The Sports Archives – 10 Top Tips For Snowboarding Beginners!

Snowboarding Tow-In

Anyone who has seen the X Games knows how cool and exhilarating a sport snowboarding can be. However, before anyone can reach that level of skill, there are some essentials that every newbie needs to learn.

Top 10 Tips for Snowboarding Beginners:

1. Protect Yourself. This is simple. Before you can shred the slopes, you have to make sure that you’re dressed for the occasion. Make sure that you have a helmet and make sure that you’re dressed warm enough. Snowboarding goggles are also essential for keeping snow, or ice, out of your eyes.

2. Pick the type of snowboard you want. While there are snowboards for all purposes, if you want to focus on one particular element of snowboarding, you have to know which one to choose. All mountain snowboards for performing anywhere on a mountain: pipe, even park, groomed runs and backcountry. Freestyle are short and light and flexible boards with twin tips that will excel when grinding rails or hitting jumps and doing tricks. Wide versions of all snowboards are designed for people with large feet because toes or heels can overhang on snowboard edges which undoubtedly can harm performance. Splitboards are backcountry specific boards that split in half to create 2 skis and allow climbing on untracked backcountry slopes.

3. Make sure your route is beginner friendly. Nothing turns a person off from a sport faster than biting off more than they can chew. When going to a resort, don’t let your pride get to you and instantly go for an expert’s route. You will regret it.

4. Learn how to fall. You’re going to fall. A lot. Learning how to fall is essential to preventing injury. You want to make sure that you fall onto your entire body so that there is more surface area to absorb the shock of the fall. A lot of newbies fall on their wrists and that’s an easy way to leave the mountain with a broken bone.

5. Practice “skating.” ABCs of Snowboarding suggests that you, “Try skating around but make sure that your back foot should never be ahead of your front foot. Make sure to only make small steps with your back foot.”

6. Practice stances at home. As long as you still have legs, you can practice your stances. When you’re home alone, get into your snowboard stance and practice it. A correct stance is the key to becoming better. Your ankles should be flexed and your knees shouldn’t be locked.

7. Learn how to turn. You use your lower body to turn in snowboarding. Remember to use your ankles, knees, and hips to turn. It takes all lower body power.

8. Wear a lasso. As said before, you’re going to fall. A lasso is attached to your wrist so that when you go down, your snowboard doesn’t go sliding down the mountain.

9. Pick the right time. Hit the slopes in early spring. Not only are the prices a lot better, but you also get more light.

10. Practice! Snowboarding is a difficult sport. Don’t let all of your inevitable falls get you down. In addition to being difficult, snowboarding is also one of the most rewarding sports out there. So give it your all and don’t give up!


Snowboard sizingThere are much more things that go into snowboarding. Becoming a pro level rider is not easy and will take years of practice. However, this is a great foundation for those that want to have a little bit of fun and for those that want to begin their snowboarding career.

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