The Sports Archives – Some Of The World’s Weirdest And Most Unbelievable Sports – Have You Heard of Wife Carrying?

If you are looking for a new sport to get involved in but are not drawn to any of the classes that are offered down at your local leisure center, take a look at some of the weirder sporting activities that you could try your hand at.

Chess Boxing

Chess BoxingIs it chess or is it boxing? Well actually it’s both. This is a strange concept, a fusion of a somewhat brain testing game with a brain bashing one. In involves alternating rounds of boxing and chess and it was developed in 1992 by a Dutch artist. There are two ways to win, the first person to either achieve a knock out or a check mate is declared the champion.

Bunny Show Jumping (Kaninhop)

Always liked show jumping but never been able to afford the horse? Try a bunny. So Bunny JumpingOK, you are not going to get it fitted out for a saddle any time soon, but you can still lead it around the showground and over a range of jumps and obstacles, and let’s face it compared to a horse, bunnies are a lot easier to transport and they don’t leave anywhere near as much mess behind them. This fluffy sport was developed in Sweden in the 1970’s and led to the development of the Rabbit Agility Association.

Camel Wrestling

Camel WresltingCalm down, it’s not you that is going to be wrestling the camel! This is actually camel on camel action that takes place in a purpose built wrestling pit. This form of wrestling has been popular in Turkey for a very long time and there is a lot of respect to be gained from being a champion camel wrestler trainer. It’s a little sneaky though, as the way they get the camels to tackle each other is by placing a particularly attractive female in front of them, who just happens to be in season, and they obligingly fight it out over her.

Wife Carrying

No, this has nothing to do with finances or whatever else sprung into your mind. Wife Wife Carryingcarrying is exactly as the name would suggest. A man has to race 253 metres which to those of you lacking the ability to visualize the distance equates to the length of three football pitches. Their wife, whom we assume is a willing participant, is strapped securely to their backs and well, put simply, they race. What quite understandably started as a joke is now a sport that is enjoyed around the world.

Ferret Legging

Ferret LeggingAlways thought that you would never be described as an athlete? Then stuff two ferrets down your trousers in front of a crowd of eager onlookers and you are perfectly entitled to claim that title, because yes, this is indeed a recognized sport. Just bear in mind though that the ferrets will be fighting and nipping each other all the while that they are down your pants, not a sports for the ticklish or the squeamish. The ferret legging world record stands at 5 hours and 26 minutes.  Still up for it?

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