must drag yourself into the modern-day. There are lots of apps that can keep you more than informed and allow you to speak your piece as well.


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The Sports Archives – Paintball Protective Gear

If you are new to paintball or have already dabbled in it a few times, you are likely wondering exactly what you should be wearing while immersed in the thick of battle. Even experienced paintball players are always on the lookout for gear and clothing suggestions for additional protection and comfort. While there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution to this dilemma, there are a few ways to make your experience a safe and enjoyable one while of the paintball field. Players of all levels can always benefit from a bit of preparedness.

Layers are your friend.

Everyone knows that paintball is not for the faint-skinned. There are guns and, well, paint balls. And they can sting when you get shot. And you will get shot. Happens to the best of us. When you’re out on the paintball playing field in shorts and a sleeveless shirt – you’re going to have a bad time.

But what clothes are best suited for a dynamic paintball game? First of all, think layers. Opt for thick shirts and pants. These pieces can absorb the impact of a paintball that strikes your body at a high velocity. But always have an additional T-shirt or thin shirt underneath your hoodie or sweatshirt to further mitigate the hit

Adding as many layers as possible can help you minimize the impact of the paintballs when they hit your body. The extra layers will add space between your skin and the outermost layer of clothing. This “in-between” material will accept the brunt of the paintballs‘ impact and won’t hurt as much.

Naturally, don’t overdo it. Especially, if you’re playing in the summer or in hot weather.  This is an effort to prevent overheating.

Cover Up.

It’s not your modesty we’re concerned about, but the parts left uncovered will take quite a bit of damage. Do not leave any skin exposed. Paintballs sting when they come into contact with unprotected skin. If you are hit in an unprotected spot, a paintball can even leave a welt on exposed skin. Sometimes, they even sting when hitting skin that is protected. Your paintball experience will be as pain-free as possible if you put forth the effort to dress appropriately.

Going the Extra Mile.

If you still feel like you could use the extra protection, there are several options. Soft body armor, arm pads and ghillie style suits will all keep you safe and unharmed while you enjoy your game. Other players also opt to wear shin pads as well. On top of that, consider purchasing some “slider shorts” that are designed specifically for paintball players. They are perfectly padded to provide ample lower body protection.

Choosing what attire to wear to play paintball might be a daunting process. But a little planning goes a long way in staying safe while enjoying your favorite hobby.


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The Sports Archives – 5 Steps To Becoming A Sports Coach


So, you want to become a qualified sports coach? It’s a great line of work to get into as you can expect some fantastic career progression opportunities once you have some experience under your belt. As it is such a popular career, though, you will have to face some strong competition once you try to land your first job as a sports coach. Here are the necessary steps you will need to take. It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with this process so that you can try to stay one step ahead of all the other candidates!

Decide On Your Sport

Most sports coaches specialise in a specific sport. For instance, you might want to focus on training young children in football or tennis. Alternatively, you might prefer to work in a gym and teach fitness classes to adults. Either way, it is important that you decide early on what sport or fitness class you want to specialise in as this can shape the rest of your career journey.

Hone Your Skills

Next, you need to make sure that your fitness is up to scratch. All sports coaches will be expected to be a lot fitter than their clients, so this is something that you can’t ignore. Plus, if you want to become a coach for a particular sport or fitness class, you will need to make sure that your skills are finely honed. After all, it will be your job to teach others how to do your chosen sport!

Research The Industry

It’s always good to be up to speed with all the ins and outs of any industry that you want to work in. That way, you will have a good idea of how likely you will be to find a job shortly after qualifying. One way to research the industry is to read blog posts, such as 6 Key Issues In The Future Of Sports Administration, so that you get a quick overview of the various issues and factors affecting the industry right now.


Get The Necessary Qualifications

Before you do embark on your new career, you will need to work towards some qualifications. You might want to look into some sports-specific qualifications or look at more general ones. While you are studying for these qualifications, you will learn everything you need to know about coaching others in various sports as well as plenty of health and safety tips.

Decide On Where You Want To Work

Finally, you need to make a decision as to where you want to work. If you would prefer to be employed full-time, then you should look for jobs in schools, fitness centres, and gyms. However, there are some sports coaches who like being self-employed and sourcing their own clients. In this case, you would need to look into setting up your own business.

So, are you still interested in becoming a sports coach? You just need to follow the five steps above, and you will eventually get to where you want to be!

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The Sports Archives – Airsoft, Geocaching And Other Outdoor Activities To Help You Stay Fit

Let’s be real; no one likes to exercise day in and day out! It gets boring to follow the same routine and the gym is not exactly a fun place to be all day long. But healthy, fit people don’t stay like that because of their gym subscription! They keep in shape because they find fun activities that keep them moving and enjoying life!

So, if you want to get fit but don’t like to play with heavy dumbbells, here are five outdoor activities to try on.

#1: Hiking

It’s a fun activity, it gets you outdoors, and it gets you burning calories with every step you take – what could be better? Furthermore, if you take a tent and a sleeping bag, you can transform it in a fun camping trip!

The cool thing is that, if you are heavier, you will burn more calories on a hike! For instance, a 160 lb person burns about 430+ calories, whereas a 200 lb person may get to burn over 550. Of course, the more you weigh, the more difficult the trail may seem, but after a while you’ll get used to it.

Another interesting fact about hiking is that you can regulate the pace as you need. If you feel you’re going too fast, you can slow down and admire the nature.


#2: Nature Walking

Speaking of nature, it is scientifically proven that a walk in nature will reduce stress, calm down your anxiety, and make you feel happier about yourself. Furthermore, walking is one of the most recommended forms of exercise because it doesn’t wear off the joints and it doesn’t require any special physical fitness. This makes it available to all types of people, of all ages and levels of fitness.

Specialists say that a regular pace, that’s not too slow or too fast, will burn about 100 calories per mile for a person of 180 pounds. If you’re lighter you will burn fewer calories, but you’ll still tone the muscles and enjoy the mesmerizing beauty of Mother Nature.

#3:  Airsoft or Paintball

If you like working both the body and the mind, we recommend a game. Airsoft and paintball are the first on the list because they both make you run, crawl, walk, hide, and overall keep you alert. Airsoft is more demanding on both fitness and strategy, so if you’re looking to sharpen leadership and teamwork skills, this is the game to choose.

For both games you need protective gear and specific guns, but airsoft is (again) more demanding. However, the gear is not expensive and there are plenty of airsoft guns to choose from (check for more on this).

#4: Geocaching

If treasure hunting is more up your game, geocaching is a wonderful outdoor activity! If you’re not familiar with the game, you should know it involves walking, exploring, and finding hidden objects in an outdoor environment.

The game can be played in teams or you can join in as a single player, and it has reached global coverage! It is usually played in urban areas, but you can put a team together and play it locally, if you don’t have access to the app.

#5: Cycling

While it may be the last on our list, it should not be so on yours! Cycling is a fantastic sport, with plenty of physical benefits and a reputation for good cardio activity! It is light on the joints, doesn’t require too much gear, and burns a lot of calories.

Not to mention that it can be a faster way to move around in a busy city and it is the ecological way to drive.

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