The Sports Archives – Sports We Can’t Wait to See in 2013!

Manny PacquiaoSports fans can be some of the most arrogant, while at the same time being the most loyal. When fall rolls around, all the football fans seem to flood every bar within a 10 mile radius of our homes, beefed up on finger foods and ice-cold beers.  But can you blame them? Athletes are some of the most disciplined, not to mention talented people in this world. The stamina it takes to perform with diligence, coupled with the determination to win, is the reason why we find ourselves glued to the television during the most intense of games. From good old rival football teams, the wait for Mayweather and Pacquiao to the Australian Open in 2013 – we have a lot to look forward to.

Football is Back

When the New Year hits, we can expect quite a few showstoppers. After all they seem to happen every year and who can deny the rivalry games during football season? Whether you’re for or against the teams playing, you still want to watch. There’s nothing like seeing history being made by a top or upcoming athlete and knowing that if it hadn’t been for you watching, you would have missed the immediate celebration as well as forgo being in the loop of an abundance of tweets, texts and meme’s.

The Anticipated Fight

Besides football, there is the imminent boxing match between Floyd Mayweather and Floyd MayweatherManny Pacquiao that could possibly take place in 2013 at Las Vegas. This match has been brewing since 2009 and just like football fans, boxing fans find themselves infatuated with the possibility of someone taking home the bragging rights. Since Mayweather was recently convicted on assault charges and was just released August 3rd, his campaign will not commit to a specific date in which the Pacquiao fight will take place. One thing is for sure; with all the drama, delays and speculation surrounding this heavily anticipated match, Pacquiao and Mayweather both have huge expectations. Even if they don’t come to an agreement to fight in the spring of 2013 as planned, it’s a safe bet that boxing fans everywhere won’t get tired of waiting.

Rackets Up

There is one certainty for sports next year though which happens to be the biggest sporting event in the month of January, the Australian Open. While little information has been released as to the initiatives for the Australian Open 2013, predictions of who will be walking away a champion are already swirling about.  Serena Williams, Samantha Stosur and Andy Murray are all favorites for 2013 and have been playing unbelievable tennis during 2012.

While tennis is unlike the physical sports of boxing and football, it is still a sport and one of great difficulty. Tennis requires concentration, endurance and strength, so watching these key players next year will inevitably be history in the making.


Mercedes Potter is a huge sports fan who can’t wait to watch the Redskins vs. Cowboys next year. Follow her @CedesPotter to see what else read other sports related articles.

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