The Sports Archives – Are Extreme Sports Really Dangerous?

Extreme SportsIn the mythology of the Greeks, there was Icarus, the son of Daedalus, who wore the wings his father made from bird feathers and wax and used it to escape from Crete. His father told him not to fly close to the sun as the heat would melt the wax causing him to fall. Icarus did not follow his father’s instructions and this caused his demise. Icarus was not exactly engaging in an extreme sport when he flew with his father’s wings; but he did do something that is far too dangerous for others to attempt without the proper skills.

Extreme sports are dangerous activities that not everyone can do. Usually, men (and a few women) between the ages of 20 to 45 are attracted to extreme sports. These are people who live for the moment and crave the adrenaline rush. There are many extreme sports participated in by thousands upon thousands of people year in and year out. Some are professional, long-term extreme sport athletes while others are mere enthusiasts or one-time participants.

Also called free sport, adventure sport or action sport, an extreme sport can involve high speeds, unbelievable heights, extreme physical exertion, specialized equipment and incredible, death-defying stunts.

It is hard to define which extreme sports are the most dangerous. For one thing, there is very little data on injuries and deaths from extreme sports individually or in general. Common injuries from participating in extreme sports range from ordinary gashes and wounds to broken bones, frostbite, concussions, and brain damage.

Road cycling probably has the highest number of physical injuries out of any sport but it is not an extreme sport. Some sports have more deaths compared to the so-called extreme sports. For instance, many have died from drowning in the United Kingdom due to angling. Angling is not considered an extreme sport.

Some of the extreme sports are BASE jumping, heli-skiing, bull riding, bungee jumping, ski jumping, cliff diving, mountain biking, speed skiing, street luging, cave diving, ice climbing, whitewater kayaking and big-wave surfing. But since the definition of the term “extreme sports” is not crystal clear, some may argue that certain sports should not be considered extreme sports at all.

The question is: “Are extreme sports really dangerous?” The answer: “Of course they are.” A single mistake from the participant, a simple failure in the equipment, or an unexpected environmental factor that cause things to go horribly wrong can result in physical injuries for the participant or even his untimely demise. But risk takers can still enjoy extreme sports for as long as they are highly trained, physically able and understand the risks involved in their chosen extreme sport.

When an avid BASE jumper was asked why he does what he does, he said, “Because I can!” People will continue to participate in extreme sports for many reasons. The key to surviving an extreme sport is not only meticulous planning and perfect execution but also the cooperation of Mother Nature.

Use this resource if you want to start doing extreme sports with a trainer. While extreme sports can be fun and exciting, you have to know that your trainer is safe and qualified before you start.

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  10. Jada says:

    thank you for helping me with my debate project on “should dangerous sports be banned”

  11. kayla says:

    thank you for helping me with my project on should extreme sports should be outlawed

  12. Frank T. says:

    Extreme sports can be dangerous but you can eliminate most of the danger by being informed and wearing the right safey equipment

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