The Sports Archives – Is Golf Really Not Beginner-Friendly?

Golf is sometimes seen as the high-end of sports. Rich old guys in their expensive bright golf clothes, being driven around in golf carts as they wear sunglasses and talk among each other. However, you just need to ask any of the modern golfing champions, how has golf changed? It’s become incredibly open to all types of incomes, cultures, ages and areas of the urban and suburban communities. With ‘try golf’ days and weekends, free experiences on the golf course for youngsters and parent-child discounts at courses, it has become so much more accessible. Here is how you could get started.

Golf clothing

Before you select your equipment, do you know what you’re going to wear? Golf clothing is a specific type of clothing. It’s comfortable, but also, stretchy. It will give you the full range of motion in your shoulders and hips, so you can get maximum power and rotation with each drive. Thankfully, golfing attire is not expensive.

You’ll need:

  • A collared polo shirt. Cotton is great for hot climates but synthetics might be even better as sweat is wicked away and evaporated.
  • Slacks. Slacks are kind of like sporterized trousers. They are like chinos but made from synthetics and incredibly flexible.
  • Golf shoes. These are not particularly special in design, except they have particular sole designs. Some are hard spikes, others have soft spikes and some don’t have spikes at all. 

golf range


Your equipment

There’s not a whole lot of equipment you need to get going. As you’ll be starting off as a handicap player, you’ll want the best golf balls for high handicappers. These types of balls allow you to get spin and distance without needing to use a lot of force. This doesn’t mean you don’t have to try hard, as practicing is still highly advised. However, it will help you to perfect your strokes, learn how to get better distance and increase the spin, without getting tired quickly and or injured. 

You’ll want to select the best beginner clubs that are within your budget, providing you with the basics i.e. drivers, putters, wedges. There is a choice between irons and woods. Each has its own benefits, so do some research on the differences.

On-course culture

When you’re on the golf course, you need to be respectful of the other court users. Here are some things to bear in mind.

  • Stand out of the line of sight of another player.
  • Stand about 10 paces back from the player to not distract them with your own movements.
  • When another player is taking a shot, try not to talk or only whisper to someone next to you.
  • Learn how to take your time but also, don’t be too relaxed. Other golfers behind you also want to finish the hole you’re on.
  • Don’t ask to borrow someone else’s equipment. Someone might have a custom club, so it’s a little rude.

Golfing is no longer an exclusive game. Everyone can join in and it doesn’t cost the earth to buy the basic equipment needed. It’s also easy to find your local golf course thanks to Google Maps.


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