The Sports Archives – Top 10 Waves – The Surfer’s To Do List!

Finding new spots and exciting breaks is one of the most appealing aspects of surfing. No two breaks are ever the same; ocean conditions, geography, nature, and overall friendliness towards visiting surfers can vary greatly from beach to beach.

But before heading off, make sure you’re kitted out. Matt is a keen surfer and is always seeking out new waves and challenges. He recommends getting a quality surfboard from Fellow, where you can also grab some unique apparel. Okay, now pick your destination.

The following 10 spots rank very highly among traveling surfers and are begging to be discovered by those who have not yet visited them.

1 –  Punta Roca in El Salvador: The community of La Libertad on the Pacific coast of El Salvador has a few choice breaks that are starting to attract quite a few surfers from all over the Americas. As its name implies, Punta Roca is a rocky point that produces very clean sets.

2Fuerteventura in Spain: The Canary Islands of Spain are major tourist destinations, but Fuerteventura welcomes more surfers than tourists, particularly towards the end of the year.

3Surfrider Beach in California: Malibu offers some of the smoothest rides in the world, and for this reason it is constantly crowded. This is however, one of the prettiest beaches of the Golden State.


4Bali in Indonesia: This pristine island gets glassy 12-foot waves during most of the year, and it tends to get pretty crowded as well.

5Jeffrey’s Bay in South Africa: This spot has become one of the most important in pro surfing thanks to world-class breaks such as Boneyards and Kitchen Windows. As with a good portion of South Africa’s coastline, Jeffrey’s Bay shines in terms of ecological conservation. The best time to surf this break is from June to August, although it tends to get very crowded in July due to the Billabong tournaments.

6Playa Tamarindo in Costa Rica: This tiny country is known for having abolished its army more than six decades ago and for its commitment to peace and nature conservation Costa Rica has been blessed with more than a hundred pristine beaches on both Pacific and Caribbean coasts, and about half of them get decent sets year-round. Playa Tamarindo is a very surfer-friendly town with moderate and glassy conditions that form around an impressive natural rock sculpture near the beach.

Big Wave Surfing

7Teahupo’o in Tahiti: Of all the breaks in the French Polynesian archipelago, this one is the biggest and scariest. Only seasoned big wave surfers should venture out into the waters of Teahupo’o.

8Satellite Beach in Florida: The rocky headlands of the Sebastian Inlet produce the best conditions for surfing in the Sunshine State. The sets here may not be glassy, but they are very challenging during hurricane season.

9Santa Catarina in Brazil: This island is the Malibu of South America and it offers a diversity of strong Atlantic waves for surfers of different skill levels.

10Oahu’s North Shore in Hawaii: This is where it all started, and the Vans Triple Crown of Surfing takes place here. Enough said.

The world has thousands of miles of coastline waiting to be discovered by adventuresome surfers. The breaks listed above currently enjoy favourite status, but we can expect that other spots will be added in the future.

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