The Sports Archives – 10 Reasons Why a Golf Simulator Helps Your Short Game!

Golf Simulation


The driver is sexy. However, money is won on the short game. A great drive followed by a poor chip shot and a three-putt is not a winning strategy. Why not use a golf simulator to improve the least practiced part of the game?

1. Calibrate your pitch shot.

Using the exact same swing, find out the distance of your wedge, your sand wedge, your nine iron, and even your seven iron. Keep practicing until the distances are consistent.

2. Practice in inclement weather.

Snow is not a factor indoors. Neither is extreme cold, driving rain or lightening. Using a golf simulator inside your own home improves your games 10X.

3. Practice during your lunch break.

Even in July, you can spend 30 minutes practicing your short game and return to work without having broken a sweat.

4. Gather feedback.

Golf simulators analyze your swing. This is true for the short game as well as for driving.

5. Putt to a target instead of a hole.

When you use a golf simulator, you put to a target which eliminates the need to watch the ball into the hole. This will teach your eyes to remain still until you have completed the putt.

6. Adjust the stimp.

You are not limited to putting on easy courses.

7. Be entertained.

Practice is more fun at Pebble Beach or St. Andrews.

8. Pitch and chip to the distance not to the visual.

Professional golfers think in distances. Amateurs tend to rely on visual information as well as distance. Many simulators’ pitch shots appear to be about 20 feet long even if they are 60 feet long. Learning to play to the distance will improve your game.

Golf Simulator9. Feel the distance of a putt.

In the same way as pitching, feeling the distance of putts, rather than eyeballing them, is a professional approach.

10. There is no marshal.

Take your time and practice that shot as often as you like

Practicing your short game is a winning strategy. Golf simulators make it easy to get that practice time in before the company tournament. Use the simulator effectively and your score will certainly go down.

About Brian: 

Brian Benko is the owner of (since 1997), a golf enthusiasts website and blog that’s dedicated to the golf players motivated to improve their game.  When Brian’s not on the golf course, or using his golf simulator, he’s working within the internet/tech industry in New York.

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4 Responses to The Sports Archives – 10 Reasons Why a Golf Simulator Helps Your Short Game!

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  4. Paige says:

    I certainly know of a number of friends who, when they first started playing golf, found the stress of being “watched” and feeling hurried – even if they were’t – took away much of the pleasure of playing golf for them. After all, while the game may take a lifetime to master, those first few months can really be a steep learning curve!

    I can see a real benefit here to golf simulators as they allow you to practise in the privacy of your own home – or at least in a slightly less stressful club situation – giving you the time to really concentrate on your swings. I have no doubt that over time this could lead to an improved game.

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