The Sports Archives – An Infographic About the Greatest College Football Programs of All-Time!

A good coach matters more in football than any other American sport. This is especially true in college football, where a coach is the head of the program both on game day and on recruiting visits.

So who are the greatest coaches in college football history? The following infographic includes the 10 winningest coaches ever. The top three are worth highlighting especially. These men are:

1. Eddie Robinson, 408-165: Robinson was head coach at Grambling State University (Louisiana) from 1941 to 1997, an astonishing 57 seasons. He coached several future NFL greats including Doug Williams and Willie Davis.

2. Bobby Bowden, 377-129: Bowden was the longtime coach at Florida State University, winning two national championships. By default, he became the winningest coach all-time after the NCAA vacated all of former Penn State coach Joe Paterno‘s wins from 1998 to 2011.

3. Bear Bryant, 323-85: Bryant is remembered as much today for his distinctive black and white checkered houndstooth hat and his appearance in “Forrest Gump.” That said, Bryant won six national championships in his 25 years as coach of University of Alabama.

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3 Responses to The Sports Archives – An Infographic About the Greatest College Football Programs of All-Time!

  1. Amusing to see Oregon noticeably absent from the list. The way their fans act, you’d think they’d have been top dogs in the college football world since the beginning of time. Reality is they were pretty mediocre at best up until the mid-2000’s.

  2. andrewarmstrong178697716 says:

    Where’s Oregon? That’s right. They were terrible until the mid-2000’s.

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