The Sports Archives – Why Cars Make the Best Super Bowl Commercials

The Super Bowl is by far one of the most anticipated televised events of the year. The action, the laughs, the celebrities – it all screams excitement and entertainment. One of the best things about the Super Bowl, aside from the actual game, of course, is the commercials. Companies literally spend millions of dollars each year for a quick 30 to 60 second spot during the most watched football game of the year. The job of a Super Bowl commercial is to provide entertainment, amusement and spark interests amongst its viewers. So what commercials lead the pack and never cease to amaze us? The answer is simple: cars.

Super Bowl Commercial

The Dog Strikes Back: 2012 Volkswagen Game Day Commercial.

Car commercials spend a ton of time and money to prove to us why the car that we currently drive is actually just a piece of junk on four wheels. You watch 60 seconds of this super sporty and innovative car racing through dirt roads, whipping through rough terrain and jetting up rugged hills and mountains, and, in awe, think to yourself, “wow, there’s no way my car can do that.” And from that moment on, you’ve officially been hooked, lined and sunken into the world of “I Need That Car.” Car commercials highlight the awesome perks and features of the vehicle being advertised, which, coincidentally, are the exact same perks and features that your vehicle lacks. Funny how that works, right? The all new, 2013 model allows you to plug in your laptop to the gear shift, stream Netflix movies from the radio controls and brews a cup of Starbucks coffee in the glove compartment. Suddenly, just being able to sync your iPod or listen to Pandora in your current car just isn’t enough. Darn you advanced technology, darn you to heck!

The trick to an awesome car commercial is to make it appealing and relatable. It’s got to send a message that makes the viewers realize that this is a car they need in their lives. A favored method of accomplishing this is to throw in a well known celebrity and let them tell you how much they love driving their new wheels. Think back on this year’s Super Bowl commercials advertising cars. One major commercial involved Jerry Seinfeld going to extreme measures to get his hands on the brand new Acura. The commercial was hysterical in many ways, as Seinfeld reminded the loyal fans of his beloved sitcom that he still knew how to make us smile. The commercial surprised it’s viewers with appearances by the famed soup nazi from a hit Seinfeld episode, and a rendition of the notable “Newman!” catchphrase. As Seinfeld jumped through hoops to be the first person on the planet to get his hands on the new Acura vehicle, viewers were sold on the edgy design and safety features the vehicle had to offer. Although, in the end, dear old Jerry missed out on driving away in the sporty ride as Jay Leno swooped in and sealed the deal for himself, those at home watching couldn’t help but be intrigued and interested in what this car had to offer.

Another great commercial aired during the Super Bowl provided viewers a piece of nostalgic pie and Matthew Broderick reprised his role as the beloved Ferris Bueller to promote the latest model of the Honda CR-V. With Broderick, err, I mean as Bueller recited famous lines from the movie, acted out notable scenes and even raced through the city with the infamous Chicka Chickaah music playing in the background, the commercial did an amazing job making its viewers think, “why don’t I have this car in my driveway?!” The commercial was entertaining, amusing and made you want to buy a car that could fly over the hills and mountains in your city. And let’s be honest, didn’t it make you want to dust off your Ferris Bueller DVD and call into work the next day?

The Super Bowl is a great platform for companies to advertise the latest and greatest that they have to offer. Car commercials go to great lengths to show you why their vehicles are number one and why you need to invest in one ASAP. But more than that, these commercials are great because they leave an impression in your mind. They entertain you to the point where you talk about them at the dinner table and ask everyone at the office have they seen the commercial. In the end, we laughed, we cried, we looked in the garage and said “why am I still driving this piece of crap?”

The superbowl showcases some of the best creative teams from across the world in-between plays, and many of the ads go on to win a prestigious industry award.  If the creative spark from a commercial gets you considering buying a new vehicle you might consider first doing a quick cost benefit analysis between the vehicles that impress you.  A quick auto insurance quotes comparison can sometimes upset the apple cart, as insurance rates certainly fluctuate quite a bit.  The Kanetix service can be your friend in these cases, as you can quickly ascertain which vehicles are the most reasonable to insure.

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