The Sports Archives – 10 of the Most Frustrating Things in Golf!

Golf FustrationGolf consistently makes the list as one of the most frustrating sports out there. So many things go into golf that make it so challenging, and for most of us it’s a love-hate that we can never seem to shed. From the cost of the game, the wind, or the first tee jitters we all seem to get, golf can be a very frustrating experience. Here’s a look at some of the most frustrating aspects of this beloved pastime.

#1 – Slow Play

Getting stuck behind slow players is one of the most frustrating things for just about any golfer. If you get stuck behind a slow group there is always the chance you might be able to skip ahead by asking, and if the slow player is within your group, you could always try to be tactful and suggest that the group as a whole speed up play. If that doesn’t work, beer helps.

#2 – Divots

There’s not much that is more frustrating than hitting a perfect drive or Fairway shot right into a divot. Sure there are ways to approach a divot shot,  but why should we. If everybody just followed some simple golf etiquette and replaced / fixed their divots we wouldn’t have such problems. Carry a divot tool and fix them as you make them.

#3 – Cheaters

Cheating happens all the time, people out there making subtle ball adjustments or even big changes to improve their chance of a good shot. Dealing with cheaters is a sticky situation. You can either turn a blind eye, or you can call them on every shot. What to do, what to do. If you’re playing for money then every shot counts, simple as that.

#4 – Phones

For most, listening to others yammer away on their cell phones during their round equals the most annoying thing in golf. Luckily most people text now so we don’t have to hear it, but if you must text please be discreet about it. If you’re checking your fantasy football scores please wait until the round is over. That said, lots of golfers use their smartphones now as tools to improve their game, so it’s becoming more commonplace to see phones openly wielded on the course.

#5 – Gambling

Lots of people like to gamble on golf and that’s fine. The problem comes when people are invited into a round of golf with people who are planning on gambling and were not expecting to gamble. It is common courtesy if you invite someone into a group of gamblers, let them know upfront so they can either bring money or opt out.

#6 – Pushy jerks

Sometimes slow play cannot be avoided. When the course is clearly backed up and some jerk wants to push through because they think you’re going to slowly, that is not okay. Sometimes we just need to keep a relaxed head and understand that things aren’t running as smoothly as they ought to be.

#7 – Dodging balls

There’s nothing quite as annoying as when you find the group behind you firing shots at your head while you’re trying to chip and putt. Sit back, relax, and be realistic in how fast you expect the group ahead of you to play.

#8 – Marshals

A large percentage of the marshals I’ve encountered are competent and good at their job, but when you find the ones who aren’t they make a very lasting negative impression. The ones who take their job way too seriously by hovering over you like your local traffic eyes in the sky can be as frustrating as anything. You can always try to be tactful and ask them to please back off and let you enjoy the game without their watchful eye, but they probably won’t listen.

#9 – Excessive practice swings

I call this one silent but annoying. You know, that person in your group who decides to take 10 practice swings prior to each shot? More than two practice swings is excessive. A few practice swings before you grip and rip is understandable, so leave it at that, if you add 8 more you will not be getting a better shot.

#10 – Golfers

The most frustrating thing about golf is probably…golfers. Unfortunately, golfers can be a bunch of elitists who think much too highly of themselves. We need to stop taking things so seriously and cut the beginners some slack.

Phil Oscarson is a freelance writer for Besides illustrating the many faults that golf may have, he does do plenty of great analysis from time to time. You find tee times, and awesome places to golf through golfzing.

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