The Sports Archives – Crazy Water Sports!

Sport is a fun activity that you can do on your own or with a group of people. Add in some water and you get a crazy water sport alternative that is designed to keep you cool in the summer months. As for the danger, would you rather hurdle at fifty kilometres an hour into water or onto a gravel road?

Here are five extreme water sports that should be on your bucket list:

Number One – Skurfing

Skurfing is a relatively new sport although already extremely popular. What is skurfing? Skurfing is surfing and water-skiing merged together. Basically you are pulled at fairly high-speed by a power boat – in the same way as when water-skiing – all whilst on a surf board. For beginners the surf boards have foot straps attached to help keep you balance.


Number Two – River Tubing

If you have ever been to theme parks and gone on the river rides with inflated donuts to hold onto, then you will be familiar with this concept. The aim is to sit in the tube and navigate your way down the river, avoiding rocks, trees and other items in your path. Take a bunch of friends along and have fun bouncing off each other the whole ride down.

Number Three – Aquathlon

Aquathlon is a form of underwater wrestling. Two competitors wearing masks and fins attempt to remove a ribbon from their opponent’s ankle in order to with the match. The ‘fight’ takes place in a five square metre ring within a swimming pool, and is made up of three thirty-second rounds, with a forth in the event of a tie.

Number Four – Underwater Football

Underwater football, like regular football, is a two-team sport played in a swimming pool. The plays all wear snorkeling equipment – mask, snorkel and fins – and the goal of the game is to place the weighted ball in the gutter on the other side of the pool. The rule of the game is that you are only allowed to pass to a player that is completely submerged underwater.

Number Five – Wakeskating

WakeSkatingWakeskating is a water sport and an adaptation of wakeboarding. However, instead of being strapped onto the board – as in wakeboarding – the rider is not bound to the board, giving the sport some unique challenges. The top of the board is covered in griptape or soft foam to allow for the inevitable crashes that occur. The wakeskater holds onto a rope, attached to a powerboat, and performs tricks and jumps over the waves created by the vessel.

These are five crazy sports that need to be on your bucket list. Ensure that you speak to professionals before and remember to always wear your life jacket.

I am Greg Jones, a sports lover and adventure junkie. I love to tackle the wakeskating sport on the water delivery London canal system – the Thames –.  Away from sport I love spending time with the family and making good old-fashioned fish, chips and mushy peas for dinner.

Photo Credits: Wikipedia

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8 Responses to The Sports Archives – Crazy Water Sports!

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  3. Brittany says:

    Skurfing is interesting! Imagine 2 sports in one, that would be extra fun!

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  7. Debroh says:

    Ohh, Wow Surfing and water-skiing together, So much fun, joy, and adventure. Love to watersports so I am so excited to go there soon.

  8. Saya says:

    Very informative article. Skurfing- I had never heard of this before. We really need to try this since we are an island surrounded by waters. Thanks for sharing.

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