The Sports Archives – Your Comprehensive Guide For Staying Fit Without The Gym

Your Comprehensive Guide For Staying Fit Without The Gym

If you are remote working, social distancing, or traveling, you’d realize that regularly hitting the gym isn’t always possible. But with the enormous benefits of regular physical exercise, gym inaccessibility shouldn’t be an obstacle for your health and fitness regardless of your situation. A study has indicated a 39% drop in physical activity levels due to COVID. Due to home confinement, there are few opportunities to stay physically active, such as cycling, walking, or participating in some leisure sport. If you consider your health a top priority, this guide should help you stay active without the gym.

Importance of staying physically active


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Maintaining regular physical activity can be challenging when working, traveling, taking vacations, or self-isolating or quarantining due to the pandemic. Adjusting to the new routine may look tough, as you have limited gym access. Besides, walking or hiking with your group, taking your routine swimming laps at the local pool, and having your fitness class with your instructor could be nonexistent, which may affect your workout intensity if you are going by yourself. However, exercise is excellent for managing stress, anxiety, depression, and chronic conditions like diabetes and high blood pressure.

Regardless, the condition you find yourself in, set yourself a reasonable fitness plan and activity you enjoy and adhere to it. Begin small, celebrate wins, and gradually build by;

Prioritizing your workout

Several studies have proposed that individuals who place their fitness plan on the same calendar as their daily appointments are more likely to keep their workout plan. You most likely won’t cancel your appointment with the physician simply because you have a long day. Instead, you will complete your responsibility and then return to work.

  • Finding your ideal workout time

Individuals who keep to their long-term workout schedules exercise in the morning. Performing your fitness plan in the morning is vital for feeling energized and setting the right tone for the rest of your day. For others, taking a break from work and moving when their energy levels reduce is more helpful. A good amount of physical activity can stimulate your brain and invigorate you to complete the rest of your daily tasks.

  • Set goals and monitor your workout

It is more helpful to get a concrete workout goal, let’s say, a 30-minutes every morning for four particular days in the week, than going for the general “get better shape” goal. Fortunately, there are many fitness apps for your smartphone and trackers to help you monitor your progress. Another simple approach is to use your calendar to note your workout length, effort levels, and distance. Monitoring your fitness plan is critical for accountability, positive accomplishment, and inspiration for keeping progress.

  • Share your goals and success story

You are more inspired to complete a task when you tell a colleague or companion about it since you would want to offer positive responses anytime they ask you about it. Set your fitness goals and schedule and share with a friend or post on social media. This way, you are less likely to skip a routine vital for enhancing your next session. While having a workout buddy or partner is helpful yet impossible due to the present circumstances, you can set up a scheduled workout with a friend, colleague, or instructor without necessarily being physically together. You can set up a regular schedule with your partner via video or phone call, which is excellent for encouragement and support and leave you always looking forward to your next workout session.

Here is how to get the fitness you require from anywhere


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If you are going to start working out, it is essential to feel safe by wearing the appropriate footwear. You may begin slowly and offer your tendons and muscle enough time to change. It would also be best to talk to your physician, assuming you have any underlying conditions or are getting treatment for cardiovascular diseases, blood sugar, pressure, or dizziness. You may want to stop if you are feeling too much pain during an activity.

  • Go outside as much as possible.

Assuming your location is under strict lockdown order, or you have to self-quarantine. Then try to keep your exercises indoors for as long as possible. Otherwise, you can take a bike ride, jog, or walk outside so long as you can keep your mask and keep a safe distance from other people. The sunshine and fresh air will offer you an excellent boost for your mental and physical health.

  • Attempt something new.

Several individuals are more comfortable attempting new things when no one is watching. Now seems a good time to try your cardio funk, line dancing, or some barre exercises. There are several online videos on platforms like YouTube you can subscribe to for individuals looking for high-intensity activities. While sports are generally played outdoors, a few are adaptable for playing indoors. For instance, ping pong, netball, mini volleyball are some tremendous indoor sports for getting yourself and your family the exercise and body movement needed to boost your self-esteem, strength, stamina, and confidence.

If you are a ping pong fan and looking to advance your skills, you can acquire the best ping pong blades to take your game to the next level.

  • Join your kids.

Your kids are probably doing a lot of indoor time in the fall of the pandemic. For many parents, it is essential to keep them active while they stay at home. But how about yourself? You can join the kids to bike ride, pass soccer balls, shoot baskets, play tag, and catch in your home outdoors. You’ll be surprised at the intensity of playing with your little ones; they can be quite a handful to deal with on the court.


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Lockdowns and self-isolation mean many are spending more time at home. Your home environment likewise creates more room for sedentary lifestyles. Although self-isolation is essential, your body and mind still require regular exercising to function correctly. Hopefully, this guide helps keep your health and spirit up all through the chaos.


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