The Sports Archives – 5 Sports To Try With Your Family This Summer

We all know that quality time spent with our children is the best thing that we can ever give them. It’s good for them and it’s good for us. Time spent together as a family builds bonds, strengthens relationships and it should also be a lot of fun. If you then throw into all of those benefits the positive gains that we get from sports and physical exercise, spending time together as a family playing sports should be a natural choice for us all this summer. However, though we are often willing, the difficulty in doing this can be in finding a sport that is appropriate for all of the family to take part in, irrespective of age or ability. This is why today we are sharing a few possibilities with you, here are 5 sports to try with your family this summer.


Badminton is a brilliant game to play as a family, as it ticks so many boxes. It will encourage your children to learn and understand the rules of the game, along with the coordination skills required to actually play it. As it is a competitive game, they will learn how to lose gracefully and if playing doubles, how to work effectively with their teammate. This is a game that you can play in your backyard, or you can book a court for around an hour at a time at a relatively inexpensive rate. You’ll each need rackets to play and a tube full of shuttlecocks and you are then good to go. This is one that will get everyone running around so it is a great option for getting that heart rate going, as well as developing your skills in playing the game.


Many of us take the time to teach our children to ride a bike whilst they are young. We chase round the yard holding onto their saddle as they find their balance and their confidence and then before you know it they are doing it by themselves. This is where our involvement in their cycling often ends, which is a real shame as family bike rides are a lovely way to spend an hour or two. The chances are that cycling is something that you can all do, so this is a sport where you just need to get yourselves some killer bike accessories from Bontrager and you will then all be ready to go. Choose quieter times to go out initially whilst you all get used to cycling together, or take the bikes up to a national park and have fun on the cycling trails.

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Yoga is brilliant for the mind and body, and is a perfect sport for people of absolutely any age or ability to take up. It develops core strength and flexibility whilst also improving muscle tone. You can have fun with yoga all together as a family and build it into your daily routine. If you are struggling to see how you can fit in age appropriate classes for all of you at the same time, there is a simple solution. YouTube have lots of great yoga channels and sessions for you to all try from the comfort of your own home. We would recommend starting with the Yoga with Adriene channel as she has something for everyone there.


Possibly the easiest of all sports to get into, perhaps running could be the sport for you and your family? You just need to grab those running shoes and hit the pavements. You can choose to run around your local neighborhood, which is the easiest option of all, or opt for the beach or prettier landscapes. You will need to adjust your pace to accommodate everybody in the family, but you will be surprised by how quickly you all improve with regular runs. With the growing popularity of Parkrun, you could also make it a social and regular thing and run with other families.


Whether your children are able swimmers or not, swimming is a brilliant sport for all the family. If your children are still learning, here is an opportunity to support them and develop their skills and confidence. If they are like little fish in the water, you can all have fun racing one another, practising your diving and splashing around together in the pool. Either way, you will all be sure to have lots of fun with this one.


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Do you do any sports as a family currently? If not, has this list inspired you to give one a go?

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