The Sports Archives – Five Latest Sports Apps for iPhone

1. NBA FanCam 2012. Take Photos with NBA Players, Jerseys and Gear

How long have you cherished a dream of wearing a jersey of your favorite team and having a picture? Well, this new cool cam application will allow you to do just that and much more. This cam offers an exciting way of taking pictures with all the ninety basketball members of their fav teams long with taking pictures with their fav football teams. Selecting teams is easy as all the thirty NBA teams are listed and one just has to choose the player they want to replace by themselves. The pictures can even be customized with all real accessories like the ball and the basket etc. You can even add headbands and caps if you like.

2. Sporting News Pro Football By The Zumobi Network

A free application designed to deliver as much game information as possible; this application is your Sunday afternoon partner and will give you pure bliss with its use. You can access the latest in the gaming world news with just one tap on your touch screen and you get more with the exclusive commentary that is made available during every live game. The top story made by every game comes to you in a flash and you can set the application in a manner which will prioritize news and videos of your favorite teams from time to time.

3. Freedom BMX By Factory Media

An application magazine which gives news of German as well as international BMX action, it is a must have on your iPhone if you are a BMX person. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this application will always have great uses for you. However, anyone who wishes to read this magazine should have an account with Pixel Mags and needs to purchase the application. With the purchase, the latest edition comes free and later edition updates will be made available to the user as and when they come out. It’s a fun way of sharing your interest in BMX along with getting great updates and full information on your favorite bikes and riders.

4. Aqua Baller Free By Playtoniq

The water shooter game that was so loved during childhood is now available for your iPhone and iPad. Touch and squirt water at your opponent and get scores. You now have all the fun of the water games all at a touch of your finger. You can play against yourself by a timed mode where you get to beat your own best times or you can submit your best times online so that others can view and compare who has the better score. The features of this application include tilt sensing mechanisms, excellent effects of sound, real feel of being underwater, artificial water bubbles, many gameplay modes including drill for a minute etc.

5. Blitz Football Pro FREE By Coresoft Inc.

This free application has been designed for people who want to experience what the game of football is like. It is easy to learn and easy to play. All you have to do is touch the screen or tap and your pas swill be made. The manner in which you touch determines the speed and height of your pass and you can even score high with the right touch. This application even contains training modes where you can start off with simple passes like single receiver pathways and reach to the mad frenzy of football complete with defense and receivers.

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