The Sports Archives – Basic Golfing Etiquette For First Time Golfers!

Typical elements of a hole on a golf course
1. teeing ground
2. water hazard
3. rough
4. out of bounds
5. sand bunker
6. water hazard
7. fairway
8. putting green
9. flagstick
10. hole

When it comes to starting anything for the first time, there is the fear that certain etiquette will go over your head and reveal you to be a beginner. Even though you are a beginner, you don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb and irritate the seasoned regulars. Below we have a guide to basic golfing etiquette to help you look like a natural on the golf course.

What golfing equipment to take

The rules of golfing dictate that 14 golf clubs can be carried in the bag of each golfer. It is recommended that you bring enough golf clubs of your own, rather than relying on borrowing from a partner. Although borrowing golf clubs is not always against the rules, in many cases it can be, therefore it is good practise to get all of the clubs needed from day one. Remember that 14 is the maximum clubs that you can carry, that does not mean to say that you need 14. If you’re constantly asking your golfing buddies to borrow clubs, this isn’t ideal.

When it comes to equipment, it is also important to bring plenty of your own golf balls and tees too. If you’re playing golf for the first time, chances are, you will be losing plenty of balls along the way. Don’t forget to bring some ballmark repair tools along with you.

Always leave plenty of time for tee time

When playing a round of golf with your friends, you generally have to reserve a tee time, which is the time that your group can play. It is important that you arrive with plenty of time to spare before tee time. When you miss your tee time, you risk losing the spot for your whole group. When this happens, your only option is to wait around for another spot to become available which could take hours. Although it is not compulsory to reserve tee time, it is recommended that you do and get there within plenty of time.

Dress for the part

All golf courses are different but you will find that the vast majority have their own dress codes. It is common for a golfing dress code to include khaki shorts and a golf shirt, however, be sure to check out the dress code for the specific golf course first. When it comes to footwear, you don’t usually have to wear golfing shoes, but they are highly recommended. As a general rule, the more expensive the golf course, the more likely they will be to have a golf course.

Keep up with your team mates

One of the biggest issues on the golf course is slow play. Of course, it is only natural that as a beginner, you will be slower than your experienced friends. However, it is important to be aware of your pace and try to keep up to speed. If you’re incredibly slow, you will find that there’s a whole group of other golfers waiting impatiently behind you which can be even more off-putting for a beginner.

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