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It’s a game that is a favorite among pub crawlers. It is a game that is so popular there are leagues. It’s a game that is so popular that boards are found in people’s homes, garages, and basements. What game is it? Darts of course. A game that takes precision, skill, and a lot of patience. But, is it also good for your health? The answer is yes. Here are the reasons why playing darts is good for you.

Darts Exercise Your Brain

Darts is more about the skills of your brain than the skills of your body. When you are playing darts, the power of your reasoning, your hand-eye coordination, and your depth perception all come into play. You begin to exercise these cognitive parts of your brain on a regular basis and they become stronger each time you play. 

What’s more is that you will start to also exercise your math skills as you must keep score in your head and calculate the deduction of points in games like 501. 

You Will Become More Social

Our health is more than just how we feel and our diet. Health is also about the social aspects of our lives that keep us feeling balanced. Playing darts requires a person to go out and join a league or at least get together with friends to play the game. In turn, you will be making new friends, maintaining relationships with old friends, and getting out of your house and into the world. 

Being active in this sense keeps us motivated and keeps us wanting to be out more often. 

You Are More Productive

It has been researched that people who play sports tend to be more productive than people who don’t. The thinking behind this belief is that people who are constantly on the move like staying on the move so they will be more inclined to keep going throughout the day getting things done. 

When you have a date to play darts, you will get all the things done you need to in order to make the game. Also, the activity of being alert also motivates you to check items off of your list. Any sports player will tell you, the thrill of winning is a huge motivating factor in being your best. 

It’s Easier to Concentrate

Darts requires a lot of concentration. Not only are you activating your eyesight to see the board with eagle-like precision, but you also need to drown out the sounds of the pub, people talking, and the other team talking trash. Your concentration gets a major workout, and soon, you will be able to hold your concentration under any kind of circumstance. 

Concentration comes in handy in just about every aspect of our days and every aspect of our jobs. Sharpening this tool will only benefit you and will help you become a higher achiever. 

You Get the Sense of Belonging

When you belong to a team or a group of people who do a common activity, you get the sense of belonging and that is great for your mental health. A sport like darts has certain tools you need to buy like Red Dragon darts that become your personal equipment along with team shirts and team sponsored pubs where you become more than just a patron. 

Knowing you have people and you are surrounded by like-minded individuals does wonders for your psyche and it all starts by doing something as small as getting involved with the sport of darts. 

You Become a Strategic Thinker

When you are up against the wall playing a heated game of darts, you are going to need to strategize and plan all of your moves in order to succeed. With that, you will constantly be exercising your strategic thinking. Not only will this make you a better darts player, but it will help you earn victory at every turn. 

The best part of strategic thinking is that it is utilized in every aspect of your life. Driving, helping the kids with homework, figuring out problems at work, and helping loved ones hurdle life’s obstacles all can be overcome and won with a good strategic thinker. You will be improving your life and the life of others through sports. 

It Simply Makes You Happy

All the aforementioned reasons as to why playing darts is good for your health all come down to one thing: happiness. Because darts helps improve your mind and your thinking, you are more inclined to make better decisions and be surrounded by better people. When that happens, your happiness grows and your life improves. 

Happiness is always a choice, but it’s a lot easier to be happy when you are living a good life and you are the one responsible for all that goodness.  

You Will Improve On Your Control

Darts is a game of control. Control over yourself above all else. Darts gives you the opportunity to steady your mind, steady your nerves, and wait your turn. When you are able to harness these skills and use them to your advantage, you will become a master dart player. These control skills are also useful in the real world. 

When you are able to control your emotions and your reaction to certain situations, you will save yourself a lot of headaches by avoiding trouble. A lot of bad decisions are made during snap reactions, but when you are in control, you are always a winner. 

You Will Become More Confident

Confidence gets you everywhere. Confidence makes people notice you romantically, confidence helps you succeed at work, and confidence is an attractive quality that makes people want to be your friend. Darts enables you to develop a sense of confidence as you build yourself and your talents up. 


With so many helpful mental and physical reasons why darts is so great for your health, it’s a wonder not everyone plays the sport. If you need a boost in your life, grab some friends, find a pub, and start getting on the darts bandwagon and start watching your life improve for the better.

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