The Sports Archives – Five Best Paragliding Spots!

For those who love the thrill of getting up high, and descending slowly, paragliding is a great sport to consider getting in to. Whether you want to stay local, or travel abroad, there are a number of great destinations you may want to consider if you want to find the most challenges, or the most beautiful descents on your way down.

Europe –

If you are looking for some great spots to visit in Europe, there are quite a few. The Parapente Alps offer amazing altitudes and the sunnier climate is ideal for this extreme sport. Barcelona, at the foothills of the Pyrenees mountain range, you are also going to find some spectacular views. As the sport began around French and German cities, it is an extremely popular sport, and enthusiasts are bound to find the ideal destination when they choose to visit these countries.

US –

Western US states offer the ideal flat-land and dry flying conditions. States like Utah or Colorado are not only going to provide the climate, but also the spectacular mountain ranges and views that enthusiasts will love. For those who prefer a warmer climate, the many beaches along the Florida coasts are also great options. With great mountain and water ranges in many states, there is no shortage of sites to see.

Australia –

As the country offers a very flat terrain, paragliding is a very popular sport in all regions. The Gold Coast (Queensland), or the southern oceans around Tasmania are some great areas to consider if you are looking for gorgeous views, and an easy descent on the way down.

Asia –

This continent offers various regions. From Japan to South Korea, or even countries like India offer a variety of ranges and sites to come down from. With various mountain ranges, the ideal climate during the right time of the year, and perfect weather conditions, you are going to find there are many great regions to visit and take in for this extreme sport.

South America –

With unusual climates, and beautiful mountain ranges and beaches, Lima, Peru is a great spot to paraglide. Depending on the time of year, you are going to find great touring seasons, and the ideal conditions for your journey.

No matter where you choose to go, what sites you want to see, or which regions of the world you decide to visit, there are many great spots to tour and take on the extreme sport of paragliding. Whether you choose to travel to Himalayas, or take in one of the flatter terrains in the continent of Australia, there are different sites, for all levels of gliding. Whether you are a novice, or whether you have been doing the sport for years is going to indicate what levels you should take on, and where you should travel. Considering the sites, the climate, and all other extremities, all paragliders are going to enjoy each of these regions, and many others around the world that are ideally situated for this, and many other great extreme sports.

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Guest Post by Shakti-Himalaya – Himalayan Travel Agency.

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