The Sports Archives – How to Overcome the Mental Aspect of Golf!

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In golf, perhaps more so than in any other sport, it’s necessary to completely control and master your mind. If you can’t keep a calm mind while golfing, the chances are you won’t have a good round of golf or enjoy yourself. Here are some tips to help you clear your mind and focus on your game:

Take Good Practice Swings

Many amateur golfers don’t realize the importance of taking a good practice swing. It helps mentally prepare you for the shot, and it gives you time to practice your muscle memory. There are a lot of golfers, however, who lose their cool when they’re about to hit the ball. If you start to feel tense before you hit the ball, just remember that you’re golfing to have fun. There is no reason to be nervous, unless you’re in the running for a green jacket on the 18th at Augusta. When you step up to the ball, approach it like you’re taking a practice swing and the ball isn’t there. That will relax your mind and help you mentally prepare for the shot.

Get A Routine

Much like basketball players do before free throws, create your own pre-swing routine. Something that will relax your mind and get your comfortable before you strike the ball. Getting your routine down will help get your mind ready for the swing and shot. You’ll relax your mind and body, which will help you make the best shot possible.

Take A Deep Breath

This is a very common technique for any aspect of life that gets your adrenaline going. Take a deep breath and relax. Don’t take too many deep breaths, because you’ll start thinking too much. You don’t want to be standing over the ball for too long, or else you’ll psych yourself out. Stand over the ball, take a deep breath, then swing.

Forget Your Fear

When you’re playing golf in a group, it’s very likely that you could be afraid that the other people with you are judging your golf game. The people you’re playing with are feeling the same thing, so just go out and have fun. Even if you’re playing for money or prizes, there is no need to be afraid of golfing. If you didn’t think it was fun, you wouldn’t be spending your free time practicing and playing golf. So check your fear at the clubhouse and enjoy yourself while you’re on the course.

Focus On The Shot

When you’re golfing, you’ll probably encounter a few shots that are bigger than others during your round. If you’ve got a big putt that you need to sink on 17, you’ll probably have thoughts along the lines of “I REALLY NEED THIS SHOT!”, but you can’t pay heed to it. Instead of letting that thought sink in, just focus on the actual process of making the putt. Look at where you need to put your shot, think about the swing necessary to get it there, then swing. Just like any other shot.

Overcoming the mental side of golf isn’t always easy, but once you do get the better of it, golf will become more enjoyable and you’ll be more competitive. In order to practice these tips, look for some discount golf tee times and get on the course. The more you practice the mental side of golf, the better you’ll become.

Phil Oscarson is an avid golfer and golf analyst who writes for BleacherReport and is in constant search of the next great course. He’s still trying to convince his wife to let him install a putting green in his backyard.

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