The Sports Archives – The Time Of Year College Football Springs Into Action!

Spring opening

Spring, the season which brightens the darkness of winter, gives life to hardcore college football fans who are suffering withdrawal symptoms from their passionate addiction. With the long agitating wait ended, the quarterback recruitment completed, and teams intensely drilled for battle, dilemmas and speculations are now a shadowing memory. What’s the gift deeply desired or craved? Perhaps, over 45 broadcasted contests on over 10 televised channels, which occurred during the March & April period this year. Does this information demonstrate the critical time in the college football calendar? What achievements or accolades are decided during this phase? Do the clashes in the preliminary stages lack the true tension, grit or determination of a close season, nail-biting decider?

Public support

Growing crowds continue to flock in hordes year-by-year to witness college football, statistically average attendances rose significantly since 1998, increasing by more than 32 percent. In 2011, attendances soared to create a new record with almost 4.7 million spectators filling the stadiums at each level of NCAA. These facts signify the expanding rates of support, reassuring followers that the game isn’t suffering, in fact quite the contrary; it sustains a healthy status in the public eye.

Critical times & defining moments

Switching to the live action, what’s the critical period to any sports season, the introduction or the finale? Take NFL for instance, how many viewers does the Super Bowl receive in comparison to the standard seasonal fixtures? Not only does the Super Bowl acquire global attention, it’s celebrated in a style to portray the defining moment in the 17-game campaign. 111.3 million witnessed Super Bowl XLVI staged in Indianapolis on NBC, the most watched television show in United States history. Does this suggest that interest levels rocket as the prize approaches?

Finances & ticket prices

The accumulation of any audience, in any environment, can depend on financial strategies, the rise and fall of ticket prices, discounts & promotions, which influence the less “die hard” and attract the more widespread number to the showcased event. In current economic disability, college football didn’t sympathize with the people’s constraints, instead single-match tickets ascended to a 30% increase in the last 3 years to an average of $65.

Hype & buzz

College FootballCan the hype of college football be determined by our roots or the state we originate? In the Miami Hurricanes record season in 2009 (9-4) they averaged 47,551 in a maximum capacity of 76,500, in addition they charge $19 for entry, including the closely fought, highly demanded tussle with Florida State in the “erstwhile epic.” Meanwhile, the big 12 conference maintains its helm as the most expensive section for ticket charges, the “red river shootout” involving Texas confronting Dallas requests a steep cost of $110. In 2010-2011, Texas averaged the fifth highest attendance, 100,654. This brings forth the question: What factors determine the college football buzz in a state region?

Passions & desires

Alabama, the 26th largest populated state in the United States, holds a deep-rooted desire & sheer passion for college football, with no exceptions to the date on the calendar. A clash following the season –opener in 2011 with LSU was one of the highest sold of the season, during game-week tickets could only be found at a mammoth $5,000. Spring attendances this year continued to impress at Alabama, averaging 78,526 spectators in the first three weeks. Would it be a fair assertion to suggest specific states contain the adrenaline, the drug for college football but in other states they require an injection of success or adversity?

Current health

Focusing on the current stability of the game, college football impressively averages almost 9 times the amount of college basketball support with 46,632 attending during 2010 in comparison to 5,237. No matter what date or time, college football progressively prevails as an integral event for the public. Whether it’s the curiosities & joys at the start to the jubilation & heart aches at the finish line, is timing essential? Through troubling declines & richly successful moments, teams require consistent & continual loyalty for the duration.

This is a contributed article written by sport enthusiast Tom Andrew McGowan. He is writing for AthlonSports college football section, your online resource on everything college football: college football recruiting rankings and news.

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