The Sports Archives – Weather The Storm – 5 Things You Need As A Beginner Surfer!

Surfing - 2010 Mavericks CompetitionBeing a beginner surfer is fun, but sometimes it can be downright difficult. You’re constantly falling headfirst into the waves, you have to learn how to stand up on the board in the first place, your friends are all laughing at you from the shore- whether they’re seasoned surfers or not.

These hardships get easier to face so long as you have the right tools. Remember these five things to get you through your beginning phase and above all, enjoy yourself – after all, you’re out there learning a new skill, having fun in the sun, and being active!

A Wetsuit

You want to look the part, don’t you? A wetsuit is the first thing you need, especially if you plan to continue surfing during the colder months. Bonus: it’ll protect you from the sun, although you should use some sunscreen on your face anyway. When you’re in a wetsuit in the waves though, beware. To sharks, you look uncannily like a seal. Stay safe out there.

A Good Teacher

You want someone who understands the water – a real pro. Someone who can tell you what you’re doing wrong and correct it. Sure, you might need to spend the first few hours of the lesson practising technique on the sand, but it’ll be worth it in the end when you’re riding the waves with the best of them.

A Surfboard

Pretty basic stuff, right? You need a board. You need a real surfboard…not just a boogie board or a pair of floaters. If you don’t buy yourself (or rent) a nice surfboard, you’ll be stuck out there swimming, which is no fun at all. Plus, you can paint that surfboard however you see fit. It’s a bit heavy though, so make sure to get one that’s long enough and wide enough for you, but no bigger.

A Beach

You can’t go surfing without a beach – it’s pretty obvious. Whether you live far away and need to drive out to the coast, or you’re just around the corner, having a place with surf, sand and beach babes is really the first step to a successful surfing career. Make sure you have an exit strategy as well, whether that be getting your car all sandy or taking a shower and hopping on the bus. You’ll be grateful.

A Towel

Dry yourself off after your dip. Hang out on the sand under an umbrella and watch the girls play volleyball. It’s up to you what you do with it, but it really is a staple for the beach-loving boho man. If you’re heading in with your girlfriend, you might also like to bring a beach umbrella, a camera, thongs, so on and so on and so on… There are too many other beach essentials to list.

Linda Campbell is a surfer. She’s just recently purchased new surfing fins and can’t wait to test them out.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

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