The Sports Archives – 5 Reasons to Take Up Fishing

If you are looking to take up a new sport, have you considered fishing? From learning a new skill to exploring new destinations, fishing offers you the chance to be at one with nature and is something that we feel that everyone should try at least once. Not convinced? Then take a look at our 5 reasons to take up fishing below.


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  1. You’ll be learning something new

As is the case when you take up any new hobby, you will find that fishing is a whole new world to you and there will be plenty for you to learn. Whether you are researching the best baits for river fishing or reading up on the latest equipment and technology available, that learning will never stop as this is a sport that continues to evolve with new gadgets coming onto the market regularly. This is all in addition to needing to learn the actual basics of fishing, so go grab that rod and tackle and get out there with a seasoned angler so that they can show you the ropes and get you hooked.

  1. It’s relaxing

Fishing is a relaxing pastime. It can often be a solitary pursuit and it offers the angler time with their own thoughts, in pretty surroundings, doing something that they love. It is a chance to unwind fully and completely. You can be mindful and present in that moment or take the opportunity to turn over things in your mind whilst in a rested state. Fishing tends to move at a slow pace, giving you the chance to de-stress and decompress.

  1. It’s good for your health

There are numerous health benefits of fishing. It is an outdoor sport so you will be soaking up that vitamin D and taking in lungfuls of fresh air. There’s cardiovascular exercise through unloading your fishing tackle, walking to your chosen spot and then setting up and casting on. Then there is the muscle toning and exercise whilst reeling in and landing fish. All of that time spent outdoors will have you feeling healthier and fitter in no time.

  1. It’s great family bonding time

How many of us remember times with our fathers teaching us how to fish? It is a great sport for family days out and teaches children about patience and resilience as well as the skills required to fish. Dock fishing is often the best and safest way to start this, and where possible opt for a spot with dock lights for added excitement for the kids and an increased chance of drawing the fish to you and catching plenty.

  1. You can explore

Once you have caught the fishing bug, you will find yourself wanting to fish more often and to try out new locations. Before you know it, you will be looking for the best fly fishing lodges or seeking out the latest boat excursions to take your love of fishing to the next level. Fishing uncovers new beauty spots and adds new travel destinations to your list, so you can enjoy exploring natural landscapes.  

Have we tempted you to give fishing a go?


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