The Sports Archives – Get Out On The Water For Serious Sporting Fun

If you’re looking for sports that are high-adrenaline, physically tough, and perfect for enhanced fitness, then look to the water. There are far more water-based sports than you might think. Many of them are now considered Olympic sports, others are just as competitive on a national or regional level. All of them require you to be a good swimmer. Here’s what you need to know:

On The Water

Sports on the water that offer the greatest thrill include surfing and whitewater rafting. America has some extreme white waters that really aren’t for beginners. That doesn’t mean you can’t work your way up to the good stuff! All water sports like jet skiing, body boarding and rowing should be enjoyed while wearing appropriate life protector equipment. This in-depth article about life jacket brands will give you all the information you need to stay safe. If you’re taking your kids or your dog out on the water, always give them an appropriate life jacket too.

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Sailing is a great way to get out on the water and enjoy the sea air. It can be physically tough, especially if you’re under sail power and not motorized. If you love a good swim from your boat, make sure you know the waters well. You might be sharing it with creatures that don’t appreciate the disturbance. Currents can be incredibly strong beneath a calm-appearing surface too.

Above The Water

Some of the more extreme water sports you might want to get involved with include kite surfing, windsurfing, and parasailing. Each of these sports will lift you well above the water where you can perform a number of different moves and acrobatics. As well as a dedicated life jacket, you should consider a helmet to protect your head. Colliding with the water at speed can hurt, but with a wrong angle of entry, you can damage your skull.

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Windsurfing may not grant you as much air, but if the board or sail come crashing down on you, it could be very dangerous. Gear up, and let someone know you’re out there. Got a waterproof GoPro setup? Windsurfing is perfect for some amazing shots.

Under The Water

Diving, open water swimming, and synchronized swimming will all get you beneath the surface of the water. Few of these sports require any safety equipment at all. This, ironically, can make these sports more dangerous than some of the others. Synchronized swimming is a recognized team sport in the Olympics. Absolute breath control is essential!

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Free diving is still considered to be an extreme sport as you need to dive as deep as you dare with no air supply. This is something that takes years to master. Scuba diving or deep-sea diving can get you up close and personal with many of the creatures of the sea. These activities aren’t often considered to be sports as there tends not to be a competitive edge to them. You can’t perform these activities alone, and you will need a qualification to hire the equipment. Which of these watery activities and sports would you like to try?


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