The Sports Archives – How To Be Properly Equipped For Horseback Riding!

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While horseback riding is one of the most fun activities to do, there is equipment that sometimes is important to use.  One piece of equipment to use is a bit.  Usually made of metal or some other synthetic material, a bit assists a rider in communicating with the horse.

How do you use a bit?

The bit is placed on the bars of the mouth in a region where there are no teeth.  The bit is held on the horse’s head with a bridal and has reins attached for the rider to hold onto. Because a horse’s mouth is so sensitive, choosing the right bit for your horse is important, and rider’s use of the bit is extremely important.  The bit serves as the communication tool between the horse and the rider.

Consider the width of the bit, if the mouthpiece of the bit is too thin, it creates too much pressure on the bars.  Wider mouthpieces cover a larger part of the contact area, causing pain to the horses’ mouth. Also, consider the shape, curved bits go easier on the tongue but increases pressure on the bars, rather than a straight bit.

Remember to take precaution when using the bits, they are intended for guiding the horse in the direction that you want it to go.

Should you use a saddle?

Using a saddle can provide much more comfort to the rider as well as the horse, and aids in the training of a new horse.  It is crucial that the saddle properly fits both rider and horse as well, a saddle that is uncomfortable to the horse will cause behavior problems and can cause potential health hazards.

Although a saddle is crucial for many activities, you don’t necessarily have to have a different saddle for all different activities.  The fit is the main focus. Choosing a saddle that allows your horse free movement in the shoulders and is balanced for good weight distribution is crucial.

How much does a saddle cost?

Saddles can range from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars!  Saddles are important for your safety and enjoyment while riding, so if you can swing it, invest highly in the saddle!  You can cut the cost by eliminating all the fancy details, and you can also choose a used saddle, which will still be of high quality, yet more reasonably priced.

Advantages of a new saddle

  • You can custom order the saddle that you want
  • Saddle will more than likely come with a warranty
  • Has been shaped just to fit you

Disadvantages of a new saddle

  • The cost can be very high, and prices are consistently inflating
  • Saddle is not broken in yet

Advantages of buying a used saddle

  • You may get a great saddle for a very low price!
  • You can afford to buy a few different saddles and interchange them
  • If it was a high quality saddle when purchased new, it will last you a long time
  • Saddle will be already broken in

Disadvantages of buying a used saddle

  • Saddle will be a little worn
  • It won’t be exactly how you may have ordered it.

Simply calling a professional such as Melody Acres Stable can be a valuable use of time in the midst of this decision as well.  New or used, you will definitely need to have a saddle, but it all depends on how much you want to spend.

Research related to horseback riding lessons is merely one of the many facets of the writing Cindi does in Missouri when she is not preoccupied with her full-time medical career.

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