The Sports Archives – A Snowboarder’s Essential Checklist

SnowboardingThere are many things that a snowboarder needs to be aware of before he or she hits the slopes. In a lot of sports, you just get the basic safety necessities and get going. Snowboarding is different from a lot of sports in that in requires a meticulous amount of prep work. You need to know a lot about snowboarding before you can really begin snowboarding. Everything from the type of boots you wear, the snowboard you choose, and whether you want to wear gloves or mittens needs to be predetermined. As tedious as it may seem, being prepared will make your snowboarding experience much more fun, safe, and rewarding. Here are the top things that a snowboarder needs to prepare before hitting the slopes.

  • Helmet – This is one of the more important items on your checklist. Wearing a helmet will prevent you from serious injury. Snowboarders fall a lot, it comes with the territory. Make sure you have a helmet. You aren’t cool if you ride without one, you’re just dumb.
  • Boots – Boots are one of the most important elements to snowboarding. Picking the right pair of boots can make all the difference in your riding. REI has a guide for picking the right boots for you. Generally, this is determined by the flex of the boot.
  • Snowboard – You can’t go snowboarding without your snowboard. also has an excellent article for picking the right snowboard for you. Generally, this is determined by what kind of riding you want to do.
  • Goggles – There’s a reason snowboarders wear goggles: They protect your eyes from the glare and they keep ice from getting in your eyes. Getting ice in your eyes can be quite painful and can completely ruin your run. The sun also tends to glare off of the ice in the snow, which can distract you. Wearing goggles is essential.

For those looking for cheap snowboarding equipment Abi recommends companies such as The Board Basement snow range, who stock a wide range of discounted products.

  • Leash – These are sometimes referred to a “lassos,” but the function is the same. You’re going to fall. You’re probably going to fall quite a bit. There is a small possibility that your snowboard will get unlatched and go racing down the mountain. No one wants to go chasing after a runaway snowboard. Using a leash will prevent this from happening.
  • Thermal layers – These are just to keep you as warm as possible. You also want them to be pretty water-resistant. Ice melts on you. If your layers aren’t water-resistant, cold snow will turn into cold water pretty quickly.
  • Gloves or Mittens – You want to stay as warm when snowboarding. No one wants to get sick or get frostbite. That’s why these are essential. Some people find that their hands stay cold, even when they’re wearing gloves. Mittens are a little better for staying warm. Your fingers aren’t isolated, so your fingers will be a lot warmer.

Remember that you don’t have to think about these things all of the time. Once you’ve gone snowboarding enough, knowing these things will just become second nature. However, on your first few rounds, being informed is the best way to have an enjoyable snowboarding experience.

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