The Sports Archives – How Popular Is Kickboxing In US?

Kickboxing FactsForty years ago, kickboxing was a completely unknown sport in the United States. These days, NYC kickboxing and kickboxing in other cities have grown in popularity over the years. So how popular is kickboxing in the US? It is not as popular as mixed martial arts has become over the years, although kickboxing is a component of MMA. But kickboxing is more well-known than it used to be, when it was totally unknown in the U.S.

Granted, we have not seen professional kickboxers become famous the way that they have in other countries, and kickboxing will never surpass football, baseball, basketball, or even hockey or NASCAR in popularity in the U.S. That being said, NYC kickboxing and in other cities is growing in popularity on the fitness level. Here are some of the reasons why:

The Workout Through Kickboxing is Pretty Intense

Sports like football are great to watch, and to play, if you are a young man, that is. But unless you are an NFL star, or a Kennedy, football is not a realistic option for your fitness workout. But kickboxing is. You can have a full-body workout and burn up to 800 calories in just one hour of a workout. That is the best workout out there when it comes to burning calories. People who are looking to lose weight, especially women, may find that type of bang for the buck when it comes to exercise irresistible.

You may have heard the expression “killer cardio.” Well, kickboxing can do a killer cardio workout unlike others. It is vital to your physical health that you get regular cardiovascular exercise, to keep your heart pumping like it should. That is something kickboxing can do for you.

In addition, kickboxing is a full body workout, working all of the muscle groups in the body in the same workout. That means that you do not have to do multiple workouts to reach all of your body groups – it does it in one workout. This can help you look toned and trim.

There is also an interval component to the workout when it comes to kickboxing, which is another crucial component of physical fitness.

In all, kickboxing does a great workout that will get your entire body in shape. It can also potentially give you some self-defense skills if you ever need to fight back to defend yourself against someone or something.

The Mental Aspects of Kickboxing are Important

When it comes to kickboxing, there are not just physical benefits. There are mental ones. Taking NYC kickboxing classes at locations like Ronin Athletics can help you learn discipline and increase your self-esteem. You can become a new person when it comes to kickboxing – learning the skill can help with your persistence and view of yourself.

It is important that you learn under the right instructor, though, one who speaks to you, and is willing to work with you to get better. You can learn a lot, both mentally and physically, from such a teacher.

Kickboxing will Grow in Importance if…

As word of mouth grows when it comes to how good kickboxing can be for you, the popularity of the sport will grow in this country. It is as simple as that.

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Luis Okumura writes for Ronin Athletics and other sports sites. He also writes on business topics.

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