The Sports Archives – Practicing Mindfulness In and Outside of the Gym

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There’s a lot of talk about living your life “mindfully” and how it can help you be happier and healthier overall, but can it really help you with your exercise goals As it turns out, being mindful while working out is just as helpful for physical activity as it is for mental activity. Staying in the moment allows you to pay better attention to your body and tailor your workouts to accommodate the information it’s trying to relay. Let’s take a look at why mindfulness, both in and outside of the gym, is a great healthy habit to develop.

Why are you exercising?

One way to practice mindfulness while exercising is to consider the reasons you’re working out in the first place. Are you trying to lose weight or are you simply attempting to maintain a healthy lifestyle? This information can help you push forward even when you’re beginning to tire. Instead of thinking about how much you wish the workout was over, in other words, you can think of your overall goal and keep going. Keep any short-term benefits, like better sleep or lowered stress, from your workout in mind, too, and redirect your thoughts as necessary.

Build Yourself Up

Your task to stay mindful doesn’t end after the workout is complete. Instead, it’s something you should carry throughout the day. One common issue many people face is negative self-talk that worms its way inside their minds. As a result, they have trouble moving through their day confidently and happily.

Mindfulness can help with this issue by allowing you to redirect your thoughts when you realize you’re thinking negatively. Focus instead on things you’re doing right! The workout you just completed, for example, is something for which to give yourself credit.

Create a Peaceful Environment for Home Exercise

Working out at home can be a great way to stay on track with your health goals even when you’re too busy (or too financially strapped) to make it to the gym. According to House Method, you can practice mindfulness when working out at home by creating a quiet space to get your exercise in. Designate one area in your house and remove distractions from the room. This includes pets and clutter. Take this time to focus on yourself and make your health a priority.

End Everything with a Positive Attitude

When you’re done with your workout, take a moment and revel in the experience. Even if you’re a bit sore and sweaty, remember that you worked hard and did well to get to that point. It’s okay to be happy about your effort! The same goes for the end of your days. Instead of worrying about things you need to get done tomorrow, make a conscious decision to instead think about everything that went well throughout the day. Take that positivity and make it a point to remember it tomorrow.

Staying mindful can help you do well both inside and outside of the gym. Take a look at the tips above and see how they can help you feel healthy and happy.

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