The Sports Archives – A few Interesting Facts That you Never Knew About Golf!

Tiger WoodsGolf is a game associated with the wealthy and the elderly, so you would think that interesting wouldn’t really be a word that is associated with the game. This would be wrong, there are many facts, most of them interesting, about golf that may make you feel differently about the sport.

Golf, ‘Gentleman Only Ladies Forbidden’, right? Wrong. Golf is a game that can be played by anyone of any age; the word golf actually came from the Dutch work ‘kolf’ meaning ‘club’, this was then passed onto the Scottish who turned it into ‘golve’ which has since been adapted to the word we use today.

Playing golf well is a skill; the reality is that over 80% of golfers will never score a handicap lower than 18, so there’s no need to be embarrassed if you have no idea what you’re doing, just make sure you’re holding the club the right way round.

It doesn’t matter what hand you write with, you can still play golf. We are at an age where left-handedness has been accepted and it is therefore possible to buy left-handed golf clubs. In fact Golfing Pro Phil Mickelson plays golf left-handed, however, he is right-handed. He learned to play by mirroring his father’s action and has therefore always used a left-handed golf club.

Showing that golf is a game for all ages is Tiger Woods and Coby Orr. Woods gained his first victory at the age of just eight whereas Orr is the youngest golfer ever to score a hole in one at the tender age of just five.

The dimples on a golf ball, is there anything significant about them? Most people would probably think not, however there is. In fact, on every regulation golf ball there are 336 of those little dimples. Golf balls haven’t always been made with 336 dimples in them; until 1848, golfers used feather balls. Feather balls were made of leather and packed tightly full of feathers; the more tightly packed the feathers the further the balls would travel.

Most golf courses are big and they do take a while to walk around, but think yourself lucky you’re not playing the longest course in the world.  The International Golf Club in Massachusetts, America, is a par 77 course measuring a mammoth 8,325 yards or 7,612 metres or 24,975 feet.

Finally, if you’re feeling lucky you could be one of the few people to ever make two holes-in-one in one game of golf. In fact the odds of accomplishing this task are 1 in 67 million.

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