The Sports Archives – Top 5 Moments in the St. Louis Cardinals History!

The St. Louis Cardinals and the Boston Red Sox are playing in the 2013 MLB World Series and already have a significant history with each other, they also have amazing, breath-taking, and often miraculous highlights of their own. From World Series dating back to 1912 to more recent wins in 2011, these are the top five moments for the St. Louis Cardinals counting down.

5. Lou Brock’s Base Stealing Record

Lou BrockDuring the 1974 season, Lou Brock, left fielder for the Cardinals, set a world record by stealing a total of 118 bases. It was on September 10, 1974 that Brock stole three bases in one game to match and then break the previous record of 104 set by Maury Wills. Brock finished this season with 118 stolen bases. This record was not broken until Ricky Henderson beat it in 1982. Brock stole so many bases that he couldn’t count on the element of surprise to protect him — instead he used pure speed to dash from one base to the next.

4. Slaughter’s Mad Dash

It was game seven of the 1946 World Series, top of the eighth with the score tied up at 3 each. The Cardinals were facing the Red Sox for the title (not for the last time). Enos Slaughter was biding his time on first base when Harry Walker was on the plate with two outs, two balls and one strike. Walker hit out to left-center and Slaughter took off.

Instead of stopping at third like the coach told him to, Slaughter continued his charge for home. Red Sox shortstop Johnny Pesky hesitated too long before throwing the ball to the catcher and Slaughter made history with his “mad dash.”

3. Tatis’ Double Grand Slams

During a seasonal game against the Los Angeles Dodgers, Fernando Tatis set the record for most RBIs in a single inning. In the third inning of the match, Tatis hit two grand slams. Quite the feat considering he had yet to hit a grand slam ever in his major league career. The Cardinals went on to win the game 12-5.

2. McGwire’s 62nd Home Run

Mark McGwireThe 1998 season saw intense record-chasing action between Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa. But it was during a head to head against the Cardinals and their rival the Chicago Cubs that McGwire surpassed Sosa and the world record for most home runs in a single season. It was his hit during the second inning that put McGwire on top with his 62nd home run that season.

Although the record is now riddled with controversy, the magic described during that home game makes it one of the greatest moments not just in baseball history, but in American sports’ history.

1. 2011 Freese

David FreeseMiracles ensued during Game 6 of the 2011 World Series against the Texas Rangers. The Rangers were set to win the game and take the series. But in the bottom of the 9th and 10th innings, the Cardinals made a comeback. They were able to pull out a win in the bottom of the 11th, forcing the Rangers into Game 7. The game highlight was third baseman David Freese making the game possible by hitting a two run triple in the 9th and a single run homer in the 11th, putting his name down in Cardinals history.

Connor Adkins studied mechanics as well as health and exercise science. He enjoys fixing up classic cars, collecting baseball uniforms, and spending time with his wife and three children.

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