The Sports Archives – BASE jumping – “Don’t try this at home”!

Base Jumper Chris Mcdougall-

Image source: AWP

If you’re looking around for some of the most exciting videos imaginable in any kind of sport anywhere on the web – then check out some of the BASE jumping videos. But please; do so from the safety of your computer, laptop, phone or tablet. This is a dangerous business.

In a recent interview with the up and coming “A Winning Personality” (AWP) website, one professional BASE jumper who’s been pursuing his sport for over 16 years in 40 countries and who has successfully completed a remarkable 2,800 jumps has told AWP what it takes to stay alive in his business. In a word, it’s fear. And the man in question is one “Douggs”. He’s the Switzerland-based Aussie BASE jumper, Chris McDougall and he’s something of a legend in the BASE jumping community.

That’s partly because he’s managed to do what most BASE jumpers don’t and that’s to still be here after so many jumps avoiding “impact” as they call it, of one sort or another – though he’s had plenty of hair-raising moments as his book and website will testify – and as it’s not difficult for most of us to imagine!

Douggs has some amazing videos around the web and on his own site which are indescribable, literally. You just have to watch them to try and feel the exhilaration for yourself – and this vicarious feeling of the excitement BASE jumping brings is by far the most sane way for most of us mortals to experience it. That’s because BASE jumping is just about the most dangerous pastime on the plant.

During 2012, 19 BASE jumpers were killed during the pursuit of their “hobby”. Yet in 2013, with six weeks still to go at the time of writing, there have already been 22 known, recorded fatalities associated with the sport, almost all of which are due to “impact” and virtually all of which have been of males in their 20s or 30s. So please; “don’t try this at home” as the saying goes.

Douggs acknowledges that his logical fear of pursuing the sport he loves has kept him in one piece. But whilst he always feels the fear, that’s also what he loves because that’s where his excitement really comes from. Though, interestingly, he also says his moments of greatest calm come in the absolute final moments before take-off.

People who pursue their extremely dangerous sports with a  singleness of purpose in the way Chris McDougall manages to are of great interest to psychologists and management gurus alike – which is why they are sought out by websites like AWP. To be so single-minded in pursuit of one’s goal is a rare thing. So can it be replicated, can it be put there if it isn’t there already, and how do the rest of us decide what our goals are so clearly – preferably in a way that doesn’t involve such mortal danger? You’ll have to read Douggs’ interview to find out – and that’s something you can try at home; enjoy.

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