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The State of California is the Mecca of sporting events. This state is the home to over 30 professional sports team and its large cities and fabulous sports arenas draw hundreds of major sporting events each year. If you are a sports fan, than you need to find out what California has to offer!

David Beckham

California - It's not just about Hollywood!

International Sporting Events

California is a popular destination for international sporting events. Cities like Los Angeles and San Diego in particular are often used as the home base for these events. This is because of the great weather, the availability of large sports arenas and fields, and the availability of adequate amenities for visiting athletes and spectators. The popularity of California for international sporting events has been proven by the multiple times that it has been selected to host the Olympics and the multiple times it has been selected to host such events as the Women’s World Cup Event.

Professional Sporting Events

As mentioned earlier, California is home to over 30 professional sports teams. There are the more recognizable teams like the L.A. Lakers, the 49ers and the L.A. Dodgers, as well as some lesser known teams like the San Jose Earthquakes and the Los Angeles Kings. Whether you are interested in baseball, football, basketball, soccer or hockey, California has one or more professional teams for you to choose between.

College Sports

In addition to hosting a great selection of professional athletes, the State of California also is the home of hundreds of world-class college athletes as well. California has one of the highest numbers of colleges and universities in the United States. As a result, it has one of the largest college student athlete populations in the country, and in the world. If you love college sports, then California is a great place to visit during tournament time.

Special Sporting Events

When sports enthusiasts think about buying tickets to a sporting event they generally focus just on professional, international and college level sporting events. These events tend to involve the more common sports that people watch, namely football, basketball, soccer and hockey. However, there is one more sports category that California excels in, extreme sports.

Extreme sports include marathons, triathlons, super-marathons, X-games, surfing and strength competitions. There are even emerging sports that are starting to gain in popularity in California. California is a great state to target if you are looking for a unique sporting event to attend.

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