The Sports Archives – Jet Skiing For Absolute Beginners!

There are so many types of water sports in the UK and a good example is jet skiing. This is one of the most popular and interesting water sports that you can ever take part in, whenever you visit the beach. If you are planning to participate in this sport for the first time, you may be going through tense moments due to anxiety and uncertainty. You may not know how to handle the Jet Ski, how to start skiing, how to increase your speed, how to stay safe in water and so on. However, you no longer have to worry because you are about to learn more about jet skiing tips for beginners.

Preparing the shut-off clip

Even before you start skiing, you will be required to ensure that the engine shut-off clip is attached to your waist. By so doing, it ensures that the engine is switched off automatically if you lose balance and fall in water. Though the chances of falling are very low, you should always be prepared for anything that might come your way as you familiarise yourself with this machine.

Starting the Jet Ski

The life jacket is one of the most crucial gears for any person involved in aquatic sports. Even the most experienced and professional swimmers normally wear these jackets just to ensure they are safe anytime they take part in jet skiing. Also, ensure that the life jacket is fastened properly and securely before you even start the engine.

Making the first move

Your hands should be placed firmly on the handles of this machine as you prepare to cover your first distance. At this stage, you should engage the throttle and when you are still near the shore, maintain your speed at lowest level. This should be around 10 mph or even less than that.

Learning to how to make a turn

Making a turn is one of the greatest challenges for most beginners and if you find it hard at the first stages, you should never be discouraged because it is normal. The best thing to do is to practise the turns while still maintaining the lowest speed possible. This process should be repeated several times until you are able to balance and take quick turns. As a safety measure, the turns should be practised near the shore to avoid bumping into other boats and jet skiers.

Practising your speed

The only way you will be able to practise your speed is by moving away from the shore. As you increase the speed of the Jet Ski, its nose will rise slightly above the water level. This marks the beginning of fun and adventure as you ride through the waves with some water splashing into your face.

Managing impact

Depending on the speed that you are cruising with, the Jet Ski might float in the air for a few seconds. When this happens, you just have to raise yourself some inches above your seat to reduce the level of impact when the machine settles back on the water surface. This is what makes jet skiing so enjoyable and adventurous to most people who love taking part in water sports.

Extra tips

As a beginner, you are advised to refrain from jet skiing in unfamiliar territories. This will prevent you from the high traffic of water vessels especially when you are still learning how to control your Jet Ski. These simple tips are all you need to make you a professional jet skier.

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Tom Silsby is a keen water-sports enthusiast, who also enjoys yachting, sailing and blogging. He regular blogs for Mustang Sailing in Sussex and is proficient as both a yacht skipper and adventure yachtsman. Visit the mustang sailing site for more information on affordable RYA ocean courses and general sailing knowledge and guides.

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    I found this blog to be very useful! Particularly because the blog provides step by step tips on learning how to use a jet ski for the first time, in which i feel is very handy especially because i think jet skiing can be one of the hardest water sports to master. So thank you very much! 🙂

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