The Sports Archives – Visiting Lambeau Field!

Have you been to Green Bay, Wisconsin? It is well worth the trip, especially if you are a football fan and love the stadium culture. Virtually everyone knows the Green Bay Packers reside here. Where is their home field? The illustrious Lambeau Field.

Curly Lambeau Notre DameCurly Lambeau worked for the Indian Packing Company prior to 1919. Curly and a local sports editor came up with the idea for the team, after which Curly’s employer agreed to give $500 for the purchase of uniforms and equipment, to start the football team, as long as they were named the Green Bay Packers. This happened in 1919, and the team has been their ever since.

The stadium was built in 1965, known then as City Stadium, but it was renamed Lambeau Field after Curly died that year.   The stadium was renamed in his honor.  Green Bay is a quaint town—or city if you prefer—with a small town feel. Lambeau Field has the distinction of being the tallest structure in town.

The stadium recently needed to upgrade its facility, largely due to the overwhelming support from the Packers fans. It now boasts 80,750 seats, an increase of 7,000. Also, a $140 million Atrium now offers Curly’s Pub, the Packers Hall of Fame, a Pro Shop, and other opportunities to delight and support the fans.

Packer fans stand behind their team 100%. Dedicated fans, like sister and brother Karly and Ryan Zakerski, love Green Bay and the Packers. Ryan: “I love to go to Lambeau Field because it is so expansive! There is so much happening that it’s just phenomenal.” Karly: “I love the history. The Packers are the oldest NFL franchise still in operation who have been in the same place, with the same name, since they were created back in 1919. They are also the only team to be owned by the fans [150,000 of them!], which I feel gives a greater level of pride.”

Given Green Bay’s small town atmosphere, it is understood that a rail system or underground to the stadium would not exist. Driving is the more common approach, with taxis an option. Stadium parking is commonly sold out to season parking ticket holders, but the Field partners with a local parking company to offer options beginning at $11. Parking is free in the neighborhoods, though you may have a long walk.

If you haven’t done one of the tours, they are well worth it. There are three options: The General Stadium Tour takes you through the Atrium (where you will find the Pro Shop, Curly’s Pub, and the Packers Hall of Fame), then to a private suite, followed by a walk through the Players Tunnel. It lasts about an hour. Tickets are $11, with reductions for children, seniors, military and students. The Champion’s Tour adds on visiting the South End Zone. At an hour and a half, it is $19, with the reductions mentioned above. The Legendary Tour, about two hours, adds the Lee Remmel Press Box, the visiting team locker room, a snack and a Packers souvenir. Tickets are $25 ticket price and reductions mentioned above. Visit the Packers site, stop by the Lambeau Field box office or call 920-569-7513 for more information.

Statues at Lambeau Field

Lambeau Field. Don’t miss it! It is truly a wonderful experience, home to the iconic Packers. You will always remember your trips to experience the games, the food, the camaraderie!

By Nolan Kido

This article has been written by Nolan Kido. Nolan works in the technology industry in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Photo Credits: Wikipedia

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