The Sports Archives – Silver Haired Snowboarding Junkies!

Snowboarding in Tannheim,_Austria

In recent years snowboarding has been gaining popularity among a very different age group than that normally associated with this highly active sport – the over-50s. So if your Mum or Dad have recently shown an interest in taking up snowboarding, they are not alone!

350% Increase in Over-50s Trying Snowboarding

Snowboarding is no longer just for the young, as many more mature snow-seekers are after challenges on the slopes. As such, a recent surge in snow sport popularity has been driven almost entirely by new ‘silver snowboarders’.

A popular indoor slope in the North of England reported a massive 350 per cent increase between January and June this year, in over 50s taking up snowboarding.

A recent study has shown that over three-quarters of those older than 50 who tried snowboarding did so because of its fast-paced, extreme, and fashionable image. Many said that it was snowboarding’s reputation that drew them in to keep them feeling young.

So if you’re planning on taking Mum and Dad snowboarding this season, here are some tips and reasons why it’ll be a great experience for them:

Learn Something New

Taking up activities that are exciting or challenging is good for your mind and your body – maintaining mental and physical fitness. Learning new skills is also fun and will leave you with a great feeling of accomplishment.

Family Fun

Snowboarding, despite being the sport of choice for many younger people today, is an activity that whole families may enjoy together regardless of age. After all, if Mum and Dad snowboard too you can all hit the slopes together! Just watch out for your competitive sides!

A Fresh Take on the Slopes

For many accomplished skiers, the new challenge of snowboarding brings back the fresh excitement of the snow, changing the pace and style of how you see and use the slopes.

But is it Dangerous?

Snowboarder in the treesUnfortunately snowboarding’s ‘risky’ reputation has hinged on the fact that some people approach the sport with a reckless attitude. Sadly this has left a lasting impression – that snowboarding is more dangerous than skiing. But this is not strictly true. As with anything, snowboarding does have inherent risks but with responsible thought and preparation these can be significantly reduced.

Right Attitude

If Mum & Dad are approaching the slopes at a slightly older and (hopefully) wiser age, they should be much more aware, understand the rules and know to respect their limits both on the snow and Après-ski! Silver snowboarders may well mean a safer sport!

Right Equipment

Having the proper equipment hugely reduces the chance of injury. So what kit does any good snowboarder need? A helmet is a must have, and as the most common injury for snowboarders is to the wrist, wrist guards (as you’d have for rollerblading) are needed to protect this vulnerable area. Impact shorts and soft-kneepads are another way to protect yourself. Learners – will inevitably spend quite a lot of time falling!

As can be seen by the high numbers taking up snowboarding, it is an exhilarating sport which keeps people fit and stretches their minds. So why not set your Mum and Dad a new challenge and take them snowboarding!

This article was written by Steve Dodd, Manager at ERV, a travel insurance provider offering a range of products including winter sports insurance. In his spare time he likes exploring new countries and blogging about them.

Photo Credits: Wikipedia

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