The Sports Archives – Three Most Dangerous Extreme Sport Weekends!

Dubai Wingsuit Flying TripWhy should you let a bit of rain spoil your whole weekend?  Why not get a bunch of your friends together, ring a coach hire company and take off to an outdoor pursuits centre?  Often the best time for sport – normal or extreme – is in the rain as you don’t have a scorching hot sun beating down making you sluggish.  Outdoor pursuits or extreme sports are a sure way to get your adrenaline pumping as well as increasing your fitness in a very enjoyable way.  As fun as conventional sports are, there’s something special about that rush of adrenaline you get when pushing yourself to the extreme, as only your supreme judgment lies between safety and a few broken bones.  Here are some of the most extreme of extreme sports.

Free Climbing

You may think that mountain climbing and rock climbing is dangerous, what with all the crumbling stone ledges and 1,000ft drops.  However, there is still a small sense of security in the back of your mind as you are hooked up to a lot of safety ropes and harnesses.  Why not go one step further than your traditional rock climbing?  Imagine tackling a sheer vertical, 500ft mountain face with nothing but the clothes on your back, as this is what real thrill-seekers and daredevils have taken to doing.  Dressed as if they are going on a quick run down to the local shop, these adrenaline seekers rely on nothing but their toes and finger tips to maintain balance and withstand their full body weight as they traverse incredibly dangerous rock faces.  One wrong move and it’s game over – for good.

Base Jumping

This is considered as one of the most dangerous sport.  As opposed to skydiving, where you should have enough time to pull the reserve parachute if your main one fails, base jumping isn’t as forgiving.  Given the low altitudes that the jumps are from, if you misjudge the height or don’t release your parachute in time, you can expect a couple of broken legs – or worse.  These adrenaline junkies jump from high buildings, bridges and cliffs while having to battle sudden gusts of winds that might slam them back into the structure they just came from.  As it is illegal in many countries, I’m not sure your coach hire company would be too happy in driving you to this extreme sport.


The next step up from parachuting and base jumping, and probably the most extreme of extreme sports, is wingsuit gliding.  The wingsuit is designed like the body of a flying squirrel, and allows you to glide two and a half metres for every metre you descend.  The danger, however, lies in its speed.  Reaching 160km/h and beyond, wingsuit flyers glide within inches of cliff faces, buildings and other very dangerous obstacles in order to get maximum adrenaline pumping.  Only the most experienced of skydivers are even allowed anywhere near this suit but even sometimes experience isn’t enough to prevent any fatal accidents happening.  Getting people to fill your coach hire for this extreme sport will be very difficult to do.

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This article was written by Alex Girardi, who recommends when you need to hire a coach for a weekend getaways or corporate events.

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1 Response to The Sports Archives – Three Most Dangerous Extreme Sport Weekends!

  1. Romeo says:

    Those three extreme sports are truly dangerous. Yet many people are still trying and willing to experience such kind of exciting sport! For me, it is not hard. You just need to focus and find your own balance through complete immersion to the activity.

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