The Sports Archives – 3 Golf Apps That Will Change Your Swing Forever!

How many of us enjoy a nice game of golf…on the computer? Well it is a fact that over 50% of active golfers also have a penchant for swinging their way to a perfect round whilst sat in the comfort of their own home. But it is no substitute for the real thing and will not really help your handicap much. But now there are a host of applications that have been designed to aid the golfers out there who are in need of some tips when they are on the back 9. These are not mere video games, they are serious tools that have been designed to remove the slice and hook elements from us poor golfers forever! Please read on if you would like some inside info about these cool apps.

GolfLogix for iPhone

This app is one of many GPS products that has entered the market recently and it is one of the best. It shows the golfer some awesome aerial and angled views of the course he/she is trying to get around. You get to see some fantastic views of the entire course and it allows you to measure shot distances using the on board Golflogix app. There is also a free handicap tracking feature that will surely see yours fall before too long. The only downside for this cool golf app is the fact that you will need to pay a subscription every year.

Golf Genie Practice Drills PRO

What a fabulous little app, this is pretty much a golfing instructor that lives inside your iPhone or Blackberry. Costing less than a buck, it certainly repays that tiny investment back in spades. You will soon benefit from the myriad of drills and tips it has in store for you. Your slice and hook s should soon be eliminated and you will be laughing at how low your handicap becomes. Use the bespoke practice system to create a personalised work out that only you can master. This app is designed by PGA Tour pros and you will soon be playing just like them!

Golfshot: Golf GPS

Another GPS app makes it to this list of fantastic golf tools, but this one has over 35000 courses in its database! No matter what country you are visiting, it is fairly likely that you will find at least a few courses on this application. It holds some very useful information regarding each and every hole. If you are not sure of your exact handicap, this genius-like machine will soon provide you with one. If you are not pleased with your rating, use the application to improve your stroke play and you will pretty soon be more than happy with the results. This app is a little steeper than the average golf aid, but the sheer quality and quantity of the contents will soon make you happy to pay the premium!

There Is No Substitute For…Golf Apps!

Well, there you have it, some great little tools that should soon have you back into single figures on the handicap rating. Just remember to bring your golf app buddy with you the next time you hit the golf course – Good Luck!

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Today’s guest author, Harvey Tyson, is a trainer at JP Golf, a Golf training academy based in Australia. He is a sports and fitness enthusiast and enjoys sharing valuable fitness tips on various online blogging platforms in his spare time.

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