The Sports Archives – The 5 Most Gorgeous Country Clubs In America!

In the US, there are a number of beautiful country clubs. If you want to explore those clubs which are the best of the best, check out these five locations:

firestone country club1. Firestone Country Club

Originally opened in 1915, this beautifully designed country club is the only place to host tournament golf for a total of 60 consecutive years. The club was created by Harvey Firestone of the Firestone Tire and Rubber Company. Mr. Firestone wanted a place for his friends and family to relax and enjoy themselves in close proximity to his factory which was just north of the property. Today the club is not only one of the premier country clubs in the US, but it is also considered an important historic landmark.

One of the reasons this country club ranks in the top clubs in the US, is the attention to detail in everything the club executes. Designed by AKA Design, Inc. and located in Akron, Ohio, this facility offers patrons exquisite dining, accommodation, and golfing experiences. The 54 hole golf course offers a diverse and enticing game for members. The excellently designed luxury accommodations are sure to help you relax and truly enjoy every moment of your time at the country club. The Firestone Country Club is the club of choice for numerous famous golfers such as Sam Snead, Jack Nicklaus, and the up and coming Rickie Fowler. If you love golfing while partaking in absolutely world-class accommodations and dining, then Firestone Country Club will not disappoint.

2. Loblolly Pines Golf Club

This country club is located in Florida. A family oriented country club, this self-proclaimed unpretentious club was designed to combine the love of sports with the love for family. This member owned club actually combined two separate clubs. Originally these two clubs started on their own, but over time they combined to be the small private country club it is today.

This country club flawlessly combines numerous beautifully executed amenities into one enjoyable experience. Both visually appealing and varied, this club is full of beautiful views and scenic outlooks. Unlike the common Florida golf offering, Loblolly offers a course full of varied topography making for a more challenging game. In addition to the beautiful golf course, this club offers an excellent general fitness program include two separate exquisite pools for patrons. Members can also take advantage of numerous sports courts and organized teams. One of the main contributing factors to the beauty of this country club is the surrounding wildlife habitats and beaches.

3. Mid Pacific Country Club

Located in the always beautiful Oahu, this country club is full of absolutely exquisite views in addition to amazing facilities. The clubhouse at this location embodies the real Hawaiian spirit and is sure to provide members with a relaxing and enjoyable experience. For 75 years, this country club has offered an escape for members from around the world as well as locals from the incredibly diverse Hawaiian people. Today this club provides a beautiful setting for patrons in a friendly and approachable atmosphere.

In Hawaii the weather is almost always perfect for golfing, and the course at Mid Pacific Country Club will not disappoint. The course is varied so that golfers of all skill levels can find the challenge they are looking for. In addition to the beautifully designed golf course, this club offers exquisite dining opportunities. If you want to experience a panoramic view of the romantic Hawaiian island while consuming a gourmet meal, Mid Pacific Country Club is the place for you.

4. Cherokee Town and Country Club

This place is often cited as the overall number one country club in the United States. Over the years it has developed two separate locations. The Town Club consists of a massive clubhouse. Among the magnificently designed rooms, the Town Club contains numerous tennis courts, pools, and much more. If you are seeking a world-class golf experience, a visit to the Country Club will expose you to courses you will never forget. The Cherokee Town and Country Club is a gorgeous country club which you should certainly visit if you find yourself in Atlanta, Georgia.

5. Oakmont Country Club

This country club is one of the oldest in the US. Founded back in 1903, Oakmont Country Club boasts to have hosted more USGA and PGA championships combined than any other courses in the United States. The beautifully constructed, but incredibly difficult, golf course combined with the exquisite amenities found in the club house make this country club absolutely one of the most gorgeous country clubs in the US. Although this club is absolutely steeped in tradition, the interior design is very modern. This makes for a wonderfully relaxing and enjoyable atmosphere. In addition to the beautiful design, the club also offers amazing dining options for its members and guests.

Oakmont Country Club

Picture of the Oakmont Country Club located in Plum and Oakmont, Pennsylvania, on November 7, 2009. Built in 1903, and designed by Henry C. Fownes and Edward Stotz, using Tudor Revival architecture, the Oakmont Country Club is listed on the National Register of Historic Places and is a National Historic Landmark.

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This article was written by Louise Williams, an author and architectural and interior design enthusiast.

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