The Sports Archives Greatest Moments – Green Bay Packers “The Block”

One of the most memorable games in NFL sports archives history was the game known as the “Ice Bowl” played at Lambeau Field in Green Bay, Wisconsin, on December 31, 1967.  It was -15 degrees at game time and the Green Bay Packers under Vince Lombardi were set to square off against Tom Landry’s Dallas Cowboys.

The two teams played some grueling football on a hard-as-rock field.  The Cowboys were up 17-14 with under a minute to play, but the Packers were threatening.  They had a first down on the Cowboys 3-yard line but Packers running back Donny Anderson could only make 2 yards on 2 downs.  The Packers called their last timeout with 16 seconds left to discuss their next strategy.  It was a gutsy call not to go for the field goal with no timeouts remaining, but I don’t think anyone in the stadium wanted overtime.  The Packers called for a quarterback sneak and Bart Starr was to follow the lead of guard, Jerry Kramer who was to pave the way to the end zone.  Kramer did his job and took Cowboys defensive tackle Jethro Pugh completely out of the play allowing for Star to cross the line and seal the victory for Green Bay, 21 – 17.

This play became known in the sports archives as “The Block”.

The Block

Bart Starr follows "The Block" of Jerry Kramer.

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