The Sports Archives – 5 Sports that Make You Sweat!

5 Sports that Make You Sweat!

Playing sports are more than just fun they are also very healthy for Person Sweatingyou. Part of that is you will experience perspiration or sweating when doing most sports. This is good for you as well. It can help clear out pores in your skin and has been proven to rid the body of toxins that have built up over time in the fatty tissues of the body.

  1. Running – this is an obvious one. Just get your body and those chubby legs moving for any length of time and you’re going to start sweating.
  2. Basketball – this is one of those sports where you’re continually in motion but you don’t always notice. Think about it… you’re doing mini sprints up and down the court chasing after a ball or trying to get away with one.
  3. Swimming– you might not notice it since you’re in water but you are actually sweating while you swim. Especially if you’re in the hot summer heat and even if you’re just bobbing around treading water.
  4. Soccer – here is another sport where you’re continually doing springs up and down the field. If you add up all that running you might be amazed at how far you’ve actually run.
  5. Football – yes, good old football can get you sweating in no time. Get together with 10 of your buddies and start hiking that football and you’ll be sweating in no time.

Always make sure you have both the proper gear for doing a sport and that you are in the physical condition necessary to do that sport. Please consult your physician to find out if you are physically fit to do a sport. For the proper gear this may include the right clothing, padding and may even include having a watch… so get that team water bottle and personalized watch that you got as a gift out of the drawer and get it ready for action. Also, don’t forget your gym bag or to spruce things up a bit with a personalized duffel bag with your team’s name on it.

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5 Responses to The Sports Archives – 5 Sports that Make You Sweat!

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  2. Gustavo hernandez says:

    Wrestling idiot is 1

  3. Mike Lombard says:

    Hockey definitely must be added to this list! You sweat a ton!

  4. Joe says:

    Very cool list. I think Nascar should be #1 though.

  5. Johnothan Oswald says:

    Bro, why is running #1? I never sweat when running though.

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