The Sports Archives – Simple Maintenance Tips to Keep your Bike on the Road


You have your bike so don’t you want to get the most out of your investment? All it takes is a little bit of time, taking the time now to maintain your bike could save you a lot of money in the future. The following article lists some maintenance tips that anyone can use to keep their bike on the road, where it belongs.

Bike chain

Clean and lubricate your bike chain! It sounds so simple so many people seem to forget or leave it too long. All you need to do is purchase lightweight oil from your bicycle store. 99 Bikes Brisbane or any other good cycling store should be able to help you choose the right one for your brand of bike. The chain and sprockets transfer the power from your legs to your wheels; make your peddling count and life easier for yourself or rather your workout. The dirt doesn’t just slow you down but also can wear out your chain sooner. You don’t need to do this every day, every 1000 kilometres or so should be appropriate.

Brake Pads

Inspect them! There are simple things for you to check that all things are in order; are they aligned, toed-in or is there any debris in them. Brake pads do all the work when it comes to stopping the bike; they are the rubber pads that clamp down on your rims. They need to be hitting the rims evenly. You don’t want them rubbing on the tires and wearing them down or the pads missing the rim completely. The pads also need to be toed-in which means the leading edge of the pads should touch the bike rim lightly when you touch the brake levers. This prevents squeaking. You also need to be weary of debris too. This is simple to check, inspect the surface of the pads. Removing any debris prevents the pads from wearing or scratching your rims.


Check the pressure! This is easy, it’s the simplest thing to do keep up the maintenance of your bike and it only takes up a small amount of time. It can make a big difference. This gets overlooked by a lot of riders, don’t be one of those riders; get the most out of your bike. The proper level of air pressure in your tyres insures that you get the best ride and can make peddling easier, protect your rims from damage, prolong tire life and decreases the likelihood of receiving a flat or punctured tyre. There you have it, three simple tips that will keep your bike safe and road worthy. If you have any queries don’t be scared to ask your local bicycle profession for some help or a preview. It’s all about being safe and getting the best ride out of your bike.

Kevin is an office worker from QLD, Australia. He is an avid cyclist and rides everyday. He put together these tips to help other cyclists keep their machine in A1 condition.

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