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I think it is time to expand this NFL playoff field: from 12 to 14 teams (7 teams in each conference). 16 teams would be too many; the opening round would have to expand for 4 days (Friday to Monday with 2 games each day).

Current 2013 NFL Playoffs

Current  2013  NFL  Playoffs

The 14 team proposal would only last a few weeks in January-February.  The opening round would have the top team in the conference, having a 1st round bye. The other 6 teams (in each conference) would play on that opening round.

Before reading about the new  proposed playoff schedule, check this coming weekend’s NFL playoff odds at the Sportsbook Review for the latest action.

Here is what the match-ups would look like:

                                             1st round seeding:

                  AFC                                                                     NFC

                   #2 vs. #7           #3 vs. #6              #4 vs. #5 

The division winners would host the games (#2, #3, #4), and the 3 wild card teams (#5, #6, #7) go on the road to play the division winners. This could be a weekend affair (Saturday and Sunday), with 3 games each. Then, after all 1st round action is completed; the lowest seed would play the top team in their conference. The other two winning teams would play each other after re-seeding the playoff format.

In round 2, the top 2 teams (left standing in the playoffs) would host the games. The top team and the next highest seed would play the lesser 2 teams. The winners would then play in the conference title games, and then on to the Super Bowl.

The Super Bowl would have to be played (according to calendar) before Valentine’s Day, so I might be presenting this playoff format to the league’s commissioner and office. Hope they consider it one day. Wish me luck on that matter, and on other sports takes.

Authored by:  Chris Wood

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