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College football, it can get to be some very serious business for some schools, especially if the schools use profits from athletics to help fund the other departments. The better the football teams, the more money from tickets, but also the less seriously the university is taken as an academic institution by people who never got into sports in the first place. And here I am to count down the Top 10 football schools in the country:

10. University of Georgia

Georgia Bulldogs LogoFor those of age, here is a drinking game for you. One simple rule: Take a shot or a sip every time a school from the SEC (or the South in general, for that matter) is mentioned on this list. Ah, Georgia, the crowd over at Athens is brimming with spirit. The sea of red and black body paint, BBQ and country music. A no brainer for this list.

9. University of Texas

Texas LonghornsIt is one of the most highly regarded and historic football programs of all time. In 2012, the Texas’ football program was valued at $805 million, more than the calculated value of several NFL teams. Granted, those teams are probably Jacksonville and Tampa Bay, but still! And who can say otherwise? With traditions such as Smokey the Cannon and “Read the rest”, everything is bigger in Texas, including egos.

8. Texas A&M

Texas A&M University LogoJohnny Football’s cult of personality has developed to be a force to be reckoned with, but that’s not the only thing the Aggies have going for them. With traditions such as the concept of the 12th man, the crowd at Kyle Field will be always pumped for the game.

7. University of Nebraska

Nebraska Cornhuskers logoOutside the stadium, there is the Husker Legacy Statue, made in 1997, which depicts 6 Husker defensive players tackling a Kansas State player. It was modeled from a picture taken during the Nebraska vs. Kansas State game in 1995. Fred Hoppe, the creator, says “the monument displays the sense of pride that Nebraskans have for their football team.” Do I need to say more?

6. University of Florida

Florida Gators logoThree words: The Gator Chomp. Oh and don’t forget about the 3 National Championships and 3 Heisman Trophy winners.

5. Ohio State University

Ohio State Buckeyes LogoThis is a football team that can earn more trophies in a season than I can in a lifetime. And they have earned their fan base.

4. University of Notre Dame

Notre Dame Fighting Irish logoPreachy nature and fake girlfriends aside, this classic team has earned their fan base. South Bend is clearly there to ensure their team plays like a champion… tomorrow.

3. LSU

LSU Tigers LogoTiger Stadium is well-known nationally for having among the best game day atmospheres in college football as well as being one of the most difficult places for an opposing team to play. How much? Well, in one game, the crowd reaction registered as a legitimate earthquake.

2. University of Michigan

Michigan Wolverines LogoFact 1: They regularly sell out games. Fact 2: Michigan Stadium (The Big House) is the largest stadium in North America that is not a race track. Need I say more?

1. University of Alabama

Alabama Crimson Tide LogoThey didn’t win three out of the last four national championships for nothing. I could get behind that. Led by Head Coach Nick Saban, this team can compete with most NFL teams. Roll Tide!

David Baker is a content writer and blogger for David is a recent high school graduate from Lake Mary, Florida who now attends Stetson University.

Photo Credits: wikipedia

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