The Sports Archives – Tips On Perfecting Your Golf Swing!

Golf Tee ShotThere may be no such thing as the perfectly maneuvered golf swing that works for everyone, but all swings contain some common fundamentals. The basics for a good golf swing all include posture, setup, grip, aim, and swing. Before you get frustrated about your golf game there are a variety of tips on perfecting your swing that you can use to significantly improve your golf swing.

Posture, posture, posture

How you hold your body is the first step in having a good golf swing, locking your knees or even stiffing your back can cause your swing to become untracked and lose their rhythm leading to unplanned golf ball landings or in frustrating times, a missed ball just lying there in front of you.

A good posture starts with your feet about shoulder width apart, knees slightly bent, hips push back a bit while you are bent forward with a straight back and neck, holding your golf club with relaxed arms in a good grip. This way you can turn at the hips and slight move your knees effortlessly for power when you are following through your swing. Each person has their slight different stance, some may bend an inch or two more than others and some may keep their feet a bit more apart but as you practice, you can perfect your posture to fit your needs.

Use your body

Any regular golfer knows that they do not use their arms to propel the ball, as you swing your golf club, your turn your torso putting the power of your body behind the shot and getting your ball into the air where you want it on a regular basis. Practice this by swinging with taking a back swing first; if you have trouble getting the ball into the air then you know that you are trying to use your arms rather than your body to power your swing.

Hold your club properly

Anyone can just snatch up a club and hit at a golf ball, but if you want to control where your ball goes then you need to have control of your club. Keeps a natural hand position with your thumb pointing down; your other hand should be below your lead hand as a basic guide. Remember the lower your hands are on the club, the lower your ball will fly, this means your ball won’t fly high but will be easier to control.

Avoid the flips

An early release of your swing causing your golf club to lag is considered “flippiness“. This usually only occurs when your body gets to far ahead of the ball during your swing and your wrists try to come together to control the swing and make sure you hit the ball, but this causes your ball to fly in the wrong direction. Practicing your posture will help prevent flippiness, but if you need additional help, try using a stuffed impact bag as a target and practicing your swing keeping your wrist in the right positions the entire time.

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8 Responses to The Sports Archives – Tips On Perfecting Your Golf Swing!

  1. morrismax14 says:

    Hey I really like your idea on the golf swing and I do agree that every person has a different swing and should work on the body posture. I balieve it’s all in the hips and shoulder turn.

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  8. Derek Dewitt says:

    I have been trying to learn golf these last few weeks, so thanks for the tips. I like your point about using your torso to propel the ball instead of your arms. I’ll have to try starting with a backswing for now on so I can get more force on the ball.

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